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  1. "A friend told me" that the cold benches bring out my eeer his hemorrhoids. Guessing that's HIS reasoning.
  2. I hear the guru of the offense and gift to man..Doug Marrone may be available!
  3. Well just the name Beefcurtns can be seen as obscene. Good luck.
  4. OMG thank you that was hilarious!I love this team!
  5. Lol awesome!! Thanks. Allen is spending time with fans atm.
  6. Great game. The Bills' fans here today were great and the Dallas fans were sorta weird lol.
  7. PLEASE!! I am here at the stadium and I could barely see the after game interview. He ate a turkey leg!??
  8. I have no words now.... mostly due to having no voice. I have pissed off Dallas fans all around me.
  9. My voice is gone yelling so much. I am sitting in the middle of a bunch if oil field tycoons with no emotion and no tolerance for fun lol
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