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  1. Actually, I thought the awkward silences were the best part...
  2. Everyone is interpreting this as player by player... for the sake of efficiency I actually think it makes more sense as a team for team swap. Mayock’s new at this and Mark Davis clearly inherited some crazy genes, so maybe Da Raidas would go for it. The chaos would sure boost ratings for Hard Knocks.
  3. Right?! All this talk about the INT, but that mange infested dead muskrat on his face is the thing that worries me the most about his lack of judgment. Know your strengths Josh; buy a razor!
  4. It was actually a good strategy because if they challenge they burn a timeout, if they don’t they have to call a timeout anyway because they were about to get a delay of game.
  5. Is it wrong that my first thought was the one Jim Kelly threw to Anthony Phillips? I mean, I'm not a fan of the actual injury, but Kelly... what a beast!
  6. It can be done. If you listen to the waitress when he asks she mentions that the wine they were drinking was Opus One, which is pricey regardless of vintage, but can get extreme for certain years. https://www.sokolin.com/2013-opus-one-75648-750-xx4?fee=8&fep=45800&vfsku=75648.750.XX4&vfsku=75648.750.XX4&gpla=pla&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhpWk1YOZ5AIVkp-fCh2RXQnfEAQYASABEgI6NvD_BwE
  7. Poor Mr. Ed developed a Dupuytren's contracture... someone should do a study to see if it can be related to an overuse injury from holding an extra-large toothbrush.
  8. transient

    Matrix 4

    I can't quite put my finger on what it is, exactly, but I'm just not as excited about the prospect of Trinity in skin-tight leather this time around...
  9. Or you just haven’t had the right $50 steak. My wife is like a delayed reaction credit card roulette; there have been times when friends are in town and she’s just paid the bill and I didn’t realize it until I got the statement. Huge fan of their cacio e pepe. So simple, but so good with their homemade pasta!!
  10. Weren’t those the instructions; name 5 better teams then the Bills? We’re #6 by default.
  11. What’s a poor TBD member to do when the mods adopt an “If you can’t beat them join them” approach to the offseason lunacy?
  12. More like the Scott 1-ply of toilet paper.
  13. I thought if you were the GM of the Cowboys by default you would in fact be Jurrah... in which case the answer to “what would you do as GM” would probably be underage prostitutes.
  14. Everybody knows the coach buys at DQ after a win.
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