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  1. When I have interactions with the police my 1st intention is to let them know that I'm not a threat. They have to deal with the worst of our society, people who would like to see them dead. I didn't know that as a kid, and I had an officer draw his gun on me. He was a pro, and he set me straight on how to interact with police. I don't agree with kneeling by NFL players (symbolic), but I love the real work guys like Lorenzo Alexander do for the community (reality).
  2. What the heck??? They're not NY football teams, and Buffalo not shown?
  3. I would be happy if almost any of the other WGR radio hosts were leaving, but I like Murph. They could dump the entire line-up except Sal and Murph and I would be fine. IMO, the young guys that do weekends are not good, to my ears they're just trying to be Schopp clones. I would have let John do whatever he wanted with the off-season to keep him on the show during the season.
  4. I'll go on record saying he will be a Superbowl winning QB for us. We should be in the playoffs 'most every year with him, IMV. I think he's the most exciting player in football. He's with Barkley running their own rookie minicamp, getting the noobs ready to hit the ground running. While other NFL kids are running around with guns trying to get $800.00 and a new watch.
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