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  1. Right decision, sir. Could've been a virtual Poltergeist/Amityville situation you almost had there.
  2. That kind of player is exactly who I want in the locker room.. Prima donna? Why do you say that? Me first? I don't think sticking up for a teammate implies thst at all, in fact quite the opposite. Bad judgment on the field? Maybe, but one ejection doesn't tell the whole story. Bad judgment off? He likes to drive fast. Who cares? He isn't hurting anyone. Maybe he is an idiot, but that shouldn't preclude us from getting some value out of the guy if he is available on the cheap. In case you haven't noticed, our backfield is already applying for their AARP cards.
  3. I think we're crazy not to throw a late rounder at the Jags to see if it sticks.
  4. Whay has he done other than drive like an idiot and get into a fight with the mild mannered Jerry Hughes? He isn't a murderer, serial child/spousal abuser, or skank butt kicker, right? Or am I missing something?
  5. What is the nautical equivalent of an upper decker?
  6. My off the boat Irish buddy loves the old "why do they call it football, it should be called throwball". I then tell him soccer should be called kickball. Ugliness always ensues.
  7. Yeah, try to get either in Rockland County, NY. You guys don't know how good you have it.
  8. So you agree that when Mahomes becomes the next RG3 you should have another solution?
  9. Interesting take. But realistically, I think it's a better bet for the Chiefs should probably pick him up. If Allen sucks, the Bills won't win any games and can draft a QB early in 2020. But If it turns out that Mahomes doesn't have the stones to beat Brady in a playoff game, you guys have too much talent on that team to be able to draft a decent QB to replace the Mahomes. He could turn out to be the next RG3, a one year wonder. What then?
  10. But you've gone to far the other way, and are going out of your way not to like the kid. Listen, we all know that you're dying to jump on the bandwagon. What is it going to take?
  11. Consider writing a scathing OP Ed naming specific council members, and read it at your next town board meeting. If the response isn't what you want, publish it, shaming them into doing the right thing. It's really the only other way to really motivate a politician. Since you don't have money as a carrot, use shame as a stick. Or just change the night you practice.
  12. Do you think he considers himself more than a rotational player? He may be happy where he is. As for the Bills, they may be happy with his production and effort. Plus he is a known commodity who knows their scheme. For the right price its not a terrible idea.
  13. You missed the 3rd, and most important option.
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