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  1. We had a 4-0 Start but not a 5-0 start. It was a 5-1 start
  2. Since 1980, teams that start 3-0 have made the playoffs 75.7% of the time. We beat Cincy and I’m gonna start feeling really good about our playoff chances!
  3. And what does that have to do with this game?
  4. 10 years. 98 yard Fitz to TO TD pass from 2 yard line vs Jaguars
  5. Won’t be easy, folks. Cincy does have some nice weapons on offense, Dalton has thrown for a lot of yards and this is a desperate team not wanting to start 0-3. They will essentially be playing for their season.
  6. I can see where ur coming from with Harlan but I still do like his deep voice and raised levels of excitement on big plays. Totally agree with Lofton
  7. I actually prefer the CBS crews over the FOX guys. Nantz and Romo are a great pair, Harlan has a great play by play voice, Gumbel has been around forever and still calls a great game, Ian Eagle may be one of the best in the business, and Andrew Catalon is quickly moving up the ranks.
  8. I currently live in Ohio and all offseason all I heard was about how great the Browns were and how they were a playoff lock and potential Super Bowl team. I come into work Monday and not a word was said. Made me quite happy. So yes I wanna see the Browns implode badly lol
  9. They did connect on a 40 yard TD and several 20+ yard plays.
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