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  1. Hmmm... I think there was a better introduction to the Queen City than the Citizenship in the Community merit badge circuit.
  2. I THINK these numbers are from THIS year after sacrificing last year. However, keep your narrative.
  3. So THIS is what professional and responsible cap management looks like?!?
  4. Tre White is awesome. He ALWAYS seems to be having fun. He shows great energy!
  5. I wonder hiw much the pervs out there would pay for those freshly used seats?
  6. I do often. It is why I am a professional career employee.
  7. I care more about the accuracy! Ps just kidding
  8. Wait.............Duffy or Johnson? Or did you have BOTH due to being in 3rd grade twice? I am so confused. Ps I dropped some periods for ya (or him)
  9. Landry has been missing a bunch too. Poor Baker.
  10. Sorry... phone hiccup. Yeah teams from the AFC East OR IF it is towards playoff time - teams the Bills are competing against. TLDR: teams that affect them or their standing.
  11. I would LOVE to see some video snippets of other teams that are "important" to the Bills. These may include special plays (hits, sacks, TDs) that occurred since last TV time out.
  12. I enjoy these videos on all QBs but especially our own. Go Bills!!
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