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  1. What is with your exaggerations? No one called him a #1 receiver. Most people are simply saying he provides the offense something they lack. A big target that can and has made contested catch. Its called having some versatility instead of having just a bunch of small speed guys. Foster has 10 games. In 7 games he has zero catches. In 3 games he has 1 catch each. McKenzie and Foster are essentially the same player.
  2. How many balls did the Ravens receivers drop that hit them right in the hands? Josh had at least 3 - 4 downfield throws dropped. Who knows what happens if they catch even one of those because at least 2 of them were drive killers. Did McKenzie drop a TD pass? I never seen a replay off it so couldn't tell if it was defended or he dropped a ball in his hands. How many times did Lamars oline allow jailbreaks right up the middle on the snap as well as no edge escape routes? Allen had many. You miss the point that offensive production is not entirely on the quarterback. There is plenty of blame to go around on our offense. Also to completion%. It helps greatly when you throw a screen pass to the LoS and it goes for yardage as opposed to being stopped instantly or having to be thrown in the dirt because it wasn't there to be executed from the get go. Its also a field position game in a game like this. Ravens had the better field position for most of the game by a mile. It wasn't because Lamar was moving the ball and flipping the field. I'll just agree to disagree with you and call it good.
  3. I don't think it is going to be any easy game, but I would honestly be surprised if we didn't come home with the win. Pittsburgh has good D. So do we. We have the better O imo. The Ravens I think gave us more trouble on D then Pitts will and that went down to the wire. I think we bounce back and grab our entry into the post season on Sunday.
  4. Yes I watched that play a million times as well. First of all the Ravens brought 8 guys on the blitz on that play. It was 2 seconds into the play that Beasley gets open. Allen did what I would want him to do. On 4th and game he threw to his #1 receiver, who is in man coverage, to try and win a football game. 8 guys coming. He has a clock and is not holding the ball to see if someone 2 yards away is getting open. By that time, if there was a window to throw to Brown, it would be long closed. People would be screaming he holds the ball too long yadda yadda yadda. Allen absolutely did the right thing. It just didn't work out.
  5. Now you are just making stuff up. Shaw, I completely respect you. I love reading your threads every week after the game. I'm sorry though. I have to disagree with you on this one. Especially when you start making stuff up as an argument. Jackson only wants 3-5 plays back including the INT. Here are the non TD drives... 1. 6 plays 35 yards punt 2. drive start buff 45. 8 plays 27 yards (Jackson accounted for 7 of those yards) FG 3. 3 plays -6 yards punt 4. 3 plays INT 5. 3 plays 4 yards punt 6. 5 plays 17 yards punt 7. 3 plays 9 yards punt 8. 3 plays 7 yards punt TD scoring drive. 1. Drive start 24 yard line. 5 plays 15 yards TD. That was a gimme off a fumble. 2. 3 plays 75 yards. This was another gimme off a busted play. 17 air yards to a guy open by more than 5 yards right in the middle field of vision. Does not get any easier than this. 3. Drive start Ravens 49 yard line. 9 plays. Lamar had a 7 yard pass, a 10 yard run, and a 4 yard TD pass ( this pass was very good though) Lamar only wants 3-5 plays back? right. Lamar didn't do jack squat. If you want to say he outplayed Allen. That's fine. He hit 1 busted pass that Allen didn't so he outplayed him. He still played just as bad. If I were Lamar I wouldn't be all ho hum I outplayed Allen. If I were either of these QBs I would be asking myself how can I do better if we face each other in the playoffs. Because they both played bad against great defenses.
  6. Let’s look at the scoring drives Baltimore 27 yards, 15 yards, 75 yards(61 yards of this came on one busted play. Pass was 17 air yards,) 36 yards. Not once did Lamar and his offense have to drive the field for a score. Any time he had to drive the field, outside the busted play, they punted or he threw an int. I don’t believe the difference was QB.
  7. we lost by 7 points. The Ravens were almost given 14 free points with the busted coverage on one play and the free little school yard flip after the fumble.
  8. That’s what I thought. Thanks for confirming.
  9. I agree with everything you are saying here. I guess my question is does Pitts have the coverage guys to play cover 0 which is all man coverage. They might but I don’t think as well as Baltimore and NE. pittsburg does blitz like 30% of the time but it’s not all out blitzing like cover 0.
  10. I have a difference of opinion about this game. I agree that Lamar deserves mvp conversations and Allen does not. In this particular game I feel they both played equally bad against equally stout defenses. The difference of the game for me was a blown coverage on a 17 yard pass taken to the house and giving Lamar practically first and goal off a fumble. I don’t believe Jackson would have driven the field for that score. Not the way the game was played. jackson avoided sacks. He had nowhere near the jailbreak troubles Josh has all game long. Allen played crappy. Jackson played crappy. The difference to me was one turnover in the red zone and Poyer messing up one play. also our offense as a whole was out of synch. From the online getting blown up to receivers dropping balls. That is a difference as well. Not just josh vs Lamar.
  11. If the division was out of the question then I would play it like a preseason game. Have the starters play a couple series and then sit them. I don’t think you want to go into a wc game on the road completely cold.
  12. If we win any of the 3 games we are in the playoffs. Tie breaker with the Steelers doesn't matter at all. I don't know what you are getting at.
  13. Possibly but don't the Steelers play mostly zone coverage? Cover 0 is man coverage. I haven't watched any Pittsburg games this year.
  14. Jackson hit a 17 yard pass as his biggest pass. The rest was YAC. In fact Lamar only attempted 2 passes that traveled beyond 17/18 yards. Both incompletions. Allen hit a 22 yard pass and although he did miss a few open passes downfield he also had some big gainers dropped. Also people keep talking about how defenses know Allen cant hit the long ball so they just blitz him. Lamar has completed just 1 pass over 22 yards since week 3.
  15. So what about special teams. He just needs to be on the field. Our punter only punts it like 30 yards and out of bounds anyhow. Even if he does boot it, I doubt one position on our special teams is going to be the difference. He can however make a difference on a play or two in the offense. Sometimes that's all it takes. McKenzie and Foster made what difference?
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