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  1. Personally, I think all the color rush jersey's suck. I'm old school and don't like changing uni's or logo's. Hate to say it, but my favorite uniforms are the "Lance Alworth" powder blue Charger jersey's!
  2. Maybe we can bring back Arthur Moats for that distinctive honor!
  3. That idiot Bills fan that climbed out on the field goal net wire during a Monday night game (I think the Giants?). What an embarrassing a-hole representing Bills fans. He's up there with the jerks that jump on burning tables in the parking lots. Honorable mention to the guy who threw a snowball in Chuck Foreman's face during a Buffalo game.
  4. I can respect his longevity in the league, and his accomplishments - but I always thought he was a hot-head and a little bit of a dirty player.
  5. The Sills story reminds me of the Austin Proehl story. We love the underdog's & always root for them. I hope he pans out, but I have my sights set higher than this guy. We shall see.....
  6. Back to Tull......my all time favorite rock band. Saw them many times. "Thick As a Brick Part II" was a nice come back album!
  7. I thought Gary Marangi was the all-time worst QB (statistically). Either way, they both SUCKED.
  8. "ah sphincter says what"?
  9. He who controls the spice controls the universe! "Dune"
  10. Dude, you might have more insight or in-depth knowledge on this guy, but why the hate? OK, we can draft somebody instead of this signing, but it's a crap shoot. Bring him in on a 1 year prove it deal & lets see what happens. He's only 25 years old, but has NFL experience too. Maybe it would be a good signing?
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