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  1. I hear ya....can't take the $$$$ with ya so might as well make it work for you in some way shape or form and if that means saying sayonara so be it.
  2. Unless the FO wants to see a lot of $$$ on the floor.....Addison stays. Cap hit is just too large. I always thought they kept 8 OL bodies. Then get one from either PS or towards the end of the season a street guy if needed due to injuries....I agree on Zimmer.
  3. So glad to see the issues of the past are now seemingly in the past. Bass should provide some steady eddy whilst lining up those kicks.....saaaweeet!
  4. HOLY JEEBUS now THATS a helmet!!!
  5. Well seeing that Gillam is now a FB I would venture to say that Sweeny makes the roster in the TE slot. Whom from your list doesn't make it I dunno.....I will let the coaches pick em.
  6. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  7. Wow - 16 OL guys! Thats A LOT of camp bodies!!! And 10 LB's for essentially 2 spots!!! I understand the ST's guys and all but wow....
  8. Opps!!! Money Laundering? Fraud? Say it ain't so!! https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nfl/titans/2021/07/28/tennessee-titans-julio-jones-sued-cannabis-company-alleged-fraud-money-laundering/5397138001/?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot&__twitter_impression=true?itm_medium=recirc&itm_source=taboola&itm_campaign=internal&itm_content=BelowArticleFeed-FeedRedesign
  9. Quite possibly 3rd or 4th but I digress.....
  10. But but but the old dinosaur halftime shows MUST go on!!!! The "fans" love that show dammit!
  11. OK - A: where is Spags when ya need him the most? And B: Wasn't this the kid who was hi fiving the jests fans during draft day??? Only the Jests!!!!
  12. This would be a riot if it happens......Boomer will lose his mind!!!
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