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  1. I think most teams would kill for our WR and OLine depth. Not even figuring in a draft pick or 2 upcoming.
  2. I love the Football Team “name”. Like everything, things go in cycles and right now new mascot names are typically just boring and cliche. Simple is better, and this is about as simple as you can get
  3. This guy has Antwaan Randle-El (Who coincidentally also went to WASH as a FA) written all over him. He’s leaving a situation with creative coaches and a good supporting cast..doesn’t usually translate when you change teams.
  4. Within a few years, absolutely. Especially at the price they are charging. That’s exactly what happened to the Redskins. And that’s been a historically much more loyal fan base
  5. The Pats know they have to be good—- like, Super Bowl contender good— to keep that brand/franchise clicking along. The Red Sox can be mediocre for a while and still sell tickets. Same with the Bruins. The Pats have a ton of band wagon fans that will fade away almost immediately with a couple more crappy seasons.
  6. Ha...he more than made up for it through the rest of that game, including the 2nd half kickoff, an incredible return. The dude is definitely good at what he does.
  7. I played DIII in college, but what's funny is I never had any deep appreciation for the game until I coached my kids in youth football. Even with 12 year old kids, you see the game a little differently when you're the one teaching, calling plays, etc.
  8. Playing DE in this system seems to require more discipline than just pinning your ears back and getting to the QB, and this is probably why we saw what you're describing. If he was stressed about keeping contain, it would be easy to let that Olineman get into you on a pass play. He will get coached up and play much more confidently next season I am sure.
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Epenesa came in next year and showed massive improvement.. he obviously has talent and a good work ethic (this whole “twitchy” thing is so overrated). A full offseason with NFL coaching will do wonders.
  10. Last year's D would have gotten lit up tonight as bad or worse than our current D.
  11. That dude wasn't coming close to catching anyone, much less a DB that had a 10 yard running head start!
  12. Jay Glazer Yeah, Cowherd loves to come up with these things and then milk it for hours on end. A couple years ago he was banging the drum to get rid of all salary caps in sports. Just let the smaller markets die off if they couldn't compete. He brought on a well-respected guest who I think Cowherd felt might agree with him. Guy instantly told him what a horrible idea that would be. Never mentioned it again.
  13. What in the link you provided makes you come to that conclusion?
  14. The expressions on the guys faces in the background are hilarious in slo-mo
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