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  1. ^^^ IS the issue ^^^ either he was kidding to throw salt on the wound or TRULY has no idea how he comes across. However, either answer serves as the impetus of his opinion/takes/posts.
  2. Sometimes it is not good to come out of a safe room too early.
  3. Well who cares.....the REAL question is what he thinks about Washington changing their name?!?!? /sarcasm
  4. Yeah.... so you quoted a response massively out of context. Congrats you just became the MSM. Ps and go back and read what this was a response to - it sorta matters
  5. Yes it happens. I worked as a professor for 13 years and I have done it a few times. In fact, sometimes the other professors asked me recognizing they may have a bias (one way or another). Sometimes it was because the department chair took a complaint alleging malfeasance. I have had a peer look over a paper once before. Since that time, however, i would have the students put their names on the last page of the paper to help eliminate biases....and YES I would have biases. Oftentimes, I was shocked to the quality of the paper in both directions as compared to the student.
  6. Meh....still not a good representative sample and their letters are flawed! /sarcasm
  7. Interesting that he didn't wear a sport model. I assume that's better
  8. Lol have you seen Washington play?!? On a serious note....they are endangered but about 300 still around. Cute lil buggers.
  9. I actually like Redtails but Red Wolves take it for me. Howl after every score lol.
  10. You obviously don't understand research. EVERY good research document is ethically bound to tell the reader the limitations and where someone can pick up/improve upon it. It is the core of proper and well-done research. Besides....it is not my job to convince you of something you are unwilling to see. As I said to someone yesterday...arguing with you is like playing chess with a pigeon. The bird just craps on the board and struts around thinking it is winning. Keep pooping on arguments and feel like your winning. You viewpoints are coming across well /sarcasm.
  11. I dont want to make this personal but lolololololloolloollolll.....umm go back and read your posts , especially how you staked your major argument on the Washington Post's unscientific poll.
  12. Cute straw man argument. You couldn't find a well thought-out response?
  13. /yawn. So let me see IF I understand the game plan here. FIRST swear by a faulty study that the ORIGINAL authors refuse to give details or even the questions involved in the study. SECOND, go on forums utilizing said study as if its gospel without knowing ANY details other than what fits the 90% dont care narrative. THIRD, when posters point out alternative studies they get they were bad ones with agendas. FOUR, when a peer reviewed study gets completed with a representative sample AND they show the entire planet their data it gets dismissed behind "heresay....they are showing their transparency behind a paywall lololool." AND FIVE when an open link gets provided the come back is "This is nothing more than an excuse for woke whities to justify their busy body activism." Quite learned and adorable argument there. I wish people would just call their bias for what it is and stop pretending they have facts behind it. It is truly okay to say "This makes me mad and I feel that my identity is being threatened." One might get scoffed for it but it would be genuine.
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