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  1. If my math is correct, if all of our OL gave up a sack per game, 17 would be sacked 80 times this year. Not it sure that's OK
  2. 2 years ago I said Bills should have taken Chris Godwin instead of trading up for Zay. it was right then and it’s right now.
  3. Depends on Nsehke's ankle. If he can't go, they need a backup tackle. Ryan Bates is the only other OL who has played tackle.
  4. If Nsehke can't go, who is the active backup tackle? ryan Bates? He played tackle at PSU but really is better at guard.
  5. The semipro discussion got me to thinking about how loose with the rules some teams are. My cousin (from Boston) tells a story about the time his team got hammered in an age 14 and under league. They were feeling pretty down. Then they saw guys from the other team get in cars and drive away.
  6. Played in high school. Not much call for 5'7" 150 lb DB who run 4.9 40s. But playing organized football, even back in the last century, gave me a real appreciation for the game. Years after high school, I was in a theater production, and remarked to the choreographer that the dance numbers were really a lot like football. She looked at me like I was from Mars, but its true. Offensive football, especially OL on running plays, is tightly choreographed. If the Qb is a millisecond late on his reverse pivot and handoff, the pulling guard and RB collide. Defense was a bit more fun. You mostly try to destroy the choreography.
  7. Ahh, most every Bills fan knows that when the "official" Bills board shut down,everyone migrated here. But it carry on.
  8. Thanks for making my point. These premier OL were all LEFT tackles. L
  9. But before Bills drafted Zay Jones because his college coach promoted the choice, I said Chris Godwin was in every way better. Check out their combine performances. Also, their NFL performances. https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/_/id/3116165/chris-godwin Its getting pretty close to time to cut bait.
  10. Really?. and what are your sources? Again, think this through for a second. the LEFT tackle plays opposite the RIGHT DE. You know, the LEFT tackle who is considered he most valuable OL. I thought this was basic knowledge, but to spell it out, your best pass rusher plays RDE, who is on a R handed QB blind side. The argument that your best pass rusher should play LEFT DE is only correct if you're playing a left handed QB.
  11. Hmmm.... lets think this through for a minute... Bruce would have had several 30 sack seasons if he had only played LDE... tell me, what was preventing him from playing LDE and setting unmatchable sack records? or maybe, just maybe, the suggestion that he would have had 30 sack seasons at LDE is simply wrong.
  12. Hmm.... comeback from 16-0 in the 4th is trash? okey dokie mister tokey
  13. The reason I highlighted this play is because I dont know how to fix it. On allens fumble, the fix is simple. Dont blow the whistle early. On the FG personal foul, the fix is simple. Dont slap the guy on the head. But on this blind side call, if youre the TE assigned to block a DB or LB on the play, what do you do next time this happens? Just watch the guy tackle your ball carrier? Ask the DB/LB to look at you? Its a stupid rule, and should be fixed, either in how its written or how its implemented.
  14. I thought this was a ludakris call. I get that the rule was added for player safety, but I think it was meant to protect kickers, and offensive players who unexpectedly find themselves as defenders after an INT or blocked kick. Players who arent accustomed to pursuing and tackling. The Bills TE flagged was blocking on a more or less routine play. And not in the open field, away from the play, but right at the scrum involving the ball carrier. What is he supposed to do? Say, "Mr. Giant, I am about to block you. Please turn your head"? If he doesnt block the guy, here is todays film review. Bills coach: "WTF didnt you block that guy. You were standing right next to him!!!" Bill TE: "uh, he wasnt looking at me. I even asked him nicely to turn his head, but he wouldnt". The rule needs to be changed, or enforced only on possession changes.
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