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  1. I once had a dream that I was drowning a cat in front of Gugny to prove a point, except that I don’t know Gugny so it was Mr. Met, but not actually Mr. Met, more like a Mr. Met/Ghostbusters sized Stay Puft Marshmallow Man hybrid. Anyway, because he was so large and the cat was so small, he couldn’t really see it so it really wasn’t making my point so I just let it go. Being that it was a wet cat, it was seriously pissed, and it clawed me all up. As the cat’s running away Sigourny Weaver shows up, but not the somewhat sexy Ghostbusters version, more like the militant Ripley version from Alien: Resurrection. She gives me a nasty, judgemental look because of all the scratches but proceeds to turn into the Zuul dog-thing from Ghostbusters and starts licking the scratches. Hear me out, at it’s core it’s Sigourney Weaver and whether it’s sexy Sigourney or Alien: Resurrection Sigourney or the dog-thing from Ghostbusters Sigourney or whatever, I’m thinking when am I going to have this sort of brush with celebrity again, amiright, so, you know, we start going at it. Right before she tries to bite my head off like a preying mantis I wake up in a cold sweat. The Bills weren’t playing that week, and the Sabres alway lose, so I don’t think it had any sports bearing. If there was any meaning in it, which I tend to doubt, it may have been my subconscious’s way of telling me that I should steer clear of The Old Absinthe House in the Quarter.
  2. Maybe I’m an ogre, but after a couple seconds of that I was like “STFU you squeaky little pansy! There’s no crying in football.”
  3. Fields paid the trainer to shank Dalton with the needle from a nerve block?!?! 😱
  4. Am I concerned? It depends, is doughboy near my lunchbox?
  5. I always knew Kelly was a bum. They should have benched him and started Reich. Oh, and Ralph is cheap.
  6. Baltimore put up 251 yds rushing at a 6+ ypc clip on that KC defense last night... was that REALLY that surprising of a call? I think it would have been more surprising if they hadn't gone for it.
  7. If Tua doesn't get hurt yesterday it means he wasn't actually starting. He's made of glass.
  8. You say that as though the two things are mutually exclusive.
  9. Seems like Mahomes may already have a foot in the door as a spokesperson...
  10. transient… not Transient. You don’t want that capital “T” crowd calling you a blasphemer, now, do you.
  11. Last I checked this was a football site, not the website for the 700 Club.
  12. Except that the OP didn’t say “God” he said “a god”. If you have your panties in a twist over this it’s on you.
  13. Wait… I thought Flutie almost retired Thurman by throwing a pass that he said wasn’t his fault, if Thurman was taller and slower he wouldn’t have gotten obliterated trying to catch it.
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