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  1. Equally as funny was the reaction by the guy sitting next to him.
  2. Zack Wilson just showed again why the Jets can’t win with him. If they bring in a competent vet to take over, they could get 3rd.
  3. For me, the Arena Leagues were fun and different. I used to watch some of the San Jose Sabercats games and even attended one. Lost interest after awhile and then the team folded.
  4. Yeah, if you just looked at the box score, the Raiders had 55 yards on 15 Carrie’s, just under 4 yards per carry, but most of that was from Zamir White, who was running on their last possession when the Bills defense was expecting them to pass.
  5. Interesting, since Kyle didn’t hold back his criticism of Josh on Monday’s GMFB.
  6. Then why does Josh keep saying Davis is the smartest WR he’s played with? Is he smart but runs routes wrong? That would be coaching.
  7. Who are the top QBs in the next couple drafts?
  8. That’s who I picked but the Jets D could score a TD on an INT of Dak and that be enough if they shutdown the Dallas offense.
  9. And it ends the Jets hype, which had been unbearable.
  10. I’ve wondered, if there’s a process, what is it? I know it’s just a word he uses, but a process is generally a series of steps to get a result. Is the targeted result winning a Super Bowl? If so, they haven’t been successful completing some of the steps.
  11. Are you kidding? Josh was already messed up in the head. You bench him and then there’s a huge drop in his confidence.
  12. It makes me wonder what Beane and his staff are doing during the season. SF gets one of the better RBs for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th while Baltimore gets LB Roquan Smith for a 2nd and 5th. Did the salary cap implications prevent them from pursuing such deals or were they not even aware of the possibilities? I know trading for Smith in mid season may have not made total sense with Edmunds still on the team but he would’ve been a big boost for the run defense. McCaffrey would’ve made an already good offense elite. Perhaps Cook and Kincaid will contribute towards that but it would’ve been nice adding a proven prime commodity.
  13. I recall seeing former WR coach Chad Hall sitting with Josh over the previous couple of years and showing him things on a tablet. He surprisingly made a lateral move to Jacksonville when his contract ended. We also shouldn’t overlook any prior contributions from Davis Webb, who is now the QB coach for Denver. In previous seasons, the QB room has included the likes of Webb, Barkley and Keenum and now has Josh’s mildly experienced Buddy in Kyle Allen and a young Buechele, who is new to the team.
  14. Having served on a jury a couple years ago, I would be very concerned to have my future determined by a group of “my peers”. In jury deliberations, discussing the believability of a young female witness, a fellow juror actually said this: ”I raised 2 daughters and I could tell if they were lying or not. They wouldn’t lie to me anyways. “
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