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  1. jahnyc

    Bills 53 offensive line projection

    Other than Morse (who is a clear upgrade) and Dawkins (who needs to play better than last year), it seems like we have a bunch of guys with significant question marks, at least in terms of being potential starting upgrades from last year's o-line. It will be interesting to see if Nsekhe can be a quality starter at RT given his experience and recent play, but he is older and I don't think we can count on him being the long-term solution at RT. Long played poorly last season at center for the Jets, but he played with an injury. Hopefully, he can be an upgrade at guard. No idea about Feliciano and whether he can become a quality starter. At a minimum, we currently have more quality depth along the o-line compared to last season's group. Hopefully, some of the free agents we signed for the o-line can be upgrades. I still think we will pick a guard and/or tackle in this year's draft in the early rounds. At this point, I believe that target will be Lindstrom (BC) in the second round if he is available.
  2. jahnyc

    Thoughts on the front office

    We will see about their player evaluation abilities with the addition of these free agents and, among other things, trading up for Allen and Edmunds last year. Ultimately, performance on the field this year will be the best way to assess this front office. I have concerns about overpaying for what I would have thought were tier two and tier three level free agents and the injury history with some of these players, but we will see.
  3. jahnyc

    G Jon Feliciano (Raiders) to the Bills

    I wonder what happened with Daryl Williams. Have to assume we are not signing him, but I have seen no rumors about him either.
  4. jahnyc

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    I thought durability was a big thing with Beane. Another player with very recent injury issues? Starting to get concerned.
  5. The Jets have acquired a bunch of players that were quality starters for their former teams. How they will perform together in NJ with a new coaching staff, new systems and new team is unknown, but pretty impressive haul in terms of overall talent so far. I would have loved this group of players for the Bills.
  6. jahnyc

    Not a bad start to free agency

    I understand that the offseason is long and we need to patient, but I am disappointed at this point. Signing Daryl Williams, assuming he is healthy, would change my view. Do not understand Gore if we are going to keep McCoy this season. Seemed to overpay for Kroft. Was hoping for Crowder or Humphrey at WR and maybe Barr. WR continues to be a big need that has not been addressed yet. Also wondering about what we are going to do at guard. I don't think that Long is the answer and who knows whether Teller will develop. I also do not like that the Jets have acquired some of the players I was hoping the Bills would get.
  7. Wonder how the medical stuff looks for Daryl Williams.
  8. I guess it is over because the Bills are signing Morse.
  9. jahnyc

    TE Tyler Kroft (Bengals) to the Bills

    Gore, Kroft, Johnson and Long. Each is either old or suffered from injuries. Odd group and not particularly inspiring.
  10. Was hoping for Humphries and James. Hoping for better with D. Williams.
  11. Signing Gore only would make sense if the Bills were going to trade or release McCoy and had plans to draft a RB with a relatively early pick. Otherwise, this makes no sense to me at all.
  12. I don't think Beckham would come to Buffalo. The guy seemed to have issues with NYC and not being in LA.
  13. Plenty of rumors that the Bills have interest in certain free agents on the offensive side, but I have not seen many rumors of specific defensive players that the Bills may be interested in. I would expect that we sign at least a couple of players on defense as well, but maybe not in the first wave. At a minimum, could certainly use another outside linebacker and a defensive tackle.
  14. Also agree about Williams and Paradis/Morse. Then draft Chris Lindstrom, the guard from BC, in the second round.
  15. jahnyc

    What is the exact time negotiations can begin?

    From what I have read on various websites, I believe the free agency negotiation period begins at 4 pm tomorrow (March 11th). This surprised me because I seem to recall it always started at 12:01am in previous years. Maybe it has changed?