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  1. Let's not let this all get to our heads here....remember who they were playing.....The Fish are playing a JV OL at best....
  2. All the haters and questioners need to chill.....Kelly had some absolute turds of games during his heyday. All will be good. Damn the guy will win a SB and THAT won't be good enough for some of you. Go BILLS!
  3. It is crazy no???? And to think this guy was a respected NFL executive!?!? NUTS!!!!
  4. As much as I was not so crazy about Fox doing the game Millen was damn azz funny from time to time. Both dudes had no clue about the Bills other than the big names and the plays that happened while they watched. Please keep the AFC games with the AFC network...Please. Go BILLS!!!
  5. This was damn ass funny.....he is in my kitchen!!!!!
  6. I bethe coulda squeezed "Dirty Red" in there! Go BILLS!!!!
  7. So is the lot full yet??? Enjoy the tailgate Brothers and Sisters of TBD! LFG!! GO BILLS!!!!!!
  8. Josh gonna be Josh....but seriously he is now older and wiser with a great set of team mates and coaches to help/guide him. Calm down - carry on - enjoy the Game. Go BILLS!!!!
  9. Thank you.....I too, it appears, am unhip. I do not find that tragic however.....
  10. Helluva job! I am sure more than a wee bit of work went into this and it shows. Thanks man.....LFG! Go BILLS!!!
  11. For 2 seasons I tried to watch Hockey in the bar scene. After countless dollars spent I finally bit the bullet for a whopping $149 I get so much hockey it ceases to be funny. all it takes is 6 games and you bar bill covers the cost. Obviously you are eating and drinking but at a much reduced cost! I am still too stoopid to get the Sundee Ticket.....I should but I don't. Go BILLS!
  12. Really? They are pretty notorious for having issues of many things....google is your friend.
  13. Thanks!!! Me and the Mrs. are gonna try this one..... Go BILLS!!
  14. How many games was Smoke on the sidelines?? Nope not worried with Diggs/Beaz/Sanders/Davis on the field. Nope not worried at all.... Go BILLS!
  15. I am in Floriduh and WILL be going to a specific bar for any Bills game that either isn't on national TV, or a Miami game, the TB game (very close but crazeeeee stoopid expensive) and possibly the Jax game. Unlike Beaz...I am vaxxed so the unvaxxed effers in the bar will not bother me.....they be my canary in the coal mine! Go BILLS!!!!
  16. I have said ALL along - I want the kid to do well. TE school didn't seem to help much. I hope he shows us all up! I could get behind this!! Go BILLS!
  17. Prime!!! Just breaking yer balls brother - all good and I do not question your fan hood at all.....just picking at ya with the Jimmy! Ahhh Spags where ya been man??? We needed our fav Firewoman whipping girl around! Enjoy that cellar for the next 20 years....... Go BILLS!!!
  18. Not for nothing but if the OP IS a Bills fan he SHOULD know the difference! Go BILLS!
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