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  1. Well I am guessing reason won't matter. There are message boards named after plays against Buffalo (aka Music City Miracle)....some people just look for anything to get upset about. Ps we would do the same thing
  2. Hmmmm...I dont see it as a big deal. That was an amazing play. I am guessing you get upset whenever there is a Josh Allen highlight showing him hurdling over Anthony Barr?
  3. I don't think Rodgers will approve that trade to an unhealthy O line. He can just threaten to retire and game over.
  4. Hmmm has Casey Heyward been picked up yet? I would think he would make a nice #2.
  5. Isn't that ALWAYS the case...."unless the price is right." What would be the alternative "Ertz is gone as soon as the Eagles get fleeced"?
  6. Probability says so.....don't need an expert opinion to understand odds along with historical results.
  7. I'm not responding to many people but rather to 1. Moreover, the better a team is built the less you are filling holes with 5th round picks.
  8. Okay...then that's more than fair. I was just going off the context that your post was immediately after the team's 5th round pick and not after one of the previously aforementioned picks you referred to.
  9. Okay.... my point still stands. Who would you have picked in the 5th round that would have been a day 1 starter to help the win now narrative?....I will wait.
  10. But my response was towards your "win now" aspect of your post. Which inside lineman would you plug in at this point of the draft that helps the team "win now"? ......there isn't one thus nearly ANY pick the Bills pick now are about potential, injury concerns or niche players.
  11. Win now =/= don't plan for the future. They can mutually occur.
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