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  1. Agree about the rink.....Does the Tampa Bay Lightening ring a bell?? Florida Panthers? Seriously there are beer leagues galore in some areas..... Employment - what a crazy thing never woulda thought the sheer number of jobs available here....if i wanted to go back to work it would be an easy thing for sure. I will def get a duffer job at some point....can only go to the beach so often, can't believe I typed that!!! Lol Seriously tho there is a plethora of jobs here... Ya I get it - you either love or hate it.....totally get that. I really wanted to live in the West too but really like the water aspect over the desert....like you said to each his own.
  2. When you can introduce me to the dude who is shoveling heat and scrapping humidity off his windshield? THEN we will talk......all I hear is Oh it is so hot....well maybe during the day it is buy guess what? At night i am outside enjoying the weather. You my friend are shacked up inside from 5 to 6 months....that I GLADLY traded!!! Oh and the tax savings? I get to drink better beers without the agony of the price! To each his own.....having done the WNY deal from 35 years. I can only say my quality of live improved 110%. Precisely what I did.....I was also lucky enough to retire early due to the lower cost of living down here......the beach is nice....the snow not so...
  3. Lived in Crotchfester from 1985 till 2018. Had season tixs from 1985 till 2008. Now is sunny Florida where there are almost NO taxes compared to King Cuomo's reign. He made me leave.
  4. Bizarre is my middle name.....as it is for quite a few of us here.....
  5. Will never ever forget Carwell grabbing his junk after scoring one time in the end zone right in front of the camera. He did that today we wouldn't ever find the body.....he was a hoot
  6. I did meet John Wayne Bobbit of the Dismembered ***** Fame once outside a Bills game - I have a pix laying around somewheres.....I know not a Bill but funny he was outside a Bills game and he def had only a small window of 15 minute fame.....
  7. Pretty interesting that one player created that much devastation to one team. I think we would be hard pressed to find another individual who managed to do that. The Cheatriots must have shuddered when they knew he was playing against them!!! All hail BP!
  8. Sheesh this is totally funny - I really honestly did kinda forget just how much polarization Mr, Flakes brought to this city. Kinda like Potus.....either you accept him or you don't. Please please lets not let this thread descend into the politico morass. Stay classy! BTW....I was always 50/50 with Flakes....I rooted for him as he did add the excitement factor but I wasn't too sad to see him leave.....at all.
  9. I saw that too.....thot the same as #Azuco98 - this streak is ending.....not a bad thing tho.
  10. I despise coffee but have found that I like coffee flavored stouts. It isn't as overwhelming as you would think. Try it - ya just might like it. then again - maybe not. The beer doesn't taste like notdawgs, it is a play off the color. Red for a red ale and White for a white ale. Rochester based brewery where those damn dawgs are made. I hate em. I pray someone has already stated this but it was a DOH moment to me.....I happen to like craft brews......
  11. BEYOND cool vision.....I too would cheer my lungs out....
  12. This!!! Used to be a big Kiko fan - not so any more. What a giant d-bag he is....
  13. My own pix.....good brew but since then I have had much better. Time to Upgrade to Rohrbachs Space Kitty, my current fav.
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