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  1. The Patriots and their fans must be gloating. The one year that the Bills have a good chance to overtake them in the AFC East, and this (2020) happens.
  2. Thanks. I was just going to ask what LAMP stands for.
  3. Check this video out for how football has changed in 50 years. Half of the highlights they show would have a penalty flag or two thrown. Some great clips of OJ and Robert James.
  4. I'm thinking, it's nice to read a purely football thread.
  5. 17:53, the classic Fergy look
  6. Thanks for remembering J.D. Hill and Rashad. But don't you think Haven Moses was better than Evans?
  7. It starts at 1:44:20 of the video above.
  8. Wilson -- without him, we don't even have this conversation Kemp -- the undisputed leader of our only championships OJ -- for his talent; if you're old enough to have seen him play, he was at a different level than everyone else on the field Bruce -- hard to choose between him, Kelly and Thurman to represent the 90s
  9. Seeing this, it makes sense now. If the season is delayed, games scheduled for the early weeks in the season could be added on following the Jan. 3 Week 17 date.
  10. Did you also notice three of the first four games are in hot climates, and the last four are in cold climates?
  11. Three of first four games in hot climates. Last four games in cold climates.
  12. Wait, I never dated a Kar... Oh, you mean Reggie.
  13. Deny this many skeptics will, but Buffalo sports fan, so long suffering, this feeling knows well.
  14. I'm hoping this doesn't happen, but I felt an uncomfortable shiver this morning with a premonition that Aaron Rodgers might end up in New England. Then I saw that Reggie Bush was thinking the same thing. https://clutchpoints.com/patriots-news-reggie-bush-predicts-aaron-rodgers-ends-up-in-new-england/ In 2018, Tom Brady said that if Rodgers were in the New England offense, he'd throw for 7,000 yards. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/tom-brady-apparently-thinks-aaron-rodgers-would-smash-nfl-records-playing-for-the-patriots/ Of course, he would need a receiver or two.
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