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  1. Is it me or does that spider's stance have "Bring it, m***** f*****!" written all over it?
  2. transient

    I want to try Teller on the Dline...

    I don't know, I think Miles has got some toughening up to do before he's ready to move to DL...
  3. transient

    Rob Gronkowski Dents Lombardi Trophy with Bunt

    Hopefully over the next 50 years Patriots*** fans will rue this as the event that begat the Gronkowski curse that plunged the team into never ending incompetence and irrelevance.
  4. It's hard to argue with a man with an ax to grind who believes that 54% is less than half and that regurgitated box score/play by play is detailed analysis...
  5. It’s not out of the question. He only needs 40 yds to get there... you did mean for his career, right?
  6. transient

    Chris Hogan makes a stop in Charlotte prior to Canton

    The only way Hogan sees Canton is if he's asked to hold Marsha's joc... hmmm... not sure... what's the... gender appropriate... term... I dunno... ?mangina strap? on that unholy day when Mrs. Bundchen is inducted into the HOF.
  7. I'm sure this was time consuming, but I don't think I place the same value on it that you do. Looking through the percentages above, regardless of win or loss, they tended to throw deep on 20-30% of their attempts every game Allen played with the exception of two outliers. The Packers game when you ask about a correlation because they threw deep 7 time in a loss instead of 5 times in a win... they actually threw deep less than the week before percentage-wise. This assessment also ignores game circumstances. Take the first two games of the season as an example. The Bills were down 26-0 and 28-6 by halftime. Teams getting blown out by halftime tend to throw a lot in the second half and get sacked in the process and they tend to lose. In the Packers game they were already down by 19 and not generating any offense when 6 of those 7 sacks happened and when 4 of those 7 "deep passes called" happened. I'm not an X's and O's guy, and I didn't rush to All 22 to formulate this argument, but I don't equate "deep passes called" to "deep passes thrown." I don't recall a lot of 4 and 5 wide patterns where they were all running fly routes, so some of who the ball ends up being thrown to has to be placed on QB decision making. It wouldn't surprise me if a guy who can throw a ball 80 yds tries to make that happen a few times a game. It would, however, surprise me if they drafted a guy who could throw the ball 80 yds and then told him not to throw the long ball. They had no running game outside of Allen and their receivers were worthless for over half of the season regardless of the depth of their routes. The most reliable part of the offense outside of Allen's rushing, as evidenced by his numbers after week 10, was Foster who is a deep threat...
  8. I made a point last season to a friend that, based on the number of times he got hit on the boundary or just out of bounds and his reaction to it, I think Allen tends to chirp a bit. He always seems to be enjoying himself and is always into the game even when he's on the sideline and it wouldn't surprise me at all to find out he's an accomplished trash talker.
  9. I think it's more complicated than just play calling philosophy last year. At the beginning of the season the entire WR corps had it's head in its collective *** and it didn't matter how deep of a route they ran. Only later in the season did Foster, whose strength is the long ball, emerge and Zay start to extricate his head. On top of that, Josh proved numerous times that he does not excel at the short, quick passing game and, either as a result of or in addition to, he tends to look for the deep ball. I think what you're concerned about was scheming to QB tendencies and offensive personnel out of necessity. Hopefully an offseason of Josh learning to throw a ball 5 yds on target and a better OL allowing them to use the RB as an outlet more will offer them more flexibility.
  10. transient

    Draft Metcalf as a CB

    Hmmmm... do you think maybe the OP could be included in this everyone, perhaps? And is it anymore nonsensical than the myriad “draft an OL and play him out of position” threads that seem to overpopulate the board?
  11. transient

    Draft Metcalf as a CB

    The fact that so many people take threads like this seriously suggests that the collective “q” isn’t that high to begin with.
  12. transient

    Draft Metcalf as a CB

    Given McDermott’s ability to coach up DBs I don’t think this is such a bad idea. We’re going to need someone to replace Tre when he’s hired to the Sabres coaching staff. Also, converting a 1st rd WR to a CB saves them the criticism of drafting another CB in the first round until training camp starts, which I’m sure has to be a huge consideration for them.
  13. transient

    Is Kelvin Benjamin's career over?

    No worries. You just confused his attitude with his hands.
  14. transient

    Bills draft strategy

    . . . _ _ _ . . . . . . _ _ _ . . . . . . _ _ _ . . .
  15. What about former Bills WRs?