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  1. @BillStime and @Tiberius, are you going to stand for this? ChiGoose is talking specifically about you.
  2. Didn't Clinton commit perjury by saying under oath that he didn't engage in sexual relations with Lewinsky?
  3. Do you think CNN and MSNBC have buried or not mentioned stories unfavorable to Democrats?
  4. Dang it, I just found nuclear secrets tucked into an old Hustler I'd hid in the shed.
  5. After he just went on TV in December and bragged that he didn't have any. All of these politicians SUCK.
  6. OMG STATE LINES?!?!?! Did he have his passport? Dude, he lives 20 miles from Kenosha. crossed state lines, it's like driving from Ripley ny to Erie pa. Here is how he got the gun. https://heavy.com/news/2020/08/kyle-rittenhouse/ Charges dropped. Is he stupid? Sure, but so are a lot of people. Is he a hero? Not for any reason I can see. Is he a murderer? Only to people who won't bother to learn the truth.
  7. You mean when Rittenhouse shot the 3 people attacking him self defense? It was most certainly intentional.
  8. Neither one is murder you silly goose, no matter what your Twitter overlords tell you. But I believe Baldwin is getting hosed here, the armored should be taking the fall for this.
  9. I don't know, he is a dumb kid who shot even dumber people who stupidly chased him even thoughhe was armed. If he went out and just started picking people off I would agree, but he was pretty clearly attacked. I get you don't like him, but sociopath labels are a but of a stretch. That's like me saying the people who went out to loot and riot in that town were all sociopaths.
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