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  1. I hope he gets it. I like Shady but the Bills should have got rid of him a year before they did. He can still play a limited role but his tank will exhaust fast.
  2. I liked Tyrod Taylor but 3rd and long I am taking Josh Allen all day everyday. Josh makes plays and gets first downs. Taylor checked it down short of the sticks far too often.
  3. I would think it sucks but some football is better than no football imo.
  4. Did he already deflate the tires and destroy the computer?
  5. Yay someone who can drag their toes in bounds!
  6. If he is playing at a franchise level that can win us a superbowl then you give him the deal. If not then you don't.
  7. Sorry guys I should have searched. My apologies. I don't come on the site much during the off season. My bad.
  8. Pretty decent props https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-s-next-great-dynasty-chiefs-cowboys-bills-among-candidates
  9. They were? They were equally as bad and only had one real drive the entire game. Clearly better? That's some hyperbole there.
  10. True but so was Lamar. The first half Lamar was like 5 of 10 1TD 1INT almost all dump offs. Lamar had far better weapons. Our receivers barely got open and when they did get the ball had some dropsies too. Allen needed to play better, but he wasn't the entire reason.
  11. I personally liked Chan and his offense.
  12. Statistics does not record a drop as a drop unless its a routine catch, so number 3 is moot.
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