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  1. There's a special on espn plus all about Elway and the class of 83 and how it hall happened its an interesting watch but I agree with you.
  2. Or it could be that after seeing the bills and the patriots last two games he feels tua will be enough to take the division.
  3. My God the re gurgitating of the star is the reason narrative is starting to get old. People are just spitting out a popular board take at this point and honestly who knows if he would even make a difference.
  4. Its like i see belicheck do so much with so little I wish we could borrow him lol
  5. I wish the press guysbwould ask tough questions like - why are we paying so much for so little? Are they being coahced to improve? What things can we do? Its like insee belicheck do so much with so little I wish we could borrow him lol
  6. Is how much money we spent on the DL and how little it has done, and we are stuck with most for multiple years. Next year we need to focus on the trenches and LB and it is looking pretty bad for us cap wise and we do not have enough picks to plug all the holes. TE, DT/DE, OL, LB, CB, and maybe even safeties. Let's hope maybe they begin to gel? I can deal with being beat but playing without heart and lousy half ***** tackling is pathetic.
  7. I dont agree at all, but as far as coaching I'd sure as hell like to see someone chewing asses out and getting after people in some of these games.
  8. This is all happening because players are being beat and out executed and making mental mistakes. When I see guys giving up on plays, not getting back to the line, half ass tackling, that is on the players.
  9. Ya the small fast approach is trash and you need big guys on both sides up front.
  10. Its the players not having heart and playing poorly more then anything. Firing Frazier won't solve that.
  11. Someone needs to chew their asses out on the sideline
  12. We don't know where we will be drafting yet. But if our defense continues to be as they have, it won't be that late.
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