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  1. The Fitz will not rest until he has thrown a TD for all 32 NFL teams (pick 6 doesn't count.)
  2. I wasn't against Roberts being out there but... can we have a data sheet that shows WHO contributed. That way we can measure what everyone contributed to their teams on top of return yards. Like does someone else use a receiver that say gets 500 yards receiving a year or a CB that is pretty decent in passing defense. I like the fact that Roberts almost doesn't fumble but... on kickoffs he is practically useless as he pretty much averages just beyond a touchback. How many teams employ a guy that ONLY returns kicks/punts? If I employed that guy then I would want someone that breaks them regularly (not necessarily a TD.) Otherwise I would rather have an average guy that catches well but also has a good contribution in another phase.
  3. What would be hilarious is if he went to the Pats, the Pats won like 4-6 games, and the Seachickens went to the Super Bowl.
  4. This team regardless of cap space can't afford to pay the money he is likely to get in FA by some sucker team. I like Phillips but he isn't worth that much as a rotational tackle. If he could do it all and stay on the field then maybe. The fact that he is a liability in the run game makes him worth far less.
  5. You are probably going to take some flack and so are some others including myself, but I also believe this team is closer than some want to admit. A couple more pieces on offense and another step from Allen. This defense was have been one of the best in the playoffs already. Just need our offense to get their too and I don't think that is too far away.
  6. While I don't think we would have beaten KC... different matchups and different games. We couldn't beat NE. Miami beat NE. Until yesterday the Ravens were the highest powered offense in the league. What did we hold the Ravens to? Within one score.
  7. Yeah he is so much better than Allen.
  8. He wasn't going to go for this? lol
  9. Nah he wouldn't catch some of these balls. That and we don't have the other playmakers that he gets that far open.
  10. This is why I like games that at least have SOME defense. It gets boring to me like this. I would have shut this off at halftime had KC not come back.
  11. on the flipside we get a guy that catches it in the bucket with 2 yards of space and cant get his feet down in bounds lol.
  12. He's ruled down but Allen wasn't? lmao.
  13. I've always thought he was a great coach though.
  14. If Watson would have committed at first pressure he could have ran for the first down there.
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