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  1. Scott7975

    Someone needs to be fired over Mahomes right now.

    Well kudos to the people that said the kid was special. I don't watch college football so I don't get involved in those conversations. The kid certainly looks to have it. Yes he has a great supporting cast and coach. That shouldn't be a knock. He is way beyond getting the job done and so young. I don't think he would do anywhere near as well here but you can certainly see the talent and smarts that he does have.
  2. Scott7975

    Allen not showing progress

    I don't know how Allen will turn out. He has been lackluster thus far IMO, but he doesn't have much help either. Everywhere you see rookie QBs do well they have help around them most of the time. I am also not so sure that Daboll isn't a problem. Looking through his history the guy as an OC has never had an offense better than 20th. 32nd, 29th, 24th, and 20th are his offensive rankings as an OC.
  3. Scott7975

    Learning from a veteran

    With different user names even.
  4. Sammy is on his second team in a row in a high powered offense with a very good QB. He still isn't putting up the numbers. There is a reason for this and its not because he is a glorified decoy. Top receivers around the league put up stats without being a decoy. Not worth the contract IMO.
  5. Scott7975

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    I see a third option. He has incredibly mediocre play leading to the same games as we have been watching.
  6. Scott7975

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    SaviorPeterman is that you?
  7. Scott7975

    Peterman Pick 6

    See. I told you guys he learned from that. He threw the pick to the right side this time.
  8. I don't know. Likely around the same. The oline has been getting a bit better but not by a lot. Receivers are still bottom of the barrel even if they make the occasional play. AJM held the ball just as long as Allen. Daboll just doesn't seem like a good coach to me.
  9. Scott7975

    Allen not showing progress

    Im sure you will see some of that. I see him do that live, but I think it is partly to do with coaching. The kid should be getting better, but he seems worse and I think its partly coaching. Daboll should be creating plans to help him. It just seems to be that Daboll is coaching him that way. Could be bias because I want the kid to be the answer. I don't know. I thought he was starting to come on before the injury. He started making some good passes. Some called back.
  10. Scott7975

    The Refs!

    I didn't like the refs this game. I thought they called lopsided crap. Saying that we lost because Peterman, Ray Ray McCloud, and Daboll.
  11. Hughes is right but the way this staff works Peterman will get the start next week while Hughes is traded Monday for a 5th.
  12. Scott7975

    Allen not showing progress

    I don't think he is shell shocked at all. I think Daboll is coaching him badly.
  13. I view it as it being up to the GM and Coaches to surround this kid with an oline and some receiving talent. It is also up to them to train this rookie. If he doesn't get better then he doesn't get better. We may have the worst all around offense in the league talent wise. Coaching may suck too. It's unfair to judge this kid at this point. Look at Goff. Goff was just as bad year one. Replace coaching staff. Surrounded him with talent year two and he tore up the league. Josh may not do that, but he certainly won't with the garbage around him... including the OC.
  14. Nah man. He totally learned from it. That pass is usually to the other side of the field. He went to his left this time.
  15. Scott7975

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    I don't know. I don't like his offense. It seems a lot of coaches around the league can form an offense to at least look respectable regardless of the teams situation. Either Josh and our offense are historically bad or Daboll is historically bad. I guess it could be some of both. He doesn't have a ton to work with. Even still, you think the guy could dial up a couple drives a game. I am not as football smart as the awesome people on the board. This offense is garbage though. It starts with coaching. I can say one thing I didn't like... Josh finally had a huge play and Benjamin had a huge catch. It got called back on somebody who doesn't know how to freaking line up. 3rd and 11. Watt is on the sideline. They run the football. Why would you not go back to a pass in that situation?