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  1. Both taken at the very end of the 2nd round. Look at the bottom of the second/beginning of the third the past five years or so. It's a 50/50 chance that those picks are total busts let alone immediate starters (for any team, not just the Bills).
  2. Didn't Epenesa kill Tua? I see some nice things from Epenesa, especially speed when he gets near the QB. He doesn't seem to get playing time, so I don't think he's impressing the coaches much.
  3. I don’t really understand seeing him as a third down back this year with an increased role as the season goes on “limiting his ceiling”. He’ll get his chance to prove it, and the Bills probably hope he’ll show he’s the guy for the following season when Singletary’s contract is up. Motor has already shown he’s a good every down back though. He will be tough to unseat by a rookie.
  4. Without the 13 seconds debacle I think we win the SB, so I have to disagree…
  5. A little bit of a reach in my opinion, and we probably could have gotten a little bit more positional value out of this pick. I think he'll be our 3rd down back if he shows that he can be a good pass blocker. I expect 5 or so runs per game and 3-5 targets (that's about 15% of the offensive plays). I'm thinking screen passes, slants, wheel routes, etc. Singletary will still be the every down back IMO. If he shows he's really dangerous, I could see carries and targets increasing as the year goes on. Singletary is in the last year of his contract, and Cook will be given the chance to take over the #1 role next year.
  6. I think he would really have to be bad in training camp to not beat out Haack. We already know that he can flip the field with his leg and Haack can’t. Bills are going to be going for it midfield this year on 4th down IMO, so the directional touch stuff is less important. Haack’s net avg was 38 yards last year. We could punt from our 40 yard line, Araiza could boom it for a touchback and that would be a net of 40 yards already beating Haack’s numbers. Not to mention the gain when we are punting deeper than that.
  7. I think Wydermyer could make the roster. He pretty much has to beat out Sweeney, which is totally doable. Also probably has to show he can be a regular or special teams for this year.
  8. We have the best QB in the league. If the o-line plays well we’ll have the #1 offense in the league. They were hot garbage 2/3 of the season last year. Another wildcard is new OC, but I think he’ll be good.
  9. Seems like a reach. I'm guessing special teams to start. He could be Milano's replacement, we can get out of his contract in 2 years. Could be some medium term thinking going on here.
  10. We draft at the end of the 2nd round. We’re no longer in “premium” pick territory. And depth OL and LB could definitely contribute by rotating in and out. How many different permutations of the oline did we see last year due to injury? Epenesa and Basham couldn’t get on the field because they stink. Not because of lack of room.
  11. Saffold, Edmunds, and Poyer could be gone next year. So I could see G, MLB, or S. I could also see WR, RB, or TE (depending on how they think a Knox extension will go). I also have no issue burning picks to trade up.
  12. Look how far he's fallen. Character concerns may have disqualified him altogether. He may not have even been on their board.
  13. It's possible another team was trying to trade into the same spot, or would have traded with Cowboys to scoop us. There certainly have been a lot of trades tonight...
  14. WR contracts exploding is causing all of this nonsense.
  15. They should extend him and Knox before the year. They are both going to have huge seasons and I hope they don't price themselves out of Buffalo.
  16. This guy keeps getting signed to NFL teams, it’s wild to me.
  17. Oliver is going to get paid big time. I could see the team walking away from giving him a huge deal. I guess it depends on the cap.
  18. Next year we may have holes at S, MLB, G, WR3, CB2. I could see us taking any of those positions if the right guy falls. I kind of hope we go CB, even trading up if we need to.
  19. Isn’t Poyer paid pretty well? How many strong safeties make more than him?
  20. I think a 2nd round LBer could sit and learn (basically be a Klein replacement). First rounder has to be an impact starter.
  21. If they trade up for a LBer, gotta think Edmunds doesn’t get a second contract.
  22. Our team is very similar to last year, so I could see losses: - Steelers (lost to them last year, TJ Watt and Cam Heyward are still a thing) - Titans (lost to them the past 2 years) - KC (1-3 the past 2 years) - Pats (2-1 vs them last year) - Green Bay (Rodgers reigning MVP) - Rams (reigning SB champs) - Bengals (reigning AFC champs) That would bring us to 10-7 at the most pessimistic. I only expect potential losses from GB, KC, and the Rams. Or at least for those games to be toss-ups. All other games I expect to win. So 14-3 at the most optimistic.
  23. Such a weird situation. I guess he just never really showed enough to crack the training camp roster?
  24. The offense lost games because the o-line was bad. Mostly due to injuries. By that logic, we should draft an o-lineman first.
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