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  1. She is the mother of his 1 month old baby and he withheld medical records, her wallet and the car seat seat for the baby, then she took one of his 3 cell phones.
  2. Then just do it unless he proves otherwise. I think the league is moving more and more to pass catchers and pass stoppers, than more traditional positions. Offenses are getting faster and shiftier, with many of these players being smaller than the prototype player. I can see more tweener type players in the mix at LB and the Bills fluidity between the safeties becoming the norm.
  3. Nov 6 to Christmas eve looks like a chance for a real good run.
  4. I would be it well overdue and very deserved if they did. But it is kind of weird, it was almost a yearly thing for a long time and it will be 5 years since Cookie was put on the wall.
  5. I always liked Aaron, he just walked away after one his better seasons. Good for him, some people hang on to the past when they retire and some just move on. 2009 GP16 GS16 INT1 YDS26 TD1 PD4 FF3 FR1 SK10 TKL56 TFL17 QBhits17
  6. I really don't expect any additions to the wall at the existing stadium. I would expect there will be changes when the new stadium is completed, possibly with a hall/wall of fame area.
  7. You better get this right because I'm bumping this post in 12 years and will be calling out all the bad takes.
  8. He never allowed a goal, yet he has never posted a shutout. That's not an easy task.
  9. Someone should just tell Tyler to stop being so damn picky.
  10. I'm starting to get nervous, has anyone heard from the OP? I hope he's alright.
  11. Even if he did, he would have texted Sean Mcvay.
  12. This thread was brought to you by Huh? What? Seems appropriate.
  13. Looks like much ado about nothing. People overreacting and faking their outrage about something that they probably only read the headlines.
  14. No, but when he was warming up before the air force game last year, a ball got away from him in the mountain air and ended up in my back yard. He came over to get it, seemed looked a nice enough kid.
  15. Knock it off. You just had to go ahead and use it anyways. I can't stand it when people use that phrase.
  16. Can he become... The Laces Out God ? Will he still be be considered the Punt God if the Bills only punt 20 times ? Stay tuned. Man, I can talk punter all day...and holder, any time, any place. This **** is riveting.
  17. Your mom wants to know if she should cut the crust off on your sandwich. She said she'd bring it down in a few.
  18. The Bills are probably talented enough that they can do whatever they want and it probably won't really matter. Josh Allen gives them this ability, but a rb is just not good draft value. Breece looks like he should be a good player, I'm just not seeing anything that special to be an exception to the rule in today's NFL. He seemed to be slipping into the 2nd round, before he kept getting rumored to the Bills at 25. That looks more like his agent trying to get someone to take him before the Bills pick.
  19. Is it groundhog day again? That little *%#&^*, he better not have called for 6 more weeks of winter again.
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