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  1. According to espn, shots were fired at the Chiefs parade today. Two people taken into custody.
  2. This is just about what Brady did at the beginning of his career. Then it took him another 10 years to win again. It's time for the Bills to get healthy and take over.
  3. I remember when he got tackled and messed up his shoulder. He was never the same. He couldn't throw a 10 yard out without lofting it. Too sad.
  4. I've had season tickets for 39 years, so looking back was often sooo depressing. 18 of those years were below .500 and 3 8-8 years. So my personal regular season record is 183-120, and that doesn't include the covid year. Playoffs are 14-3. Those years between 2000 and 2018, their overall reg. season record was above .500 only 3 years. Ugh!
  5. Jim Kelly was 30 when he played in his first Super Bowl.
  6. That, and $18 will get you a beer at the stadium.
  7. I don't think we will have any sun at 6:30pm, but if we wait a few months, we may get lucky
  8. Yeah, he ran into the qb without making the tackle. Way to go!
  9. All of the snow got pushed around. They only removed half of the snow in the stands. Half of the seats were never touched. I was talking to the person next to me, and they said a friend called the Bills office to see if they needed help. They said they had enough people. Obviously, they haven't a clue about snow removal.
  10. I was at the stadium so you would not see this on tv, but on one play, he was playing the outside receiver with another in the slot. At the snap, he decided to run straight past the receiver, straight up field. He was covering air, while the receiver made the catch. I have no clue of what he was thinking.
  11. Spectrum announced a 2%-5% raise. That's about all of the game I've seen.
  12. Is anyone else having bad reception? I've missed most of the plays. Commercials are ok though. What a surprise.
  13. I didn't realize he was playing until today. That sort of tells you the impact he had on the game.
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