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  1. It will be very interesting indeed since the Fins offense is Shannys.
  2. Yea, no doubt a lot of luck, like they need it. Undoubtedly they will be first seed. BUT they still will have to beat two legit teams to get back, hopefully us in the AFCCG. But frankly I think they would be a heavy favorite. Unless we can truly get healthy and that includes Von.
  3. Hines needs to be more involved in the offense beginning this game. If he is not then it's a direct indictment of both Dorsey and McDermott. Period.
  4. Oh, yea there are some drops...this is the equivalent of " But Mrs Lincoln how was the play". DROPS are about as important as anything other stat for a wr. His drop rate this year has been unacceptable and costly. He has regressed to some extent, and in my mind he is not a legitimate #2 WR at this time. He can prove that wrong the rest of the season and I hope he does.
  5. Vikes D blows. Pretenders. We should have put 40 on them. Crime we let them steal that game.
  6. And of Cousins looks like his usual crap. Against us we made him look like Joe Montana.. 😡
  7. This is a prank post right? Right???
  8. Just LOVE the aggressiveness of the Giants D with Wink. I don't care how our D looks on the stat sheet, I HATE the passivity of Fraziers style. Assuming White gets back to his form, and Elam becomes a good starter, with Po back there, just imagine the D this could be with some real aggression and trying to dictate.
  9. Something HAS to been done with him for next game. PERIOD. I don't care what they do and who they replace him with, he CANNOT continue to be the starter. He literally has nearly cost us the last two games. He's not just toast at this point, he's the crumbs on the bottom of the toaster. He's a nice kid and a nice story. HE IS NOT AN NFL STARTER. The staff better do what's needed. Wrong. You have a proven vet in Rhodes standing on the sideline most of the game.
  10. Never a doubt...🤣🤣🤣 Great gut check. Josh IS the guy. God if we didn't have the injuries. And....Lions found a way as they always do. First Goff misses easy game winning TD, then you give up the one pass you can't there.
  11. Now THERES a shock! Jackson got beat. But let's not play Rhodes...not yet...
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