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  1. The dude was negative when we were 4-0. That says it all.
  2. D+. Is ridiculous even for the toughest grader. Josh played well. Couple misses and a fumble. Red zone woes are not all on Josh. TD called back. Penalties not in his control. Daboll crappy play calling for half the game not in his control either. I Josh is the least of the offense concerns. He isn't Mahomes no... But he is almost completely carrying this offense. Even past all their mistakes. It's tough to be productive in a one dimensional offense. Even against bad teams.
  3. Um they should already be pissed off. How's that working out for them today?
  4. What just happened to the Titans is my fear with Bass
  5. Of course we get a penalty with good field position
  6. Well they are getting better. They haven't actually lost the feed yet
  7. Everyone wants to say Josh is sucking but it's the rest of the team killing themselves with stupid things.
  8. Defense got worse. Daboll can't adjust. Allen hasn't been as on target. Receivers aren't making as many tougher catches.
  9. I just want the win today. Get healthy and get better. That includes Daboll that I think has been pretty bad today. He can't mix up a game. It's all pass until stopped then all run until stopped. Then all pass again.
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