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  1. He should just go back to Delaware....
  2. My favorites (regardless of stats) 1) Reed 2) Moulds 3) Bobby Chandler 4) Frank Lewis 5) Jerry Butler
  3. Neither. He is a Striped Bass, commonly found in Lake Lanier, Georgia. Is very fond of spinner baits and football headed jigs.
  4. Add weight? I think he goes 290 lbs. What did Bruce Smith weigh in at?
  5. I like the first guy on left, then the fourth one over to the right
  6. It's based on my gut feeling and Shady's personality I have assessed over his years as a Bill
  7. He'd never want to come back. He probably feels like we stiffed him. He will say the Bills "disrespected" him. Too much of a "me" guy, but I liked his play a few years back.
  8. Wait.....is he a tight end, or a wide out??? 🙂
  9. I'll bet you dollars to donuts that you at least inhaled second hand pot smoke at some point.
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