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  1. Can’t do it...one of the most embarrassing Bills losses ever!
  2. Was thinking the same...the all blacks look pretty sweet...
  3. Mims is the guy I want but I have a feel he will be taken bottom of the 1st, unfortunately...
  4. No doubt one of the best throws I’ve ever seen...along with the throw to Beasley when Allen was under pressure in the end zone against the Cowboys...👍
  5. Hmmm...You raise a good point...no shorts would definitely make it more interesting....but still, I would have to wait til live action (shorts or no shorts) to make a final judgment. 😉
  6. I was specifically referring to the deep ball, since that was what the video was of... Second, I’m not miserable in the least...I’m just not giddy over two guys in shorts playing catch, as some others appear to be... Nothing wrong with that....
  7. May not be what you wanted to hear but it doesn’t make it untrue...
  8. Then I’m happy for you...but I’ve seen Josh already do this many times in the training camp videos, and it meant nothing in the regular season... But who cares what I think...get excited all you want! 👍
  9. Look, I’m cautiously optimistic Josh can get better, but if you think a guy in shorts playing catch in the backyard is enough to get me excited, you’ve got another thing coming... Just like Han Solo says “Good against remotes is one thing, good against the living is something else.” 😉 But if you want to get excited, all the power to ya! Only thing that will get me excited is seeing it in live action...
  10. Not trying to be an ass...it’s an honest question...I read the title and then the OP and couldn’t see where they had anything to do with each other...🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. I don’t view that definition as a “bust”...to me a “bust” is when a player drafted fairly high doesn’t even manage to become a serviceable player- likely resulting in being cut, or out of the league in short order (ie Jamarcus Russel, EJ Manuel, Jonny Manzeil, JP Losman)....Sammy is not a bust imho, but rather a mediocre player...
  12. Meh, QBs in their shorts can do this all day in there sleep when there is no defense...
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