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  1. Is he ON something? This is becoming tragic.
  2. I absolutely LOVED Poyer naming his fish Micah. It cracked me up and demonstrated the good friendship they have.
  3. I'm sure we have some capital to trade!!!
  4. Meh....he missed the can! Horrendous accuracy issues!!!!
  5. My most obscure coach (and most embarrassing moment) was meeting John Ray. He was a defensive coach back in the mid 70s under Saban. He was at a diner with a Bill's shirt on. I met up with him in the bathroom and I asked him if he was a big fan of the team...he said yes with a big grin. We chatted for a minute. I saw him a few weeks later at Niagara University coaching the defense. Yeah... I felt like like an idiot not knowing who he was.
  6. MAYBE get off the forums and grab a shower?
  7. Hmmm... I think there was a better introduction to the Queen City than the Citizenship in the Community merit badge circuit.
  8. I THINK these numbers are from THIS year after sacrificing last year. However, keep your narrative.
  9. So THIS is what professional and responsible cap management looks like?!?
  10. Tre White is awesome. He ALWAYS seems to be having fun. He shows great energy!
  11. I wonder hiw much the pervs out there would pay for those freshly used seats?
  12. I do often. It is why I am a professional career employee.
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