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  1. So that's why they said Duck Hodges was better than Josh Allen.
  2. Where did I say "they are out to get us?" I didn't. I made a comment that I don't think it's fair to play one team away for 3 years in a row and that it shouldn't happen. That is all. So sorry for having an opinion almighty one.
  3. Im sorry did I get too much piss in your cheerios?
  4. I started reading and I was like what? Why would the Bills take this clown back? then I finished reading. Well done troll OBD. Well done.
  5. I get how this all happened but it doesnt seem very fair to me.
  6. I meant IN KC, not just against KC. It is not fair for one team to year after year play away vs the same team.
  7. Are you saying we play in KC next season too? So at least 4 straight years? Has that ever happened before? There should be checks in place for this so that it doesnt happen.
  8. This mostly has to do with what networks want what game when.
  9. Great Bills player. Sad to see him go. Good luck Jerry Hughes!
  10. Weird.. I did the survey too but I didn't get questions about PSL or seating options and such. I think the questions might change based on answer given? I put that I don't plan to buy tickets on one of the questions, so maybe that's why.
  11. I would have rather had won that game. Still could have had a good off season.
  12. I think the Jets got some solid players. The question is if their QB can play.
  13. Finally, someone that can catch the ball and get YAC. Does the NFL still check for weed? Because that dude was high af.
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