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  1. I don’t think you guys over achieved at all. Your defense is young and damn good. Your running game is also very good. That can win a lot of games in the nfl. If you guys had a QB you would be scary good imo.
  2. Wasn’t a hard kick. A love tap as someone else said. That was no accident though. I wasnt looking for something to complain about either.
  3. Thats fair but I dont see how you can disagree with him getting worse as a passer though. Since his MVP year he has statistically mostly went down. Now obviously that was an otherworldly year but some stats have drastically gone down. His TD% is almost cut in half since then. His comp% has dropped 4%. His int percent has gone up. His rating has gone down every single year. Every year I have people tell me look... he's getting better. Sorry, but he isnt.
  4. We shall see. I dont think they ever get there with Lamar at QB.
  5. I agree with you sort of. Yes, teams need a good QB and Lamar is one of those. He is going to win a lot of games with his athleticism. The problem is that I dont believe he is ever going to get past both Josh and Mahomes or even Burrow to get to the show. If he did by chance have that amazing season where the stars aligned, I do believe he could compete with the NFC because they dont really have a Josh or a Mahomes. The only way Lamar is winning a SB is if he has stellar defense. Once they pay this guy they aint going to have stellar defense. They really dont even have stellar defense now IMO. Once he starts losing that athleticism then what? He isnt a good enough passer to compensate. Ive seen nothing in his 5 years in the league to show me thats going to improve. More and more teams are already containing him in the AFC too. They may have a good record this season but they havent beaten anybody other than Cinci. That was barely a win and I dont think Cinci had Chase at the time either. Win or lose they have struggle against most of their games this season. I dont see that changing. He isnt getting better as a passer. He is actually getting worse. He isnt going to get better as an athlete. Only thing they can do is get better on defense. Thats not going to happen after they pay him unless they get some steals in the draft.
  6. Sure. I dont hate Lamar or anything. He is fun to watch. I just dont think he is a good passer and I think because of that he will always fail in the playoffs. That is all. The guy is always going to need a strong defense to keep the score close because Lamar is not going to win in a shootout. Lol @GunnerBill I literally said I agree with most of what you said in your post. Yet you give me a disagree mark. Come on man lol.
  7. He also intentionally tried to excuse he poor play. Honestly it was pretty much the same play he always has. The difference is his receivers werent bailing him out as often. Even some of the throws he did make were the typical off target bailed out by receiver balls Yards dont mean jack if you keep the other team out of the endzone.
  8. They put up 21 points against the Bills practice squad I mean... I dont lol 😃
  9. Lamars last 5 games as a starter that season 19.2 ppg Huntley 5 games played while Lamar was out 20 ppg I dont view 28 yards of offense that big of a drop off when you are talking about a first round supposedly elite QB vs and UDFA backup. As I said... there was barely any dropoff on offense. Winning is a team stat. I agree with pretty much all you said here but if Lamar were the Bills QB, I would want better.
  10. Yup and the week of the Bills game White said something like "I should have been a first round pick." He then proceeded to throw 4 of them. I believe the Bills will make a statement these next two weeks and win by 2+ scores.
  11. Yes because Lamar is not a good QB. The excuses for him run thin. That team wins because the team is good and the coach is good. Lamar is a great athlete that can run with the football. He is average as a passer and you cant really point to anything that says he isnt. Blame the GM for not giving him 10 star receivers. Blame Roman for being a running game coordinator. All excuses. The guy has had multiple good receivers and no other coordinator is going to make him read the field and pass the football better. Its the same thing it has been his entire career... any defense that can cover Andrews and contain Lamar from running will shut that team down. They will always run into one of those defenses in the playoffs unless the stars align on a full red moon and Jupiter is passing Mars. Thats why they will never be anything more than playoff fodder. Completely average Their offense barely dropped off with Huntley last season. They had practically the same ppg. incoming standard red x.
  12. I agree it does feel like our guys get there a lot and just dont finish. Injury aside it was quite humorous watching Phillips trying to chase Jones for like half the football field and that happened twice on the same drive!
  13. For us the hardest QB to tackle seems to be Mac Jones 🤣 I didnt watch the video yet.
  14. This. Sometimes they do blow it dead a little early too though.
  15. He is already with the best coach he can be for his skillset.
  16. Because Lamar and the Roman offense is figured out and Lamar is not a good enough pocket passer to compensate. It was actually figured out two years ago but not enough defenses had the horses to contain Lamar and cover Andrews. Josh doesnt really run all that much. Its just that when he does he picks up like 20+ yards. Thats more the reason he is our leading rusher.
  17. The Bills are capable of making this run if they get and stay healthy. Even if they dont, I am not scared of playing in KC and no one else should be either. KC is a tough out either way and we have shown we can beat them. Stadium doesnt matter. I dont care about the "but but but we havent beaten them there in the playoffs." We havent beaten them there in the playoffs... yet. I do want the division though. I think I would puke if Miami won the division.
  18. Id like to see that Jets play in our playbook. Not sure what they call it. It was when the back ran towards the sideline and the QB acted like he was going to throw downfield but then went to the back who had no one around him and he was able to pick up 10 yards. There was a play sequence where the Jets ran that 3 times in a row yesterday and it worked every time. Twice to one side and once to the other. Vikings finally clamped it down on their fourth try. That one looked to be going to a TE instead of the back though. That is a great play to pick up some cheap yards. All the offenses run it to some extent. I think we have even run it as well but I think Josh isnt patient enough with it and he looks and throws the ball right away instead of trying to let receivers clear out the area, so no one is fooled and the back doesnt get much.
  19. White was hot for a small bit last season too until he played the Bills and threw a pick to all our DBs and no TDs.
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