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  1. I don’t think Ed Oliver could bust if he tried....dude just plays on fire, with the heart of a lion...guys like that simply will themselves to win at all cost.
  2. I should have mentioned sarcasm was intended...because it just seemed ridiculous to me that some would be down on the extension, that doesn’t even pay him close to top DE money, even though he has consistently been a top player on our defenses.
  3. People opposed to the Hughes extension probably thought Chris Kelsay was God. 😂
  4. Especially to such a big signing...should have been closer to a “prove it” type deal imo You’re right...let’s bring back Whaley.
  5. Is this the part of the trip where OJ had the gun to his head, saying that he didn’t deserve to live? Asking for a friend...
  6. Carrol said he likes when the officials are just as much a part of the game as the players...🤣🤣🤣
  7. I alternate between WGR and WFAN out of NYC, and imo, WFAN hosts are far superior than WGR hosts- even when they are fans of teams that I am not, they are always entertaining and informative...WGR could definitely learn a thing or two.
  8. How does church help with boredom? 😄 Beat me to it 🤣
  9. First off I never said anything about playoffs- simply, more wins than the previous season- when the team had less talent...Second, history has shown time and again that if you can avoid the injury bug in the NFL, odds are you will have a more successful season...obviously there are outliers, as there are in any situation in life- but those are few and far in between...third, thanks for the compliment. 👍 I actually think that even if Allen doesn’t improve I still think we win more games....the team has more talent all around imo.
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