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  1. I can't speak for others but I saw that video before you posted it. I thought it was odd but then I thought about the NFL and felt differently about it.
  2. Maybe change the title if you don't want opinions? Making your title a question implies you want dialogue with different viewpoints vs just exposing your view and acting patronizing and condescending to others for theirs (aka "fool").
  3. Who cares? Any NFL has a professional staff that knows this and then some. It is a nothing burger.
  4. Well poor QB play will sink the league as fast as anything....so it sorta makes sense.
  5. I never really thought of this but wow...and EVERY 7 years! Seven year itch anyone? Lol
  6. When was THIS game? EDIT: Nevermind I found out when
  7. Exactly my point. He plays out his rookie contract....some team grabs him for a mid range free agent and Buffalo gets a + in the formula.
  8. When you are a QB for a nationally relevant team it must.
  9. Edmunds MAY do that with a better DLine in front of him. This year we will see.
  10. Wasn't he the best rookie QB last year?
  11. Why do people think we would cut Espenesa?!?! He is on his rookie deal. Keep him cheap and let him go and someone will sign him and it "will count towards" our compensatory picks.
  12. Dang title says 5 released. I put on my reading glasses and only see 4 in the opening post. Tricky....
  13. Man...stopped again on 3rd Hmm going for it Wow mumerow made it
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