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  1. Honest to God......if they threw that Diggs screen one more time I woulda just gave up on the Bills.......3 times it didn't work. WTAF????
  2. We can all hope Goodell helps the Bills out on this one.....
  3. Sorry dude.....Chiefs D wasn't giving up some crazy long drive. I woulda loved it but I just was happy they eeked out the W
  4. Awesome drugs yer doing......wanna share? Those 2nd 1/2 stats totally say yer wrong.......totally.
  5. Yet again McClappy screws us again!!!!
  6. THIS ^^^^^^^ And ALL the damned dollars tied up for him. UGH!
  7. Does anyone know for sure D. Jones is out for the season? My head says yes but I swore I read somewhere, not here, that he could be back @ the end of the season? Thanks! Go Bills!!
  8. OK Fan Boy.....yer high. Crazy crazy take on this. Have you been tested??? Lately???? Sorry Freddie.....but this is crazy talk.
  9. Jail cell was in the old Vet. No cell in the Link. Yet.
  10. I watch A LOT of Iggels games, grew up in Philly then moved to Rottenchester and had seasons for 22 years and went to 2 SB's.......the Birds just sorta hang around, hang around and then BAM! they win the game. No big huge blowouts but consistent winning. Bills need to study what the Jests did to win that game. My heart says Bills. My head says: Birds - 28 Bills - 23 3x is a bit of a push....JA17 is good but not THAT much better than Hurts. Meanwhile @mead107 is RIDING the dislike button huge. Closet Philly Phan???
  11. I really liked the roping demo....especially when the jests were doing their little thing while losing badly.....
  12. It would be enlightening to get actual feedback, I admit you well might be right, perhaps someone is sitting 3 feet away out of the picture, perhaps. It just frustrates me that a large majority of QB's seem to be reviewing what happened after they series of downs are over. Seemingly and I say seemingly Josh isn't one of them. Also amazing is how some people react to a topic by slamming the OP. I DO NOT expect everyone to agree with me, never did, never will. But to be called childish names and insulting put downs just because you can not come up with any meaningful discourse, well that reflects more on you than me. You know who you are. After reading the replies I am willing to admit that hopefully there is more interaction going on. Seems like JA17 is throwing KD under the bus now so I guess it is all moot now. This is going to be an interesting season thats for sure. Injuries blow and sadly it doesn't appear if Von was anywhere near ready to be back to playing.
  13. Lol....love spell check on these damn phones!
  14. Sadly I believe you are wrong.......ALL those camera shots say you are wrong. Can you admit? You are wrong?
  15. WTAF are you trying to say? Speak some English please.....
  16. Well my friend you watch a different feed of the game then I do
  17. One *****kng time bro! And I was muther effing shocked! One effing time!!!!!
  18. Why is it that after each possession Josh sits by himyself? No QB magical coach nearby, no tablet in his hands to see what he missed? Nope just him sitting stewing over another missed opportunity. Don't get me wrong aholes....ima big huge JA17 fan but good gawd almighty does he not need some direction at times??? WTAF! Someone needs to address this. Even the dreaded GOAT had either people or tablets guiding him. Again.....WTAF!
  19. Aside from Joe Suck.......this guys grates my nerves anytime and I mean ANYTIME he opens his mouth... Go Bills!
  20. Can you even imagine when Von comes back next week??? The D is going to be lights out......juswt lights out!!!
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