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  1. The program is being shown on ESPN 2 at 8:30 p.m. (Eastern time). Get your DVR ready
  2. This is part of ESPN's ER-60 series. It features Whitney Houston's performance of the National Anthem during the Bills' Super Bowl game against the Giants. The program shows how meaningful the performance was by reminding everyone that the USA was involved in Desert Storm and how much concern there was about national security. The climax shows Whitney Houston's full performance of the National Anthem. Still perfect after so many years. This is must view seeing.
  3. Bills fans are appreciative that you purchased the Bills and committed to keep the team in Buffalo. I hate to think what would have happened if Donald Trump purchased the team. The recent "30 for 30" episode about the Bills' glory years reminded everyone about the good times and yearn for those times to return. Bills fans are hopeful every year for a successful team. That was especially true this year with your purchase of the team, the players added through the team through free agency and the draft, and the naming of Rex Ryan as the coach. The year started so well but the season has sadly drifted downhill thereafter with the team winning only 4 of the last 11 games. I do not know if you read this website. If you did, you will see that Bills fans are deeply concerned about the team as it stands and its direction in the future. There has been a lot of discussion about keeping or firing Doug Whaley and/or Rex Ryan. The team has not completed the first year of your ownership but the team has already reached a crossroads. Whatever decision is made about Whaley's and Ryan's future will undoubtedly affect the team's fate in the upcoming season and future seasons. You don't know me but here are my comments for whatever they are worth. Whaley's contract should be extended. It would be a terrible mistake to let him go because he has unquestionably upgraded the team's quality through the draft and free agency. Whaley has been second guessed for the decisions he made during the draft because certain players have underperformed. However, every general manager can be criticized for his decisions. Bill Belichick is often praised for his wheeling and dealing during the draft but he can also be second guessed for his decisions. For all of Belichick's wheeling and dealing during the draft, how much has actually Belichick gotten for the Patriots through his draft picks? Belichick has scored on certain picks it seems that he has struck out on many others. It would be interesting to compare Whaley's picks versus Belichick's picks during Whaley's tenure in terms of the contributions that each team received from each pick, the percentage of players who actually made the term, and the length of time that each player actually remained on the team. The Patriots have won the AFC East again but the Patriots seem to be on the downslide. Its continued success depends on Brady and Gronk. The Patriots' offensive line seems to have as many questions as the Bills' line. Brady is receiving more of a pounding than he ever has. The Patriots' defense is certainly not invincible. It would have been very interesting how well the Patriots would have done if Brady's suspension was upheld. It would be a terrible mistake to let Whaley go. It would be a bigger mistake to keep Ryan. The Bills' defense worsened since last year because Ryan forced his defensive scheme on the team instead of trying to exploit the strengths of the existing personnel. The defense sustained losses through injuries but injuries do not explain the defense's substantial decline. Going into this season, the defensive line should have been a strength of the team based on the number of sacks and its ability to control the run. However, Ryan's scheme weakened the defense as a whole by neutralizing the defense's defensive line. The line that terrorized quarterbacks in 2014 and recorded a team record for sacks has disappeared. Mario Williams' streak of double digit sacks will certainly end this year because he has pass defense duties. Marcel Darius was an All-Pro last year but he won't be this year because he has been hampered by his duties under Ryan's scheme. Cutting Mario Williams would be a mistake. He is an elite player who is handcuffed by not being allowed to do what he excels at. There have been comments that the defense needed to learn Ryan's scheme. You would think the defense would have improved after the pre-season and 14 regular season games but the defense has declined as the season passed. The defense should not be changed over to fit Ryan's scheme because this will lead to a number of years of rebuilding to obtain players through the draft and free agency. Instead of changing the players, change the scheme that fits the players. This requires Ryan to be let go because he insists on a scheme that does not suit the team. Keeping Ryan is not the solution. Is there any reason to believe next season will be better if Ryan is the coach next season? Is it more likely that next season will be a continuation of this year and the results that Ryan experienced during his final years with the Jets? Do you and everyone else really want to live through that?
  4. Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column states Jerry Hughes was part of the group at McCoy's dinner
  5. When the Bills were doing their coashing search, I thought they should take a close look at Seattle's defensive and offensive coordinators. I was surpised by Rex Ryan's hiring but I'm on board. After the Super Bowl, I feel better about Ryan's hiring. Before the Super Bowl, I kept hearing that Seattle plays the same defense continuously. I'm not a defensive expert but it seemed that way during the Superbowl. Setting aside the interceptions, Brady had the Patriots moving down the field regularly. Brady had a tougher time against the Bills defense. Good luck to Quinn with the Atlanta Falcons but I'm wondering whether he is a defensive wizard or if he got by based on the team's talent. I don't know anything about Seattle's offensive coordinator. If he made the play call on the goal line, the Bills did well by not hiring him.
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