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  1. Really close to grounding there. Not sure he was out ofthetacklebox.
  2. Not sure it was a pass play, but if you look closely it's oretty clearAlen was backing out, so it wasn't a QB sneak. Either a pass play or bootleg run I think.
  3. Cribs and Singeltary have very different running styles. Cribbs was a glider with exceptional vision and speed. Singeltary is start and stop, quick change of direction and acceleration, low center of gravity. His style is is actually reminiscent of Barry Sanders. Not quite as sudden as Sanders was. No one is. But the same running style.
  4. Wish that announcer would shut up about the bad holding call. It occured right after a gift 3rd down conversion.
  5. 100% chance if that guy makes the exact same catch in the end zone, runs out of bounds and drops it, it would be called a TD. That was possession.
  6. Yeah but he dropped back 7 yds to throw it. So 31 yds in the air. Tired of hearing that stat.
  7. Ive got to say it stunning how many people don't understand this play. Did the ball clearly go forward? yes or no? from the replays I saw,there was no evidence that the ballwent forward. If if it didn't clearly go forward,then it's a backward pass and a TD for buffalo. The replay officials reversed the call. Where is the clear irrefutable evidence that the ballwent forward? A pretty simple question; I've not seen the answer in these 4 pages. Please realize that the answer has to be a picture or video or statement from an expert who has reviewed same. All the rest,especially comments from the Pats fan,is simply a waste of electrons.
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