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  1. Sure, that would change the equation somewhat but that’s not what happened here. Every team is under the same parameters during the “legal tampering” period and understands the potential consequences of handshake agreements. if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s Washington. In addition to not offering McKissic a contract they seemingly lied to Matt Ionnaidis’ agent and also waited as late as possible to release a bunch of players to clear space. Factoring in the Wentz trade, everything they’ve done thus far is bush league.
  2. I found it odd when I heard Washington was disappointed they couldn’t match considering nothing would be official until 4pm today. It still surprises me a bit but it isn’t controversial in my eyes. I like McKissic and felt he’d be an excellent fit, but there are other options.
  3. I don't doubt that Jets fans feel that way about Freeman as you posted--- any perceived vitriol in my post is reserved for their (Jets fans) stupidity and certainly for Moran. What I posted regarding Freeman's byline is incontrovertibly true, regardless of whether or not he lied about graduating from the University of Delaware 11 years ago, and Moran's credentials fall woefully short. I'm not sure what the point of a wager would be.
  4. Pat Moran's resume would need a 10 foot ladder to sniff Mike Freeman's resume's farts--- from Wikipedia: "Mike Freeman is a columnist for Bleacher Report. He has previously written for the New York Times, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Boston Globe and Florida Times-Union and CBSSports.com. He is also the author of five books, including a biography on Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden. His book ESPN: The Uncensored History, which alleged sexual harassment, drug use and gambling, was the first critical study of ESPN.[1][2]"
  5. I wasn't a fan of Jay Leno's Tonight Show, but I don't doubt for a second that he's missed. "Not understanding" why the immensely popular and successful Jon Stewart will be missed upon retirement from the Daily Show is a pretty big red flag that something else is at play than comedy criticism--- especially when it comes from a poster known for loudly espousing conservative political takes when unnecessary.
  6. If ever there were a player in the history of the NFL that needed a change of scenery, it's Robert Griffin III. If there's any merit to Washington's willingness to trade him, I expect the Bills to make a push.
  7. billsequipment‏@billsequipment1 min1 minute ago .@C42Clay will wear jersey #85 for the @buffalobills Go #Bills
  8. Isn't 2016 the highest cap hit for Clay? To my knowledge, it drops significantly in 2017, at which point Mario's contract will be up (and it's possible he re-signs at a much lower cost). Ideally, only 2016 needs a major cap workaround.
  9. The Bills already announced Jerome Felton will wear #42, which is the number he wore in Minnesota. Of course, perhaps he can be persuaded.
  10. Ha, yeah he was pretty clearly goading Dolphin fans into responding, and it looks like he got the response he was after. He's like an addict that needs a fix.
  11. @ByTimGraham: Those indignant Dolphins fans are awful quiet tonight.
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