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  1. Sadly I do attempt to be.......attempt being the key word!!!
  2. Well the general state of things was he was needed to block in the previous 2 games also......just saying. The Bills have played some serious freaking talent the last 3 games and will do so for the next 3 games!!! Apparently our OC coordinator feels differently....Ima gonna go with his take rather than a fan take......seems to be working. if a few miscues were cleaned up today with a TON of players out today......well this wouldn't even be a topic. Would it?
  3. Ummmm....lets look at time of possession please...agree it wasn't due to the running game but the possession time was strongly in the Bills favor.
  4. HOLY CRAP why didn't Josh throw to the sidelines more towards the end of the game??? Please please please do not say the fins had that covered....no FRIGGING way did they. Josh and the receivers, either WR's or RB's need to get to the sideline. I have watched tooooooo many QB's do that. Josh is at the point in his development that this is a easy peasy move for him. Lost the game due to this seemingly unable ability to do this. DAMMIT!!!!!
  5. Was gonna say the same as @CoudyBills.....with the continual wave of fish D folks......Fort Knox stayed home to protect Josh......my gawd what are people watching????
  6. Totally totally agree with this......soon as Beantown started winning in Football and Baseball he became borderline fanatically lunatic!!!
  7. This actually even makes the story better! Great to hear he is birding still. My father outlaw (remember outlaws are wanted!) is 92 and he still makes the snowbird trek too! He is out working on his street rod almost everyday. Amazing dude, has a memory like a dang steel trap.....hell I will be happy to be raving at drooling at 92!! Rock on Dads!!!
  8. Ain't it tho!!! Damn I knew this thread would be full of laughs BEFORE I clicked on it!!!
  9. For the life of me I still can not believe he is the Bills receiver and JA17 is throwing to him!!!! These are great days we are living Bro's, GREAT days!!! We are Jolly red white and blue clad fans walking the earth with JA17 and the Bills!! Go Bills!!!
  10. WOW!! Awesomesauce for Dad!!! Hell I am 59 and I ain't golfing 2x a week!!!
  11. Saw MANY Ozzy shows and only one Black Sabbath show in the ROC - saw Sabbath in a few other venues as well as Ozzy.....yer showing yer age Muppy!!! LOL I do not care what anyone says dubbed or not The Oz Man rocks!!!
  12. Wow....great vid. So many memories from 1986 and on for me, 22 years of season tixs plus 2 super bowls attended....I personally know many others who were fans much earlier than I. Only one thing to say..... BURN. IT. ALL!!!!!!! GO BILLS!
  13. As a seller of my extensive LP's and CD collection NM is near mint for me......just saying.
  14. Agree on the opportunity......but Lil Dirty paid his dues.....Cook? He is a rook....Sadly he is onthe bench....shouldn't be but Sean is what Sean is. Ugh!!!
  15. I am just oh so happy that when I look at Dorsey in the box that the Geico Caveman is sitting next to him. I thought for SURE Dabs was gonna drag him with him to little giant land. Rock on Geico Caveman - rock on.
  16. My thing is that the local word around the water cooler in Minny was that Josh WAS a diva and a regular PITA. HOW did that happen and how lucky are the Bills that those bags got left in Minny???
  17. Oh he def knew - said "I tore it" multiple times on his way to the sidelines....first to himself and then to the trainers. Sux for him thats for sure.
  18. May I ask WHY you are officially worried for the Cowgirls??????
  19. The pretty boys and gurlz in South FL aren't exactly proven tailgaters. Years of inclimate weather and blue collar common sense leads to safer albeit more than likely more drunk experiences @ the Ralph. Least aways those were my observations of more than 30 years @ The Ralph and a few visits to Hard Rock.....
  20. I have learned and I WILL not do that ever again. My fingers are still seared from touching that hot stove!!! 🤪
  21. The Lambs WERE NOT a top team last year either. As it usually always happens the ball bounced their way a few times and they ended up where they did.
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