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  1. When are you going to start taking this stuff serious and put in the work necessary to become a more annoying poster? Even your witty responses have become lazy.
  2. I think he was asking if he still had spinach in his teeth.
  3. Non karma reason, they only won because they didn't notice it was a close game.
  4. If the Bills lose, I'll be back around 12:55PM on October 9th.
  5. No good reason for the offense not finding the endzone this week. Bills 41 Ravens 27
  6. Is this another ketchup sandwich and ketchup on steak argument?
  7. For the last couple years, everyone has been praising the Bills training staff. Now after the last few weeks, people want answers as to why their training and conditioning is subpar.
  8. I don't think Josh has a strong enough arm to throw in the heat.
  9. Yes, Mcdermott needs to tell them not to get injured, not to play in the heat and not to make mistakes.
  10. If he would have not dropped it and got up and ran, they would have challenged that he was touched
  11. I'm not sure Tua could do anything close to last week, even if the Bills ran the old Rex10 defense, with only 10 players on the field.
  12. Prepare to be shredded. Too much thought into a bad idea.
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