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  1. Unless you are married and both work, then it's 450k regardless of location. And what makes it more than fair?
  2. UBI on its own is crazy. Who pays for those that choose not to work? I'd be more willing to support it only if there was some sort of UBE.
  3. Ok Terry, we'll pay the dang PSLs if you promise to stop posting on TBD.
  4. At least you knew. And good for her, NPs do well for themselves!
  5. If by hang time you mean he's spending a lot of time hanging around back there before he punts the ball, then I 100% agree.
  6. Partly, yes. The fact that we put up no pretense of a running game didn't help either.
  7. We got our butts handed to us in the AFC Championship game on BOTH sides of the ball, on offense partly because our scheme was 1 dimensional. If we can establish the threat of a real run game instead of just praying that Allen plays out of his mind, that opens this team up for a real shot at a championship. It also makes Allen's life easier.
  8. I don't think we will compete for a SB if we try to replicate 2020 either. The approach should be more balanced and less 1 dimensionsal.
  9. Feels like you're looking for style points here. Who cares if Josh has a 75QBR and we win the super bowl? In my opinion, every penny will have been well spent.
  10. Not going to lie, I was thinking McD would lean on his defense in that scenario.
  11. This is one of those "when did you stop beating your wife" kinda polls. Well played.
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