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  1. Tibs, I appreciate you making an honest effort to give thoughtful feedback…👍 While some of your posts came off as ranting a bit, imo, I did agree with some of the other content…😉
  2. This is because they have no values…all their arguments are based in emotion instead of logic…
  3. For the first 70 years after slavery, blacks voted nothing but Republican…And it made perfect sense…The first Republican president abolished slavery, while the Democrats were the slave owners, and founders of the KKK and Jim Crow Laws… But everything began to shift in the 1930s, during the Depression…The Democrats realized they could buy votes through government programs and handouts…Programs that were only supposed to last until the end of the Depression, ended up being permanent fixtures to maintain certain people voting one way… Then after the Civil Rights movement, politicians would start going into Baptist churches, and buying off the religious and community leaders to keep their people voting one way…(These were what I call the modern day Uncle Toms- faithful servants who are entrusted with keeping the “field negroes” obedient to the Master…Instead of being rewarded with living in the Master’s house and getting his scraps to eat, they are given money for mansions, cars, and allowed to ascend to almost celebrity status) But independent minded blacks laugh at these “Uncle Toms” and mock them as sell outs to their own people…It is these independent minded blacks, such as myself, who know that you don’t need an ethnic leader to tell you what to do, or what to think- surely, no other ethnic group, in the country, has that…While poor, uneducated blacks are following these fools, the rest of us are busy creating a life for ourselves… My hope is that one day, these black people that are allowing themselves to be taken advantage of, will one day wake up and realize the golden opportunities they have been squandering all this time…This great country offers so much, if you just don’t allow yourself to be consumed with bitterness, resentment, and entitlement…👍
  4. Exactly…in old times, that was how society structured itself to get ahead- God, Family, Community…and it worked… Its unfortunate some black communities bought the lie that big government was selling- and ultimately, it all but destroyed them…
  5. Why does it seem like Leftists constantly contradict themselves with their hypocrisy? Because they base their arguments on emotion instead of logic, so there is never any congruency to their positions… It’s always “Whatever feels good to me now” or “Whatever gives me a political advantage on this topic”, and we will just deal with the next issue when it comes… They don’t seem to have a set of values that they apply to all issues… That’s why they can support (or pretend to) the Covid protestors in China but be against the Covid protestors in Canada…They can be against Nazis in America, but support Nazis in Ukraine…They claim to be for free speech, unless it disagrees with their speech…
  6. How were blacks better off? In 1960, 7 out of 10 black households had two parents in the home-even higher than white families… Today, 2 out 10 black households have two parents… Which time period was better for the black family, today or 1960? In 1960, black students graduated high school at a higher rate, with higher GPAs… Which time period was better for the black student, today or 1960? Today, higher drug use, higher gang violence, higher black on black homicide… The black communities had thriving business districts in the ‘40s and ‘50s…It was the golden age of black American culture, and the sky was the limit… How am I a racist for saying such things- especially if they are true? How am I racist for wanting the black community to reach greatness? Furthermore, I was told I couldn’t be racist because I’m black- only white people can be, because they have the power…😉
  7. Well, certainly racism contributed to the black community not reaching its fullest potential… But my point is, as I stated before, the black community achieved the fastest rate of economic growth, more than any other ethnic group, during a period of oppression…And I’m suggesting the culture has actually gone backwards, because the community was better off 60 years ago than it is today… #MakeTheBlackCommunityGreatAgain😉👍
  8. Of course, after all, they are the superior race…😉
  9. I just learned that, not only do we all look alike, but we are also required to think alike…😉
  10. Well, I am black- sooo, you’re welcome…😉👍 Any other questions, feel free to ask…
  11. Why black people? Because you made a statement suggesting that the saying “Black Lives Matter” was necessary for white people because of all the times they kill black people… That statement, literally, has no statistical basis, whatsoever…Therefore I countered with the argument that perhaps blacks need to use the saying for themselves because 97% of ALL black homicides are at the hands of other blacks…Therefore, logic would dictate that it is black people who don’t believe that Black Lives Matter…😉 Does that mean that because the murder rate is higher in black areas, by other blacks, that black people are racist against other black people? 🤔 Now, obviously I’m being facetious, but you get my point… Regarding poverty, I believe more blacks are poorer than other ethnicities because they have lower standards of living than other groups- they settle for lower grades in school, they tend to settle for violence to solve conflicts, they settle for promiscuity in relationships instead of taking responsibility…All of these things contribute to higher poverty rates amongst urban blacks…Now, they can keep blaming the white man all they want- but that won’t help to solve their poverty issue- they must look within… Your last paragraph is misguided imo…between 1940-1960 no ethnic group saw greater economic growth than the black community- and this was in spite of Jim Crow laws…. But blacks back then had different values than they do today…they didn’t buy into the victim hood mentality…they were go-getters, believing in education, family and God…And were able to move mountains, when it came to accomplishments…They need to return to that era of thinking if they want to see a return to greatness imo….👍
  12. Black people don’t think black people matter way more than whites, based on statistics- and it’s not even close… So, maybe the saying is for black people to stop killing themselves?
  13. Tibs, this is the narrative they want you to believe…But ask a BLM supporter if they believe an “All Lives Matter” sign is ok…they will tell you NO…This is because they are not about bringing people together like MLK Jr. did…they are about dividing people through hate and resentment, just like white supremacy… I have even seen signs in BLM marches that say “White Lives DON’T Matter”… So, while the minions, or foot soldiers may not know the deeper meaning behind the group, make no mistake- their leaders do, and they are as racist as they come… And all you have to do to see if clearer, is take what BLM leaders say, and pretend they were white people talking about black people…This should show you that they are no different than white supremacists…👍
  14. Nick Fuentes is the white version of BLM- both are supremacists for their own race…And both are equally abhorrent…👍 This is what identity politics looks like on both sides- basically the same rhetoric, just from the other point of view…
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