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  1. Even better, just put his arm in between Hopkins arms and pull on hhopkins R arm as hard as possible. Dont care if its PI, wont be called.
  2. havent read all 10 pages of this thread, but I'm thinking one of our DBs--not White, who was in best position, but Hyde or Poyer should have pulled on his arm, before or after the ball got there. Officials are taught not to throw flags on hail Marys.
  3. Not sure why so many people say Takeo. Bills were a losing team without him, and were a losing team with him. I think it’s got to be a player from the 90s teams or current team. bennett Lofton Paup Hughes Feliciano Diggs All things considered probably Bennet right now, but could be any of the last 3 depending on how things shake out the next few years.
  4. Love to see Diggs protecting ball when he got wrapped up
  5. Int was a miscommunication. Don't know if on Diggs OT Allen
  6. Bates played tackle his last 2 years at PSU, but really was a guard. Better interior lineman. Not really quick enuff for tackle.
  7. If we w in the toss, do you take the wind or defer? i say take the wind
  8. Agree. It was a necessary hit to break up the catch. seriosly. What is the rule here?
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