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  1. Not for nothing but Shady HAS been kinda Shady with the ladies....where there is smoke.......there is usually fire. Sure hope it ain't true but........ima just wondering HOW dumb can you possibly be?? Hopefully not THIS dumb.
  2. This article is comical! http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2782070-tyrod-taylor-isnt-browns-anointed-savior-but-he-may-be-just-what-they-need?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial Forgive me if someone already posted it....at the very least I didn't start a new thread!!!! My one main complaint with TT - not once did he ever led a come back win of note - NOT. ONCE. A great game manager but not a QB who in the waning mins fo the 4th qtr put the fear of any god in any ones hearts.....cept maybe Bills fans......
  3. I would certainly hope that it is cleared up by now?!? That and a year under his belt and some additional time in the weight room one would hope there is improvement from last year. Plus the addition of a FREAK next to him.....I for one am hoping to see a marked improvement in the run game defense for the Bills. Lorax - I hate to say could very well be the weak link at this point. How many years does he have left at the upper level? We will see......
  4. Kwai San

    Requiem for a sports columnist

    Wow - 2 takeaways - Sully is gone and the dude was 73.......ya his time was up. Certainly his replacement will get ridden into the ground as well. Him and Leo Rot(h) of the Roc D&C should team up.....NO ONE would be on their lawn!!! NO. ONE.
  5. Kwai San

    Chris Ivory's Role In The Running Game?

    Yeah role.....
  6. Kwai San

    Shady on Allen in Sporting News

    Just where the heck is Savior Peterman when you need him most????????......must be a high level meeting day today........
  7. Kwai San

    Josh Allen to start getting some 1st team reps

    True - but he had **** competition so there is gonna be some beasts coming after his azz......Duck Josh! DUCK!
  8. Kwai San

    Josh Allen to start getting some 1st team reps

    I just hope the O-Line is there for him if he does start #1.....otherwise - the Bills will ruin another QB.....having said that I have faith in McD and his coaches. They won't put him in to fail......I hope not!
  9. Kwai San

    NYG GM Gettleman diagnosed with Lymphoma

    Dang - get well Mr. G. Cancer is one insidious disease......eff the C.
  10. Channeling your inner Kelce there.....I see what you did there.....That was the MOST EPIC rant by a Super Bowl Winnah ever......
  11. Kwai San

    Groy Embracing New Opportunities with Bills

    I been a 110% supporter of Ryan alllllll along. He will be part of the glue holding this line together.....
  12. What a crazy set of articles......I mean the Bills have peeps on staff to help these people and how to eat no? A LARGE portion of their meals are coming from the team for several times a year and they can't figger out what to eat from that. Money and brains.....there is a large chasm in the NFL....
  13. Agree - NBA?!?!?! SMFH.....
  14. I have thought since the EW retirement that the Bills O-Line was gonna be OK - obviously the brain trust at OBD thinks the same since they waited till the late rounds to address the O-line......having said that they are going to def have growing pains......I would not wanna be the Bills starting QB the first few games......hopefully they let JA watch from the sidelines for awhile before throwing him into the fracases called the Bills O-line
  15. Kwai San

    Josh Rosen already impressing in Arizona.

    OMG - the SKY IS falling....OMG - we are gonna go 0-16.....DOOMED - JUST DOOMED!