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  1. You should at least ask to be recompensed for the grass stained jeans.
  2. It won't be able to sit up or crawl, but the little son of a @$&%# will be able to clap like nobody's business.
  3. I'm shocked that a guy with a screen name referencing a mediocre tight end would be defending this mediocre tight end. I'm shocked I tell you! Just kidding, hoss. We really all hope he turns into Gronk, but that ain't how our offense works.
  4. When you are also drunk as I am it is.
  5. It's a few hours at least until they can come around the stadium.
  6. Because after the game the only place to get an uber is the ECC lot. It's not quite 3 miles, but probably a very solid 2. And I usually pick 3 over a walk.
  7. By flying, I meant hurrying. Good that you can get home before too late though.
  8. So don't expect to be able to fly out of the Stadium and get in an Uber right after the game, there tend to be long lines in the 1st post-game wave. So find a tailgate with some crazy stuff going on, or better yet take a walk to the Big Tree. You'll wait 45 minutes for a beer, drink it in 15, and then it'll be time to walk 3 miles to the Uber lot at ECC. At that point it'll be about 12:30am, you'll be shot, and the uber can take you straight to your Hamburg motel.
  9. Lots of misinformation in this thread. People should read up before they post. https://www.lp.org/platform/
  10. My man Gene,, every time you post I see this guy in my head. Are you secretly Gary Dunaier?
  11. Weren't you the same guy who Trashed Allen repeatedly before last season? There is a saying about glass houses that comes to mind.
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