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  1. Not sure if posted in this thread, but I’ll leave this here. Bring it Buffalo! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=kyle+brandt%2c+buffalo+vs+baltimore&view=detail&mid=7CE6084B9FED2FCC01AE7CE6084B9FED2FCC01AE&FORM=VIRE&PC=APPL
  2. Man, I hate to say it. 30-21 Ravens. I hope I'm so wrong, but coaching is what makes the difference.
  3. So do you prefer we just go with 1 RB next week?
  4. Yeah, my fault. I'm having a hard time multitasking today from work and Bills game for tomorrow.
  5. Yes, I replied to my comment where I meant to say Beasley.
  6. Love me some Beane, but how is Trent Murphy doing? I think every situation, and defense is different. Some fit our scheme, and when they leave, it may not work. Depends on the player, and defensive scheme. I'd bring Phillips back in a heart beat.
  7. Browns win, but I need 6 points from Tucker to advance in fantasy.
  8. Man, I first found that surprising that the record is 33 from the 91 team, but then realized we had Thurman. Different time, but I hope he gets it.
  9. Dude is a baller. Can't wait for him to play in front of the Mafia.
  10. Coaching is the difference. .... and our coach is not head coach material.
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