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  1. trump may have been president but i assure you republicans were not involved in getting twitter to censoring anything on their behalf. they banned the guy for now proven made up reasons stopped a story about his opponents son from being shared ect ect. just shows how biased gov agencies who should have no political affiliation have become. fair enough. watch it when you get time. pool is considered right wing extremist but i think he is fairly straight forward with info.
  2. we have a difference of opinions on whether the gov was simply flagging and saying please review this. seeing as the gov was disseminating a ton inaccurate info on covid for a main example should be a good example people should be against this. im 100% sure if it was a republican held gov you feel a bit stronger. i dont want it in any situation regardless who is in power. i wouldn't call it a major policy. again doxing is wrong. period. i gave you a full vid to watch showing how the protection of PRIVATE info was circumvented. so either your for people not only doxing but also circumventing people who are getting specific things done to prevent it, ignoring the vid i gave or both
  3. i dont think anyone really sees him as a infallible genius but at this point and time you should at least repect what he exposed so far. obviously twitter was doing things that they flat out lied about. the government was colluding with information that was allowed and banned to the american people. ill leave the biase out and just ask is it good that was exposed or do you want our gov controlling narratives and burying info at their whim. do you want the biggest social media platform doing nothing about child pornography? do you think citizens you disagree with should be able to freely talk out their point of views? if so then the leftists that are against musk for simply buying twitter are insanely biased..right? cause thats all he did up to this point. so now he changes terms on the fly and maybe makes a mistake in enforcing..time will tell. but i think the action is understandable if his saftey is in jeopardy. pretty sure if you got info your wife was in danger and somebody was transmitting where you are at every moment you prob react. good or bad regardless you would do it esspecially if it was somthing as powerful as the US government. time will tell what he is going to do but as usual leftist jump right on the first signs of trouble and act as if its the end of journalism or twitter ect ect. i am against doxxing. however it is done its very dangerous and has lead to people getting killed. swatting ect. so hopefully this rule is enforced fairly and with peoples saftey in mind. anyone against that for "free speach" purposes is comfortably in a situation they are not being targeted or biased. alot of assumptions are being made the instant a story or rule happens.
  4. stop pretending you know the ins and out on how info can be put out. its a private jet here is a video about it. AGAIN the guy running the tracking said he circumvented privacy in his own words. i stated in a earlier reply that this rule will have issues. owning one of the biggest social media companies will have alot. again the verfication system i hear was a complete mess. those issues will be worked out over time one way or another. the question is why does it bring leftists such joy? what did he do to make you personally care so much and please dont act like you dont. obviously somthing has him spooked about transmitting his PRIVATE info. his location adds nothing to a story or goes along with your narrative "hes out to get them" because they...what? they said tesla sucks? they said he sucks and this is just a ploy to remove them? every dissenting tesla journalist is getting suspended. not seeing it. makes more sense a guy who is exposing powerful people is becoming paranoid to "probably" credable info he and his family are in danger. as you sit back and just assume having no idea what steps you would take being in that situation cause..you were told hes a enemy to your side. right.
  5. i said in another reply. everyone claims they want transparency and to stop corruption in gov and companies. elon exposed some of it and half the country hate his guts for it. its amazing.
  6. what do you mean "there’s no evidence that I’ve found that all of those journalists were tweeting live location data)" even in the zoom call you posted they say they posted links to the page live flight data can be found or screenshot it to circumvent it could not be posted on twitter. elon used some method to prevent any public info on his plane and the user of the site that tracks him is on record saying he built a algorythm to circumvent it. going pretty far to make private info public. thats wrong no matter who its on. seriously what is the issue here. guy is getting threatened. guy wants private info not broadcast. people are going to lengths to posting it anyway. they get banned. shocking. are right wing publications journalist posting it freely not getting banned? if not why is it right wing can tell the story without sourcing where to find the site that tracks him? if they are and getting banned then seems is the rule some great destruction of free speech? if elon and his family get attacked would it change your perspective at all?
  7. 4chan is more free speech absolutism without much moderation. so you are in this thread talking about elon creating a moderation rule. you may not like it but if it is applied equally and with transparency then what's the problem? soo damned if you do damed if you dont. i think you just dont like the guy. what leftist clearly refuse to understand on this topic. it was not about having rules on a platform. it was about rules being used to only target "right wing" opinions while letting the left run wild as they please. it was happening, there is proof and seems like that is the real issue leftist have. they no longer control the site.
  8. are pegulas hated and most likley being sent thousands of death threats from a bunch of unhinged people for taking away their echo chamber? what else did he do that was so wrong? did the pegulas just reveal info about gov collusion that has them launching repeated "investigation" that perfectly coincide with retaliation for sharing their secret. is it out of this world to think that the US gov making a enemy of you is not a reason to react maybe against your beliefs to better ensure your. saftey. comon man. and yes i think tracking the pegulas is wrong as any other doxing. you can put out info or tell a story without real time tracking or signal boosting where it can be found under the guise of journalism. if pegulas plane is going to odells house I'm fine with a day/week he is getting signed to find out. its weird as hell to track em imo. i havent seen pictures get suspended. he is a new owner of a gigantic social media company who is under threat for doing what everyone "claims" they want..transparency into somthing that was going on and some truley twisted things. i would think thats a good thing no matter what but cultist got to cult. i dont blame him at all for being paranoid and find it funny how politics has changed him from hero to villian just because people are told. i think his policy will bring about problems but these things work themselves out through trial and error..twitter verifications ect. but watching the joy in this thread from some from missteps as if he is enemy #1 screams im a drone at the highest alter. if you ever wonder how the gov has become so corrupt or how companies get away with so much just remember how so many attack someone who reveals it for no other reason then they are told to by the same people that benifit. iit goes both ways. ts pretty frightening how little it takes.
  9. so are you for doxxing? is keeping track of realtime positioning doxing just more accurate then a address in which you might not be at? if its true his kid was followed and car attacked after he posted he his worry about threats to his life, does that change any of your very mature takes about him being a baby who doodied his diapers?
  10. lol. oh...i thought it was hip hop lyrics because of the sweet rhyme scheme you had going. now that i know it was a reference to 50s doo bop music i fully support this platforms censorship and regret to inform you i am the leader of a hate group whos goal is to rid the world of undesirables that listen to it such as yourself. i have reported your post and hope to see further action. enjoy your hibbity dibbity suspension.
  11. really wondering what word got censored here? dippity? does this board censor dibbity!! thats it im buying two bills drive and firing EVERYONE!! FREE SPEECH OR DEATH!!
  12. federal agent 2247: hey i just got 100,000 likes on a post telling these idiots to wear a washcloth as a mask! i said if its used its BETTER! follow the science! lolololol. fed agent 1462: lol no way bro! i just posted reading a book is racist. they soak this crap up. we can do anything! just put trump in the tweet and that billstime follower donates every time! fed agent 2247: lol yeah he follows me too. wanna bet i can get them to dress their own kids in drag with one tweet? fed agent 1462: lol dude your a wild man! no way. 100 bucks? fed agent 2247: you just watch. they will be protesting people not doing it by noon.
  13. damn a stfu for simple info posted? desperately reaching deep into trumps jockstrap. but but but he peed on a hooker!! lol. your losing it. i know. finding out everything you believe was manipulated garbage from a bunch of nerds gargling fed propaganda for years and you just regurgitating it every..single..day. alot of time...poof. its was obvious to us since you rely on twitter feeds for ALL your info. but look at it this way. now that you know you were in a acctual cult you can take steps to be normal. i would start with really thinking about your stance of adults sexualizing kids and then ask what trump has personally done to you. not all the things you were told by a cia opp posing as your favorite twit. but real life. what did his policies really put you through? let the de programming begin.
  14. most likely. bias is what it is. if your firmly in a camp nothing changes that. but i think that trade would hit a emotional angle for both types. anyone not staunchly right biased could easily see that at as a investment in uniting the nation. something he ran on yet has not shown very often. instead he seemingly dismissed someone who was making similar press in the other camp. why do anything for them. he also left the tangable benefits such as intel ect i brought up from someone trained in the military. who knows, pictures of them both on a plane together maybe friendship on shared experience could have gone a long way in press role out on their return for people [in general] and not this polarization. i dont think we will see that as a high consideration again to tell the truth. but as expected, griner getting "special" treatment purely based on identity politics is what this administration has been built on. midterms say making choices based on immediate emotions rather then rationale is a winning strategy. but i don't think in the long term. but who am i? the added benefit, which is now common is no one can criticize it. even with logical reasonings. you MUST applaud it or you can be portrayed as racist/homophobic/ nationalist. check all the boxes for the types of people the left make opponents out to be. this solidifies the left followers. democrats are in a constant battle against the "extremists". that's the only real return gained in this deal. as a side note. if i was a enemy to the US id be very interested in targeting any american citizen who falls under a certain criteria as they seem to have very high value to our gov in this moment in time. that whole longterm thing.
  15. well the answer is yes. he is obviously very connected and there no reason to think otherwise. there is a war going on at home so no matter how many arms dealers exist adding another will more likely add more bloodshed with his assistance. saying there are others like him is a pretty low standard to determine how dangerous someone can be. i guess no one is since there are tons of lunatics on the planet. now on the flipside are there other political prisoners who are more worthy to make this type of trade? any military who have fought bravely? can provide intel or be placed back in a position to counter act the potential destruction we "may" have just released. i think so. its why this is viewed poorly. russia got a key asset US got good press to...half the country. it seems as just a intentional flip the bird to anyone not in the blue camp. so easily forgotten how biden and kamala combined have put countless people behind bars and ruined lives for the exact same type of crime and now judged heroes. pretty interesting how political bias works over time.
  16. pretty disgusting. i have referenced the joe rogan/tim pool_gaad/dorsey podcast a few times on here as i saw it as one of the most important conversations in modern life and a big red flag..i should say black antifa flag waving about where the future was heading and damage currently being done to american society. pool did a excellent job showcasing how a certain extremism was being ingrained into people just by the company enforcing its standard policy. forget about the radicalization of how far it was manipulated by design and ultimately discarded with half the governments blessing. if anyone hasn't seen it i urge you to watch it as a record of how, even years ago we were hurdling towards our chapter of 1984. i certainly put more thought into how i use social media afterwards as twitters little website is the tip of the mountain covered with snowden. yuck....i had to 🙄 its long but worth it especially if you have kids who are glued to a device. makes one wonder how many leftists including on this site have had their worldviews shaped by these sights their entire lives. present nothing but police abusing power repeatedly and never them saving lives and you might throw a brick through a storefront. noone can tell you different you seen it with your own eyes. get locked in a room with a community/ large amount of bots echoing speech is violence and you think everyone in real life saying otherwise is the minority. anyone over 40 tho. those are the people who have zero integrity to go along with this woke nonsense. they are just tribalist sheep with no excuse or reasoning to how a liberal can back anything the democrats now stand for. anyways if B man or anyone has read either of these rants i have a simple question. now that this is exposed and can no longer be a conspiracy. what do you honestly think republicans will do? im guessing stearn words at hearings. maybe promises to fix section 230 but more likley is its elimination. which will be equally bad for society. eliminating it will end free thought on the internet as companies fear lawsuits. back to dan rather and friends regurgitating what they want you to hear and that is all. which i think both sides wouldn't mind at the end of the day. second question. if nothing gets done by republicans except surface level stern warnings...somthing trump was good at. will anyone finally come to the conclusion republicans are nothing more then controlled opposition. just the second head of the beast? that or a party so weak it can literally just sit and watch the opposition destroy the first ammendment as a tactic straight out of the communist playbook. if the realization doesn't hit for that then it never will. tune in for rant #3 tomorrow 😁
  17. i agree but when you have a entire media as a whole was complicit with the entire network of major social media who was working in tandem with the fbi and doj who not only help spread the lies about misinformation but also directed them how to achieve it while a simple " we do not comment on ongoing investigation " aka sit on evidence of corruption indefinitely. then there is a simple truth. it was up to republicans and republicans alone WHO HAD FULL ACCESS to all of the labtop information to get it out however they could. over two years later and the public, even if it is paying attention, is only at the point of confirming just how many tentacles of corruption the democrats have wrapped in. IT TAKES ELON MUSK HAVING TO BUY A COMPANY to expose proof to even get legitimate confirmation. meanwhile republicans, controlling the second most powerful organization in THE WORLD go about "one of these days i tells ya, we will tell the public. you just wait. vote for us and maybe we will get to the bottom of this". its pathetic. there is no universe where democrats would sit around with their thumbs up their.. there would be leaks commissions, protests, riots fake articles. we seen it with russia. in the meantime independents dont care because they have no reason to. republican vague threats and wagging fingers in what amounts to a few sound bites questioning in congress MEANS NOTHING. as much as anyone wants to blame dems or "dumb voters" the truth is its the toothless republicans waiting and failing to expose anything of substance EVER...about anything. when they ever come around to actually do it its years later, damage has been done and no accountability ever comes anyways. by then the dems are already well into their next corrupt lie that their idiots are echoing. why wouldnt corrupt politicians continue to destroy the country. there is nothing to stop them. the republicans have allowed all of this and the public no longer has time for their bs..one of these days on the other side of the rainbow we will expose/stop them. my fear is that the republicans are so inept at their jobs that citizens are going to feel they are all thats left. they have no leadership who can act. dems have literally locked people in their homes while allowing followers to riot. have told parents the gov will control your kids...not you. have crushed the poor and tell them its normal. then say anyone who opposes any of this is a enemy of the state. this is a dark road we are on so this house takeover better get some real results....quickly.
  18. its just funny how the left censors the guy but every one of you hang on every single syllable he types and then spin it into a apocalypse. the guys been saying the election was stolen for YEARS. this isnt a new take. facts are still pouring out about the blatant interference on the labtop for example. its not exactly discrediting him. yet of coarse a tweet is a more important story.. to select people who are completely biased. a leftist crying about a trump tweet is beyond tiresome at this point. you got your commitee. you got your 24/7 news cycle. we get it!
  19. breaking news!!! trump tweeted something. tune in tonight as our investigation team uncover if he tweets something else.
  20. i think your confused. hes not calling you homosexual. read between the lines hes ASKING if you are. he wants confirmation so he can take take you out to dinner.
  21. pretty sure section 230 is toast. hopefully its aimed at fixing the laws editorial position they all claim not to have and not all of it. i have a feeling they will be aiming towards sites can be sued for any opinion that is posted by users part as well. in which case social media will no longer exist as censorship gets a jackhammer and anything not pre approved is not posted. the powerful can get back to the handful of stations putting out propaganda they dream about and even this small site will be gone.
  22. hes not here to converse. hes here to derail the corruption of his priests. he wants to go pages of nonsense so real info gets lost in his garbage pile. that is his only purpose on this board. he will create his own threads and be the only one posting in it to bump relevant topic down. im sure the voices are explaining to him how trump censored the ny times story on twitter lol recycled trump meme reply in 3. 2. 1.
  23. well i am leary. whats going on is good in my opinion. im thinking of finally going on twitter and supporting this app however i can. have to have people support free speech and transparency. he also has plans to offer more for creators to compete with you tube. the issue is this is a massive consolidation effort. while i think the " one man should not have this much power " squeal from the woke is a obvious hipocracy, as all media is owned by a rich oligarch. they only care about the one who doesn't suppress counter arguments. we all should tread lightly because if elon flips the switch or sells a consolidated media hub it means everyone will be under one party rule. i hope his intentions stay true. 👍🏻
  24. that's alot of posts in a row buddy. it looks like desperation to me. the nervous sweat does shine that shield you pulled out to defend your sides corruption. so your puppet masters stole billions of dollars from people their little ftx bitcoin scam. they got a bright shiny mirror to hold up to themselves courtesy of there commy buddies in china. now you guys are being exposed for your election interference involvement. but we do agree. tip of the iceberg. alot more to come and funny thing is Rs havent even started investigated anything yet and your already having to work overtime. lol 😂🤣😄😁🤣😂 suck that cheeto dust off your fingertips, crack those knuckles and make the basement comfy. the billstime propaganda is going to have to go into overdrive.
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