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  1. 27-17 Buffalo. Cam Newton finds kryptonite in his jock and asks Stidham to give him a hand.
  2. "And that....is how the Lord of the Dance is done!"
  3. 31-10 Buffalo. I see a bounce back game from both sides. Darnold gets a late garbage TD.... running it in.
  4. Yeah...I was there and it was fantastic! I was sooooo hoping to repeat it this year.
  5. Well...I will be "that guy." I have interacted with Lewan a few times in Nashville and he has been a solid "famous" guy out on the town. He complimented the bend on my Stetson so maybe I am biased lol. However, he may just be a douche in games. He reminds me of a sane Ritchie Incognito.
  6. I have 200 acres in Central Tennessee and I love that area. It was too bad covid hit. The game was amazing last time.
  7. Had my first beer at a Buffalo game there...good times.
  8. I did not care about the analysis. Many stat dudes said what they said based on their "methodology" - okay. However, when someone says Allen is a "parody of a qb" or he "is not poised, not accurate and can't play QB" or he "is an epic mistake" ALL before he ever stepped foot on an NFL field based on "numbers" is crap. Those statements are biased opinions and are just plain hurtful. IF they would have said "Allen's stats are...and it is hard to see that translating well in the pros" then okay but to smear the kid with asinine statements was brutal and just plain BS.
  9. Yeah so sad I am teaching. I pick 1 Tuesday a month because it "never" interferes with the Bills' game.... oh well GO BILLS!!!
  10. This will be one of the only games (outside of being in a war zone) since the 70s I will not be at/watch....I am sad
  11. Simms has been Josh's cheerleader since day 1 and it is refreshing. Truthfully....I just think Josh's attitude, leadership, talent and "growth" mindset is absolutely phenomenal and speaks to what he is now and even more what he will consistently become.
  12. I THOUGHT you were going to say "refs missed the roughing the passer"....dude drove into him with a little face mask to boot.
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