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  1. LB is not BPA at 27 and I really hope we don’t reach… Not sure he would get cut- maybe he would just be our return guy…
  2. Completely agree…seems like a reach in the 1st and Beane can’t afford to keep drafting like that….
  3. I’m toying with the idea of using a 4th round pick to trade up ahead of the Giants at 25 to snag Zay Flowers, if he is still on the board at 23 or 24… Dude is the most electric playmaker in this years draft Imo…
  4. I’m curious how much input McD gives to Beane about what prospects he likes…Because if the decisions were by Beane and his scouts alone, I would be pissed if I were McD…
  5. Just a guess, but I would think he’s referring to Marxists…👍
  6. You’re so funny…I just enjoy posting pics of Trump for you, because I know how bad he makes your blood boil…It’s very entertaining for me…😉
  7. I should have clarified… I didn’t intend to say Trump delayed life saving treatment…It was more so implying that politicians delay the release of certain information or they time the release of something for biggest possible impact…👍
  8. Boot lickers can exist on either side when the government is doing things they agree with…👍
  9. Just common sense my man…try not to be so partisan…👍
  10. I don’t think it was Trump supporters thinking it would benefit Trump, because remember- they were reluctant to take it regardless of Trump pushing it…And furthermore, they were voting for Trump regardless… I think it was more likely Biden supporters thought it would benefit Biden if there was an effort to make it look like Trump was ineffective at producing the vaccines, and that Biden was the one competent enough to get them out (And this would seem to make more sense because more people on the Left were likely to be interested in taking the vaccine- so the thinking was that it would deter Lefties from being persuaded to vote for Trump)… But like I said before, politics like this has always happened on both sides…I’m sure Trump did similar things when he was president too- just like every other president before him…it’s nothing to get defensive about…but denying it is simply being disingenuous Imo…👍
  11. This kind of reminds me of how the Pharmaceutical companies colluded with the Biden campaign to release the Covid vaccine after the election… Politics is politics, and happens on both sides…The real question is what policies are more efficient at making society more productive at every level…👍
  12. Are you an actual Bills fan? I never see you post in the football forum…🤔
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