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  1. If they were moving on from him then why would he ask to be traded? He didnt like something so he wanted out. Its that simple. That means he dont want to be here.
  2. What dont people understand about Beasley asked to be released. That means he doesnt want to be here. He has Tom Brady and played in two games and has 17 yards.
  3. I dunno. He has been a head coach before and he is old. Most teams want a young offensive minded guy. Although Bowles did get the TB gig.
  4. Powerful story. You could tell she is genuine and passionate about it because she was fighting back tears.
  5. Shanahan always has the Rams number.
  6. We just dominated them two years ago. How much different are they? (I actually dont follow them) Investing in Oline.
  7. I mean true but not true. Id say a little early to tell. Just last week they lost to the Colts and only scored 17 points. The Colts have played like dog ***** outside of that game. They will always have a good offense with Mahomes, Kelce, and Reid though. Geno Smith would have to be my biggest surprise yes.
  8. Its possible because I am unsure either. Just seems a little strange to me. This is the first time I have ever heard of a player getting continual testing after being ruled not a concussion. Not saying it hasnt happened... just saying I have never heard of it.
  9. This guy is as open as it gets in the NFL and he was from the snap of the ball. Lamar never even looked to that side of the field because he was locked in on his target the entire time. Lamar could also easily escape through the gaping holes in the line with his athletesism but he doesnt even see that because he was locked on his target.
  10. He is pretty much the same as he has always been. People said this same stuff last year too about how much better he was at passing. Its the same Lamar Jackson. Half field reads, seam passes to Andrews. Good enough to beat a lot of teams because they cant handle coverage and his athletic ability but that doesnt fly in the playoffs.
  11. How long before PFF tweets that this guy is better than Josh Allen? Maybe they just kind of know its a throwaway season really because they dont have the talent, so they are trying to get him some experience and see how he does.
  12. I actually had thoughts shortly after the 1st quarter thinking the game was likely over because it played right into how the Ravens almost always win games. I never do that. Not even in our drought years. You're all welcome. It was my added negativity that helped win this game. Maybe the Nancies are actually onto something.
  13. Fitz was top of the NFL after like 5 games that one year. That was playing well in all 5 games, not just one half of one football game.
  14. They still have a couple good pass rushers and we still have an oline that can be a turnstile at the worst time. I dont see losing this game though. He isnt as far as we know. McD wouldnt comment on it last I heard and I havent seen anything saying he was removed from PUP list.
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