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  1. JaCrispy

    Official MNF Thread: Stillers vs Bucs

    Fitz is a man possessed!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. JaCrispy

    SNF: Pats at Lions

    And remember Edelman comes back soon.
  3. JaCrispy

    Unnecessary Roughness Call on Tre' White 😒

    The fact that the nfl called it a hit on a defenseless receiver makes it even worse...NEWS FLASH: ALL RECEIVERS BEING TACKLED ARE DEFENSELESS!!!!!!!!!
  4. We will need a top FA wr and top draft wr next year
  5. JaCrispy

    Yeah I would worry now about the $5K

    Worse part about this whole thing is the guy couldn’t even enjoy an amazing win today!
  6. JaCrispy

    Unnecessary Roughness Call on Tre' White 😒

    Why, because he hit the receiver too hard?!?!? 🤣🤣🤣 #thebeginningoftheendforthenfl
  7. JaCrispy

    Bills vs. Vikings 2nd Half Game Day Thread

    I don’t 🤣🤣🤣
  8. JaCrispy

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    Looked like it hit the ground
  9. JaCrispy

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    And shytting his pants right about now... all bills fans are over the moon right now except for him
  10. JaCrispy

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    Very impressed with JA...blitz in his face and fires a strike to KB!!! Result wasn’t what we wanted but Allen is certainly improving!!!
  11. JaCrispy

    Is shaq lawson a bust?

    He’s always the last one off the ball...that’s something special that I have seen from him.
  12. Neither...he is simply mediocre.
  13. JaCrispy

    Bodine New Starter at Center for Week Three at MIN

    In addition, I don’t believe Dabol has been able to bring in his own staff yet...they hired him I don’t recall any other new hires on offense...therefore I could see castillo being gone and a real QB coach brought in after the season
  14. Allen showing improvement while the team continues it’s journey to a top 3 pick.
  15. JaCrispy

    Shady unlikely to play

    It was going to be ugly, regardless