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  1. “As a peer I gotta give you props, man. Great game. As a Bills fan at heart, though, I gotta ask... what’s the deal with the 2 fumbles and missing Brown in the end zone last week?“
  2. It's a legitimate concern. As much as I'm thrilled with how they've looked overall through 2 games and as much as I hate to tip my hat to the Pats***, one of their hallmarks has been the ability to win going away by scoring to end the half and then scoring to start the third and completely change the complexion of a game. The fact that the Bills have developed a tendency to kill their own momentum to start the third the last few seasons is what has kept bad teams in close games and what has made it hard to beat good teams despite often dominating for 3Q.
  3. There once was a DE named Shaq Subbed at DT because he cain't sack Bills said "no" to year five Then the Dolphins arrived With $30M for a JAG who ain't jack
  4. I think you're forgetting that Josh was out on his feet at the end of a run against NE*** last season.
  5. I wasn't trashing Brady, I was pointing out that your dismissal as a "throwaway" of what was more likely just a really terrible pass in order to negate the comparison to Allen's clunker didn't actually fit the game narrative. Thanks for the healthy serving of condescension in the reply, though. It went perfectly with the side of gratuitous TB12 ballwashing.
  6. Miami Dolphins Tua?!?! Tagovailoa TUNA fits a theme... SQUISH THE FISH!!!
  7. ...which means it was a horrible decision by a 20 year veteran to throw the ball away on a 2 pt conversion... or it was just a terrible throw.
  8. Obviously my curiosity got the better of me, so I Googled it... This opens a Pandora's box of so many important questions... Did he approve the trade in the first place because they're the Browns? Was he in search of an authenticity only "Cleveland" could provide? Are the reports of Green Bay's interest legitimate or solely facetious due to the potential ulterior connotation of their team name? Instead of OBJ, will the league now refer to him as "Critical Bill"? Ok... maybe not "so many"... a Pandora's box of 4 impor... 4 questions.
  9. There better be more than 300 of those jaqs per box or I’m gonna B word about it... even if it’s the tastiest cereal I’ve ever eaten.
  10. Bring in the guy who was drafted 10th overall and has the distinction of having both teams he’s played for draft a QB in the first round in successive seasons because he’s shown so much promise? At the risk of souring the QB room?
  11. If the Gillette Stadium scoreboard were to fall from its moorings and crush him as he was jogging off the field after the 2020 Pats*** finish 0-16 I might... MIGHT... feel a twinge of sincerity when uttering "Huh... that's a shame". There might even be more than the customary half-second pause before I smirk.
  12. 3rd and super long from the 35 on the third play from scrimmage... sounds like our special teams started strong. SUPER BOWL!!!
  13. Pshaw... THIS is the official instructional video on how to eat crawfish
  14. TO was notorious for dropping balls early in his career. Borderline personality aside, he turned out alright. It can be done.
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