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  1. My wife’s job is now requiring vaccination...she just recovered from covid a month ago and works from home- but nobody seems to care...this is not about the virus... Welcome to the rebellion! 👍
  2. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but he’s a little extreme...😉
  3. Or how about this one...you’re mandated to share your home with drug addicted homeless people to help get them off the streets...if you don’t, it’s because you don’t care about other people...do you comply or do you risk the state taking your house all together... Where does it end? Answer: it doesn’t, because people continue to comply... Remember, doctors and hospitals were monetarily incentivized to inflate the data to make the virus seem worse than it was- to justify state mandates...That’s why, when there are number corrections, they’re always subtracting from the original totals...😉 Joe Rogan proved the media has been lying to us when he got CNN’s Sanje Gupta to admit as much...”They shouldn’t have said that..” stated Gupta, about his own network...unvaccinated kids have a hire rate of survival than a middle aged vaccinated man, and yet they are trying to force the vaccine on kids...🤣 It’s not about the virus!!! Wake up, people...stop being such soft sheep...
  4. Josh has admitted before that he gets bored with short passes...guess he just needs to let it rip every now and then...
  5. So far, it seems to be the case, unfortunately
  6. I mentioned he played well...but I’m sure when he watches the tape, that drive will eat at him...
  7. Allen played well...but when we needed him to put the game away up 1 score, he played like he didn’t know how to do it...guys were wide open short, and he just kept insisting on going long- like he was down two scores with 3 minutes to play...it’s all about situational awareness... Oh well, live and learn...he is still the man...👍
  8. I dont blame HC...just needed a better play
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