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  1. Using BMI to diagnose obesity doesn't always work. BMI>30 is said to be obese, but really muscular football players with <10% body fat will have BMI>30. For instance, Micah parsons from psu is 6'3" 244 lbs. and has BMI of 30.5. Journey Brown is 5'11", 216 lbs. has BMI of 30.6. so yes, some NFL players are obese. But not that many.
  2. Let's connect the dots. There is serious buzz about major college football being moved to the spring. This leaves Satrudays in the fall open for football. I could easily see the NFL filling that void with Saturday tripleheaders, along with the sunday and Monday games. Thursday slate might just get moved to Saturday evening. Of course, Saturday tripleheaders would increase NFL media rights revenue. Probably by at least 50%. Ticket sales will will be down, but balanced by the gain in tv revenue, probably a net increase in overall NFL revenue, maybe by 20-30 %. And a resulting increase in salary cap. Beane and company are very proactive. I'd imagine they are monitoring this situation closely, and preparing to extend players before any large salary cap increase.
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