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  1. transient

    Best/Worst QB - Kelly/Van Pelt?

    Technically, not true...
  2. transient


  3. transient

    Interesting And Sad Coaching Tidbit

    While that may be the case, everything’s relative. He’s a better defensive coordinator than a head coach, but he was a better head coach than 90% of the mostly sorry lot that has coached the Bills throughout their existence.
  4. transient

    Brady makes deal with the devil

    Except that she supposedly also told him that 2015 wasn’t going to be his year, which, if true, is hardly positive thinking... if anything it could sow the seeds of doubt in someone who’s rube enough to give it credence.
  5. transient

    Brady makes deal with the devil

    So do we have Giselle to thank that they didn’t win in 2015? Brady sounds like a gullible idiot on a leash...
  6. transient

    Tom Brady's Wicked Accent

    I believe, in one of his tales of yore, DC Tom pointed out that if you’re going to call someone an idiot it helps your case to use the correct “you’re”.
  7. transient

    Maybe now the story will be told on Gurley...

    I'm gonna go with it was Anderson's turn to be in there... or maybe Gurley gets winded... or possibly they needed to try harder to get Gurley in space...
  8. transient

    RIP - Wade Wilson

    A tweet from Sean Salisbury suggests it was a heart attack.
  9. I don't know about player, but I'd vote Marv for one of the most overrated Bills personnel of all time. He managed the egos of his team well and was a master motivator, but Polian gave him HOF talent on both sides of the ball and you can make an argument he underachieved with it because he was not a big game coach. He was either too oblivious, too stubborn, or too arrogant to realize he had to change up the game plan against an equally talented opponent; instead 4 years in a row he assumed his team could just "out-execute" the NFC champs like they could the rest of a soft AFC. He also squandered the defensive talent on that team for far too long by retaining Walt Corey and his infamous "read and react " passive defensive style when they should have been dictating to the opponent on both sides of the ball.
  10. transient

    6 Potential QB coach candidates

    Was he saying he played for Cornell or Lazor? Lazor was the QB of the Big Red when I was an undergrad there, between ‘90-94; not sure if he was there the exact same time or just overlapped a few years.
  11. http://buffalonews.com/2019/01/25/buffalo-bills-jim-kelly-josh-allen-pro-bowl-kyle-williams-one-on-one-coverage-vic-carucci-nfl-football/ ‘“I already have two plates and 10 screws in my back now. I’ve got a plate and six screws in my neck. Now I’m having another back surgery. I go, ‘Come on, Lord! Please, no more.’ It is what it is. You just have to keep fighting through it. I pray every day that one of these days, I will be pain-free. So far, that hasn’t been my case in many, many years.”’ - Yeah, sounds like Kelly's doing just fine alright...
  12. transient

    Could JP Losman Help Rejuvenate Josh Rosen in AZ?

    Maybe he can teach Rosen the finer points of hydration...
  13. So, in essence, he's suing the league because the outcome of Sunday's game turned everybody into Bills fans? Can I get grandfathered in on that action?
  14. transient

    Laser Pointer Gate part deux

    Must be an epidemic. I think someone must have lasered the entire Saints-Rams officiating crew in the eyes a few times Sunday afternoon as well.
  15. transient

    Who hates the Patriots** more than I do

    If faced with the prospect of saving the planet from imminent destruction at the cost of the Patriots***** winning yet another Super Bowl... ya know, we all gotta go sometime.