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  1. And NOTHING Guarantees a SB win - NOTHING......just wishful thinking.....besides Green aint going NOWHERE for a 3rd round pick.
  2. /\ This 1001%. Both sentences stand on their own merit. Both are 100% true.
  3. But Green is 31 and on the decline. Von is also on the decline. Splashy names but do they fit "The Process?" If not, don't plan on seeing them. As someone said earlier. Beane is building a dynasty.....not a one year wonder......my humble $0.02
  4. That they most certainly do.....Reefer Madness!!!!
  5. Ditto-----22 years of worshiping at The Ralph......and partaking.
  6. I played all thru HS. Went to a school that didn't have football.....boo! Officiated HS football for 15 years - worked many games will Bill Schuster (NFL UMP #129) before he moved on and also officiated 5 years of DIII and DII. Worked many Semi Pro games. Was eye opening to see the differences between the "haves" and the " have nots". Saw some real good talent in the Semi Pro's, just total total nut jobs so they weren't going to the big stage. Close as I got....
  7. Dang! Can't unsee this. I gave him a B No Glaring Clock Mis-Management - Very nice to see For the most part team is ready to play....some hiccups here and there but it is early in the season and there are a quite a few new faces What was nice was when the Giants ROLLED down the field on that 1st series the Bills and McD adjusted QUICKLY! A solid B......Pats will be a HUGE test. First time in awhile I am actually looking forward to the game. Mainly to see if they can adjust on the fly against Brady/Billacheat. Go Bills!!
  8. Good article. Nice to see others are seeing what I think I am seeing. Allen IS passing the eye test.
  9. VERY Smart move......upset would be the bomb. BUT a fool and his $$$ are soon parted.
  10. I think the 2nd half refs were waaaaaaaay overofficious! 1st half they kept it in their pockets. Perhaps there was more brewing on the field and they wanted to nip it in the bud?
  11. Huh???? I am not in agreement with that assessment.....at all.
  12. Should be interesting enough.....but the cheepskate in me says no way Jose to yet more $$$ to the cable robbers.
  13. Who The Actual $!%! is Michael Lombardi and why should anyone care as to what he has to say. Personally I would rather the Bills fly below the radar for as long as possible. EXTREMELY hard to do in the day and age of 24/7 news coverage but I would rather see the Bills as underdawgs each and every week. I was happy with JA's effort in the 1st half not to happy with the score. The D is UNFREAKING real!!!! Go Bills!
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