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  1. I hope he can do the same to #12 on December 12th.
  2. Bills are now 53-61-1 vs Miami all-time in regular season. This is significant when you consider they went 0-20 in the 1970s. Man those years were tough.
  3. I was watching the NFL Network highlights show, Gameday Final and they had Zack Wilson talking to the NY press about facing the New England defense and the last question they had was a reporter asking “So, you weren’t like seeing ghosts out there?” Did Jerry Sullivan move to NY? While it was funny, I think it was stupid and juvenile to be asking this kid.
  4. I disagree. There were many times last year that Josh stood in the pocket with no pressure. I recall a few times that he had so much time I rewound to see how long and it was 8 to 9 seconds. Against Pittsburgh, he didn’t have as much time. Their stunts were confusing the blockers at times and other times they just got beat.
  5. My grandfather lived to 103 and used to have a shot and a beer daily. It’s science.
  6. Same with the breaking tables. I bet if you asked a non-Bills football fan living in another state what comes to mind when you bring up Bills Mafia/Bills fans, most of them would probably say “jumping on tables” and “Ron Pinto and his group’s activities “. Is that the kind of reputation Bills fans want?
  7. They’ve all been against teams with good defenses who may have figured out ways to slow down this offense. Time for the coaches and players to make the proper adjustments.
  8. With you 100%. I’ve been saying it since last season. You need to get any advantage you can vs the opposition. By consistently going with an empty backfield, you’re giving the defense the advantage of not having to worry about the run, unless it’s Josh running. If you have a RB back there, the defense doesn’t know what you’re going to do. That RB is also available to chip an unblocked defender or slip out as a safety valve if the rush is closing in on Josh. It has frequently been said over the years that one of the best ways to beat a relentless pass rush is to run a screen or two. Can anyone tell me how many screen passes the Bills ran yesterday? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was zero.
  9. They had 2 weeks to prepare. It’s inexcusable!
  10. Here I was thinking it would be great to be 4-0 before the back-to-back road games in KC and Tennessee, with the toughest game probably being this Week2 game in Miami. Now, have to hope for 3-1. I really liked how last regular season ended and hope it’s the new norm. The Patriots have always seemed to be working out the kinks in the first month or two and then go on a roll into the playoffs. That’s what the Bills did last year and is the best scenario. The Bills Super Bowl teams tended to be like 11-1 or 10-2 going into the last month and then finished 13-3 or 12-4. Granted, they usually could rest their starters in the last game but they didn’t seem to be playing their best at the end.
  11. Haack also seemed to be moving slow and, yes, it looked like if he took another step he would’ve kicked it into the O-line
  12. And why was Moss a healthy scratch? Are their styles too much alike and they wanted Breida’s speed as a change of pace? He was not very good.
  13. One other thing not mentioned yet in this thread: why do they keep bringing Levi Wallace back as the starting CB when he has games like this? He was horrible.
  14. It looked like Gilliam was also back there to maybe pass block but by the time he saw the DB it was too late.
  15. I did when I heard Dobbins was out for the year right before a draft.
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