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  1. JaCrispy

    Josh Allen coins #SabresMafia

    No offense but I find it so annoying when people complain about the term “mafia”...I just envision those people as the type to bring down a party or to ruin a good joke...Bills mafia, to me, is harmless fun, and it’s so bizarre when I find people getting so bent out of shape over it...it’s not like the name is “Bills nazis”...I just think people need to lighten up, stop taking things so seriously, and learn to have a little fun...just my opinion.
  2. Completely understand your stance
  3. JaCrispy

    Josh Allen interview WGR

    Based on his imagination 🤗
  4. JaCrispy

    Josh Allen story

    I guess, but I’m not really optimistic...the Bills will really have to beat the odds with him.
  5. JaCrispy

    How do you feel about the Buffalo Bills right now?

    In all honesty I feel pretty “meh” about the team right now. It’s actually s pretty similar feeling as last year, and I’m not very high on our QB room.
  6. JaCrispy

    Josh Allen story

    My fingers are crossed because I see a Blake Bortles type career for Allen.
  7. JaCrispy

    SI article predicts a 2-14 record

    I wouldn’t mind the #1 overall pick in 2019
  8. JaCrispy

    Re: Shaw66

    So Shaw66 needs to be referred to as Mr. Shaw or Billy? I’m confused.
  9. Hard to ever see the Bills having an explosive offense under a McD...just doesn’t seem like his style imo.
  10. JaCrispy

    518 lunch will be June 22 at Ripe Tomato.

    If you ever decide to do a Saturday/Sunday, let me know...weekday afternoons are impossible with work, for me. 👍
  11. JaCrispy

    WGR is ditching its App for Radio.com

    iPhone here
  12. JaCrispy

    WGR is ditching its App for Radio.com

    I created an account and haven’t had any issues
  13. He really is delusional...and that’s the biggest reason the bills needed to move on...if he truly feels he had done enough and the team decided to keep him, the bills were doomed to fail.
  14. No one has to sacrifice anything...but it would be their choice to do so if they wanted to.