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  1. Mental illness can take many forms. I have little doubt that this was a hate crime I also think it’s unlikely that this kid is “normal”. my best guess is he was “a bit off” for a long time. Then accessed neo fascist web pages and thought that he could be a hero for his right wing internet buddies.
  2. Hi south, I'm out of town as well. My son and I and a coupel friends have gone to Bills games the past few years. We stay downtown. Close to a bunch of brewpubs, restaurants and Sabres game if that works out. Not expensive. Have stayed at airbnb, Hyatt, and Hampton Inn. Its a pretty easy drive to OP. We've parked in Hammer Lot and the really large lot across from Hammer Lot, maybe a bit further from the stadium. Both were fun. Friendly people, interesting antics. Seats in the lower bowl corners 30 rows up are a really good price point. Think maybe we'll try to hit up an early season game that isnt freezing this year.
  3. Are you sure about that? I’m pretty sure that Ruben Brown was the holder back in the 1990s. I know that I heard he led the NFL in holding.
  4. On the podcast Joe Buscaglia suggested “hold god” But that name is already taken by Ruben Brown. I’ll be here every night till Thursday…
  5. Bills hosting Green Bay for thanksgiving nitecap is unlikely I think. that slot has been for division rivals 9 of past 10 years. Exception was Bills /Saints.
  6. You seriously think that singeltary is a better RB than Barkley? Seriously? Im not saying Bills should trade for Barkley. I think he’s probably a luxury that Bills can’t afford. But saying that singeltary is a better NFL RB than Barkley is ludicrous, and demonstrates that you understand very little of American football.
  7. Yup. if you think about it K gun reallyshould have been M gun. 100% 5-6 Db in 13 games? I can’t believe that’s correct. no short yardage defense in 13 entire games? Do you have a link for that stat? Hh
  8. sorry dude, you have no idea what you’re talking about. A tenth of a sec in the 40 is worth 2 inches? Where does that math come from. Got any links? Didnt think so.
  9. Basic arithmetic indicates that 0.1 sec is about 1 yd in a 40
  10. Dude. You can say as many words as you want. Doesn’t change the facts. None of those players are winners. It really is that simple.
  11. “Almost every 4th rounder …has become a good starter for the team. “ this statement is simply wrong. Not a matter of opinion, simply wrong. here’s the list of 4th round picks since 2011, excluding Taron Johnson and Gabe Davis DaNorris Searcy Chris Hairston Ron Brooks Nigel Bradham Duke Williams Ross Cockrell Cardale Jones you make the call.
  12. DaNorris Searcy Chris Hairston Ron Brooks Nigel Bradham Duke Williams Ross Cockrell Cardale Jones Taron Johnson Gabe Davis who are these guys? They are all of the Bills 4th round picks in the last 10 yrs Was trading a 4th rounder to get “your guy” in the 1st round really a desperate move? Time will tell. If Elam is a quality player, a 4-5 yr starter or better, it’s a good move.
  13. Huh. just tuned into the draft. I vaguely remember a few posters here telling me no way that Han was a first round pick. 16 is pretty solidly in first round.
  14. Cant believe that hondo missed the fact that Kay Stephenson was on both the starting QB and HC list....
  15. I wouldn’t pick any of those three. Metchie is JAG Walker is talented but seemed unmotivated at PSU. Certainly never played up to his talent level. Wouldn’t take a punter in the 3rd ever. I think Stout from PSU is a better punter than Azaiza. Higher percent of punts inside 20, allowed about one tenth the return yardage that Azaiza did. Cross is very good, smart player, always around the ball. Third might be too high,but a better choice than the other 3.
  16. Nope. 1 arrest per year is actually a far lower rate than a comparable non-NFL population. 1 per 90 man squad is 1.1% # arrests, all crimes for 21-24 yo was 1.2 million in 2019. Us population age 21-24 was 21 million. https://www.ojjdp.gov/ojstatbb/crime/ucr.asp?table_in=1 A little fancy math and you get an arrest rate of 5%. I wonder if crimes by NFL players are actually under-reported.
  17. I’m going to second the Jahan Dotson. I think he’ll be available at 25, or may need to go up a bit higher. IMO, his best comp is Paul Warfield. One of the smoothest WR I’ve seen. and has extraordinary hands and ball skills. Biggest knocks against him are lack of top top speed (ran 4.41 at combine, 4.33 at psu). That’s about what Lee Evans ran. and size. Not the biggest guy, but did 13 reps at 225 at combine. Not bad at 180 lbs. I have no real inside knowledge. I’m guessing he goes between 20-35.
  18. Here’s a real sleeper. 7th round or udfa Drew Hartlaub. PSU punt team gunner. Ran a 4.22 40 at psu pro day. Taiwan isn’t gonna be On this team forever.
  19. Big PSU fan so of course I’m biased the thing that sets Dotson apart from all the guys is his truly exceptional ball skills. The guy never drops a ball, and makes unbelievable catches. OBJ like one handers for TD. Plus he runs precision routes, exceptionally smooth. Hope Bills take him if he’s there at 25.
  20. As you say Ford is young. He’s not costing the Bills too much in cap. He plays both RT and guard. Might be worth seeing what the new (old) OL coach can do with him before kicking him to the curb. i doubt Bietker is ready to start the year.
  21. Bates played all OL positions except center at PSU. I’m thinking he plays RG equally well as LG. May not want to disrupt the “chemistry” between Bates and Dawkins.
  22. I have no inside knowledge, but I’d heard Bears front loaded the contract to make it tough to match. So I was guessing a cap hit in 2022 of $6 million or so. Bills would need to restructure contracts to clear this much space. really glad Bills matched. Besides being a big PSU fan, I was really pleased with Bills OL play at end of year. So keeping 4/5 of the line intact seems like a strong move.
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