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  1. It’s part of growing old. Celebrities you enjoyed watching perform passing away. Just think of the icons lost in the last couple of years: John Madden, Eddie Van Halen, Bette White, Bill Russell and now Christine McVie.
  2. My similar opinion was also deflected. Bruce’s best move was falling asleep at a traffic light.
  3. Yeah, too much arm tackling. There was one game I noticed Jordan Phillips “tackling” with a shoulder bump. With his size, he sent the ball carriers flying but that’s not an effective approach when he could’ve wrapped them up.
  4. Yes, it was pathetic. Momentum changed with the missed FG that would’ve put them up 27-10. The defense was horrible. So that’s 3 double-digit 2nd half leads blown? Even if they rout Akron, I don’t know if they deserve a bowl game.
  5. What I haven’t liked defensively in the last 2 weeks is that they have made Brissett and Goff look a lot better than they are. What’s going to happen when they play a very good QB? Like Burrow and Tua?
  6. You mean like the Music City Miracle?
  7. Yes, at this point of the season, who on the “starting” (I.e. White is a starter) defense has not missed a game? DaQuan Jones, Taron Johnson, Von Miller (before this injury).
  8. I’ve found the quality of games to be poor all season. Since the new CBA reduced practice time, and coaches not playing starters much in preseason, it was poor to start the season for a couple weeks but wouldn’t make sense this late in the season. I agree that the average NFL game has been boring.
  9. Yes, Montana did not have a big arm. Read something once about Bill Walsh’s obsession with precision. He expected the ball to be placed with the receiver’s hands in a particular location. In practice Walsh would have them run a play over and over until it was done to his satisfaction.
  10. There was another game he did recently where the ref was announcing a call and Romo talked right through it. Usually they pause so the viewers can hear but he just kept rambling.
  11. That was fun! “Where’s that little kicker we got?”
  12. Josh is still suffering from his elbow injury. Romo was even talking about it. It likely hurts more on some throws. That can surely affect accuracy and someone’s mood/spirit.
  13. That’s BS! Do we not remember the days of 7-9 Jauron? The 17 year playoff drought? Gregggggg Williams? If they don’t make the playoffs, it’s partially because of all these injuries!
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