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  1. Get rid of the train whistle. That will be a good start.
  2. I always liked Lou Piccone as a #1 WR. It that wrong?
  3. Not sure if there is a separate video. I saw it live on the TV, then again when they replayed it.
  4. On Tre White's interception, he didn't "loose" his helmet. The Miami receiver (Ford) face-masked him out of bounds & pulled his helmet off. No flag on the play.
  5. I read about the Halloween parties in the book "OJ Simpson, Education of a Rich Rookie" Paul McGuire was the team comedian. He came dressed as Captain Kangaroo one year (his mustache made it real). OJ asked McGuire what he should dress up as. McGuire said "stick a broomstick up your a$$, and come as a fudgesicle".
  6. Was just curious. Not many X-swimmers out there! (should probably be an off-topic)....
  7. My best in high school was 2:04+ for the 200 IM. How about you?
  8. No matter where you end up getting wings, absolutely NO ranch dressing allowed!
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