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  1. Personally I agreed with going for the FG before the half. Have to get points there or the team would be completely demoralized. The FG towards the end of the game I disagreed with. Need a TD there for sure. A FG did nothing other than get us an onside kick.
  2. Because he didnt have to. There was no pressure and their receivers were wide open every play. What don't you understand about that?
  3. Look at the situation. Josh was under pressure with blanketed receivers most of the game. Mahomes faced pretty much no pressure most of the game while Hill and Kelce were 5 yards open every play. Big difference.
  4. or its just they blanketed our receivers very well and had constant pressure on Josh. That doesn't make for an easy day. On the flip side (not to take away from Mahomes) but he faced almost no pressure and had Hill and Kelce open all day. Mahomes had a walk in the park. Josh had a tough fight in a warzone.
  5. One tough mofo. They better keep that dude here until he retires.
  6. I guarantee if he punched back we would have gotten the flag. They almost always flag the retaliator, not the instigator.
  7. Interesting. I thought for sure it was a reviewable play because most everything is when it comes to plays "governed by the boundary lines." So I looked in the rule book and it is not. The rule book specifically states this... https://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/2020-nfl-rulebook/#article-5.-plays-governed-by-the-boundary-lines
  8. Maybe Frazier can go and we can talk Schwartz out of retirement
  9. Disagree. You don't beat the chiefs with soft zone and field goals.
  10. You should just be banned for this thread. You don't have that record against that schedule and make it to the champ game by being overrated.
  11. I hate KC now. They are dirty and continue to be dirty even when the game is over
  12. This team is passive in all phases. Fgs. I formation runs? Soft on D. They need to be more aggressive.
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