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  1. Funny story about Urschel. While at Psu, players would miss spring practice days for various reasons. If they weren’t at practice their names would be on a board with different colors too signify the reason for missing practice. For instance, black meant personal reason, red meant injured, green meant player had a class or test, etc. one day Urschel was late for practice and his name was in purple. Bill OBrien (head coach at the time) asks one of the staff “where the hell is urachel and why is his name in purple”. Staff says “purple means he’s teaching a class.” True story.
  2. Yeah but he’s had 700 carries the past 3 years so he’s like 29 in RB years.
  3. 1). Not sure that I believe the narrative about tanking. Kelly played his heart out and team nearly won at the end. In fact, that was the first game I began to think the the Bills were getting better. 2). Bullough was a true moron. He once said on TV "Well, that's just spilled milk over the dam". And during a draft discussion (in reference to Napolean MacCallum), " well, we're looking at that Bonaparte guy from Navy".
  4. Anyone remember when Marv Levy came up with a Bills fight song and sang it on TV? "Go Bills, for we are here to cheer for you Go Bills, da da daa da da da With victroy in sight, We'll fight with all our might So go Bills fight Bills win!" It popped in my mind this morning and I cant get rid of it Catchy little tune.
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