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  1. The problem with looking at his stats, a majority of his tackles were 7 to 8 yards downfield. This puts the d in a difficult position. If he could ever learn how to tackle his man near the los, the d could be so much better.
  2. Gotta love the people who don't use return button in a post. It looks like a rambling post most typically found on sports message boards.
  3. I'm surprised that Gilmore isn't on this list, the way all the commentators talk about him.
  4. I love that first clip. Now if we can get all the d-linemen to run each other over, he's got it made.
  5. Played on neighbors vacant lot when we were kids. Too small for HS ball. Graduated to flag beer league. One night, I was riding with a teammate in his Jaguar xke between bars. We slid into a ditch and I smashed my face and lost my glasses. Worst injury of my career. But we still made it to the next bar.
  6. We had an ice storm down here in the Elmira/Corning area. It took an hour to drive what should have been a 15 minute drive. We turned back toward home and after another hour, we made it home to watch the game. After the int. in the 3rd quarter, I got po'd and went to take a shower. The Bills scored and recovered the onside kick while I had a towel wrapped around my waist. What a game! Only playoff game we had missed until this year. Looking forward to next season!
  7. Most of the passing plays this year found Morse getting pushed back into the pocket, with the KC game his worst effort. On running plays, he could never make the block at the point of attack, allowing penetration which broke up most running plays. When he was hurt, Mongo showed much more promise at center.
  8. The biggest problem is that either Daboll doesn't call passing plays for the TE, or Allen refuses to pass to them. Not being at home games this year doesn't allow me to see entire plays, but what I've seen on tv is hard to tell if TE's are open or not. Oh, how I miss not going to the games.
  9. And he didn't make a tackle on a qb blitz all year. Fundamentals were lacking for the entire linebackers. Coaching staff upgrades would be nice, but McD has his good old boy club.
  10. I was thinking the same thing about Mongo. Our lack of heft at the center position was obvious last night. No matter which way they ran, the hole was not there. During pass plays, the d tackles got to Allen before he could catch the ball. It's an obvious upgrade.
  11. Yeah! The more you play the same offense, the easier it gets to defend. With Gabe not telling the truth and allowing a healthy wr play hamstrung the offense. Along with Brown and Beasley limping along, the d could just cover Diggs man up with the safety on top and they had the whole offense in front of them. If you can't open your offensive play book, it's easier to defend.
  12. Motion? There is no motion in Daboll's offense, which is huge weakness. We finally saw McKittrick in a few plays last night, but overall, it's a stagnant offense.
  13. Tampa's original Tampa-two d, but they were figured out by the next year.
  14. The lack of a running game goes back to the offensive line, or a lack thereof. Our center, who should be the anchor, is the weakest link. Any off tackle run attempted by the Bills this year has been blown up by the stout defensive lines (another weakness of the Bills) leaving nowhere to run. Last night's game showed the weaknesses in our line when the guards don't overpower their men. The d line was on top of Allen before any of the receivers were open. Of course, the bad Josh showed up last night and he refused to dump the ball off to the short man. And when he did, the pass was dropped
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