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  1. OK I suppose I owes you a congrats on your win and a recap from our side. Basically all the good and bad stuff I said was pretty much true. Youse is a little better than I thought so maybe 6 wins but you still shouldn't uh traded Shady. One think I like about youse is that you don't quit. I hate quitters and you guys ain't quitters. Youse kept tryin even though it was lookin hopeless when we was slapping you around for the first most of the game. That is to your credit. And that paid off cuz you got a little luck at the end and the score is all that counts even if the best team is lower. My Jets is making me a little mad that we didn't get nobody that could make you curl up in a ball when Mosely went out. Before he got hurt the game was over. I'm not gonna complain about the kicker cuz that stuff happens. But if Mosely was in there the Jets win 24-3 or maybe 22 if we miss the 2 pointer. But the thing is though that you can't rely on one player or two. The Jets gotta wake up other than Mosely and Bell. But like I said in the start I don't know about this bug eyed coach we got. I mean I seen that look before and it is usually after I took care of some business I had to do and people get all groggy. This guy looked like someone I hit and then the whole thing went permanent. I hope our D coach get ridda him soon and then we can go about kickin butts. I think this coach though. I don't know any more. I looked and we don't play you until the and which is weird. I figure you guys will be maybe hoping to get five hunnert and that we might still be fighting for home field or maybe even behind the stupid Pats. Good luck until next game and the year. I forgot to tell you that I improved my seat when Angelo and me convinced a guy that our upper deck corners was good and that it was his best interest to swap with us. We sat right behind your bench and had a few words wit 91. He looked nervous and walked away though and we had a good laugh. Oh and I think I'm workin security at the Giants game against youse so I'll see you again too. Maybe I'll take care of that punk too but I'll mostly root for you. Why not? Youse is like a cute puppy team. P.S J-e-t-s JEts JETs JETS
  2. Pidaras bliad 

  3. Hey Howeird a beat down is a beat down which is somethin you don't wanna find out. I don't want none of the Bills to get hurt its just gonna happen. As for your wife I'm sure she talks about me but I don't talk about her. But I did come out on top though if you know what I mean. She does. P.S J-e-t-s JEts JETs JETS
  4. OK old man let's settle down a little bit. First off my comments about you is better than the other option cuz that mostly involves my knuckles and your teeth. And I don't recall making no comments about your wife but she made comments about me in case you was wondering what those moaning sounds was all about. Stay on the Senior tour whatever that is which I thought was golf not football if you know what's good for you. As for the rest of some of these comments here youse are all being haters again. I come in here and tries to be nice. I feel bad for you that your team gave up and traded Shady. Youse have to realize where you are at. By week 5 youse will be rooting for the Jets because you hate the Patriots. Why not start early? It's more fun goin for a winner. Somebody posted about the game where the Bills got lucky but then left out the smack down we gave you last year. That game is called a prequel to the next 10 years startin Sunday. Prequel isn't a real word I don't think but they use it to describe crappy movies which is like your crappy season so you see what I did with that. Somebody posted about our coach which I gotta admit might not be the perfect situation. I mean I know he is super smart but I gotta say the eye thing isn't my favorite. He kinda reminds me of the guy from the A-Team that was crazy all the time. I forget his name. Luckily most of the rest of the team is made up of Mr. T's and plans comin together. Plus we got the defense guy that quit on you and likes to smack heads. Youse just happens to be the heads that is gonna get smacked first. P.S J-e-t-s JEts JETs JETS
  5. But we both know someone who does like me though isn't that right old man? P.S J-e-t-s JEts JETs JETS
  6. What's up fellas! I been havin a busy summer this year with some people gettin uppity and whatnot and I just realized the football season is comin up. I been following the Jets like usual and I knew they was gonna be real good but I had no idea how easy it was gonna be until this week. I heard the Dolphins pretty much traded their whole team away and have that goofball that used to play for both our teams startin. That don't matter much though cuz the Jets was gonna win dat anyway. What supprised me was that your team team decided to tank and they traded the best player they got. Why did your idiot GM do that? I mean you guys mighta won 5-6 games if you kept Shady. Now what maybe 2? I think the Dolphins is gonna beat you out for Tua even then and youse are stuck again. My cousin Angelo got some tickets for the opening week and invited me so I'm goin. I asked him who we was playin and he was laughing so hard I couldn't make it out but then I looked in the paper and I seen it was youse. You guys know I like you and all but I gotta admit I'm gonna enjoy the beat down. It's been a long Summer since the last time we smacked you or anyone else. I also seen we're playing you at the end and I won't be goin to that because it must be gonna be about minus 100 by then way up there. Plus the Jets is probably gonna have home field locked up. So good luck after this week if you have any healthy players left and I hope you beat the Patriots even though I have a feelin we won't be needin no help. P.S J-e-t-s JEts JETs JETS
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