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  1. I had the numbers for the Ravens-49ers Super Bowl final score until Baltimore's punter ran through his own end zone for an intentional safety.
  2. Spags brings pressure on every big 3rd down whenever anyone plays the Chiefs, and every single time, the offense looks totally unprepared.
  3. As it stands, Allen is tied for the fewest interceptions in Super Bowl history.
  4. Only Patrick Mahomes could drop that snap and then foolishly almost throw an INT late over the middle.
  5. Niners can win this, and I'm rooting hard for it. But this has that feeling of inevitability that so many Chiefs games have where they look like ***** and pull it out by the skin of their teeth.
  6. You're right, they'll be lucky to make the playoffs. Meanwhile, back in reality, it's 10-6 in the 3rd Quarter of the godamned Super Bowl.
  7. It's true, it's already over. Mahomes famously never overcomes defecits.
  8. No, if anything he sounds like he's tired of answering the same questions but he doesn't even sound angry when he voices it--- more resigned that the chatter is there and can't be suppressed.
  9. I'm responding because you posted something I find ridiculous, the same reason for your original post. Other than thin skin, what are you made out of, teflon?
  10. That phrase is doing a lot of heavy lifting here. Not sure what the point of this thread is, "conspiracy theories aside."
  11. Earlier today, the following thought flashed through my mind: "We have Josh Allen." I didn't forget per se, but it was like realizing I had won the lottery. I'm incredibly optimistic about the Buffalo Bills, even if Allen "only has 5 more years". Go Bills.
  12. I care, and I'm not alone. Thanks for posting this, and Go Bills.
  13. "I know something everyone would be interested to hear, but I can't say" is the definition of a classic troll. If you're acknowledging you're famous for trolling, then I won't dispute it.
  14. No one needed you to tell us that, most fans should surmise as much. As it is, this is a big LAMP.
  15. It's not my place and would directly out my source, unfortunately. I simply cannot It's pretty messed up you would post this then. You shouldn't have said anything.
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