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  1. It can happen. Remember Albert Haynesworth before contract and after?
  2. I haven't seen him as a 49er much, but back as a Seahawk... Richard Sherman. (Don't really hate anyone, but he comes close.)
  3. If DE can get a read on a OG based on his stance, what a coach in the booth pick up on from the other teams coaches and players from film study of previous games sidelines? Lots.
  4. Bully teams like the Ravens made me want Trent Williams. I hope we can build the toughness on O with the talent in FA and the next draft. Good learning game for the youngsters, the Ravens played at a playoff level on defense. Both teams did. Offense has to find answers for this pressure because it's on film now. Defense continues to impress, not happy about that blown coverage TD, but they really did a nice job otherwise.
  5. Time for Beasley and Brown to shake free and get us 7.
  6. 60% I would be at 50% but we had the extra 3 days to work on their scheme, so I added 10%. A short week would have made it tough, so this has to be some advantage.
  7. I would think football-brown sleeves and gloves for a RPO QB and HB would be an advantage for them. Paint a football in the belly of the team jerseys as a decoy? ........maybe not. To the people saying things to the effect of "these days you should know better" , I want to remind you that we are these days. Does it offend you? I mean really? I don't see how it could, so stick up for his right to speak what he sees or we're all in trouble. Shape and color create reality, we need to keep some things true.
  8. I would make sure he's hit on every play, have the LE go hit him when the RT lets him crash down. Ryan Clark had to deal with RG3 when he was unstoppable...Here's his advise from 2013: “Our goal was to be physical with him at any opportunity we had, and I think it affected his play,” Clark said. It surely did. Griffin had only 177 yards passing, and he gained only eight yards on six carries. The Steelers’ approach included Clark applying a big, high hit to Griffin as he ran a pass route on a gadget play. “We were focused on being physical with him,” Clark said. “When they ran the read-option, he was the guy we were focused on. [We] had James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley on him at every chance and every opportunity that we got, just so he knew every play, he was gonna be hit.”
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