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  1. Olave would be my pick if he's there. Why take Williams, who couldn't beat him out, if the better route runner and better hands are available.
  2. Harbaugh is a legend in his own mind. He finally beat OSU this year in a home game with a pretty experienced bunch that he finally got resultswith vs a strong but young team. His Michigan teams did not develop their players very well and that was completely on Harbaugh and his coaching staff. He does not worry me in Miami. The Bills have got to stop being their own worst enemies. I worry more about them beating themselves - 13 seconds - than Harbaugh making a big difference in Miami.
  3. 1963 - My Dad took me to my 1st game. Bills-Jets when Cookie ran over, around and through the jets for 243 yds, a pro record at the time. My Dad was a Buffalo cop and his partner and son were there with us. The son was Pat Dobson who was pitching in the Tiger farm system at the time. That spring he sent me a used mitt and ball from training camp. It was the 1st of many Bills memories and I am still expecting many more. The Milano and Williams signings have me even more excited for this season to get started.
  4. Living in C'bus and enjoying taking my family to Michael Dominic's on Sundays to watch the Bills with over 100 Bills fans. Great group following their passion - Buffalo Bills football.
  5. I have been to games at the Rockpile guite a few times including watching Cookie Gilchrist run over and they the Jets for 243 yds in 1963. I still have the souvenir coin from the 1st game at Rich Stadium against the Skins. Haven't been back for a game in a few years now. I have seen games in Cinci, Cleveland, Indy and Detroit. Turned down an opportunity to see then in Philly because I didn't feel comfortable taking my wife to a game there.
  6. I didn't mind the slight Pitt bias because Collinsworth did give props to plenty of Buffalo talent plus coaching, ownership and the fans. I just got tired of the yammering on about things other than specific play by play analysis. Too much gab while football is being played as if he and Al had more important things to say vs the importance of the play on the field. I just don't need to here him ramble on. Ear plugs please and Go Bills. Take down the cheaters in Foxboro then rest against the Jets.
  7. Mango, take your personal attack and whine over the pick. I simply stated my opinion too. I didn't go after anyone. I don't like the pick but trust the pickers. What is so lazy about that?
  8. I can't believe the negativity. I wanted them to sit at 12 and take Jackson or Rosen, whichever was there. Not thrilled with Allen but I cannot claim to know more than Beane and McDermott. I am willing to trust the brain trust that got us our 1st playoff appearance in a generation.
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