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  1. We could always start singing "Under Pressure" when he almost gets there. A lot more opportunities in that scenario.
  2. I haven't talked to anyone from Fredonia at a game in years...
  3. I'm going to put my Jack Spikes and Donnie Stone jerseys on ebay now that it's ok, so if you're interested... Alright, not my J Spikes...
  4. No one even made the team or got fitted for their gold jacket, the later may actually take 2 days of OTA's, not really sure.
  5. Until they allow coaches to challenge the coin toss, I'm boycotting.
  6. Where's the cake? I just had it. who took it? what did you guys do with it?
  7. I'd be ok with that as long as they keep a couple on the practice squad in case of injury.
  8. I think they are just circling the drain. Easy mistake to make.
  9. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story. Now with that out of the way. We can back to the outrage over this entitled punk.
  10. If he is the most important addition, then it will probably be a disappointing season.
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