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  1. Well that too but they gotta start somewhere. Basically I am waiting on seeing some FOOTBALL not the preseason variety either!! I agree - but most of all I am looking forward to the start of this season....pre season OK but I am looking forward to some REAL MEANINGFUL FOOTBALL!!!!
  2. I like what he Bills have done. I like the FA pick ups. I would think that they are not done yet, some diamonds in the rough yet to be found. Looking forward to MEANINGFUL football in September! GO BILLS!
  3. Sad the Bills only managed to drive that guy into the ground......round peg square hole......they screwed him and themselves with poor coaching decisions.....screwed.
  4. Just beyond coolness. As many have said - so so so happy to see the Bills heading in the right direction on all fronts. GO BILLS!!!
  5. You lost me at Peterpick.....
  6. For A nanosecond I thought you were still here in Sarasota.......I was ready to start drinking with ya! No worries - I will keep the seat warm down here.....ATL is WAY too cold for me....got a buddy who lives in Griffin GA, at the corner of nowhere and nowhere, on the street of nowhere in the county of nowhere.....omg - it gets cold there - hell it even snows there!!! No thanks........come on back down to paradise......
  7. Don't wait.....one of the #1 lessons learned after moving here was - WHY DID I WAIT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT WAS I THINKING???? PLENTY of work here if you wanna work.....PLENTY! Move now......when you show me the guy who is shoveling heat and scraping humidity off his windshields then me and youse can talk. Till then? If it is hot outside I stay inside and THEN I go outside at night. If it is cold outside then you stay inside until spring.....that mah man sux the big wazoo.....cold BLOWS chunks....
  8. I had a neighbor who seemed to be in Vegas every year in time to place a bet on the Bills winning the SB. There is a reason they don't win and it is all his fault. He goes to EVERY home game and a few away games. He is a lovable certifiable nut. In short - a Bills fan. God bless him. I say STAY away from the bet.....ya just never know.
  9. #1 reason I have moved. There are 3 Bills backers bars in my town....pretty awesome! PLUS I get to live in paradise.....Every. Day.
  10. This kinda blew me away at how he just completely regressed.... I was hoping bigger and better things for him. Just like Peterpick tho - another dream gone...... Hopefully the additions and draft will leave Josh upright and with a modicum of time to throw the damn ball!
  11. ROTFLMAO! Hillibillies! Thats priceless! Where in Philly you live? I used to be in Springfield Delco a few million years ago.....
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