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  1. I too want the ***** stomping win overthe Bucs and agree this loss stings but they were not going to win them all.
  2. Dang....know we know why the throw was kinda wobbly...sux for him for sure.
  3. Before this season I would not have agreed w u.....seeing what I am seeing and heffing down some seriously huge crow....I am happy to see Fort Knox taking names!!!!
  4. Way way way way too many words to say JA17 is the real deal. Even JK12 says the same. Go BILLS!!!!
  5. Dude!!!! WTAF!!!! JA17 gets hit like this way too many times or worse. He does NOT get the benefit of a call as he runs too much. Stop yer whining please....yer better than this. Seriously. That play was a DEFINITE no call....but it was a sundee nite game therfore Cheffers needed to "make his call". Methinks he proally woulda not called that in a 1 or 4 pm game......just saying.
  6. Sorry dude but in NO WAY did Oliver impact in a dangerous way at all.....Did. Not. Happen.
  7. No dude no no not at all. He sucked it....meaning KC's balls ALL nite long. CC has been an embarrassing announcing fool for far too many years....NFL LOVES him cuz they CONTROL him. He is a loser plain and simple.
  8. Dude you are sad. Just go home go into mommy's basement and pound that little tool of yours. Just sad. Very very sad.
  9. Hap - the DoucheNozzle comment is GOLD!!!! Go BILLS!!!!
  10. To me the thing was that crew was losing control of the game early and they had to call all the bs calls against both teams to assert control again.....basically both teams got hosed....The Bills a bit more but they beat both opponents tonight....The Chefs and da Refs.....
  11. Sorry dude but the Oliver call was ABSOLUTELY BULLSHEET!!!!! The others yes they were calls.....what pissed me off....a 15 year college official here - was the complete lack of holding by the Chefs that were holding calls against the Bills. Carl Cheffers crew should be blown up and...well no one should be allowed to call another game again. They were bad....sorry but they were.
  12. Knox Knox Knox for his 3 receptions that were absolute gold and for the HUGE amount of crow I continue to ingest - happily I might add!!!! I was hard on the kid....so so so glad he is making me chow crow!!! Oh and my newest favoritorist dude on da Bills - Numbah 79 Spencer muther fricking Brown!!! Edmunds! And the baddest azz secondary in the NFL!!!! That's all I got...fo now!
  13. That is a huge bummer....but not so shocking! Ugh!!!!
  14. The game MIGHT be over by then.....sounds like an all-nighter for you bro!!! especially at work....screw it!
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