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  1. I'm pretty optimistic about this season. I don't think we are quite there yet, but I certainly wouldn't say we are miles away. On paper the Bills made some solid improvements over last year. The important part is still going to be if the QB can get the job done.
  2. 2017 San Fran traded their 2nd and 4th to Seattle for their late round 1st (acquired from Atlanta.) Highly doubt this happens though.
  3. This trade was practically in place in February. Saying Whaley had nothing to do with it is ludicrous.
  4. This... and on the flipside I felt like Josh came out not so good and improved as the season went on.
  5. Clay dropped ***** left and right and was hampered by ongoing knee problems. Clay was weird though... He would drop an easy pitch and catch right in his hands, but then catch some miracle sideline pass.
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