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  1. Because we can get something probably pretty significant for him now and he's not got the greatest hands?
  2. Uhhh dude you realize hopkins got dumped by Bill Obrien for peanuts you really think he's gonna go play for him again? I mean I just have a hard time believing it. And the patriots would honestly be one of the least threatening places for him to land.
  3. Name a a player that would have more impact. None of the DEs out there would have as much impact on our team as much as Hopkins would be added to the O. I'd totally let Davis walk to keep hopkins.
  4. This is a weak argument. Just because you got better, if your not the best, you need to keep trying to improve any way possible. We don't have the best receiving core. We still need to get better if we can. End of story.
  5. Not addressing the interior guards properly and not evaluating defensive line talent accurately.
  6. Buying tickets to last year's afc championship game with dawkenstein
  7. So they're like us during the drought?
  8. You absolutely would rather get dhop and pay him then pay Davis and having d hop would make the offense on par receiving wise with the other top tier talents
  9. I don't need to read how he crippled my fantasy teams one year lol
  10. He took a page out of Josh's book. He's never been so focused on food as he is now.
  11. Rumor has it he will be bringing his own personal Barber as part of the deal.
  12. Go re watch the 13 second game and then re think this post.
  13. You a ex nfl QB he called Chris? Lol
  14. I initially put him as danger dave but that was who I was going for and settled on evil lol
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