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  1. I was gonna say the same - gonna be BRUTAL hot and humid down here in the beginning of September......
  2. WOW! Awesome job by the OP - MANY thanks!!!
  3. One can only hope that those awkward man hugs will be eliminated in the C-19 enviornment....my guess if the guy Beane wants is hanging there in the early 20's I agree with you Inigo I think he pulls the trigger....
  4. At this point in time in the universe your statement has definite merit BUT, you sensed that but coming, I would argue IF and it is a HUGE IF there is a BPA available in the form of an O-Line guy....I say git er done Beane! That O-Line guy will be here far and away longer and provide better value than Harris will. If I am wrong - won't be the first nor the last time. I still value the O-Line and I am still HUGE pissed about Teller getting away.....dunno why but I just knew he was gonna be a good one. DANG!
  5. ^^This^^ No matter what you think - remember the bolded this upcoming weekend. That article hit it on the head invest in the O-Line.....best use of a 1st round pick for the improvement of the running game. The gold old days of Thurman are just that - good old days. Besides he was just as good out the backfield catching passes and was a WICKED blocker for Kelly.
  6. Canada is a WORLD apart from the USA.....they might share a border but that is all they share. I have a friend who drives up to see his GF every 2-3 months.....it has been a major chore for him when he gets to the Canadian Customs followed up by 7 days of quarantine that consists of unannounced visits and daily check in video chats......when gets back to the US? Nada.......
  7. Thank you sir!!! I also am in the minority that Star provides MUCH more than most people here would like to or care to admit. Last season the Bills had to make major adjustments moving players ill suited for that Star spot. Even so they managed to run off 15 wins. With Star back, the D returns players back to their normal DRAFTED positions and allows them to play McD's scheme better. IMHO Edmunds regressed due to the fact there was no one tying up the middle. In 2019 TE did look like he was a rising star, injuries and lack of a big man up front made him look bad. Happy Days a
  8. Well that's a sunny outlook......
  9. Ya I am 2 years from a Gen Xer.....interesting timeline - I honestly never knew the breakdown and the names....I knew Boomers and Millenials....I was vaguely aware of Gen X and Z. Thanks for that - ya learn something new everyday!!!
  10. Don't know how to link it but yeah one was started......
  11. As a 58 yo I guess I am a Boomer.....after me came Millenials? Gen Z? What time span we talking here - Boomers were what 30 some odd years? Bottom line the kid realizes there is more to life than football. Right or wrong that doesn't detract his talent. But it does detract his fire. Will the competitive juices burn in the parity of the NFL? No more cupcake games, well unless you play the Jests but seriously the fun and games are over now. You are playing for a paycheck and the expectations/pressures are higher. How will TL respond to the that kind of adversity and the fact
  12. No doubt huh? In addition to that hamburger face he seems to be wearing a sling too!!!
  13. Good question!!! Warren Moon for sure......no?
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