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  1. Just do a write-up after losses. That way you'll only have to do 2 or 3 columns.
  2. Is anyone annoyed listening to the noise of the drone during the play? Makes it sound like the players are mechanized. Very strange.
  3. Looks like she's back. Something called vacation? 😉
  4. They have suites set aside for the owners, etc.
  5. I gotta get new glasses. I almost thought it said Matt Millen.😂
  6. He's not going to be cut because of cap ramifications. It's cheaper to keep him...unfortunately. It would be nice for him to hit the all you can eat buffets not to mention the weight room. Last year was such a disappointment.
  7. He's actually from the Binghamton area. Union-Endicott High School.
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