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  1. Enjoy mah man!!! Enjoy! Say hey to Urban will ya??? Go BILLS!!!!!
  2. The cornerstone of every healthy diet!!!! Go BILLS!
  3. Wow Spags.....just wow. Full sentances and paragraphs!! Been alearnin lots in Mom's basement havent ya?
  4. The loss of my Mom in 2002 was beyond words. To this day I still miss talking to her about football and life. God bless....and GO BILLS!
  5. Buffalo Chicken Dip - pre game and 1st half Wings - extra hot lightly crispy for 1/2 time and 2nd half High Plains Drifters - Equal Parts Patron Silver Tequlia, Cointreau and Rosa's Sweetened Lime Juice - MUST be all three, no subsitutes! Basically a top shelf Margarita. All game long!!!
  6. WORD! A 50+ page adventure over there!!!! Not saying thats a bad thing but a lot of words to digest.... Go BILLS!!
  7. Sure will be interesting if ALL three move on to new surroundings.....specially Watson......
  8. I wish my frame and metabolism wouldn't allow that!!!
  9. Some people here have WAY too muc time on thier hands!!! Go BILLS!!!
  10. Realistically only due to injury and he semi-invented the "chip on his shoulder" mode against all the other NFL teams!!!
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