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  1. I'm Spartacus

    Brandon Marshall (LB) to be released by the Broncos

    How about we pick up A.J. Tarpley?
  2. I'm Spartacus


    You might as well go to Danny's - good parking, good food, drink specials - and short walk to the Stadium.
  3. I'm Spartacus


    Is that "meet the beatles" or, "beat the meatles"?
  4. I'm Spartacus

    Interesting And Sad Coaching Tidbit

    Like Hank Bullough!
  5. I'm Spartacus

    Foo Fighter's Super Saturday Night!!

    I love the Foo's. My favorite band.
  6. I'm Spartacus

    A question for you all

    I know where you can get a new matress for LESS - A LOT LESS!
  7. I'm Spartacus

    Oh, those crazy Canucks..

    Would they allow me to get this plate? "MIKEHUNT"
  8. I'm Spartacus

    Was Mark Kelso the Best FS in Bills History?

    No offense to the OP, but no way on this one. There are a bunch of Bills safety's better than him - don't want to waste time looking up or remembering who. George Saimes comes to mind right off the bat. (not to mention Ko Simpson!)
  9. I'm Spartacus

    What’s your most Controversial opinion?

    Bar Bills Tavern beef on weck, is better than Schwabl's beef on weck.
  10. I'm Spartacus

    We’re going to need a bigger boat

    "Here's to swimmin' with bull-legged women"
  11. Going to Bar Bills tomorrow after work. Spicy Hot Bar-B-Que's are awesome. Hot's are "really hot" Same with Sal's in Depew - the hot's are REALLY hot.
  12. I'm Spartacus

    Brandon Reilly signs with Lions

    and Brad Lamb....
  13. I'm Spartacus

    D'Pez Poopsie - RB - Ol Miss

    D'Pez Poopsie!!!