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  1. They could always draft Lonnie Johnson or Greg Little.
  2. If it doesn't work out, they can always try him out at receiver.
  3. Good teams get too many prime time games, wouldn't this affect them negatively. What are they doing about that? Flex games, don't get me started.
  4. Karlos thought this had something to do with Key Lime Pie.
  5. The OP puts in the link for Quick's career stats but then he either ignores games played or thinks the G stands for goals, because he can't seem to figure out what happened to his career.
  6. The Bills will move down and acquire the entire 6th and 7th round in 2019 along with the 7th round in 2020.
  7. Wide Right, they narrowed the uprights.
  8. Having Duke Williams will not in any way affect the Bills plans for wr in the draft.
  9. If I was the GM of a team that had a question at QB or an aging QB. I would trade a 3rd for Rosen without any hesitation. This is not any endorsement of Rosen, who knows what he will be, it's just a cheap way to get someone who could be.
  10. I thought they resigned Da'Norris Searcy
  11. UB's recent success should help them land a good coach to replace Oats.
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