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  1. Kwai San

    93.7 the fan in Pgh bashes the bills some more

    ROTFLMAO! Hillibillies! Thats priceless! Where in Philly you live? I used to be in Springfield Delco a few million years ago.....
  2. This is sum funny @!$* - who really cares. Talk to me in December.....
  3. Kwai San

    What do we do in the first round? (Options in Poll)

    I am in the minority but the Julio Jones option would be pretty cool.....3-4 years ago!
  4. Yeah I thought the same......when the Pats*** start consistently losing THEN we can say they are done. Until then, like it or not, all cheating crap aside, they have the GOAT QB and a helluva coach who STILL out coaches just about every one when it counts......talk to me when they start losing......the owner doesn't play. Tho admit it, wouldn't it be cool to see him get lit up by Edmunds????
  5. Kwai San

    Too Early Mock Draft?

    Your opinion - I think we can agree to disagree......behind a DECENT O-line an RB picked 5th or 6th round should do more than acceptable. I just think RIGHT NOW their priorities should be O-Line future and D-line backups/future.....my $0.02 - I can get your reasoning - it is sound but I would like to see the lines addressed before skill positions.
  6. Kwai San

    Too Early Mock Draft?

    I like the first 2.....maybe a DL guy for #3.... RB's are a dime a dozen behind a decent O-Line...picking one in the 3rd....not my cup o joe....
  7. If thats what it take then thats what it takes......I always kinda like Miller. But he needs to seriously step HIS game up or he is curb material.....
  8. I'm not quite understanding the hate towards Willis.....I don't really think the Bills took a chance on him as much as the Bills didn't use him properly and then his skill set diminished and he was pissed when he left and napalmed Buffalo.....from his point of view I can kinda understand it. Since the OP threw AB into the mix anyone in the NFL is eligible I second the previous posters vote of Ben RAPElisburger
  9. I too am waiting on the decoder ring to see just what it is I am missing out on.....what am I supposed to be seeing? Cuz I ain't seeing it....
  10. Kwai San

    The Browns will self-destruct on October 21, 2019

    You bring up several salient points. While I agree with your talking points ... 2-5 is a bit harsh. Ima thinking a tad bit better....any reason you are only going 7 games into the season? At this point I am too lazy to check to see what I got for the supposed points....do they really matter anyway? Edit - I have 207......I'm all in. I say better than a 2-5 start
  11. Kwai San

    Mitch Morse talks a bit on why he chose Buffalo

    OUCH OUCH and more OUCH on that graphic.......OUCH!
  12. That would be cool - however I see him going sooner than that.....hope not tho - he would be my pick.
  13. First I am no hippy, quite far from it. About as close to you really being an old dirty bastard. Maybe you wish you were gives you some cred. All I am saying is alkillhol is MUCH worse (proven) than weed. Lighten up Francis. I would say MOST of your posts are dumb but do I call you out on it??? Lighten up....
  14. Amen to this.....holy crap some of the players who were rolled out were fresh off the street......average isn't bad and can be coached up some.
  15. Smoke more - drink less. World would be a MUCH better place. I say PED test EVERY player at the beginning, middle and end of regular season. Sorta eliminates that loophole that "some" people get thru.....weed testing is a waste of time.