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  1. Meh....at least we can start getting ahead of the comp pick formula
  2. I hate to break it to ya....but nepotism is alive in every field/occupation.
  3. I have been setting up a new workshop. I literally just finished the ventilation system for it. Next weekend I will be installing the tools...my man cave.
  4. This seems about right...and I would think with the #1 being the only team with a bye to heal up....it will just keep this way.
  5. Hackett's energy was insane. The ole run Spiller till he pukes and taps out kind of comment. He was something and I liked the kid. Karmas a thing!
  6. I still remember Jerry Hughes giving Marrone crap for making them do suicides after an altercation in practice when it was super hot out. It was one of St. Doug's many fine moments.
  7. I just had to smile to myself when I read that the mighty St Doug Marrone went from saving Syracuse, then Buffalo then the Jaguars just to attempt his magic for Nick Saban's Tide as a position coach. I am sure he will perform wonders and will single handedly bring Alabama back to national prominence! https://www.si.com/nfl/jaguars/news/reports-former-jaguars-hc-doug-marrone-to-join-nick-sabans-alabama-staff
  8. Bring on the parade!! This time of year is nothing but crazy town.
  9. I thought it was fine and refreshing he didn't back out. He's a douche but kudos to him to sticking to his word.
  10. I just want to see her jump in those outfits....if it is the Bills' wagon then more power to it.
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