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  1. That was Patrick DiMarco. Chris DeMarco is an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors.
  2. I wonder if there’s anything to consider about the timing of this signing right after the rookie camp.
  3. You’re history! Mods, get ‘em’ out of here! #sarcasm
  4. Yeah, I admit I was a “wrong Josh” evaluator. It’s real funny to look back now, especially with Rosen claiming the picks ahead of him at 10 were “9 mistakes”. Seven of the 9 have been Pro Bowlers. Mr Rosen, where art thou?
  5. They have to work together. It would make no sense for the GM to draft guys the coach doesn’t like and/or that don’t the system well. Otherwise you have a Marronne /Whaley situation with the coach yelling out in front of everyone “Get me a freakin’ Quarterback!”
  6. That’s great that Bills has the number of the year the Bills started in the AFL.
  7. Ask Keegan Michael Key
  8. Yeah, while the Rooney Rule is a sham, giving a 3rd round pick to a team for hiring a minority goes too far the other way.
  9. Is that league still playing?
  10. But didn’t his wife post a ‘goodbye Buffalo’ tweet after the season?
  11. Maybe they needed more size for their off-season basketball rec league team.
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