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  1. I enjoy his mean streak without the off the field crazy. Sign him long term.
  2. Outstanding and a super way to back your talk man... hats off to you and gratz on your new found rep points!! On a side note, I won some cash for saying Buffalo will have a better record at the bye than the Browns.....and I was only 50/50 that I would win.
  3. "So kids... anyone here play the dirty trombone?" Lol sorry couldn't resist.
  4. Meh.... I dont think we are that good - yet.
  5. No we arent... we are rolling 6+ million of it till next year.
  6. I will have a box of Kleenex handy..... ...... for the sad moments.
  7. W.T.H. did I just watch lol that man is gonna have a coronary !! Go Bills!!!!
  8. I think it is all in good fun. I have never participated in the Shanagans - I have donated to various causes and various CURRENT players' causes as well. The Bills' fan base is generally caring.
  9. I have said all along I thought Allen was a late 1st early 2nd kind of QB with a lot of time needed to develop into a serviceable QB. My hope was with Mayfield. I am happy to see Allen develop and he has grown on me for sure.
  10. 24-21 Buffalo. First time I have picked Buffalo is YEARS. So there's that.
  11. I think he is just ready to mow the yard after the game after he switched into his Bermuda shorts.
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