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  1. Well they at least had a good QB on the roster ready to take over.
  2. There were actually people pissed off here because he didn't down it. Calling him selfish.
  3. He would be the best backup in the league if he is healthy. That's why he is going to be a starter somewhere.
  4. Seriously? I don't think Cam is that great, but he is going to be a starter somewhere. There is zero chance he is signing with Buffalo to ride the bench. Likely he will end up on the Pats unless they are trying to lose every game.
  5. The thing is that if they drafted all those players... it would have been unlikely they would make the team. The other option would be trading those picks to move up and likely draft a WR. That would be a crapshoot. We instead used those picks to get an instant starter on this team in that position that is already proven. Way better use of draft picks IMO. The guy is still young and on a reasonable contract.
  6. If Allen takes a step this year then this team is going to be dangerous. Maybe not Chiefs dangerous but with our D too.
  7. Yes. Regardless of how Allen does, McBean crew has done a great job here. Our team finally feels like a professionally run team IMO.
  8. With the 22nd pick of the NFL draft, The Bills select Stefon Diggs. Minnesota. There. There is your first round of the draft lol.
  9. Yeah but… he was dropping the easy ones and catching the tough ones lol.
  10. Way too much? If Diggs was in the draft this year and you could get him at 22nd would you pull the trigger? The other picks are insignificant freebees that likely wouldn't make the roster.
  11. People not liking this move sigh. Diggs is a stud. He is fast, catches the tough catches, and can run all the routes. Not only that but he is going to open up Brown and Beasley. If Allen can hit him we are going to have a good offense this season. No first round pick was going to do that for us.
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