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  1. pennstate10

    New Anchor Bar (Frederick MD)

    I've lived in MD for the past 20 years. Best wings I've had here were from Shuckin Shack, a hole in the wall on Market Street in DT Frederick. As good as the ones we used to get at Lebros in Getzville.
  2. pennstate10

    Non-call affected Super Bowl too

    Officials for the most part were OK. But 3 pretty bad calls. No surprise, all were key calls, and all went against the Rams. 1)Roughing on NRC. Guy made a tackle and his helmet bumped up against the RB. Bogus call. 2). Holding on Rams center leading to 30 yd loss. Guy wasn't holding at all. The Pats DT turned and fell. 3). Hands to the face on Rams DL. Yeah, his hands were in the guy's face. The guy who had clamped onto his jersey and wouldn't let go. Should have been holding.
  3. pennstate10

    NRC on the “non-call” (Update: FINED!)

    Yeah, thats your opinion. But not mine. Even in real time, it wasnt ROUGHING the passer. In real time, the rushers hand might have grazed Bradys helmet. But certainly wasnt a "shot" to the head. Was a complete and total BS call.
  4. pennstate10

    1993 Houston Wildcard Comeback- Where were you guys

    I was at a sports bar on Sheridan drive. Forget the name of the place. Left at halftime and went home. Listned to beginning of second half on radio and tied some flies. Turned it off after pick six and went out to the garage wife called me in after Bills second TD and we huddled around the radio listening to the rest. I vaguely remember that somehow the blackout got lifted and were able to watch the OT on TV.
  5. Kelly may have failed but I'm 100% sure the Uncle Rico could do this.
  6. Call me crazy, but I don't think Bills fans made the call on hiring HC.
  7. pennstate10

    Second Half: Wk 15 Lions at Bills 1 pm FOX

    Not sure we all needed that little nugget
  8. pennstate10

    Second Half: Wk 15 Lions at Bills 1 pm FOX

    Prater just now looked like a homeless dude sipping on some MD 20/20
  9. Funny thing is all these NFL experts with the 100 yd game stats don't realize that Allen gained 101 vs JAX until he lost 4 yds on kneeldowns at the end of the game.
  10. There are basically two types of missed calls. 1) an obvious foul that the officials don't call 2) a non-foul that the officials do call i can accept missed calls much more easily than phantom calls. the personal foul on 97 was a horrible call. Guy was just celebrating after his TFL. Watch the Dolphins first TD. The WR drops the ball right at DB feet. Why wasn't that taunting? And the PI on Milano was bogus as well. Bills FO needs to hassle the NFL officiating and say this is unacceptable. Show all of the specific bogus calls and non-calls. And McD and Beane need to subtly suggest that NFL officiating is horrendous in all of their interviews. It's not whining, it's making it clear to nfl that their is a problem.
  11. pennstate10

    2nd half thread, Jags at Bills 1 pm on CBS

    If Jags can lose 7 straight no reason we can't win 7 straight.
  12. pennstate10

    2nd half thread, Jags at Bills 1 pm on CBS

    No way is that a TD
  13. pennstate10

    PFF Has Hughes Highest Rated

    I know the best DL keep their jerseys really, really tight, so OL cant hold them. But is it legal to put vaseline on the jerseys? It should be. Ref: Hey you have vaseline on your jersey. Why? Hughes: I aint planning on throwing no spitballs. Just trying to keep those fat boys from grabbing on to me. Ref: Unsportsmanlike, # 55.
  14. pennstate10

    Tre White as an NHL Goalie

    I'm betting he'd stone All-NHL right wing Jalen Ramsey....