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  1. They have the space this year if they want it, and they will have even more space next year because they are eating Diggs’ cap hit this year, and Miller will be cut (not to mention all of the available restructures and the cap going up).
  2. If Allen has 4 turnovers in the season opener again this year, then I’m blaming this.
  3. I’m willing to entertain the possibility that we might be dealing with multiple curses here.
  4. Maybe this will lift some sort of curse that had been on the franchise?
  5. Your poll options don’t really make sense because they aren’t mutually exclusive. I would say no hard feelings, time to move on from a declining player. I think the front office had planned to do this next offseason, but things got moved ahead of schedule. In terms of all time Bills greats, I would put Diggs in the second group with Lee Evans and Stevie Johnson. With Andre Reed and Eric Moulds being in the top group.
  6. Did he have an actual DWI, or did he have a “DWI” like Ed Oliver got? I’m not sure I trust Texas police at this point.
  7. I think this is spot on. I don’t think we’ll “miss” the 2024 season version of these players. But I’m not sure we have adequate replacements to come near their 2020-2022 performance.
  8. If he even catches it. Feels like there was a 50% completion percentage on those plays.
  9. Watkins partially busted because we had mediocre QBs, and he broke his foot (and was never the same after that). My understanding is he had some substance abuse issues in Buffalo, especially while sitting around with his injury. We don’t have a mediocre QB now, and injuries are always a risk no matter what you do. Doesn’t seem relevant to our current situation.
  10. Poking around the web, it seems like 49ers fans think they are going to get a first and a good roster player for Aiyuk. I really doubt it. They chose to pay Deebo, so Aiyuk is on his way out one way or another eventually which weakens their negotiating position.
  11. I really like Aiyuk. I would do a deal that doesn’t include this year’s first rounder. Then I would structure an extension that gives him a low cap hit this year.
  12. This seems dramatic and disingenuous to include Davis’ totals (as if some other player couldn’t easily replace his production with his snap count and targets). When the Bills went on their winning streak to end the season and win the division, Davis was barely involved in the offense (to the point where his mom complained on Twitter) and Diggs’ totals were way down. It’s obvious we can win and have an effective offense without them.
  13. Diggs gave us a lot of great moments. I think my favorite is that catch vs the Lions in the come from behind win. I will not miss force feeding him a WR screen that gets dropped anyway. Onward and upward!
  14. We we already paying Diggs this cap to be on the roster. It’s “dead” cap because we are still paying him that cap even though he isn’t on the roster. So we don’t have to cut anybody if we replace him with a draft pick or cheap player. If we trade for someone like Higgins or Ayuik (sp?) we can probably structure their extensions so their cap is low this year.
  15. Look at the trade comp around the league. For Diggs’ age, contract, and the way his performance was trending last year I think it was pretty good. Texans take on the risk that Diggs is washed, and we get a 2nd round pick. It might work out for them if Diggs turns it around, we’ll see.
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