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  1. https://www.nfl.com/news/qb-index-week-2-josh-allen-cam-newton-surge-up-ranks
  2. He still looked shaky on all 4 of his FG attempts and just snuck the 2 he made right inside the upright. He has a strange kicking motion almost like he doesn’t start back far enough. Not impressed at all
  3. Why nothing on abortion which kills millions of black babies each year, Chief?
  4. Aren’t they supposed to pump in crowd noise ?
  5. Imagine If they posted about what players who are republican think and feel? The whole league would have a mandatory shutdown. Such a joke. Just play football
  6. Nice! I grew up in Westerville and parents still live there. Lots of family in western New York led to my Bills obsession since my early years.
  7. What part of Columbus do you live? I’m up in Delaware. Will be watching in my Bills Man Cave basement
  8. Local sports bar will have just about every NFL game assuming they are open in your state.
  9. Really good rendition this year except it looks like you didn’t quite finish it lol
  10. It’s almost instant results at this point. Honestly this season should be just fine
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