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  1. Is she related to Benjamin Button? She’s 26 now...
  2. more specifically pulmonary hypertension, which it actually has an indication for in addition to erectile dysfunction
  3. Of course Belichick is gonna defend it... and then to influence the officials Brady it gonna tweet about how he can’t watch it anymore the next time a QB gets smoked without repercussions on MNF to make sure no one is allow to violate his personal space without a flag being thrown. The league is obligated by their bylaws to let the Patriots*** have it both ways until they deem it’s no longer “good for the game”.
  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that whatever 7 letter word the profanity filter blocked in your screen name is probably accurate.
  5. Part of the Patriots*** dominance lies in their confidence and their ability to get into other teams' heads... a big part of that dies with the end of Brady's career, probably even more of it if he falls to pieces before our very eyes before he retires and loses a few games along the way that they otherwise wouldn't have lost. The Bills offense and special teams lost that game with the help of the refs and some questionable coaching decisions.
  6. Occasionally he breaks into an impromptu rendition of Paradise By the Dashboard Lights...
  7. Of course he knows Bjorkovich's weaknesses, he used to be his punter...
  8. ...debating what the consequences of posting the middle finger emoji from my phone would be...
  9. We applaud your choice, Signed (jointly), Mike Williams, Marcel Dareus, and Aaron Maybin
  10. Gonna cut Zay outright? If you do that someone's gotta go... may have to bring up Davis Webb for next week, so that would be 2 guys you'd have to cut...
  11. Maybe not, but Zay's a mess at this point so why not give it a shot with someone on the roster who's flashed in the past once he's healed.
  12. Have to wonder, as was stated in the broadcast and multiple other places before, if it's Foster's foot injury that's limiting his snaps. If so, when he's healed does he relegate Zay to the bench? I would have thought Foster and Brown would be redundant one dimensional deep ball threats before realizing what a versatile receiver Brown is.
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