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  1. I look at 3 different weather forecast companies and they are all different. Which one do you believe?
  2. Messed up on that screen pass in 1st half. Probably why he hasn't been playing all year.
  3. It's homecoming weekend and Singletary is a senior.
  4. He does that a lot. No feel for what the offense is doing.
  5. Both rb's ran to the right, the blockers went to the left. Idiots!
  6. Why wasn't the tackle at the legs a penalty like last week?
  7. I looked at the game pass and Addison was off balance while running towards Wentz. When he got pushed from behind, there was no way he could stop. The refs only see the outcome, not the cause. That's why skyjudge could overrule this foul.
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