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  1. His stepdad says he’s always been like this. I think he’s just mentally ill.
  2. About the same volume stats except: - Less interceptions and a lower interception percentage. I think this for two reasons: Gabe Davis is gone, offense is going to be more dink and dunk - Lower YPA - Lower “air yards”
  3. I’m pretty sure Dolphins fans know Allen is better than Tua.
  4. It makes zero sense to cut Von Miller, retool year or not with the dead cap it would incur. He also took a voluntary pay cut. As for Jones and Douglas, they are on pretty reasonable short term contracts (1 year for Douglas, 2 years for Jones) so I don't really think that is relevant to your argument. They do need to have some actual players on the roster to field a team. The point is, this year isn't the year to pretend the cap isn't real like the Saints and Rams and just blow through it like a credit card by pulling every cap lever at Beane's disposal (restructures, void year, etc). I'm pretty sure Beane literally said something like that (we need to build for now and the future). FWIW, I'm glad those older guys are gone as I agree they were washed (except maybe Morse). But as a result, this season we will have young players in starter roles. It will be a growth/development year. The Chiefs won the SB during their retool/cap reset year, and there is no reason we can't also as long as we have Allen.
  5. How are the Bears expected to be good? They were the worst team in their division last year, and this year they have a rookie QB. For every Texans with Stroud outcome, there are 9 Panthers with Bryce Young outcomes.
  6. I’m pretty tired of Romo. Also, they 100% scheduled this so Taylor Swift could attend. It’s not like some conspiracy. When she attends games, the ratings go up. And it also pulls in viewers that they didn’t already have, which is huge for them.
  7. I don’t really understand the people hoping to light future cap on fire to make the team marginally better this season. The defense opening day is going to look 50% different than opening day last season, and a lot of the holes are being filled with youth. It’s a retool year, and not a year to push all of our chips in. Do you really want to be the Saints? Letting good vets go every offseason because they have to do cap gymnastics?
  8. Heat should be okay at night. Baking in the sun is the biggest problem. I’ll take this as a favorable scheduling outcome.
  9. It wasn’t just one game, he struggled a big chunk of the year to the point where he lost the trust of the coaching staff. That is why I’m puzzled with the third down call there at the end of the KC playoff game. It was third and long. Should have been a quick underneath throw, a run, or an Allen keeper to pick up a chunk of it and go for it on 4th down. Poor tactics from the OC in the clutch there.
  10. I enjoyed his voice and his cadence while making calls. I listened to the Bills on the radio a lot from about 2006-2009, and enjoyed the combo of Murphy and Kelso (makes me nostalgic thinking about it).
  11. Bottom half of the WR depth chart is going to be a very interesting training camp storyline. CB depth is concerning if Elam doesn’t turn the corner (pun not intended).
  12. Based on the thread description, it has to be: - Terrell Owens - Jason Peters Those are two hall of famers in their prime. Kick Dawkins in to LG if you have to. Honorable mention to Shady McCoy.
  13. Another aspect is play action. Allen is an elite play action QB, and it’s even more effective when handing off is a legit option.
  14. I think it’s largely accepted that he dropped due to height/weight and quality of competition. Otherwise he is athletic and had the best production of any DE last year. His weight is the same as Von Miller, but he is pretty short.
  15. There’s only 2 spots on the line for a DE pass rusher. I guess it depends on if you prefer Groot, Epenesa, or the corpse of Von Miller (assuming we were subbing this guy in on obvious passing downs). I think Epenesa is better at purely rushing the passer. Groot is a better all-around DE.
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