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  1. Somehow the peeps making that claim missed right above you....
  2. What does Shady need to get on the Bills WOF?

    Sheesh dude.....SMFH.....
  3. My Bills Schedule Prediction

    Well then - a wee bit o time went into this thought......first - MAYBE a monday nite game but NOT against the Jags, def a thursday nite game and agrre with @Bangarang I too would be shocked at a Sundee nite game.
  4. Nick Foles Would Love the Opportunity to Start Again

    Genitals - the Iggles have been down this route before - can you say Sam Bradford??? They BE nuts to unload him on draft day unless they got a SUPREME offer - they are still not 110% certain where Wentz is going to be at come the regular season. Pederson was already talking about no play for Wentz until the bullets fire for real.....no sense in letting him get hurt in pre-season. Calm down - step away from the pipe and think....use that grey matter betwixt the ears some....it won't hurt - not that bad anyways........
  5. Aaron Rodgers frustrated!!!

    He needs to spend MORE time WATCHING Ms. Patrick doing her yoga routine....
  6. Trade Rumors? (only Rumors)

    I Wish!!! Nah JAC I concur with this also!!!
  7. TSW Mock Draft - All 3 Rounds Completed

    I would be MUCH less than satisfied - as would Beane and McD......move along now TSW.
  8. Did Richie Show up today?

    Now thats funny....
  9. Many thanks - as others have said good read - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Biff form Tononwanda reference.....More Biff please - in a good way! That said - I am with you - not my #1 guy but I really do believe that Beane and McD have a plan - hopefully they are able to execute that plan and they do indeed land the right guy. Go Bills!
  10. Trade Rumors? (only Rumors)

    Bwah ha ha ha ha!!! Here is your CLASSIC....in black no less. Bitching ride my friend - bitching!
  11. Trade Rumors? (only Rumors)

    Question for you guys on these rumors. IF (yes a big IF) these rumors about a 3-way trade discussion are really taking place, what are the chances that the deal gets finalized vs not going through? I would think if they really are discussing it, and it made its way to the media, then the deal would basically be done. Is that a wrong assumption? I say - given the people involved and they seem comfortable with each other as long as everyones back gets scratched it goes thru.....now where the chips land and at what cost? The Devil is i the details.....
  12. OK - so you admit they are getting away with it. Be careful before you say the evil empire is collapsing - have they really - weren't they the team that was JUST in the SB??? And WON the SB before that??? Dude - really????? Get. A. Grip.
  13. Giants View Barkley as Near Perfect Prospect

    Head will explode, rabbit holes gone into.....Blue Pill? Red Pill? Thankfully soon this will be over........
  14. He IS Dunkirk Dan or Derby Don......or whomever is he this week......oi !!!
  15. Going Incognito in a Draft Move ...

    I struggle with that statement - you are saying that a JAG will walk in off the street and play at RI's level?? Sorry dude - I just don't buy that at all. Just not at all - if that were true lets go to the magical Guard tree and pick a few cuz the Bills sure do need em!!!