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  1. Except that after the KC game last year, and both the Miami and Cinci playoff games this year, it would have been easily justifiable to outright fire him and still “manage the optics” regardless of his race and regular season numbers. They’re a SB contending team whose defense, which leads many metrics in-season, sucks ass in the clutch. The way they approached it may be completely transparent, and it isn’t likely to change a thing in the end, but they approached it this way to try and let Frazier save face IMO.
  2. Love the Pacman Jones anecdotes. Re AJ, maybe he just has some involuntary blinking reaction to the word “dude”.
  3. Looking more and more like the Bills and Frazier tried to find a way of moving on while crafting a narrative that would be the least damaging to his future coaching prospects.
  4. You do realize that “This^^^^^^^” is a way of highlighting your post (This with symbolic arrows pointing up), not of mocking it, right?
  5. Do you actually believe this, or was it just too convenient to pass up?
  6. I particularly liked this one - “This is why you can’t just talk football with random strangers. It could end up being that guy.” You know… except for the fact that anyone on TBD knows Filthy Beast isn’t a random stranger, he’s the ugly little B word under the bridge screaming at passers by from a pool of his own p*** and vomit. 🤷‍♂️
  7. So do you now have a deck where you are cool and comfortable, but your guests sit across from you in the scorching sun and get heat stroke?
  8. Maybe you can convince him to let you be CEO of Twitter…his Tesla shareholders would love you for it, and you… and 90% of the country for that matter… are probably more qualified than he is.
  9. If you could get the bolded from Gabe you’d be ecstatic. Even if Hopkins isn’t the player he used to be his presence makes everyone else in the WR corps better; he provides someone other than Diggs, which helps Diggs, and he knocks everyone else down a spot making them more effective.
  10. If I happen to look in your direction, no promises, but I may grunt… less likely it may be accompanied by an almost nod.
  11. Whatever you say, Augie... Doooooon’t caaaaare.
  12. I used to think being a “true fan” of a sports team was more important than the actual enjoyment that I got out of watching them play. As I got older and my life got more complicated overlapping with the Bills suckage dragging on for 17 straight seasons, I realized the enjoyment was the most important part and if I wasn’t enjoying it it wasn’t worth the time invested in it. I’m pretty sure this realization coincided with the McKelvin fumbled KO return that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against the Pats*** on MNF. After that loss, before the current regime, if I had something better to do on a Sunday than torture myself with inept football I did it. It’s been a welcome evolution. Wins are just as much fun, but losses sting a lot less and life goes on in minutes to hours instead of days… and I don’t feel any less the “true fan” despite the attitude adjustment.
  13. It’s the zubaz… the pattern on the pants is flattering on the crotchal region… it’s reported why Bills mafia wears them.
  14. Washington Voldemort… the team who shall not be named.
  15. “Should McDermott look like this…”
  16. They clearly had the benefit of looking at the logo on the wall, unlike Allen’s rookie class which had to draw it from memory pretty soon after being drafted, iirc.
  17. The face may look more like Rivers... but the box does say Josh Allen on it.
  18. I have a theory that it’s the only emoji enabled for that account… it’s plausible… that and the account has some sort of filter that takes everything that’s typed and casts it in a negative context before it’s posted. It’s sort of like the website that takes your name and gives you the John Travolta interpreted version of it…
  19. Wait… I thought that was McKittrick?
  20. Debatable… he was also a pretty good plant at the Bills Halloween party.
  21. “Nobody would trade picks with us so we had to take someone, right?”
  22. So he basically screwed the Patriots*** to screw the Jets… sweet.
  23. Don’t worry, Can’… err, uhhh… Nate Hackett is on it.
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