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  1. I believe this is what the kids call a “drop the mic” moment...excellent post 👍
  2. At this point I would have to agree and say he is not worth it...fortunately, for his sake, we don’t have to make that decision yet...
  3. Exactly, the Bills would have lost just like Tennessee because they have no offense to compete with the top tier teams...
  4. Your right, it means nothing when compared to the NFL...however, it DOES mean that on every level Josh has played he has NEVER been an efficient passer...
  5. If the NFL didn’t have FG’s the Bills would never score...😁
  6. Go Chiefs!!! Titans in the super bowl would be so boring...
  7. This is sad...fingers crossed that Daboll can create an offense that will help Josh become a more efficient passer...there is no reason that, in today’s game, that any QB should be under 60% completions imo...
  8. Spleen is the word on the streets...
  9. well, you want your QB to be a top talent, so I would rather see a comparison against an elite QB at a similar stage in their career rather than a guy who was benched....
  10. Comparing players is what fans do, and is the only way to tell if they are good or not...this will continue until Josh proves himself- and possibly even the rest of his career...
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