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  1. We should be entering our super bowl window next year...never thought I would ever hear myself say that again lol
  2. I wish they would put the AFC and NFL logos is the end zones like the old field from the 90s...or maybe they could add the charging Buffalo on both sides of the team name...but there is too much empty space in the current end zones with just the name “Bills” imo.
  3. But he hasn’t had 16 starts yet...I kid I kid 🤣
  4. Still can’t believe he got up from that
  5. I would cheer at the top of my lungs if Brady got injured! I dream of it almost every night.
  6. Again, I would love to go to one of these, someday...but I work Monday through Friday...😔
  7. Yup...I thought the back shoulder toss was actually Allen’s bread and butter
  8. Yup, his “go to” wr, Zay Jones was not out there...
  9. Perhaps, unless the young guys use it as motivation to do something in Buffalo no one else has been able to achieve...and seeing the type of competitor that JA is, I have no doubt that it’s on his mind.
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