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  1. John brown means most likely this is not gonna happen. Hope I'm wrong!
  2. My question for this thread is how many posters had to google what this saying means about having your picture on a milk carton lol
  3. I have listened to every one of his podcasts for a while. Ok well you can worship Joe Marino all you want. That doesn't change the fact it's pure speculation.
  4. Sorry maybe there is some truth to this but I don't buy the speculation explanation. Joe is a good listen at times, but he's a fan same as you and me. But maybe it's just me. I'm just tired of hearing how practice matters, and then a titans team who had no practice in the covvid season curb stomped us. At some point, explanations and excuses don't win super bowls. I'm just seeing a lot of struggles that don't look just practice related. The most concerning thing to me right now is the predictability of the offense. (Outside of Dane Jackson and injuries)
  5. I know it's probably my own bias, but every other offense looks like there are these like wide open free throws we don't get and people aren't tripping over themselves when it happens. Jealous.
  6. Can my sports team just once not be a part of someone's best of all time highlight real as the loser - hail murray, Derrick Henry stiff arm, justin jefferson
  7. Id sure love a re run of last year's patriots playoff game but this offensive coordinator is very predictable and throw that in with the injuries and lack of consistency, it could be tough sledding
  8. I think Bill belichick has the potential to feast on this struggling O
  9. It's our SB too we aren't even leading our division their champ.
  10. We are out coached, out played, out manned. They know our plays before we even snap the ball.
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