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  1. Technically right now they said elam has been kinda struggling. If he's not a hit then no.
  2. Maybe from carin' too much about nuffin !
  3. So far he's getting him ready for the fights
  4. They sure are crafty getting a woman judge to deliver the pill lol
  5. I didn't know he was an author
  6. Bill belicheck laughed at Josh allen being a MVP candidate too - and then got castrated by him in the playoffs
  7. Ya 😕 https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34289084/buffalo-bills-ot-rodger-saffold-injured-car-crash-starts-camp-nfi-list
  8. Saffold in a car crash and on nfi
  9. He's only good for his first contract wait till he tries to up his deal
  10. Clearly it's that he kept the wheels from falling off at then end of the drought
  11. They're doing what the drought era bills did at first. Which didn't work. Rob Johnson doug flutie (Mayfield and Darnold). Next you try and sign a aging qb that is actually good once your done dumpster diving. But he's old or maybe you get 2 years of time. You eventually (if you want sustained success) need to draft one and get lucky. As a fan it's depressing and miserable because their is no hope for a high ceiling with these guys and you can see your doomed to mediocrity.
  12. But did he though? Or were the evaluators maybe just wrong? I don't know the answer. However he has had a lot of opportunities to still be that and has not.
  13. Did anyone see the lizard people UFO scoop them all up? Must have been out of this world!
  14. It's more discouraging the bills fambase has another debacle to live in infamy for the rest of our fandom thanks to them!
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