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  1. The Buffalo Bills missed their chance to go to the first Super Bowl. Lost to Kansas City 31-7. Was played in the Rock Pile. I was 8 years old at the time, but still remember listening to it on the radio. Time for some revenge this Sunday! Go Bills!!!
  2. I think he was serious, and.....please don't call him Shirley....
  3. Well, I'd take that one over the "look what I just did!" celebration garbage most players do.
  4. Bosa was by far the best player on the field today.
  5. that's 2 games in a row with a terrible hail Mary coverage. Who's coaching these guys!
  6. You too huh! Josey sure wasted a lot dudes in that one.
  7. Good analogy on Sestak. I think I agree with you here.
  8. Sweet! How about Marlon Briscoe. He was determined to be a quarterback but found his niche as an outstanding wide receiver with the Bills and other AFL teams
  9. I too remember going to Niagara university to see the Bills training camp. But even before NU, they held practice at the Treadway Inn (?) In Hamburg off the I90. It was there that I got Jack Kemp's autograph in the mid 60s.
  10. The Dolphins lost for one reason....they are MAMMALS not fish! Squish the mammals!
  11. Gerald Booth Lusteg (December 18, 1938 – July 12, 2012) was a placekicker in the American Football League and the National Football League who played for the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Lusteg played football professionally for four seasons. He retired in 1969.
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