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  1. Damn!!! BIG BALLER BEANE with that Ice Water trickling thru his veins......not a guy I wanna play hold-em against!!!
  2. Well Bruce DID stop in last year and offer some tips.......Bad Things Indeed!!!! Wow - the kid missed an ENTIRE year of college after sitting out due to Covid and he was still an unexpected surprise. Remember everyone thought The Boggieman was going to be more polished and a better player......peeps have some short memories here.....
  3. Thank you very muchly!!!!! Allen sux!!!! Tre Sux!!!! Sheesh.....trust the foocking process for crying out loud!!!!
  4. OK.....I'll take my helping of crow.....but dayam!!!! Realistically at this point??? Oh well - In Beane We Trust.
  5. Someone please clue the clueless.....what did they give up for #23?????
  6. Wait....23 AND 25???? I missed something......dayam!
  7. Dayam! Hamilton gone....not surprised but bummed
  8. One of the happiest Bills days of my life!!! Loved being interviewed by local TV in Rochester at the Distillery about the pick and the having co workers and friends breaking my balls about it. I got the last laugh and continue to laugh!!! And laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
  9. I was under the impression Miller would be taking some of Groots reps as he is a left side guy and not so hot on the right side. This will be an interesting case study on how the Bills use Von through out the year..... Ascending - Oliver.....the light was coming on for him towards the end of the year. Methinks Ed will benefit more from Von than anyone else. Descending - Singletary......for the reasons mentioned already. Shocking - Gabe Davis.....methinks he is going to really explode this season with Manny gone..... Packing - almost too easy - Ford. Dang - forgot he is still on that rookie deal.......but minimal costs if he is cut.....
  10. Boggles my mind that we are STILL having the Edmunds debate. Folks he is NOT the run thumper YOU want. He is however, as it seems, the MLB that McD and Beane want. As some English chap likes to sing - "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you'll find, you get what you need." Just saying.....
  11. U know it.....back in 81 there was NOTHING but a line of trees on one side and a WIDE open field on the other. Yeah the kids these days have it quite a bit easier.....
  12. Undoubtably you mean RIT? Rotate in Tightly.......81-85 was my sentence.
  13. Robert, Bob, Woody, Bobby Trees - is a very good WR.....would be nice to have him on the Bills now...........just saying.
  14. Schoen alluded to this - we as fans just couldn't wrap our heads around it. I for one am still in shock from Wednesday nite.....
  15. It's the mullet.....happens to me too!!! Too much partying back in the day.
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