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  1. I haven't listened in a long time, but I couldn't stand how Schopp was obsessed with Lamar Jackson and how all teams were stupid not to draft him. I think he used to play the race card regarding Lamar Jackson. I couldn't listen anymore.
  2. I'm old school. I like watching the run game.
  3. Me too. Used to call the game "kinger's". When you beat an opponent, you got to put another chestnut on your string.
  4. Better practice squad fodder than Barkley🙂
  5. Is Jerry Sullivan still baned from press conferences? McDermott doesn't deserve some low class question from that tool.
  6. Somebody get the hook and get him out of the booth. He's terrible!
  7. Sick of players whining about getting out of their current team. No loyalty anymore. It's all about the "bag".
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