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  1. So you are saying he should have finished the wall? Surprising take from you.
  2. Are you calling Hyatt a supporter of Neo Nazism because they rented a meeting space to a political party?
  3. If you were smart you'd play the angle that Superman is actually an illegal alien, but most CCP bots can only perform 1 task.
  4. Who decides what the shared facts are? Our addiction to the internet puts this decision in the hands of Facebook and Twitter for a large part of our country. That scares the hell out of me. And it should scare you too.
  5. There wouldn't be much to talk about. 24HR news would be gone, and that would be a breath of fresh air.
  6. Not really a coup, more like a bully d'etat. But you are right that there are too many reps that support him still, though. What the party really needs is a political outsider with a sense of decency and a little moral high ground.
  7. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want you around, lol.
  8. So they invited you just to kick you out? Sounds fishy, no?
  9. Why were you there in the first place? Frankly, I'm surprised the mods here completely ignore PPP. Lots of people breaking the TOS everyday, adding nothing of value to the conversation.
  10. Your link took me to an error message. I went to the main page and saw nothing political at all, what gives? As for the ridiculous threads, I feel like you are living in a glass house here, partner.
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