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  1. Because they are trying to steal Nextmanup's and Mongo's jobs!!! They took errrr jobs!!!!
  2. Coming from a guy whose handle espouses bringing back the epitome of a mediocre former Bill, this is well played.
  3. Isnt the latter just a solid representation of the gaseous former? Looking at microparticles, its the same thing.
  4. My Irish buddy always brings this up. He says it should bee called throwball. I reply that soccer should then be called kickball.
  5. For some reason I just got a flash of Colin "Turnstyle" Brown.....
  6. I was so hungover that the buffering gave me an excuse to take micronaps, lol
  7. I hear you, but this seems like it happens all the time with coaches in the NFL. HC gets fired? Hired as a DC. OC gets fired? Another team brings him in as a QB coach. It's the nature of the beast in the NFL, get canned and lose 1 peg.
  8. Who the hell said that we should panic or the sky is falling? Its ok to try and improve your team, Brittany.
  9. It was a out 50 seconds too soon, unless it was planned in the forst place. Maybe JA didn't realize how much time was left on the clock.
  10. What do you guys even get out of this? You both have been full time on the board with your respective crusades. We get it. Most don't agree with you, but points have been taken.
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