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  1. There are a lot of things you can do. Why not put body cams on refs and tie each one to a partner in a booth somewhere that watches the screens in realtime to help them with calls and non/calls. IT's not like the NFL can't afford it.
  2. To me, the defenses in this game are a wash, when you include their home field advantage. Basically, our offense has to outplay theirs, and I can't imagine that not happening. How many points do you really think that Pittsburgh is going to put up on our defense? Feels like just another wet-blankety response here.
  3. What makes you think they don't? I'm surprised by this, you're usually such an optimistic fan, always coming on after wins, lol.
  4. Yeah, but wouldja? I mean look at that posture. And any woman riding a bike that fast in the 40s has to be damn fit!
  5. How was Rivera's clock/replay management? McD could use a few pointers there.
  6. Never heard anything about this before. Do you have a source for this info?
  7. Good to know that we agree that your post was ridiculous. I also agree with you that Garrett's reponse to Rudolph kicking him in the nuts ans trying to rip his helmet off was ridiculous. Banned for life? Probably not, but he deserves a nice long suspension. As for Rudolph, I think he deserved a game as well, but there are different rules for QBs in this league.
  8. Its Thanksgiving, show some forgiveness for your fellow Bills fans...
  9. You can totally win here. Just jump on the bandwagon, plenty of room for you, nextmanup, and the rest!
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