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  1. Gotta think the hurricane had a big impact on the Tampa Bay players. I’m chalking this game up as a one-off (for the Chiefs and against the Bucs).
  2. He says “Go the f*** home”. Apparently I can read lips.
  3. The Bills lost to the Steelers last year because of TJ Watt, Cam Heyward and Matt Haack. TJ Watt is out, Cam Heyward is gimpy (got x-rays during the game yesterday) and Matt Haack is in Indy where he can’t hurt us anymore. I expect the Bills to win big.
  4. 9-8 probably makes the wildcard, so the Giants only need to go 6-7 the rest of the way to make it. They still have 2 games vs Washington, a game against the Texans, and the Seahawks. They won’t trade Saquon.
  5. I choose to believe Andy Reid is a genius. He made McNabb look pretty good.
  6. Kelce is their entire offense. Shut him down! How is he not chipped at the line and bracketed every play. If Hardman burns you, then he burns you.
  7. I would love to see points on drives where Moss is given a carry vs points on drives where he is not.
  8. The announcer is blind and has Ravens fans saying there was a missed grounding on that drive. Shakir was literally right there outside of the camera frame.
  9. Same thing happened earlier, at least they are consistent.
  10. Crowder flinched before the ball got there. He was afraid of getting hit.
  11. It wasn’t really but he still stopped his feet on 3rd and 1. Pick a direction and go.
  12. There was another third and long he basically walked for a first down.
  13. Why didn’t we have a spy on Lamar for that 3rd and long? He waited until everyone had their back turned and basically walked for the first down. Scheme failure. Make him throw and earn it.
  14. Why are we running plays with 2 WR in the same spot? Happened two plays already with bad results.
  15. It took a weird path because of the tip, but still kind of weak for Knox not to adjust. Why did he jump in the air?
  16. I just watched the Ravens highlights from last week and wasn’t super impressed by Lamar passing. At least from a passing perspective he didn’t seem on Allen’s level (but maybe he doesn’t need to be because his running is such a threat). One of his passing TDs was one of those Mahomes underhand throws at the goal line. One was actually kind of underthrown into double coverage, but Mark Andrews did a good job high pointing the ball. I guess defenders always have to have him taking off in the back of their heads, so his passing doesn’t have to be as crisp to be successful.
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