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  1. God, I hate Dingleberry so much...dude should be on the practice squad...Beane blew that 3rd round pick hard!
  2. The way I look at it- if the league ain’t embarrassed how awkward minority compensation looks, than I ain’t embarrassed...now, pass me some of those draft picks! 😉
  3. I know... I’m just selfish because I want him to take over for Dabs, after next year...👍
  4. Lol...was thinking the same thing...we were so desperate for a QB in 2013, our best shot at a QB was EJ Manuel in the first round...
  5. I’m happy for these people in our organization getting looks, but I hate seeing the band break up...
  6. I’m at ease because no one, including myself, expected us to get this far...
  7. Bills 27 Chiefs 24 OT Damp weather keeps the scoring down...KC wins the toss in OT and eventually fumbles... Buffalo recovers and kicks game winning field goal...
  8. Yup...these guys are always moving the goal posts with Allen...dude has more playoff wins than any other QB from his draft class, after being called a “perody of an NFL QB” when he was drafted...
  9. Looks like there might be rain in the forecast..
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