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  1. The one Panther this team didn't pick up.
  2. Might be the worst halftime show I have seen. These guys can barely finish a thought.
  3. Philly fans booing their 9-1 football team. Just lol.
  4. So you gonna blame the OC or you gonna finally realize the QB sucks?
  5. I didnt notice it live either but it was clear on replay.
  6. He did have his head turned looking at the ball
  7. WTF they are gonna hang another 70 game at this rate.
  8. I hope so man. Not just for our team to get in but these teams are bad. I don't want to watch bad playoff football. The conference game might be the only good game lol. Technically that could be bad too.
  9. It's a football catastrophe if all these bad teams make the playoffs and the Bills don't. Might not even be a good divisional playoff game this year, much less some good WC football.
  10. I cut him a little slack because Hill is a scumbag. Punching his pregnant wife in the stomach and face and choking her, I don't think he should even have a job. I don't root for injury but I wouldn't be sad either.
  11. Nah, he has thrown 10 ints this year and many more that should have been ints. He is accurate but his fast reads cause him to make mistakes. He often throws into bad coverage that his arm cant get there in time.
  12. Oh ffs. This wasn't a competition post of who is the most careless.
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