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  1. Bryce Paup? Watt would be an awesome addition if he could come close to replicating paup's numbers...I know he is older but I definitely think he could provide a spark....
  2. How underrated is Justin Zimmer? From the peanut punch against Newton to being down in the endzone with Tre and Taron to being a disruptive force against the Ravens run d, this guy does it all. Another diamond in the rough find by our GM of the year? What do you think?
  3. wht if smoke isn't hurt? Smoke and stills would open up EVERYTHING underneath to RBs, TEs and davis or any other wr..
  4. Bates, Feliciano and Boettger should all se the field. All performed well in specific situations
  5. I definitely wouldn't say that. Allen is subject to the OC's gameplan. He was not going to get 40+ attempts this week. Two drops makes a big difference in his stats. Hell even one changes the complection of the game and both were balls that SHOULD have been caught.
  6. That plus the Gabriel(Gabe, I'll call you that bc you pissed me off lol) drop really changed his stats. Josh performed pretty well imo w limited opportunities.
  7. Great response. Responsible cap use is key. We need to continue to draft and build our team that route and only keep people who truly earn another contract. The NFL is so different now than from the 90's Bills we all have nostalgia over. "Good" teams lose every week. Welcome to NFL parity. The cap only lets you get so good or pay for it later. That being said, Beane hasn't been as spot on with picks as I had hoped, especially for someone who came up as a scout...
  8. The thing people missed was that he was behind Darnold, Baker, and Rosen by about 10,000 reps (I beleieve it was Joe Marino who said this during the draft process) coming out of college and was therefore pure, raw talent. That allowed him to learn under the tutelage of NFL caliber coaches rather than having to forget learned bad habits in college and relearn good habits from NFL coaches. NFL coaches are far superior to college coaches that's why they are at the top of the profession and earn more in both money and respect than their college counterparts.
  9. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-josh-allen-20200925-wohah2rawratre2pmlepgbj3fm-story.html Everyone has a different take. Stats can be manipulated to show whatever you would like. Josh is improving every year and was 10,000 throws behind his draft year colleagues. If you can't see his improvement you are blind. That is all.
  10. Its the first game. Let them get aclimated to football. we have a damn good team
  11. Gilliam is more versatile and we know McD loves versatility. He is more of an H back TE/FB hybrid. Keeps defenses on their toes and makes sense to move on from DiMarco who is more one demesional as a FB.
  12. why is somebody not shutting down this thread? Yet other threads with different political beliefs are shut down so quickly! Fracking has been PROVEN to destroy and obliterate the ecology of an area, not to mention the fire water they are experiencing as real sources...
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