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  1. i think we are sore from a few trash talkers after the game but at the end of the day i think cincy and their fans showed class for the damar situation and am pretty suprised how hated they are now by this fanbase. they are a small market team that have been the bottom of the barrel for as long as us and came out of the blue to be really good. they are a afc rival so i hope we stomp mudholes in their skulls when we play em. today showed they arent that good and we need to adjust whatever it was that was the garbage we played in our game. but i dont have this extreme hatred i see. tired of the cincy kc hype so ill be flocking or swooping..whatever phillies fan base does for the sb for a game lol. but cincy got hosed by the refs imo. kc aint that good either. good news for us.
  2. maybe. but its pretty well known you dont throw a game changing/winning flag in a situation like that unless its agregious. that wasnt at all. a ton of flags on cincy in critical situations that just so happen to keep kc alive at the end. if it was 3rd down then expect the refs to get involved. it was suspect as hell. i could care less who won and want them both to lose in the sb but i thought the refs were dragging kc over the finish line all forth quarter. im a eagles fan for a game i guess.
  3. of coarse they do. when black people who disagree with them are labeled white supremist you know their logic is unhinged nonsense. here is a long list they have advocated with thier votes and could never back with sound logic. so they run from...for starts. follow the science! as it was completely ignored to the point it ruined the US economy and is crushing the people at the bottom that they pretend to "fight" for. the response? not us! demanding lockdowns/ mass firing/ censorship while punishing any who oppose us... it was the viruses fault. who could have seen this outcome? hmmm who could have possibly seen this coming you say? well let me see here. maaaybee any scientist banned off twitter or a large group of people you labled selfish murders for starts. black lives matter! i have yet to see a single protest in front of the number 1 taker of innocent black lives. drug dealing gang spots. i live in buffalo and waiting to see a single blm youth center/ school guidance program/ family council initiative with the millions they took from idiots. where is ANY positive change from the burning murder and destruction that was caused by the murder of george floyd? yet they are the ones screaming they want justice. its a private company! build your own! as every twitter file was brought up a long time ago by reasonable people who aren't even republicans, just believe in free speach. as big tech in unison destroyed their competitor parlor. of coarse with gov assistance lies. now lifting the rock of twitter exposes the filth that was really going on and nothing but crickets from the left side of the room. the right : fbi #1 most dangerous domestic terrorists! as antifa to this day are executing police officers for trying to erect somthing that they burnt cities down for. TRAINING FOR OFFICERS. or when they give cover to a insane person who plots to kill supreme court judge.. with the white house blessing to continue. fascists!! as they advocate state workers to have more and more power over children then their own parents when it comes to teaching subjects and values as they know better how to raise your children then you. your also on the terrorist list if you disagree. they scream about voter suppression and they cant even hold their own primaries without absolute corruption destroying them. muliple times! ask tulsi gabbert or bernie sanders. help of their friends in the corporate media and of coarse big tech to stop tulsi from getting momentum. google had a "glitch" that halted searches to her page after her dismantling of Kamala on the debate stage. she stop evidence to free innocent men in CA. but first black vp...so brave. but dont worry when they face republicans its different. the mostest securist in forever! soft on crime DAs/ governors making criminals out to be the victims after brutal crimes or giving them 2nd chances to finish their objectives leaving behind grieving families in their "reforms" we stand for womens rights when we cant even figure out what that means at the highest positions in government. as long as it makes them feel warm a fuzzy in a virtue signal who cares if judges who will have to determine paternity, parental and divorce proceedings cant figure out who is who if they simply state they have changed genders ect ect ect. that wont have issues that ruin lives. ny california the highest rate of citizens fleeing today. florida the highest rate of citizens arriving. on and on. ask leftists about any of these and you get the arbitrary "well i dont agree with that" or that or that or " im a individual! " but you vote democrat? ummmm "trump is a russian!!" or they disapear from the discussion. ill let this post bump the thread. so they can ignore it a bit more.
  4. for a country so concerned with attack on democracy these files/ threads sure are quiet. first amendment. gov corruption collusion. political parties silencing opposition. unfortunately none of this is shocking to those of us who used common sense. as for the rest it was a "conspiracy" by tin foil wearing crackpots that quickly turned into "no big deal" quickly. these drops are the most important thing we have proof of and all it needs to continue is for people to ignore it. that they are doing quite well and wonder why they can always count on the gov to lie and hold them down while they b/÷ch about how things will never change for the better. pretty sad.
  5. guys getting alot of crap in this thread but why? its a legitimate observation. guy is shuffled in to the stadium covered head to toe. for a guy who requires help breathing wearing a full winter getup complete with mask is odd as hell. he seemingly knew the exact moment a camera would switch to him in a window and began jumping up and down flailing his arms holding up 3's while in a box seat still completely covered. security definitely did not want anyone to get anywhere close to him. understandable in some respects but to a degree that was strange. i dont know or care whether that is really damar. i dont see any reasoning a conspiracy would be done by the nfl or whoever but to say it was definitive it was him under very strange set of circumstances simply because thats what said and s=/÷ing on someone who acknowledges the circumstances are weird is just as odd.
  6. your making your point clear. the gov should not be saying anything to twitter to influence them. the mere "suggestion" by a outside party that has ultimate power over them is the problem. im not sure why you see this as so innocent when A) the gov did not simply point out tos violations. they went far beyond that. Twitter has a staff specifically to moderate. so the gov is actually suggesting they focus directly on what they want them to OR fudge their tos to do their bidding. this was made perfectly clear and a big reason tech keeps their tos vague so they can do what they want on their or "outside" influencers whims. B) the intermingling of gov with former fbi ect. could also be construed as the opposite. inside people in high positions of private companies MORE willing to push propaganda on behalf of their colleagues. maybe that was their only intent. viewing it how you are is very nieve in my opinion. so phizer gives million of ad revenue to facebook. they have a hotline to the top person as twitter relies on such a "generous" supporter. phizer says hey buddy. that competitor of ours..did you know there is a side effect that could hurt people. thats dangerous and against tos...right? how bout you remove them or maybe we stop. working with a company that is not interested in protecting people from side effects. talk to jim. our former employee who came over from us and he can explain it all. just innocent convo. twitter can say no. please. regardless the gov was PAYING twitter. so its not even what you say. if the gov wants to make a statement or promote facts it thinks are being spread online. its called a microphone or press briefing ect. not coordinating with social media platforms to artificially control its output. you can't suggest people are conspiratorial while also being fine with influence on info in the same breath. like i said people will fill in the blanks and recently they have been correct. hell, gov involvement in suppressing free speech was a conspiracy just a moment ago.
  7. good methods here. i certainly try but its still very hard. in alot of ways i think we are doomed on this front. there are many stories out where clear proof is out and yet still people believe lies. rep still think elections were stolen. ny gov wont hire back medical workers without vax even though it does nothing in the regards they are convinced, stopping the transmission to patients. so i guess people just do what they want in large part regardless of info. somehow a general narrative now overshadows any real facts. in this regard i find the left far more irrational and dangerous. as i stated i can name alot of examples where innocent people were hurt/killed on behalf of a false narritive. maybe thats my bias speaking but large portions of the country burning and under authoritarian lockdown destroying the economy say otherwise.
  8. you talk about this very reasonably but in the twitter file thread also seem to state gov involvement in the decemination of information is a good thing. so dep on who is in power and their intent something like trumps collusion with russia can be amplified or suppressed under the guise of "public saftey" ect ect. so its contradictory to want facts presented as they stand on their merit and to also hand wave gov or any other entity with power to promote or destroy a company to have any outside influence of information. this goes for corporations giving ad money ect ect. if there is influence on info. all of it should be called out and fought against.
  9. you say let facts drive those conclusions but the REAL problem with this country are "facts" no longer exist from a non partisan consistent source. are doctors giving facts? cdc? i see alot of "those close to the situation" "experts say". many ways to make audience believe utter garbage with zero REAL sources or proof. which news organizations do you think are always giving you unbiased straight forward facts? there is no clear answer to me so if you have one id love to hear. i think people such as yourself may also consider a conglomerate as the truth. if many are saying the same thing it must be the truth. the minority are the quacks but covid shows clearly, if anything could be pulled from the mess that this isnt nec true either. all ill say is that info on this story was suspiciously vague. reporters reprimanded for simply saying what happened on the info he gave? stories deleted? one could easily see that as a cover up. im glad you found a reputable source that laid out all the info you needed. i would like to check this source to see what their "facts" were on other subjects that have NOW morphed into a completely different set. please share. maybe we all can get on the same page by these trusted sources you use that always gives proof and facts so immediatly. its what journalism was supposed to be so I'm genuinely interested.
  10. its a political message board so getting shoveled into a box of "your side" kinda comes with the territory. don't be so sensitive and see the overall point I'm making. theres a difference between a manufactured conspiracy and one that people come up with when that same media machine acts suspiciously interested in silencing ONLY when the political winds change directions. i think those you were mocking were doing something completely normal. filling the blanks with some sort of corruption/ fetish/ illegal activity. that is routinely the case when a story reveals it about the powerful and the media realizes it may be telling on the wrong type of person. rich and powerful. otherwise why not just tell it immediately with proof. plenty of ways, plenty of cameras they show immediatly when the poors are involved. yet here we are months later finally getting it? so what was the repoter suspended for? why did they delete the story that seemed to have nothing but facts in it? he was in his underwear he didn't he run towards police saftey. ect ect. hmmm. i guess ill develop a "conspiracy" on these things because i don't think they will come out and say it. unless that is..im doing it wrong? 😁
  11. im talking generally. the same way you seem to want to suggest people said he was let in. which given the available info isnt even a stretch at all. that video was available very early and could have ended any talk of him being let in like the hundreds of other narratives that people have no choice but fill in the blanks when reporters manipulate, knowingly lie and hide info to the public. GENERALLY the media jumped on the narrative until they couldn't anymore. "it was a evil trumper" and leftists were happy to go along with that FIRST. like cops getting beaten with fire extinguishers when a head wound is the easiest thing in the world to know. therapeutics aka vaccines stop transmission while areas with high vax% had the same numbers.... FOR YEARS. blurt out the president pees on hookers in russia. covid death tickers suddenly disapearing when a new administration takes over hmmm. on and on and on and on. hell youll look the other way on innocents being murdered based on them. shall i say examples? im simply pointing out a side that is lead by the medias leash countless times should have nothing to say about conspiracies like they are above it or something.
  12. funny how you guys are laughing up the conspiratorials but the first one was this is a evil far right trumper with the media as your becon. then facts came out about who this guy really was and only because they were withheld so long and silenced did others start. most of them true. underwear/ drinking/ allowed to call police. yeah no conclusions on all that but it looks to me it was just a nutjob. this is what happens when EVERYTHING is political and both sides jump on the first info out. your doing it right and will get alot more practice cause this is how it goes for everything.
  13. how much of this is on Dorsey tho? im really starting to think the tempo is on josh. every time we are in field goal range and its 3rd down..im concerned. its boom or complete bust time and im not sure it will change as it hasn't regardless how many redzone turnovers are given up. this season, its been alot. its exciting to see a cross body throw as his foot is landing out of bounds but it is happening regardless of situation. if a play breaks down its ok to throw it away or DUMP and see if yac can make it happen. the guy constantly plays like we are down by 2 scores in the fourth when we are up sometimes by alot. 3 more points and giving the D good position to start is far more important then him possibly dodging 3 sacks that knock us out of points or getting a last sec pass off. hes very good at that, but sometimes we really dont need that risk reward. he's got to trust his guys to make plays. dump it short if its not open. use the R in rpo a bit more. if the run is working audable out of a pass until they stop it even when a pass is called. we get these leads and then just seem to go out of our way to let teams right back in it. last 2 weeks we got away with it....barely.
  14. milano was all over the field and our best pass rusher.
  15. well this is the divide i see. when you go to a store to buy a hundred dollars of food you dont see 5 people ahead of you swiping a card given by the gov with 300 dollars. you dont have uncles with "back issues" doing roofing side jobs as the collect multiple state checks. you dont go to work and see people barbecuing drinking with friends everyday to come home and see them in the exact same spot when you get home. you prob have no clue what your taxes go for in alot of cases. you have this idea what "poor" means at this point but it makes you feel human to say we need to do more and more with no talk of addressing any of these issues. if the left activley addressed some of these more would be available and people would be more willing. they dont as that would anger voters who take advantage AND people like yourself that hear from afar..."poor" are getting kicked off systems " that they need to survive". that sounds cruel so you won't support it. like i said i know alot of people that love people with your ideology. ill take the bullet step out of the virtue signal and come across as a monster with no empathy. in the long run it will help more who truley need it. because i actually see it everywhere i look. i dont force that view on you but you are determined to force yours on me?
  16. if i might ask what was your upbringing. im from a city. ive known tons of friends family ect that love nothing more then people with your view. you are basically FORCING your humanism ideas onto others. when you talk about your extremes then i dont think you will find many that disagree that those truley in need should recieve help. the problem is that "bernies" for lack of a better, are always talking about raising bars and giving more. no talk about lowering bars or setting standards such as requiring gunuine efforts to rejoin the workforce ect ect. so we DO have a society where "poor" now means living a VERY comfortable life. i see it all the time. so much so it is enticing to those of us who have to start at the bottom to say why bother. why work at a job when i CAN MAKE MORE off of your empathy? and you want MORE given..thats the only topic. if leftists would talk more about fixing corruption..which will require kicking people off systems ect. everything against your moral standard you want for everyone. i think you would find there may be plenty available to help those truley in need. this is why i think it should be individualistic. your standard, your unwillingness to fix the corruption, then your more then welcome to give as much as you like. until then its the usual leftists demanding others to live to their ideology where rightist what individual choice. not sure in a society based on freedom why the left doesn't see this as a big problem with their constant demands.
  17. not to jump in but reading your posts you seem to always go with the most extreme circumstance. socal talks about how the "poor" seem to maintain a very high standard of living and you talk about the truley poor and humanism and compassion. i think there is a middle ground ignored by the bernies/ progressives of the world. wherever there is compassion and empathy there are people more then willing to exploit it. in this aspect i think charity should be individualized not stolen against ones will by force.
  18. your comparing ww2 with a war that was based on pure lies and one we were in for decades for no apparent reason? its interesting how it equates to "soldiers lives" when the american taxpayer has zero say in why or how long they are put at risk.
  19. whatever the reason the dnc felt its not their place to flat out subvert the peoples choice. giving hillary debate questions and handicapping his campaign is flat out election manipulation that the left ignored..yet scream about. they are telling dems they know what's best for them which is pretty psychotic in a age that has people up in arms about every vote matters and attacks on democracy. let alone the dems activley working to take valid runners from the green party or funding maga candidates campaigns then talking about how they are so dangerous. you dont want bernie talk to him and have him bow out instead of using some pretty corrupt tactics to sabotage him. at the very least trump proved the republicans run with who wins in the primaries. they are also now proving if they run they will go against their own machine. id say that's integrity some call it the biggest threat our nation has ever seen.
  20. you seem to think there is a choice. funny how the left talks about voter suppression and manipulation when its 100% fact bernie got shafted by the dnc machine and rolled over. tulsi got the same tactics used on trump by big tech manipulation such as google shutting down her search after she dismantled harris. its all forgotten. so the populist will ALWAYS be suppressed and minority and even if they do get elected. big gov will suck them in. the "squad" sure seems to squad up with every decision vote wise and sends little tweets and instagrams about how they are against it all later. im no trump loyalist but people need to realize what he was. he was a unexpected wild card that the establishment did not want in power. of coarse the attack dogs were unleashed on the guy. when i ask leftists what policies effected people personally they did not like...i get crickets. so seems their hate is based on being told what to hate. his personal traits? tax cuts? really? as they applaud a man who cant speak clear sentances and budgets of trillions that gives nothing to them. i think its a bit more from external mindwashing to hate the man the way some do. but he does them plenty of favors to make it easy, i will admit.
  21. im not for or against anything until i hear the details. i generally look at things from a, does this make sense standpoint but also understand if something is running off the rails such as medical prices for average people im willing to give anything a try. "conserving" a broken system that is crushing people and bishing about every change suggested is just keeping the status quo. but im far from a progressive. i generally think their identity politics and massive giveaways are terrable ideas. im more for fixing broken systems. progressives seem to want to just inflate them. believing "they were being realistic" is a load of junk. there will never be a good time or the right circumstances. you were elected running on somthing. you go in and use any means to get it done or put people on the books to effect their next election. they were in the exact same position as the freedom caucus and got ZERO concessions from pelosi. thinking about their own political careers. the dems give them a pass while condemning the right for trying....interesting who the "conservative" is now.
  22. we defaulted a long time ago. there just noone with a big enough boot to evict us yet. its not suprising the extraction to the top % is in overdrive.
  23. i agree which is why i find this whole thing very refreshing. a side calling out its own. great! keep it up! a minority populist trying to leverage change? sure lets try it. people complain about same old same old corruption..itll never stop then somthing unheard of takes place that goes against the grain and somehow there are people demanding "WE WANT THE MACHINE!!" damn.
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