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  1. He wanted me to let you know it wasn’t intentional...👍
  2. ....and people will continue to die til the end of time... You sure I’m the moran? Might wanna change science books...😉
  3. Everyone uses science when it fits their narrative- EVERYONE!
  4. I’m not a part of the teachers union, but I have no problem teaching in person if others will not...
  5. Meh...I think we are arguing semantics...I think we are gonna have to agree to disagree on this one...👍
  6. Beasley is currently an All-pro...all those other points you’re attempting to make are moot...
  7. Lol...brought to you by Jussie Smollett... 🤣🤣 I’m surprised the “reporter” didn’t mention all the nooses Fox keeps in the break room...😉 ”A” for effort BillStime...👍
  8. If Beasley doesn’t play, this offense will not be as good imo...you don’t just replace an All-pro with the next man up...
  9. True...here’s another just in case...😉 https://dailycaller.com/2021/07/23/nsa-admits-unmasking-tucker-carlsons-identity/
  10. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/fauci-argued-benefits-of-gain-of-function-research-outweighed-pandemic-risk-in-2012-paper/
  11. Whenever someone dies from Covid, just remember Fauci once said that it’s worth it, so long as he was able to do his gain of function research...just let that sink in for moment... How anyone can trust this guy is beyond me, especially when he’s been working with Bill Gates since day 1- who just so happens to have a patent for the vaccine...wonder how much Fauci is getting, in kick backs, for the free advertising...
  12. I’m so confused what you’re attempting to convey with this post...and who is Bonnie?
  13. Good...and while you’re at it, you can fix my chimney...😉
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