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  1. People who work at charities have to eat a well.
  2. Is there ever a bad reason to give to charity?
  3. Aren't you the guy that knowingly misgenders men as women? What's that saying about glass houses? And I don't think he is a homophobe at all. I think you may be though.
  4. This feels like a cry for help. If it bothers you to read it, put him on ignore. Otherwise it's just a lamp.
  5. One thing to clear up, reduced immigration should say reduced LEGAL immigration.
  6. Yeah, this was a lazily thrown together poll, the purpose of which was mostly to show Tibs that people on the right aren't all anti-immigration.
  7. If it's other put your stance below and I will try to add it.
  8. That simply isn't true. Talk to a few and you will find that most want more immigration in conjunction with a secure border.
  9. Tibs, I fully support a dramatic increase of legal immigration in this country, but it's silly not to think that most immigrants are doing anything other than trying to find a better life in the US. Politicians on both sides of the aisle use illegal immigration to rile up their base, they have little to gain from solving this problem, and since most are selfish scum bags, they likely won't fix it.
  10. We get it, Trump sucks, but you should probably consider getting professional help Billsy. This obsession is dangerous. At least for put for a walk, it's a beautiful day.
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