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  1. Used to live down the street from Joe Devlin growing up. He coached my then girlfriend's brother's tee ball team. He couldn't have been a more unlikeable person if he tried. He used to intimidate umpires and parents and was generally an insufferable jerk. He coached a childhood baseball team like a psychopathic meathead. Used to work at a country club that Pete Metzelaars was a member at. He had to duck to miss a support beam walking in the front entrance to the restaurant. He played a fair bit of golf in the offseason. Seemed like a nice guy, but I didn't talk to him a ton. If it wasn't for the fact he was 6'8" with bright red hair you'd never know he was there. He was was very quiet and unassuming. I ran into Antowain Smith at a mall once. I remember being surprised at how big he was in person for a running back. I used to run into Sabres players all the time in my 20's during my bar hopping days. I ran into Jason Dawe and talked to him so many times that he'd say hi to me if he saw me first. The craziest was running into Danny Gare at either Mother's or Fat Bob's one cold winter post-game evening. He was drunk and telling stories to me and my roommate of his time with the Oilers and how he told off Glen Sather. I can still hear him in my head saying "F*** you, Glenn!" as he recounted the story. He then signed a bar napkin and gave it to my roommate for an autograph unrequested. It was a bit surreal.
  2. Define struggling... through 4 weeks they're second to the Chargers in passing yards per game, they're 4 in the league with 10 TD passes (with 3 others tied at 11), and they're third in the league in passing yards overall. They resoundingly beat LA, torched Tennessee so bad they pulled the starters midway through the third quarter, and put up 500 yards of offense in the flukey Dolphins game, 400 of which was through the air. The outlier has been a rainy game in Baltimore with a ton of dropped passes.
  3. Pretty sure I could pass out on my keyboard and the resulting string of letters would make more sense and add more value to the board than this...
  4. Omalu is a pathologist. The only way he'd examine Tua is if he had a piece of his brain tissue to put under a microscope.
  5. Or it could mean the investigators were asking transparently pointed questions designed to lay blame, justly or unjustly, at the feet of the UNC and as a result the answers they received contained an element of hostility.
  6. I could also clear it up pretty quickly by confirming that I was making things up, but that would take the fun out of it. I was hoping the absurdity of the post in combination with the fact it was made in reference to Tommy scouting the beaches for Giselle's replacement would have been sufficient. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Am I making things up, or did Wes Welker just post a selfie of him jogging on the beach in Tampa with a big smile on his face?
  8. Maybe if you would have repeated the reason to yourself you would have remembered, Charlie 5 times.
  9. Fumbling your first carry for a coach who has benched vets for ball security issues in the past probably has it's own process to get through before being trusted again. Hopefully the Bills get out to a big lead in some upcoming games and he gets some meaningful carries to build his confidence back up.
  10. I think Zach Moss was drafted to be Mark Ingram. What we got is Mark Ingram... if he was suddenly stripped of any and all field vision.
  11. Maybe Campbell had the Raven's D on his fantasy team. 🤷‍♀️
  12. Clearly Tomlin took the Bills to cover even with the -14 spread.
  13. Instead of being afraid of bad karma, I pointed to a picture of a bloody Chuck Norris and explained to karma why it should be afraid of bad Josh Allen... n'uff said.
  14. You mean like an informed consent form that's required for most medical procedures? I don't know how NFL teams and their training staffs handle these issues day-to-day, but in the real world those forms are routine.
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