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  1. I was going to also point out that I believe DJ Chark was still available but now I read Carolina is trying to sign him too.
  2. Well, the Cowboys got WR Brandin Cooks for a 2023 5th and a 2024 6th. WAKE UP BEANE! That seemed to be a cheap price for a veteran deep threat WR. So far, all he added was a smurf?!
  3. The impact of losing an All-Pro WR in Adams cannot be underestimated.
  4. Posted on Steelers Wire on USAToday.com: ”Isaiah McKenzie is the veteran slot WR the Steelers need”. 😂
  5. It takes too long for most drafted TEs to develop.
  6. Love that chicken at Popeyes 🎶 Did they even talk to Williams and Foreman? If so, what are they telling the agents? Why wouldn’t a RB want to join the Bills offense? Is it because they see how much Josh runs?
  7. Dude, I don’t think JP Losman is allowed as an avatar. If you haven’t heard from any moderators yet, expect to.
  8. He was a good hard tackler but lacking some in coverage.
  9. My local Sacramento Kings are on the verge of ending an NBA record 16 season (passed our former Buffalo Braves franchise) playoff drought. As Sabres fans, you gotta believe!
  10. Rodgers has become very much like his “mentor “ Favre. Let’s draw it out. Am I retiring? Am I playing? I don’t even know.
  11. FWIW, Pro Football Talk has a list of the top 100 (actually 104) and they had Edmunds at 26, Wagner at 18 and David at 20.
  12. Or, if they’re smart, they draft a replacement for Josh when he hits his mid 30s.
  13. As long they’re not bringing back another castoff like Antonio Williams.
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