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  1. Boom. Between the ST's coach last year and this guy, we found our missing pieces. Good luck beating us next year Bengals! It won't even be close.
  2. oh please lets not exaggerate. Every team goes through injuries. They had a snow game that needed to be moved, big deal. The Hamlin thing is different sure but the fact that he made it through so well should have given them all juice. Adversity is just this years excuse. I dont buy that they quit. They just didnt play well and had a ***** game plan. Thats all.
  3. Im not necessarily a fire everyone guy but where I am at is this... Im tired of all of our top resources getting poured into a defense that might as well not show up during a playoff game because they cant stop anyone in the playoffs. Meanwhile the offense suffers with low dollar over the hill JAGS and late round picks. How many years are they going to keep doing this? Allen is getting killed behind an oline that barely gets hands on their blocking assignment much less blocks, nobody wants to step up and get open and catch the damn ball. Our defense is full of first round and second round picks and a lot of the cap space gets destroyed too. Something has to give.
  4. Is this like when people tried to convince me that Star Lotulelelfifjkeodi was doing his job and what was asked of him and therefore was good?
  5. Sounds like something a Frank Reich team would do. First they have to let the Giants sign him so they can trade all their draft picks for him.
  6. A coach that couldnt do anything with prime Brees is going to turn around a team with washed Wilson. Im not buying it like I bought it last season.
  7. Mahomes has better coaching, a better oline by a mile, and still has Kelce. While his receivers I wouldnt call elite, its not like they are dumpster fires. They are decent receivers. Yes, if Diggs and Chase got traded there probably would be some drop off. Its not like Allen was terrible in 2019 before Diggs got here.
  8. The best way I can answer this is my own personal view... I think that its dumb to try and say "this QB is better" "that QB is better" etc. I personally put them in tiers and view them as equals. I think Allen and Mahomes are in the same tier. They are both elite. Doesnt matter which one someone thinks is better. They do things in their own ways and have different styles. For instance, Mahomes may read the field better and hit those short passes more accurately. Allen can hit any throw on the field from anywhere on the field and even on the run. At the end of the day, I think they are so close that it doesnt matter. Put Allen on that KC team instead of Mahomes and I believe they still go to the SBs. When I said "Allen may not be Mahomes but..." I more meant it in the sense that the style of play is different, not that I think Mahomes is better or worse. They are both elite and likely both going to the HoF someday.
  9. Old ass Gronk is not helping this team. I had the same thought as 947 above... its like signing Gore. Great to have the star name on the team but thats all it is, a name. The player is done.
  10. Yes, it just kicks the can down the road. For someone like Josh it probably wont matter much but looking at someone like Von is a different story. Von can currently be cut in 2025 and not be much concern. This is good if he comes back not himself or declines because of age and injuries. Restructuring him pushes bigger cap hits down the road. So if they restructure him, which it looks like they have to... we are probably stuck with him for most of his contract regardless of his play.
  11. That doesnt leave a lot of money to replace or resign 24 FA's this off season. I've been saying that for weeks though.
  12. This is an arguement I have been making most of the year. Either Beane really is terrible at drafting or this coaching staff cant develop players. Could be a little of both. We have players like Hughes not do crap for years here all of a sudden get a bunch of sacks for the worst team in the NFL. We have players like Teller not play well here, get traded and become all pro. We have other rookies make a few flashes but are otherwise mediocre. Maybe some of them come on when their rookie contracts are almost up. We cant even get some rookies on the field unless its needed because of injuries. We have other rookies that our offense doesnt even know how to use or know what to do with. Knox is probably our second best weapon on the field and they rarely use him in the passing game. I could talk about this stuff all day but I just dont think our staff develops players all that well. They are of the mindset of not putting rookies on the field unless they have to. Rookies need to get experience during the season on the field.
  13. I'm honestly not sure what you mean. My whole thread title was "I'm convinced it's coaching." Where are you talking about "for?"
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