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  1. Damn!!! BIG BALLER BEANE with that Ice Water trickling thru his veins......not a guy I wanna play hold-em against!!!
  2. Well Bruce DID stop in last year and offer some tips.......Bad Things Indeed!!!! Wow - the kid missed an ENTIRE year of college after sitting out due to Covid and he was still an unexpected surprise. Remember everyone thought The Boggieman was going to be more polished and a better player......peeps have some short memories here.....
  3. Thank you very muchly!!!!! Allen sux!!!! Tre Sux!!!! Sheesh.....trust the foocking process for crying out loud!!!!
  4. OK.....I'll take my helping of crow.....but dayam!!!! Realistically at this point??? Oh well - In Beane We Trust.
  5. Someone please clue the clueless.....what did they give up for #23?????
  6. Wait....23 AND 25???? I missed something......dayam!
  7. Dayam! Hamilton gone....not surprised but bummed
  8. One of the happiest Bills days of my life!!! Loved being interviewed by local TV in Rochester at the Distillery about the pick and the having co workers and friends breaking my balls about it. I got the last laugh and continue to laugh!!! And laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
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