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  1. Albright: Broncos Targeting Mayfield, Bill's Josh Allen

    This would actually be best case scenario and we wouldn’t have to pay as much
  2. Exactly ...And putting out that the bills have made a sweet offer is probably only to get other teams to up the ante
  3. Taylor's Legacy

    ...especially if you’re not winning
  4. Taylor's Legacy

    If he is under appreciated here, it’s because fans don’t care much for mediocrity...sorry, not sorry.
  5. Zay Jones Arrested

    Sounds like he’s high on the Jesus juice.
  6. Zay Jones Arrested

    Really hope this doesn’t change the team’s mind about trading draft picks for a qb
  7. Browns Darnold, Giants Rosen

    Well, it’s based on my own experience, so it is possible it is not accurate for everyone...some people will go no matter what.
  8. Browns Darnold, Giants Rosen

    I’m curious if we had an offensive minded HC if we would have gone all in for a QB...defensive minded coaches always seem to think they can win with defense.
  9. Browns Darnold, Giants Rosen

    Well, i didn’t go see them play this passed year...and I won’t really have any motivation to go this year either if they don’t get s top QB...tired of wasting money on a mediocre product...and I know others who feel the same.
  10. Browns Darnold, Giants Rosen

    Then we will have to agree to disagree...on both points...getting the 5th best QB at 12 would not be exciting at all for me.
  11. We have Shady...Giants want a RB for Eli...gitter done! #whateverittakes
  12. Browns Darnold, Giants Rosen

    I hope he does because Bills fans expectations are sky high and if we leave the draft with a mid round QB and AJM, they might have a hard time selling tickets...we’ve waited too long and anything but a top 3 QB is unacceptable imo
  13. [Vague Title]Glad some on here are starting to see...

    Bills love other team’s backup QBs...#QBpurgatoryforever