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  1. Hmmm..., let's see. NFL salary cap is about 50% of total revenues. So total NFL revenues were about $360 million per team in a year where few, if any fans attended games. Money from stadium attendance is a drop in the bucket compared to TV and seat licenses. And consider hassle of flying to Germany or England, and playing a game in Oklahoma or Alabama seems like a pretty good idea to me.
  2. Seriously? this must be sarcasm, but I don't see the sarcasm font. This is truly ludacris. Bills need edge rusher, CB, probably OLB, OL. Also a truly speedy WR would be good. and you think they should trade draft resources to go up and draft a backup QB????? This is a win now team. If Allen is out they don't win the super bowl. So you maximize the team this year. Draft any position but a backup QB. It doesn't matter if you get a seconds round pick for him in 3-4 years.
  3. Why would he want to get one of his good Bills sweatshirts smelling like fish?
  4. Pretty much this. I think Milano is an outstanding WLB. Very instinctive, solid tackler. but consider this: 1) he missed almost half the season due to injury. 2) PFF ranked him 41 out of 80 OLB. Either they’re not very smart or I’m not. I would have him as top 10-15 OLB. Maybe TBD has him way overrated. I guess we’re about to find out. I hope he stays.
  5. No Gm was dumb enough to be "targeting" Zay Jones. The guy caught a zillion passes for a G5 school. And played mostly slot. he didnt have elite measurables. Bills drafted him because one of his college coaches had just been hired as Bills WR coach, and he convinced Waley that Zay was the next coming of Jerry Rice. Or maybe Jesus Christ. I forget which. It was obvious Bills needed a #1 WR at that pick. I wanted them to draft Chris Godwin, who had the production, measurables, and terrific ball skills.
  6. Neither Kiper nor Mcshay have ever been employed as football talent evaluators. Ie a scout. Kiper is a hard worker and has good connections, but he has no skill at evaluating players himself. He tells you what nfl scouts tell him mcshay is simply clueless, and pretends that he knows what he is doing as a talent evaluator. Just like any craft, you learn football talent evaluation from the ground up. And being held responsible for your evaluations. these guys aren’t that. Pretending these guys know what they’re doing as a GM would be like prete
  7. We get 3 yds in slants and jet sweeps. They get 50 yds. we need more speed.
  8. Yeah, the color guy does have to fill empty air time. But he's paid millions to do so. Dont tell me things that aren't true, like the Bills and playoffs, Allen missing Diggs because he threw a line drive (he didn't, watch the throw, looked like Allen was pulling a string to get air under it), or Bills had no called running plays in the first half. Do some homework. Read this message board. Get some interns to do some research. Tell me about Bills salary cap quandary for next year. Tell me that PFF rating Milano as 41 out of 80 LB is simply wrong. Tell
  9. Disagree with letting up because it looks like a runner is going out of bounds. How many times have you seen this exact scenario and the runner DOESNT go out of bounds but turns upfield for a big gain. If im the coach I tell my players anyone on the field of play gets tackled.
  10. What a bozo. They really pay this guy to be a football "analyst "?
  11. Really looking forward to this. I hear they have Emmeril at QB
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