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  1. The Pro Bowl would be better if the teams had more depth.
  2. UFO - Strangers in the night (1979)
  3. Cole Beasley, the Bills best player on offense, I think they're in trouble. Might as well start getting ready for the 2020 draft.
  4. Of course he needs help, he can't smoke all that by himself.
  5. There wouldn't be a dynasty without the 2 of them. Belichick isn't going to 9 Super Bowls with another QB and Tom might have had trouble getting on the field as a 6th round pick in a different situation.
  6. You know they're bad when they call Taco Bell experts. The bar is so low and BK still can't compete.
  7. I play solitaire pretty fast. Shuffling, dealing, flipping and winning. You better believe I'm an athlete.
  8. I just remember it being a great game where you thought as an afterthought that neither team even punted. It was hardly the topic of the day, but it became the easy and logical way to refer to it. I'm not sure what the whole reality/myth thing is about. It really happened.
  9. I was out of town recently in an NHL city and someone said something nice about the Sabres.
  10. Okay who switched the gun to kilometers. 61KPH = 37.9MPH
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