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  1. Would LOVE him, but will be too expensive for us
  2. I would be ecstatic with those first 4 picks! Really like Brice, don't think he makes it to 60 in the other mock u posted.
  3. I'm sure but again the timing is very strange, unless he's due for a roster bonus or something and they are going to release him. But he's one of the leagues better punters. This feels like a due diligence move and nothing more
  4. Seems a bit strange, first of all the timing, but more importantly they already have a terrific punter in Townsend. So unless they are releasing him for salary issues this signing makes little sense
  5. Help me out with McConkey. I watched a lot of Georgia the last few years. I'm no expert of course but to me but he looked like a smallish, not overly fast guy, a mid round pick that might be a nice slot option. I don't get it.
  6. Yes Romo discussed thus last night, calling it the Mahommes effect. And before that it was the Brady effect. Teams facing them felt more pressure to be perfect, teams with them relax more and believe no matter what, the QB will pull it out for them. That's just a Huge advantage. The Bills with Allen have it to some extent, but until he proves he can get over the hump and get to and win the SB it simply won't be the same.
  7. CJ is a first ballot HOFER. But cmon, let's be realistic. I've been watching football for over 50 years, and NOBODY has done what this kid has done so far. Great coach? Yes. Great surrounding cast? Yes. But he's in the conversation as the GOAT now, 6 years in. That's crazy stuff
  8. He threw for over 300 yards, but when he HAD to make plays, he did. Every single time. All playoffs, then tonight. That's what GOATS do
  9. Well, if SF had played a clean game they win comfortably. But the bottom line, Mahommes is the new GOAT. That's it.
  10. Because we don't pick in the top 5? 🤷‍♂️
  11. I know it's whiny but crying out loud the luck this team gets. Cmon....
  12. Spags starting to bring the heat. Shannys response so far? No McCaffrey and continue the play action. Sigh...
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