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  1. Can’t wait for the inevitable song about her breakup with the Super Bowl.
  2. I completely agree, but as her music is from her perspective, to date I don't think she's had that epiphany and written "Watch out boys cuz I'm bat**** crazy" just yet.
  3. I think I'd prefer Tiptoe Through the Tulips to whatever the song of the day is about her poor choice in men.
  4. I was at that game. The irony was it was a late hit on his elbow after a 40 yd completion, not in a situation where he was running for his life. I had a bird's eye view of Peterman's pick-6 to lose the game... literally. End zone seats with Peterman's back to me and I'm pretty sure I did the slow motion "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" before he even released the ball... it was so obvious to everybody but Peterman that the CB was baiting him into throwing the sideline out because of his weak-ass arm.
  5. There once was a QB from Huh-why-ee Whose wobbly duck went a flutterin' by me In Q4 we decided not to cover But then soon we discovered If you leave Hill and Waddle college open they'll have time to slow down and wait on those sorry ass underthrown balls and then no matter how weak of an arm Tua might have We were on to lamenting "Oh why me" I call this one "Ode to Ravens' busted ass CBs' perspective"
  6. Dolphins fans can mourn Snowflake's stampeded carcass All Tua of them
  7. Saints already have Ingram, who does what you'd expect Moss to do... only he actually does it.
  8. I can't find the replay, but I'd argue Gilliam spinning himself around like an off balance ballerina had more to do with him not catching that pass than ball placement. I'm fine with a few plays as a change of pace, but if that's a receiver on that play instead of someone not used to catching the long ball it's a touchdown.
  9. I unwittingly wore a t-shirt that said “Talk Dirty To Me” under my Kyle Williams jersey.
  10. Ummmm… I was at the game Sunday. The receivers had trouble catching his passes because he sucked for 3+ quarters. Hard to catch passes thrown at your feet or out of bounds. He had a few nice balls on the TD drive after Lattimore was tossed, but otherwise most of the game he was pretty off target.
  11. Mighty Mitch T is just meh. Personally, I'd prefer an Arnold Palmer.
  12. Lattimore runs up and smacks Fournette?!?! Fournette started the shoving!! Watch the clip again. I was at the game. Evans came 20 yards down field whining to the refs about being held. Lattimore is jawing with Miller as he’s heading away from the Bucs sideline and then Brady says something to him when they’re passing each other. The two of them turn to each other and start jawing when Fournette shoves Lattimore. They got Lattimore for retaliating when he shoved Fournette back, right before he gets blindsided by Evans. All of that was instigated by the Bucs. There’s nothing in that clip that justifies tossing Lattimore from the game, unless he said something to one of the officials.
  13. Watched it on my TV connected to an AppleTV with Cox cable internet service and it was fine. The post-game show was choppy, but that wasn't streaming related.
  14. So they give you $3, a Popeye's 3 pc chicken and biscuit and a Benjamin jersey for a napkin? If they can't at least throw in a fountain drink and a cinnamon apple pie to complete the meal then I'm not so sure that I'm interested.
  15. Is it being done in the interest of propping Josh up? If not, I think it’s allowable.
  16. Herbert certainly showed a lot of moxie last night. He was clearly in a lot of pain and despite that was able to make those two great throws on the TD drive. I haven’t watched him a ton, but when I have he’s always seemed kind of emotionless. One of the things that elevate Allen and Mahomes is their competitiveness, which is clearly evident in their actions and behavior… their teams feed off of it… Herbert seems pretty vanilla in that regard to me.
  17. The quickest way to a man's heart is with Chuck Norris's fist. The quickest way to Chuck Norris's heart is to pick up the football that Josh Allen just threw through his chest.
  18. I never thought about it before today, but Kiko may just be Flea’s illegitimate son…
  19. Reminds me of Shady... maybe not the quick polite answers to dumb questions part ... but the intelligence and willingness to be introspective and not just give a pat answer to questions.
  20. New Orleans doesn't need him. They've already got a RB charged with felony assault.
  21. Guess the rights to Mr. Hankey were too much after the guaranteed money bonanza they went on…
  22. They're gonna have to pay me more than that to take that dishrag off their hands.
  23. Brees signed with New Orleans as a free agent. Were you thinking the draft day trade of Eli to the Giants and Rivers to the Chargers?
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