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  1. I thought they should have traded him last year.
  2. On top of wiping out great plays they also continuously contribute to putting us in 3rd and long situations. There just aren't that many plays in the book for 3rd and long that they get completed all that often.
  3. Scott7975

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    I think what he is getting at, and I agree with it, is that QBs around the league look great sometimes because they have great receivers bailing them out. They make circus catches. Ours don't. They can barely make a regular catch half the time. Zay has been better this season though.
  4. I'm looking forward to Brady retiring and having a Kelly/Marino type thing between our two teams for the next decade. Both QBs are showing promise and just need some pieces around them and good coaching I think. As a Jets fan, how do you and other fans feel about your head coach?
  5. Scott7975

    Is it starting to become a little more clear why the rebiuld?

    Doesn't matter. Watkins IMO is not as good as his contract. No where near it actually. Who cares about having him this year? Would it made us a superbowl team? No. We got some value for him before he walked. That's better than having him in a year we weren't really going to go anywhere. He has had great QBs the last two years. Two of the most explosive offenses in the game. He has put up #3/4 stats with those offenses. Not worth it.
  6. Scott7975

    Is it starting to become a little more clear why the rebiuld?

    I thought it was pretty clear last season what they were doing.
  7. Lol that's a joke. How about its time that officials stop being untouchable. How about they start getting suspended and fined for terrible officiating? Until recently their biggest punishment was not being called up to ref the superbowl.
  8. Scott7975

    Is it starting to become a little more clear why the rebiuld?

    Watkins cap hit the next two years is 19.2 mil and 21 mil. The guy's availability isn't good and neither are his stats. No, I wouldn't want Watkins.
  9. Scott7975

    Josh Allen strategy

    A lot of people talk about not throwing after the sticks and seem to think it’s only our crappy QBs. Even Brady doesn’t always throw past the sticks. He throws to Edelman 4 yards short and Edelman picks up 10 extra yards. We never scheme or never have the talent for our WR to get YAC and that’s the actual problem. I know that’s not what your post is about but I wanted to comment on that anyways.
  10. Scott7975

    Why I gave up on the process

    Oooooooo. What’s tai chili? Sounds good
  11. Not the way he was dogging it. It takes us from having the way worst WR corps in the league to having the worst.
  12. Wouldn't make sense cap wise until the end of the season.
  13. I would rather they put anyone on the field. Even a terrible athlete that tries hard is better than someone like Benjamin who collects a check and dogs it all game.