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  1. Lived in Rochester for 35+ years. Moved to Florida 5 years ago. Many many Bills fans here in Sarasota/Bradenton. Always fun to see fans and get a Go Bills shout going. Damn I looked at that Bills Backer site! Holy Fandom Batman! Go Bills!
  2. Put Down The Pipe Of Paranoia!!!!
  3. I would NOT be surprised if he gets the Tre treatment.......Bills need him towards the end of the season.....just like the Lambs did.
  4. Lets face it....none of us....JA17 included are getting any younger...... The little one????
  5. I really hope Basham isn't Teller 2.0. I know I know, Boogie has been here 2 years but still......
  6. I totally agree with BOTH statements above......
  7. BINGO!!!!! Yeah this is what I wanna see.....we all know Josh can do it. Point that kid in the right direction and LOOK OUT!!! IMHO it all rides on Dorsey getting it all together.....
  8. It is odd that it is THAT bad. It is indeed horrible BUT it is on Facebook......nuff said. I too blocked it. But thats the thing.......I don't.
  9. GDT? Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing?? Global Dairy Trade??
  10. Yup.....father time will reach out and either swipe him from the field or gift him a few more years......an SOB that Father Time guy is!!!
  11. I hope not......I fear you might be right but I hope not. Bear in mind that White was VERY slowly brought back which leads me to believe that his injury was significant enough that he wasn't anywhere near 100% when he was brough back. Lets see what this season tells us before we make our minds up.
  12. Many thanks for this info.......now I know!!! Kudos....
  13. My gawd just seeing Tellers name raises my blood pressure by about 50 points........WHAT was Beane thinking???? WHAT????????
  14. Yer picking Q over Doyle???? Seriously???? SMFH......someone needs to convince me of this move......Q SUCKS!!!!
  15. Notice how Cut is capitilized......is THAT the trigger?!?!?!? 🤣
  16. Don't the dudes who write up the recap need tix???
  17. Agree with this 110%. A pipe dream at best. Sign the tender and make MUCHO bucks......play for another team at vet minimum?? Not saying he wouldn't get more but the Tag is gonna be the most $$$. And players looking for new teams go for the Moolah!! As they should....
  18. Seriously you should abide by your screen name and..........just leave. WTAF....he was jet skiing NOT water skiing. HUGE difference. Yup. Just get a grip and please LEAVE FOR GOOD already!!! SMFH.....
  19. 6 hours - 14 pages. Yup it is the off season......
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