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  1. Sure, you can gather- it’s just required that you declare yourself a rioter or looter first...👍
  2. Of course this is Brady’s response...wouldn’t expect anything less...lol
  3. Interesting point...I have to say that whenever McBean mess up on roster decisions, it’s usually on the offensive side of the ball- definitely their achilles heal...we shall see...
  4. Big brother wants to know what sexy dreams the players are having at night...It’s a little kinky, but I like it- it’s good, wholesome fun...👍
  5. Not sure...I just heard about it in the movie Dumb and Dumber...👍
  6. It seems like we are allowing covid threads in the main forums now? Just making sure because Simon called a bunch of people out for doing this...
  7. Why is Brady still practicing?!?!?!? He is on a suicide mission with this virus!!!
  8. I just want Allen to get reps...I don’t even really care about the season...I just want him to keep working- get better...
  9. Straight up lottery for all 32 teams, baby (except the teams that traded them away, of course)... Give every team an equal shot at #1...
  10. Yes! Perpetual...it’s the only way to avoid being bitten by the zombies...
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