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  1. I could, and that would make the board easier to read for me. Or you could just follow the rules and make everyone's life just a little more pleasant. Sometimes you have interesting things to say. But lately it's been the same post over and over. Think about it.
  2. d'oh, beat me to it. Personally, I think Shady is going to have a nice comeback year. I'm saying top 8 for RB total combined yards. My point is that we get it, you can stop now. In a thread about whether or not Gore is going to miraculously win the rushing title, you have 4 (of just 16!) posts about Allen. What was it called when medieval knights went off to retake the holy land?
  3. The down side of that first row of coach is that while you have more hip to knee room, you have almost no knee to foot room. He should have just suggested that he was the most capable person to sit in the exit row. Who could have argued?
  4. Billy Squire's The Stroke on a continuous loop all game.
  5. Yes, I saw the chart, same as you. Everyone knows that the kid has some work to do. He needs to do a better job of taking what the defense gives him. He needs more touch on his short throws. I don't know any single poster who thinks he's the best QB in the NFL.
  6. Well duh, is there anyone on this board that thinks Allen is better than Brady?
  7. I hear they are kicking him out to TE, hopefully he can get some separation when he throws himself the ball.
  8. I wonder about Mcd's reaction if JA chugged a glass of wine. I mean, Jesus drank it.....
  9. Observing a wrestling coach gives you a different kind of skill than spying on BB. A wrestling coach's skill lies in his ability to communicate very minute specifics of a move, and do so in a way that his team can all understand it and try to deliver. To me, it's a great skill for a football position coach to have. As for a head coach, maybe McD is trying to learn how to communicate better to his staff, or to the defense.
  10. Well, the move would make us younger at running back...
  11. Meh. They both sucked. Johnson did what he needed to win that day.
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