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  1. I asked for a refund from the account manager. We'll see how long it takes. Probably be about the time playoff tickets are due.
  2. I'm watching NBC Nightly News, and they have a report about the weather. They say the bullseye of the storm is Buffalo. Unfortunately, the map they showed had the arrow in the Watertown area. Geniuses!
  3. I live 100 miles from the stadium and we are going to get 1-2 inches. It's all lake effect snow.
  4. Both my wife and I have that Rhinovirus we've been battling. At least I'll get money back instead of eating the tickets.
  5. The way I saw it, Morris was probably supposed to run to about the 10 yard line. When he carried his route to the post, Davis had to stop his route. This allowed Peterson to jump the route. Morris should have kept the LB low so he would not have been in the passing lane to Davis, allowing him to keep running the post route. I was at the game, and from where I sat, the middle of the field was wide open. Nobody draws up passing combinations like that.
  6. The guy in front of me at the stadium says this game is done as the Bills stop Cousins at the goal line. He grabs his stuff and leaves. I wanted to tackle him but I was too late. We all know what happened after that. I blame it on him.
  7. I tried to remove it for about an hour last week. Now it's gone. Go figure.
  8. I just watched the game replay on the "holding" penalty against Dawkins. He pancaked the man so of course, the refs call holding. What a joke.
  9. That's better than the girl in front of us who blew chow over everyone in front of her. She was totally trashed, and ruined things for about a half dozen fans in front of her. Disgusting display.
  10. I'm just posting to see if this can get to 100 pages before we get the new stadium renderings.
  11. It's from the only teammate who I could out run. We were slow but we had fun.
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