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  1. Yeah... I just use my company's flight points. I am excited. I hear there are a few Bills' bars down there.
  2. I am in Dallas for Thanksgiving this year.
  3. I'm guessing they dont care how upset you are with their picks.... just a hunch though.
  4. Why the HECK did you necro this old arsed thread?
  5. Yawn... been said 4 other times in this thread. Keep up! Lol
  6. Couldn't tell by your ltake. /sarcasm
  7. I think haikus suck. Has to be five seven five. Who came up with this?
  8. Yeah it has been posted before....I think she is wondering what comes along with those big hands though!!
  9. Hey I MAY have 2. I won't know until we offer them to our employees first. However, NEARLY always no one wants them heh
  10. IF this was the case you are lifting wrong. Try lifting something slightly heavier :).
  11. I was picturing the toilet actually....
  12. THEN they grabbed Fitzy.......
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