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  1. Great post! Particularly about Germans bombing Pearl Harbor!
  2. I was rooting for the kid to rebound and have a good showing when he came in. Pleased when he threw the nice TD pass. Unfortunately, he needs to go as he is an interception machine. I'm sure he is a nice guy but he has a week arm with a gunslinger mentality which doesn't work. Ultimately he is a fifth round draft pick and team can't afford to invest any more loses in him
  3. When does a Pats game end with "Brady had to overcome some questionable calls" to win?? Always, always, tilts their way from refs!
  4. Drinking and celebrating that we survived the Hawaii ballistic missile attack!
  5. Refs give Pats every advantage. You can just see the way it takes the fight out of the Titans. Bills players, of course, are used to it!
  6. This has to be one of the worst threads ever! Who wants to talk about losing for 17 years after we finally broke the streak. Trust the process, live the moment, and quit with the bad juju!
  7. They had to work hard for this one. What a dropped ball!
  8. Is it wrong that I a watching game only in hopes of Brady getting hurt?
  9. Dareus has 1 sack (while he played for us) and 19 tackles on the year. While stat line isn't everything and he does help on the run. Paying someone around $1 million per tackle during a season is insane. Better to have rid ourselves of him earlier and at least got something for him.
  10. Its all for TV ratings. NFL wants Brady in super bowl before they renegotiate TV contract. Home field advantage key.
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