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  1. Agree 110%. I watched quite a few Bird games last season. he certainly didn't stand out much at all. Pass.....he isn't what he was when he left. No - def no as a starter. A HUGE def no!!! He has slipped quite a bit.....this isn't the guy who left the team. This is a guy who has WAY more mileage than what the Bills need.
  2. Sad but true.....would give Marcia his #1 wideout and all the Cheatriots would need is a TE and BINGO......yet another SB for the cheaters.....
  3. Right there is sum funnee stuff!!! Appreciate the viewpoint as it dampers this crazy talk a wee bit....
  4. Hoping it will be soon. I will be watching it here in FL with all my new found friends at various Bills Backer bars!!! I hope this season wasn't a fluke.....
  5. Wow......OK dude - you spent about an hour more into all that than I woulda - whatever floats your boat.....I would go waaaaaay out on a limb that Sammy just wasn't buying in tho. So how precisely did Beane screw up the salary cap??? They have LOADS of $$$.....not understanding that one at all. They don't have all the chess pieces they need yet but are on the way...imo
  6. This makes no sense on many levels. Daboll might be too conservative and Beane got the Bills OUT of salary Cap hell......whatever yer drinking this morning pass me a glass of it....I need some alternative reality too.
  7. SPOT. ON. I have absolutely no expectations for this game.....A blow out loss wouldn't surprise me nor would a blow out win aka the cowpies win......this is a GREAT time to be a Bills fan....GO BILLS!!
  8. U and me both.....AMAZEBALLS he is still above ground. Pretty funny stuff tho.....
  9. I dunno - EE was WIDE open.....or at least it seemed that way to me.....bottom line the cowpies fans statement was priceless.
  10. I thought the same when I watched it live.....dodged a bit of a bullet there for sure.
  11. Not for nothing a few of the Josh Runs were HORRIBLE Calls!!! But all in all.... a decent day indeed!
  12. All in all....the younguns are doing it!!!! Josh = WOW! Lets see how they do against the Ravens first b4 we annoit him the 2nd coming tho no??
  13. "They" said he could not complete the short passes...... "They" said he could not win the big games "They" might be wrong! 300 yards be damned!!! Mah man JOSH!!!
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