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  1. Maybe Ralph’s commitment to play the Lions finally expired.
  2. Gave the show another chance today. The 2nd hour was horrible with all the gimmicky segments, very similar to ESPN’s PTI with the goofy heads superimposed, etc. The 3rd hour was more back to the way it used to be. They made a comment that they also have a new staff. Someone decided they needed to change for some reason and not much is for the better. Of course, half the reason to watch was Kay Adams. It will be interesting to see if the two vets (Brandt and Schrager like the new format enough to stick around or not.
  3. Keenum tried to hit the TEs early but his throws were too high.
  4. As they were trying to figure it out, I thought it was pathetic (but funny) when they had the sound for both games going for several seconds.
  5. I watched the first episode with the new crew and haven’t watched since. Maybe I’ll watch Monday after the first week of preseason games, not that they matter. That first episode seemed like they were trying to make it a partial game show competition, like something ESPN would do. Or Jimmy Fallon.
  6. Maybe that’s the only way Poyer would let him wear it.
  7. They just keep saying “he’s on schedule “ without details of what that means.
  8. I thought the same thing. 😄 I’m also 64. 3 more months til Medicare! Woohoo!
  9. Nothing compares to a couple thousand people showing up at the airport at 2 AM in freezing temps to great the team returning from a big road win.
  10. Has anyone seen Saul Goodman talking to him?
  11. Yeah, he must’ve had a horrible childhood.
  12. I don’t think so. One of the reasons Cleveland got rid of him was because he’s high maintenance.
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