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  1. I'd like to see Yeldon in the lineup too. A bit of speed to the outside looks like it's gashing NE today.
  2. From what little I could see from replays, there was no one to throw to. Play calls were a little weak. I have wait for the film.🙂
  3. Weak zone defense, linebackers with no talent, and don't get me started on Jerry Hughes. 0 sacks through 6 games. He should be inactive the rest of the year.
  4. According to NFL network, Trent Murphy and Harrison Phillips will be inactive for today's game. Team wants to look at young players.
  5. Half of the defense looks like they already take too many plays off. He'd fit right in.
  6. We already have 2 Nancy's playing D end.
  7. According to Bills website, the game is at 7PM .
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