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  1. Well to be fair EVERY team has "belligerent a holes on social media." I am guessing it is one way of demonstrating one is passionate fan. Also, them being called names just shows another sort of belligerence
  2. My hope is Tom Brady so we can bench him all year and watch him hold a clipboard all season.
  3. Hmmm....I wonder who the Rooney rule candidate was?
  4. Lol is that like a middle-school insult now or something like a "your mama" type of retort (eeer response for non-boomers)?
  5. They do. I cant remember his name atm but he has an Indian first and last name...first name MAY be Anjmun.
  6. Good. It means that it is a team defense and that the parts are relatively easy to mix and match. Unlike Houston (for example), when Watt went down so didnt the defense.
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