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  1. Our injuries are mounting and they are going to have an adverse effect over the next three weeks. And not in a good way either. Even if Tre does come back and Jackson does too. We are the walking wounded right now with no easy games in the next 3 weeks. Gabe did not look anywhere near 100% today. This is going to be a tough 3 weeks. All 3 of these games are going to be super physical matchups. This is going to be a tough 3 weeks. This years week 7 bye can't get here soon enough.
  2. When he threw it all it had to be was a in the general direction of Diggs's into the ground. Incomplete pass with a second or two on the clock.
  3. He had time to just throw it into the ground or out of bounds. Still bad decision by Josh.
  4. He had plenty of time to throw that into the ground. Stupid play period!!!
  5. The trick play at the end of the half cost us that game. Kick a field goal there and we would have gone in up 17-14. What in the world are you thinking not taking the points there. Stupid ass play calling. That was something I would have expected from Daboll not Dorsey...
  6. Sucks to lose to this team, we were seriously banged up injury wise today. The heat also took its toll on our team today. But the one thing Buffalo needs to start doing it taking the points when you have the chance to get them. To go for a trick play on the last play of the 1st half, is a stupid WTF were you thinking call vs getting three points there. You don't leave points on the table when you have a chance to get them on any NFL team. Just stupid play calling and it cost them today. I hope this is a aberration, but you can't be so cocky that you are leaving points on the table, you take the points whenever you can.
  7. Tua you know what time it is Bills D is going open a big can of On ya!!!!
  8. It's another game and It's what we do................
  9. When you have such important players on the sidelined with the talent of Gabe, Oliver, Micah, Phillips, & Jackson, that is a real tough obstacle to overcome. No matter who you play. I just hope that the our rookie CB's truly play out of their minds this weekend with some attitude, play smart and don't take any crap from Hill and Waddle. If our D plays like they did in the first two games, then Josh and the O will put this game away for us. The D front line has to swab the deck with TUA in this game. I want see Tua and his sorry ass running for his life in this game, and hope Von goes wild this sunday.
  10. He was a hybird safety-LB with Washington before being cut because of his contract.
  11. We need another Safety. Poyer and Hyde are no spring chickens anymore.
  12. If Micah goes on IR time to call Landon Collins to get him to sign any type of contract.
  13. Good news that he is ok. Rest and get better, we will need him for the fish this weekend.
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