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  1. Any injury sucks but neck and head ones just are crushing.
  2. I'm there with my sister and brother in law (he's a crazy fish fan) should be interesting and unbearable if the Bills don't win lol
  3. Haikus confuse me Too often they make no sense Hand me the pliers
  4. Not necessarily....coming back to football means he is possibly prone to more spinal cord injuries....just in a latent sense
  5. Or otherwise known as "Tua does the EXACT same thing and he gets dragged for it!"
  6. Maybe create a new account?....this won't age well!
  7. Try to criticize Mac Jones over on Pats* forums. They will run you out of town saying he is the next goat and how smart he is then throw in he will do better with a simplified offense now that McDaniel is gone. The Pats** fanbase is one I truly relish seeing get caught up in QB purgatory!
  8. He didn't single out Allen. He gave crap about a bunch of QBs including Ryan, Roethlisberger, etc. As Buffalo fans we only hear of the Allen slant.
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