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  1. Brady on borrowed time now.....seriously one hit away from retirement..... Edmunds however! WOW....sky is the limit.....he will rock it long after LVE is done playing....
  2. Many douches in the Matrix....which one?????
  3. If wishes were fishes - we would all be fishermen....sorry dude - not gonna happen. The Rolling Ball Of Butcher Knives is rolling outa town.....with much ado fanfare....fare thee well Kyle - it's too damn bad the FO never put a decent team around ya brother.....
  4. Kwai San

    McKelvin Benjamin can't hang on to the ball.

    CLAPPY McClapper that is.....he is throwing them together for Peterpick6 his love child......praise Jesus!!! Amen!
  5. Kwai San

    McDermott isn't going anywhere....

    Interesting take by both posters......as bad as it has been - an OH YEAH it has been bad.....it will proally get a bit worse....."supposedly" the easy part of the Bills sched is coming up.....dunno which one of the absolute MENSA candidates on this board whom I saw post that but it is what it is. If they win 2 more games this season I will be SHOCKED. Frankly next year is gonna sux the big ole bag too......just be prepared.......go rake the leaves, shovel the snow or whatever. They are gonna sux and there ain't a gol dang thing we can do about it.....
  6. Kwai San


    I wonder how much the Pegs are actually holding peoples feet to the fire? Perhaps they learned from the Sabres that the Bill need a #1 pick?? Who knows??
  7. Kwai San

    Why did Rex only get 2 years?

    Look, I get it that the O sux and they DO sux. But the point the guy is trying to make, that you are blindly comparing the worst O to, is that the D under WREX regressed horribly, the Bills had a top 5 D and it went south due to WREX. Thats one of the top reasons he was canned.......had an AWESOME D to start with....took that toy and busted it all up in no time.
  8. Kwai San

    Notable Offensive Moves by McDermott

    You SORELY missed the selection of Peterpick6 in that list.....
  9. This matchup has all the makings of a MAJOR snoozefest.....all who watch will rue the day.....
  10. Kwai San

    Peterpick6 NEEDS to go....

    Don't care how much god helps him through this - his azz need to GO! Clappy McClapper needs to move his azz off the roster tomorrow morning.....they had NO plan before, moving/losing Peterpick6 will not cause any issues at all.....None. At. All.
  11. Kwai San

    Take the top 5 pick and please trade down in 2019

    Always BILLEVE in Peterpick6...he will lead us to this top 5 pick.....its a pick - of course he will lead us to this!!!
  12. Kwai San

    Going for 2?

    No - sadly no - Peterpick6 is going to lead the Bills to depths never seen before......only upside is the Bills will pick in the top 3 in the draft
  13. Kwai San

    Critical must lose game next Sunday

    No - no and no.....Peterpick6 will out Darnold, Darnold.
  14. WTELF!!!! Holy Links Batman..... Hopefully Peterpick6, my new name for him - Peterpick was good, I liked that one as I made it up but - Peterpick6 is MUCH better......hopefully he is GONE and OFF the roster by this game.....