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  1. It was more than 2 lines. Many people don’t read beyond. I heard this has become quite an issue. I’d like to see a manager send his people a long email and at the end tell them something to do and if they don’t, they’re fired. I bet he/she would have to get rid of a fair amount of people.
  2. The Kardashians seem to prefer taller, darker men.
  3. And Beane traded up to get him because he thought another team was going to grab him. Doh!
  4. Yeah, go to a new coach and he’ll bring in a D coordinator that likes the 3-4, making some of the current D linemen and LBs not suitable and here we go again. They also bring in an O coordinator that wants to run the ball and not take risks in the passing game, despite our All-Pro QB.
  5. No, that’s the dumb soccer type names. Related note: here in Sacramento we got an USL team a few years ago. The team name at the beginning was Republic FC with no city or state designation. After a while they finally added Sacramento to the name.
  6. And 50 years from now, people will look back and say “Wow, they won 6 Super Bowls in 20 years!” and the ‘what they do” will mean nothing.
  7. And they called timeout before each of the last 2 plays.
  8. We also had a WR who led the nation in receptions named Zay Jones.
  9. I met a guy in LA years ago, but can’t remember his name, that did a show from a bar/restaurant. I always had an interest in doing something about sports, so I talked to him about it and he actually spent some time with me til he had to get ready for his show. He basically told me the best way to get into the business was to come up with a unique schtick.
  10. Love it, a Polish kid from my local Sac St as mini-camp kicker.
  11. I don’t follow games as intently as I used to, but I seem to recall that the Bills defense generally rushes 4, with no stunts, vs 5 offensive line blockers and occasionally a TE or RB. Most of their sacks came from great coverage where the pass rushers eventually got to the QB. Is this true? Also, does anyone remember, during that period when McD took the defensive calls away from Frazier, did he change it up more with stunts and blitzes?
  12. Rodgers must be some A-hole. How else do you explain this contentious relationship, where they got rid of receivers and QB coaches (AVP) he liked and refused to use prime draft picks on weapons for him? You’d think the team would do what they need to make their best player happy and build the best roster to succeed. Now, after trading him away, they use 2nd & 3rd round picks on TEs and 2nd, 5th & 7th round picks on wide receivers in the same draft. It’s like this was on purpose. I guess I have to say “Good luck Robert Saleh and the NY Jets!”
  13. Yeah, block some kicks! You fellow old-timers should remember 6-10 Morris Stroud of the Kansas City Chiefs, who would stand in front of the goal posts to block kicks. Because of him, they don’t allow it anymore.
  14. Another great name for this draft was Bumper Pool, a LB from Arkansas who wasn’t drafted.
  15. My first reaction to this was: Lions? Already having Swift, they add David Montgomery and then draft Gibbs at 12? Then reach for Campbell at 18? But then they added LaPorta, Branch & Hooker? What a haul!
  16. But then the Browns traded their next 3 firsts for Bo Callahan!
  17. Just finished watching it again.
  18. So, instead of taking Hutchinson, they trade the pick?
  19. And All-American Xavier Hutchinson still available?
  20. Xavier Hutchinson was AP 1st team All-American.
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