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  1. I was at the gym last night and saw that on ESPN. I have no idea what they were saying. But here is the surprising think. With Bills at -1, 95% of bets and 99% of money were on Bills. this is either going to be a great season, or a huge letdown.
  2. ??? that’s a pretty disingenuous statement. Recovery time is much more complex than pain tolerance. Severity of the injury is probably the most important, but other considerations would include which ribs, how many ribs, the location of the fx, the age of the individual etc.
  3. About a week ago I simply clicked cancel and then got an offer for $19.99 for the year.
  4. Actually I saw this idea floated a year or two ago. An argument against this idea is what happens when you bench a healthy dion Dawkins and put in some scrub. And then Josh Allen gets hammered. Wasn’t such a good idea for player safety then right?
  5. Am I the only one wondering why Robb has pics of Ken on his computer?
  6. Difference is that Sjady never fumbled. I was always amazed how he didn’t lead the league in fumbles carrying the ball like that.
  7. Glad to hear Kim is doing better. As regards stroke. And Im not suggesting that she had a stroke. But a major cause of stroke in young (ie, <60) people is atrial fibrillation. Instead of beating like a pump, your hearts upper chambers vibrate incoherently. Sort of like the ingame thread. The blood becomes stagnant, and clots. And then these small clots go into the circulation and lodge in the brain, causing a stroke. This is exactly what happened to John Fetterman, Democrat candidate for senate in PA. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/pennsylvania-senate-candidate-john-fetterman-released-from-hospital-after-stroke He is 52, and recovering nicely.
  8. I’m curious as to your definition of inclusive. And exactly which societies are more inclusive than ours. Your example of Japan is a joke. It’s next to impossible for a non-native Japanese to become a citizen of Japan. I have a friend whose mom is Japanese, and has worked in Japan for >30 years. He cannot become a Japanese citizen. Japan is one of the most homogeneous societies on earth. Tell me, which countries on earth today are more diverse than the US?
  9. That Rams game had possibly Josh best play ever. He grabbed one Rams DL and tosse him into the other Rams DL. What QB has EVER done that. yeah he might have deserved a face mask penalty on that play. But how demoralizing is it for a DL to be beat up on by a QB? And I’m pretty sure one of those rams DL was Aaron Donald.
  10. Investing in a basket of stocks (ie S&P500) is always a wise idea, providing you dont need the money for 10 years. Look at any 10 year time-frame in 1900-2000. Over 10 years, stocks ALWAYS had a positive return, with an average of 8+%. But crypto is a new animal. Stocks in IBM, Amazon, and yes,even Blockbuster, had tangible assets backing them. Crypto has a bunch of electrons backing it. I read a fascinating article a year ago stating that the author didnt know which Crypto (Bitcoin Etherium, etc) would gain dominance in years to come, but he was confident it wasnt Bitcoin. Had to do with the expense of mining and/or maintaining the crypto. That newer cryptos were somehow more efficient. Bottom line; having a high risk/high reward asset such as crypto isnt a bad idea. To have 50+% of your assets in crypto is..????
  11. Agree mostly. But not with Marino. There is no way Marino is in the same tier as Brady/Montana/Peyton/Elway/Brees. All those guys were winners. They all had numerous conference championships and at least one superbowl. Marino, not so much. Marino was a bit like James Lauranitis, the LB commonly known as "pile jumper". Great stats, but in the end, not a true difference maker.
  12. Let me make sure I have this straight. Dude hasnt played a down in the NFL in 5 yrs, and he'd be one of the best backup QBs in the league?
  13. Gotta say, I think this is a truly terrible idea. FG are not typical football plays. They are "special" plays. I'd like to eliminate XP and FG completely. They arent American football. These plays are closer to futbol than football. Think it through. A typical football play involves some combination of blocking, tackling, running, passing, and receiving. AFG involves blocking and kicking. And not even true football blocking. More like just standing in front of the defense. No athleticism involved, as opposed to reach blocks, pulls, pins, combo blocks that you see in a typical football play. Why anyone would take a "non-football" part of football and try to decide a football game on futbol kicks is beyond me. Here is my idea. Eliminate place kicks completely. As above, they are "special" plays, not real football plays. Have all PATs be 2 pt conversions. Under current rules, FG are basically "partial credit", for coming close, but not quite scoring a TD. I think this partial credit remains a good idea. But change the rules. Instead of a guy kicking a ball from 40 yds out to determine the partial credit, make it a football play. Give the offense an advantage. Go 11 on 9, or 11 on 7, for one play, all or nothing. Imagine the creative offense you could see. Far more exciting to have a game won or lost on a real football play, rather than our current system of having a guy "I keek a touchdown" to decide a game.... But yeah, lets instead fill a stadium to watch guys kick FG. SMH
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