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  1. Which would prolly be enough to win the division and host a winnable playoff game. I’ll still take it even if it means slightly worse record than last year
  2. What’s with all the hate on Tessitore? I thought he actually has a pretty good play by play voice and tempers his excitement levels at the right times. He was pretty spot on during the playoff game. No issues with him. Booger on the other hand 🙄🙄
  3. In the end I feel like both QBs will end up having good/great careers. Allen has been put in a much better situation in terms of coaching, continuity, and overall team talent. For what Danold has had to overcome he still appears to have a bright future. Allen vs Darnold is gonna end up being a great rivalry.
  4. It really is. Brady finally at age 60 leaves the Pats, we’re clearly most talented team in the division, and a 100 year pandemic hits the US shutting down everything
  5. Probably assume there will be no season 😂
  6. Yup definitely agree. The NFL will get it figured out and hardly miss a beat with their telecast
  7. My guess is that if there’s no crowd the networks try and add simulated crowd noise and maybe the cameras pan less to the seats so you don’t notice it as much. Also could see a “checkers” type seating arrangement where people are sitting far enough apart to keep social distance.
  8. The season is 5 months away. Doesn’t mean there will be no season.
  9. It would suck but still better than having no season
  10. No lie-I live in Columbus Ohio and Reggie Germany was my insurance agent for a couple of years. We actually talked pretty often for awhile and he was a very down to earth guy. Said he was coming along and was set to be the #2 WR next to Moulds but a training camp knee injury derailed his career and had got cut. Said he loved the fans and his teammates but was still bitter about how upper management let him go. Also noted that Moulds took him under his wing when he was drafted and did whatever he could to make him a better WR. Would even come over to his place after practice and teach him how to watch film and better his technique. Said he was one of the most genuine people he had ever met.
  11. Exactly my thoughts. Maybe even a situation where half the stadium can be filled and you must have 6’ between each fan kinda like an every other seat kinda thing.
  12. My guess is no OTAs, training camp starts in mid-late August, and then season starts in early October and we have a condensed 12 game season. Could even see a scenario with no fans or fans are required to be 6’ apart from each other in the stadium kinda like an every other seat thing
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