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  1. Some thoughts below. 1. It is comforting to see Allen showing improvement in his ability to throw the short passes. He is clearly a work in progress, and he will need to show that he can connect on the long throws like he did last year, but he does seem to be showing that he can get better. Overall, Allen is a great fit for McD, the team and Buffalo in terms of his work ethic, demeanor and personality, but he will need to continue to improve and show that he can have success throwing the ball when the Bills need it (i.e., when they get behind in games or in a high scoring battle). 2. Our recent first round picks (Allen, Edmunds and Oliver) were boom or bust types to a degree when drafted, and they all seem to be a work in progress. I really don't know whether Edmunds is playing well or not. Does he have the instincts to be the long-term answer at MLB? Does he move over to OLB if Lorenzo Alexander retires after this season? Way too early to make judgments about Oliver, but I would like to see more, even in his first year. 3. While I am not sure that our recent first round picks are fully meeting expectations at this point, particularly given the draft capital used to move up for Allen and Edmunds, I have been impressed with some of the later round picks, including Knox, Sweeney, Darryl Johnson, Siran Neal, Singletary and Taron Johnson. I am confident in the ability of our front office to identify talent, as noted below. 4. It has been years since I have felt this way (since Levy, Polian and Butler), but I am really comfortable with McD as our head coach, Beane as our GM and the quality people we have in our front office. I hope they are here for the long-term, because I believe over time they will build a very strong program (and have already put into place some building blocks). This team, at least at this point, lacks the circus atmosphere and in-fighting that we seem to be seeing with so many other teams. 5. I did not understand all of the free agent signings this past off-season for the o-line by the front office. I understand now with the various injuries, and it is a nice change that the Bills have some depth at the position given where other teams are struggling with injuries to their o-line (as the Bills have in past seasons) Not sure if all the new players are starting caliber, but, at a minimum, they do seem to be quality depth. 6. Teams will continue to run the ball on us until we show that we can stop it. I would expect this from the Browns tomorrow, and we have the Ravens and Steelers upcoming on our schedule. 7. Next year will be a critical year. We will have significant cap space, in part because our young players (i.e., White, Allen, etc.) will still be playing on their rookie contracts. We will go into next season with fewer needs than this past off season, but you can make the argument that the defense will need some significant upgrades at d-line and linebacker. A pass rushing end and a run stopping DT should be high on the list. A number one WR is on the list for the offense. If Brady retires or moves to another team, even better for next season. 8. I don't care that we have had an easy schedule. We are 6-2, and I am enjoying this season. We have had to deal with the Pats and Brady for so many years (playing them twice), so there is no reason to apologize for a soft schedule, particularly since the AFC is weak overall this season, and other teams are benefitting from this as well.
  2. Wouldn't they get a third rounder as a compensatory pick if he leaves as a free agent after the season (I recognize that there may be other factors)? If this is the case, then the Chargers are going to want at least a third rounder in this year's draft.
  3. Did seem that we were out coached today on both sides of the ball, which surprised me, particularly with the defense. In this kind of weather, we should have been more prepared for an attack focused on rushing and short passes. They ate us alive with the screen passes, which they used frequently. On offense, I sometimes have no understanding of Daboll's game plan. Hard to tell if it is Josh Allen's efforts to implement the play calling, or something else. Of course, Josh Allen needs to play better and not turnover the ball as much as he does. His fumble before the end of the half was a momentum changer. Embarrassing to lose this way at home, but we really have not beaten anyone decisively so far this season. Still, in terms of our record, it is a good start and we have a very winnable game next week with the Redskins. If we win next week, we are 6-2 with a good shot to go at least 10-6 (and hopefully make the playoffs).
  4. While I agree that we may have other needs, some of which may be more pressing as the season progresses, I would do this deal. I think it is unrealistic to think that Gore will stay healthy for all of our remaining games and that Singletary will be fully healed from his hamstring injury for the remainder of the season. Gordon may not be elite, but he is more than solid.
  5. We certainly had our opportunities. Defense was great today. The interceptions killed us, as did the blocked punt. We were out coached on special teams. Out punter did not have a good game (blocked punt and shanked another). The punter for the Pats helped them significantly with field position. We will never beat the Pats in a game if our QBs throw four interceptions.
  6. Singletary looked good in the fourth quarter. Gore should be a change of pace back going forward for the Bills. I am not sure that we have the depth we will need for an entire season at RB, which is a bit worrisome, and I do think we need more speed. Maybe this gets addressed next offseason.
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