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  1. What I hate is only having 2 home games in the first 6 weeks.
  2. For 4.5m the Bills should have picked this guy up. I highly doubt they trade for DHop like a few seem to think.
  3. Even if the dude can still play, how many receivers can one team try and stack?
  4. Personally, I can't stand the dude, but he is a winner. Might be the best in history at the end of his career and I respect that, just like I respect Brady for his career. One of these years our team will get over the hump and that will be a great day.
  5. It's not a bad signing. The Bills were never trading or signing anyone big. That was a pipe dream. They are trying to get the cap back under control.
  6. Im big on Shakir. I was one of the first last season to speak up about him. Made a thread called something like "Shakir is our most explosive player on offense." That said, Beane had a lot of confidence last season in Davis and didnt really do much at the WR position then either. I take that with a grain of salt.
  7. It's a reload year. Unless they fall flat on their faces, I doubt it's make or break at all. If they were going to get canned anytime soon then this past year is when it should have happened, so the new regime could do the reloading.
  8. I just want guys that can catch the damn ball in critical situations and get some YAC. I dont care what the guys 40 time is. There is more to a good WR than just 40 time. I dunno if this kid can catch or not but Diggs and Davis were major let downs last season and Knox too with dropping some must have passes.
  9. I actually liked the safety pick. Granted, I know nothing about college players, but he sounds like a young Poyer that can cover TEs well. If he is indeed a young Poyer than it was a great pick IMO.
  10. No. It should be score as many TDs/points as possible. That antiquated controll the clock stuff doesnt work against elite offenses much anymore. It only takes one or two mistakes per drive to end it when you trying to just control clock and move the ball 3 yards at a time. The other team is gonna score when they have elite offense.
  11. Always thought the same thing. They would try to reload a lot of defense because honestly they needed to. We also desperately needed a couple receivers after trading Diggs. They may get a vet but I don't think they are getting that big star vet people want. Seems to me they are trying to reset the cap and it doesn't make sense to put us against it so soon again.
  12. The only problem with the Ed pick was he took so long to catch on and wasted much of the rookie contract years and he fell off in the playoffs.
  13. My thoughts exactly. I thought this last year when we traded away all those late round picks. You all made it make sense of it to me last year and now we doing it again.
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