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  1. The league has been garbage since going from 14 to 16 games, so who cares at this point.
  2. $15.5 mil seems like a lot for a rotational player who has had 1 good season in his 5 year career. Maybe he will repeat the performance, but the odds aren't exactly in his favor.
  3. These thoughts are the kind most people keep inside their heads.
  4. I hate sticky fans. Warm weather games aren't as great as one might think.
  5. I just flew into Columbus the other night, the air traffic controller waving the flashlight seemed nice enough.
  6. This is usually where you could expect a 1st round CB in the near future.
  7. Nothing is as bad as listening to Tasker, so she has that going for her.
  8. You're not fooling anyone with the "if" and the "wouldn't".
  9. I've got some Minute Rice from 1975 if you want to give it a try.
  10. No matter what side of this you're on, it's hard to overlook the fact that they have been searching for his replacement ever since.
  11. It also affects his production. Any go route could be your last. It would make anyone a bit tentative. I can remember him getting tackled before reaching the endzone for no other reason than he was getting a little nervous, he had been running for a while at that point. He couldn't be sure that he was looking at the goal line, it could the edge of the world. Why risk it?
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