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  1. I'm getting sick of all this talk, I don't care if Bryant Johnson ends up here or not.
  2. It shouldn't, I heard it was his throwing hand.
  3. They volunteered, they wanted to see what it was like to have fans at a "home" game. Your vote appears to be a little late, the 17 game schedule also led to more international games. https://www.nfl.com/news/owners-approve-international-game-scheduling-plan
  4. I took it in high school too, I didn't know that Spanish numbers went past 10.
  5. Try not to clap, try not to clap, try not to clap Is this hat overkill? Should I get something smaller.
  6. I'm surprised by this, usually Dion is throwing teammates under the bus when asked these types of questions.
  7. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Fromm might still be in isolation so he may never find out, but Olaijah is disappointed you didn't even give him a chance.
  8. I'm hoping Fromm is better than Josh. I also hope that Olaijah Griffin is better than Tre.
  9. Someone sounds like they could use an expresso.
  10. The Bills are going to trade for Cam Newton, after he recovers and finds out he lost his starting job there?
  11. But that's littering and the USFL is more about showing off garbage on national TV.
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