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  1. Seems they use the "dropped int stat" way more loose than a dropped pass.
  2. He has at least one during our playoff game.
  3. Whaley was already here. Ryan was a bad hire. Lynn is the product of what a team does when they fire the coach during the season... have an interim coach that is already on the team. They made 1 GM hire and 2 HC hires.
  4. They arent that good. They cant run block at all and in some cases are swiss cheese in pass blocking.
  5. It's been a good job. Beane has a lot of short term contracts with small dead cap hits. I heard on WGR that the Bills need to sign like 17 players to get back to a full roster though. I suspect more moves will be made because 20ish mil is not going to go far when you have that many holes just to fill out the roster.
  6. I don't believe released players are part of the equation.
  7. Don't worry guys. Watt wont sniff a Superbowl in the next two years there. He will then hit free agency one last time to try and get one. The Bills will pick him up on a small one year deal. Watt will be too broken and washed up by then. By game 4 he will retire.
  8. Millions of people can't be wrong bro!
  9. Well, McDonald's is the most sold burger in America so...
  10. Didnt Jarius Byrd have the same problem when he left here?
  11. Wow KC got none of these flags against us and they have what 5 now?
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