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  1. Tempos is nice too. For Italian....Mulberry is fantastic.
  2. He's only doing this for clicks. It is his job so why not?
  3. I have the $1 subscription. It is definitely worth that.
  4. Used to be worse for me when there were cheerleaders.
  5. Yeah...either way. It is just so refreshing looking forward to see what the front office does versus getting prepared to defend their decisions as in the past.
  6. There are "beautiful" women EVERYWHERE where alcohol is served liberally.
  7. I wish they kept him. He looked so pathetically bad last year it ALMOST made me feel bad for the Pats**
  8. Maybe they have a deal to bring him back after cut downs?
  9. I predict 2 more trades for later rounds to help with the cut down....make it happen!
  10. Do you think their 1st string would do better than their 2nd string? If so, then you should have concerns about our run defense regardless of points scored. If not, then you may want to make a new handle to post with.
  11. This is truly your take? Our mostly first string D vs their 100% 2nd string O? You may want to rethink your posting strategy.
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