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  1. Not with this coaching staff...they have made it clear their philosophy is NOT to dominate...
  2. Hmmm...this is a tough game to call...both teams seem to be headed in opposite directions...very curious to see the unleashed Allen- can it materialize or is it all talk? Giving JA the benefit of of the doubt, Bills win 24-23.
  3. I think that’s the best description- disappointing...after the Dolphin’s finale last year, where JA accounted for 5 total TDS, I was really expecting bigger things this year...this next game will be telling, now that he has been unleashed...
  4. I predicted a while back that Bills fans would only be able to put up with Allen’s mediocre play as long as he kept improving...once it appeared he had plateaued, and was still a mediocre QB, the hounds would be released... Daniel Jones just had a 300 yard/ 4 TD game...Murray has had a few 300 yard games...the more this happens, the more Bills fans will start to lose patience with JA- especially after 20 games played...I’m really rooting for Josh, but unfortunately, time waits for no one....
  5. Jrober is a “She”?!?!? ....learn something new everyday 🤓
  6. Yup, next year will be the critical year, just as the 3rd year is for Trubisky...I have a hard time elieving the administration will just give him a fourth year starting if Allen does not greatly improve next season...
  7. Yes, but there is a difference between being smart and being aware of the situation...seemed like Josh had no clue he only had 30 seconds left- and that the clock was STILL ticking...very bizarre moment...
  8. It certainly was sad to see...makes you wonder if he’s ever played Madden a day in his life...I mean, it’s Football 101...come on, man! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. I think this might come down to QB awareness of the situation or lack there of...
  10. While you may be right, a QB, also, can either be an OC killer or make the OC look like the smartest person in the building.
  11. I would agree except for the fact that he wasn’t scared to throw INT’s at the beginning of the year and he still wasn’t hitting the deep pass.
  12. Maybe 2 years away, if Allen still can’t hit a deep ball next year...
  13. I feel JA has no idea where he is throwing those deep passes, almost like he just launches them up and hopes they come down in the general vicinity...ive never seen anything like it...
  14. I hope McD wasting that TO doesn’t bite them in the ass
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