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  1. Kwai San

    The Young Guns Have Arrived in the NFL !!

    No doubt - been a LOOOOOONG time coming......
  2. Kwai San

    Next 4 Games

    I only hope you are not at the sports book with that prediction.....I would GLADLY take a loss or two on the way to THRASHING the Patsies on MNF.....THAT would be Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, and Halloween all rolled into one! Yeah JA can not keep leaping over people and exposing himself like that.....fun to watch but was I not the only fan in the room holding my breath??? Sheesh - Oh To Be Young Again!!!
  3. Brother I DO hope you are right as I pretty much expected the same.....with the play of Star and Murphy dragging the D down I was prepared for a LOOOOOOONG season. If those two figgered it out and the scheme is "fixed" the Bils could and should present some problems for many of the teams they will face going onward. The ultimate no lemme say the ULTIMATE would be beating the Patsies twice this year......that would be killah!
  4. Kwai San

    Is anyone THAT upset being 0-2?

    Like I said - we shall see. I HOPE the plan is good.....as a fan what more can we do?
  5. Kwai San

    Is anyone THAT upset being 0-2?

    Seriously HOW could you think that??? ALL the signs were there that the Bills were going to struggle, the entire preseason showed that.....be prepared for more awful
  6. Kwai San

    Is anyone THAT upset being 0-2?

    This is what consistent losing does to you - it saps the joy and logic from your mind and you pine for 2-3 wins versus 9-10 wins. Honestly tho - this "seems" like the first time in years that there MIGHT be a plan in place to get better. I said seems and might so we shall see - the jury is out on the Bills at this point other than they are gonna lose many more games than win this year.....sux but it is the truth
  7. Kwai San

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    More to the point - how about NOT letting him get sacked 5+ times a game???? 2 were on him I left, 3 were LOOK OUT JOSH! At some point the kid ain't gonna get up again.....
  8. Gonna be a looooooooooooong season. No worries tho, for you who thought otherwise will gnash your teeth and throw things at your TV - the ones who saw the Bills for what they are will relish the few brights spots as the season progresses. I sincerely hope JA doesn't have to get sacked 5+ times a game for the next 14 games.....at some point he just isn't going to bounce right back up......then where will they be????
  9. Kwai San

    Trade for RG3

    And JA is and I repeat IS going to stink it up a bit.....all along the way to becoming a fully decent QB for the future.......FULLY decent. Remember folks Kelly arrived with 2 solid years of experience.....and even he took some lumps getting over the NFL hump....I was there for every game from 87 on.....he wasn't an instant success....by a long shot.
  10. Kwai San

    Sean Mcvay is a savant

    110% totally agree with this post.....again - PEEPS NEED TO BREATHE!!!!! Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....find yer happy place peeps.
  11. Kwai San

    Predict Josh Allen's stats vs LA.

    Howsa about he makes it out of the game still standing???? THAT would be a plus given the STATE of the current Bills...... Fixed it for you......
  12. Kwai San

    Sean Mcvay is a savant

    I have GALLONS and GALLONS of Napalm at the ready.......sheesh. Seriously everyone needs to BREATHE! Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. Kwai San

    Sean Mcvay is a savant

    Wow....that hurts - but pretty much spot on.....peeps here need to BREATHE......one game folks - ONE game. Get a grip o yoselfs some huh?
  14. Kwai San

    DT Du’Vonta Lampkin Visits

    LAMP = Look At My Post However in this case - at least I assume, I hate to do that but in this case I digress, it is a play on the name - however initially it wasn't taken that way.....
  15. Kwai San

    DT Du’Vonta Lampkin Visits

    Jury is still out on Peterman. A few more High Level Meetings must be held. Good gawd Sean - release this clown.......