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  1. Wish him a good recovery. Also had him on my fantasy team. Who replaces him? Is it Palmer or Johnston?
  2. Cook is listed as questionable for Sunday. I have not seen for what reason.
  3. I will be interested to see how much the Bills use 12 personnel today. It was used 66% of the time against the Jets. The offense may need an adjustment period, but I am not sure I fully understand the necessity for such a significant transition in the offense given its overall strength over the last number of seasons. I assume that this is primarily the result of wanting to utilize Kincaid in the offense, but he is a rookie and his blocking seems to something of a project. I am certainly no expert on the various personnel packages used on offense, but does the use 12 personnel to this degree make sense at this point of Kincaid's development? Do we have the right RB, offensive line and TEs to take advantage of the potential mismatches that may be created for the running game as a result of using this package? I don't have the sense that the strength of our offensive line is run blocking. Also, I have thought that Josh's ability to improvise and buy more time are some of his greatest strengths. Would using a strong WR3 be more consistent with those skills?
  4. DT and S also will be big needs (I think Oliver is the only DT signed for next season and Hyde is a free agent after this season).
  5. I am getting a little tired of hearing as an excuse that the Jets defense is great. Our offense is supposed to be great, and I feel like our offense played scared last night. To be great, an offense needs to be able to play more than one style. We did not show that we can be a physical offense last night, both in terms of protection and the running game, and until we do, the results will be the same as the second half of last season.
  6. One game and the first game, but something was wrong with the offense starting with the GB game and it continues now into another season. I don't see that the supposed upgrades made any difference on offense, but it is hard to know whether this is Josh, Dorsey, the o-line or a lack of playmakers on offense, particularly at WR. A combination of all of these things, but I have to think that without Josh, even when he plays poorly, this offense would be bad every game and all of the time.
  7. Definitely on Josh and he needs to be smarter with the ball, but Dorsey had the whole offseason to prepare for the Jets and I thought the game plan on offense was a mess. Josh only seemed to be looking for Diggs, or maybe Diggs was the only WR getting open, but we didn't upgrade our WRs after last season when it was obvious that another WR option was needed. The Harty swing passes didn't do much, and I don't think Harty caught a pass from the slot. Hope that Dorsey has more creativity in future game plans than what he showed tonight.
  8. I expect that the Bills defense will be tested by the Jets with a combination of concentrated rushes up the middle and short passes in the middle of the field, both specifically targeting Bernard and his inexperience. I don't think it helps having Oliver as an undersized DT helps with defending the run if we are going to start Bernard at MLB.
  9. Agree it will be interesting with Bernard at MLB. I expect that the Jets will try to exploit having Bernard as the starter, but, then again, Hackett is their OC, so maybe he won't be able to figure out how to do that.
  10. Kirksey hasn't played in the preseason because of a hamstring issue. Wonder if he will be healthy to start the season.
  11. I would be surprised if they extended Tre or Dawkins. I think there are reasons why they were not restructured this offseason, including to provide potential flexibility for compensation reductions or release next off season if they do not play well (or at least at their level of compensation).
  12. RB could be a concern if the knee issue with Harris is chronic. I don't think you can go into the season with Cook and Murray and really nothing else. Losing Hynes is very unfortunate, both in terms of his play as a RB and as a KR/PR. May need two players to fill his roles, which hurts from a roster perspective.
  13. McD has a lot on his plate this season. It will be challenging for him to call the defense and be the head coach in all other instances. Mix in a possible degree of lost confidence among players over the way last season and the season before ended and combine it with the potential Diggs volatility, and you may have a tough job ahead for McD this season.
  14. I think McD is going to need to scheme around not having an adequate MLB. Not sure any of Dodson, Bernard or Klein are capable starters. What happened with Spector?
  15. Did Spector play? Does not seem that he is in the mix for MLB. Will he even make the team this year?
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