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  1. Jimmy Spagnola

    Youse is in for a treat

    Maybe if youse coulda spelled my name right the quote woulda worked. I thought I told you old man to not get on my bad side. I was over here being nice starting a conversation about the game and you gotta start in again. 4PM Sunday most Bills fans is gonna be crying but not you cuz that is probably past your bedtime ain't it? Do you tape the second half on your beta? As for the rest of youse I'll just let you see Darnold cuz I know that'll do it. I think he is buddies with your guy Allen too. By this time in 3 years I think Allen will be our backup cuz Darnold is gonna have alotta pull with the organization.
  2. Jimmy Spagnola

    Youse is in for a treat

    I'm happy for youse guys that is going to go to the game up there in Podunk this week. Darnold is gonna show you what a real future star looks like after you go to watch a future bum all year. It musta been pretty fun for ya watchin the Jets lose to Mark Barkley or whatever his name is. I'm not gonna lie I was pretty mad. But the Jets has a plan and this new kid is something special. I think we is gonna beat in the skulls of the AFC East for the next 15 years about starting next year or maybe one after that. The team I'm most worried about is youse cuz the Patriots will hold on to Brady for to long and the Miami guy stinks but is too good to cut. You guys got the table scraps in the draft and he can't throw to nobody. Maybe you shoulda put a side of a barn in the middle of that so called stadium so he could hit somethin. I'm worried though cuz in two years you will have the number 1 pick. Is there QB then?