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  1. I’m right there with ya. Would’ve liked a chance at KC last week. Better team lost our wildcard game. It’s gonna sting all off season. And there’s no guarantee we’re back next year even though I do like the direction we’re headed.
  2. Find it kinda hard to believe he was really gay since he seemed to live at strip clubs, was engaged to a lady and had a kid. Just the media trying to push the Gay agenda even more 🙄
  3. Pretty good series overall. Touched on some things I didn’t know. Didn’t think it was necessary to keep bringing up his sexuality. Him being gay or not is not the reason why he turned into a serial killer. Enough with the gay stuff already
  4. Wasn’t smart I agree but sometimes in desperate situations and in the playoffs you have to take chances. My point is in the end the play didn’t really cost us any field position, we didn’t get a penalty and we actually gained a free timeout so in reality it’s a moot point as it didn’t really hurt our chances one way or the other.
  5. Honestly, why is this even being discussed as a big deal? He was trying to make a big play, unlike QBs of our past, and it didn’t work. The ball still went out of bounds and it actually stopped the clock so in essence we gained a free Timeout. It was risky but meant nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  6. If We had just an average, top 15 offense we probably don’t lose to Houston because instead we are at home resting on a bye week
  7. Ready for our first playoff win in about 25 years!!!!!
  8. Lol. Although I did start out doing something close to that I’ve finally graduated from that tedious job 😂 Hard to tell sarcasm on message boards sometimes. No offense to taken. Go bills!!!
  9. Lol yea no worries. I’m not always good at wording my sarcasm and frustrations.
  10. I was more making a joke complaining about my very high student loans and saying that at least I guess it paid off for something. Wasn’t tryin to come off sounding arrogant in any way.
  11. Yea pretty close. They won the whole thing as a 6 seed with 9-7 record. Don’t think they had to win final 5 games though to make playoffs.
  12. Really quite amazing how they were 4-7, won last 5 games to finish 9-7, and then went on the road and beat both buffalo and Denver to make AFC title run. Unbelievable run especially for a 2nd year franchise!
  13. We Also got hosed by the refs on Kelly’s mid 4th quarter scramble when he got hit, ball came out and BOTH of his knees were clearly down and they still called it a fumble. Jacksonville would then move the ball into FG range and doink in a 47 yard kick with 2-3 minutes left. Had replay been around it would’ve been an obvious overturned call. Both knees were in fact down and they still blew the call!
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