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  1. Grimm is out of Queens, I believe. Reminds me of early single cut days. He does indeed!
  2. Good call on the Hill Farmstead. I like everything I have had from them. Ever had Grimm's Magnetic Tape? Good stuff. I got a budddy that goes Treehouse once in a while too, phenomenal beer.
  3. I'm near Jersey, come by and I'll buy you some drinkable beer
  4. Fess up, wasn't there more than a little bit of trolling involved when you created this thread, picking your team to go undefeated and ours to suck? Asking for a friend....
  5. He sued the people he claims to want to give him a job. Of course he is getting blackballed. Plus, he's not very good, which makes it a lot easier for the owners to keep blackballkng him.
  6. I'll see your Richard Dreyfuss and Raise you a cheif Brody.
  7. The best part of this thread is Promo's autocorrect.
  8. I wonder if SDS is ever going to install that BOOO emoji.
  9. His mere existence rid us of Zerovolt AND Jeffysmagic. All hail Mahomes!!!
  10. You HAVE to be able to do better than BWW. Can someone plugged into the Backers scene help out the Admiral here?
  11. LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!! Have fun Kirby! Me, I'm headed with the family up to the Adirondacks. Lake Abanakee/Indian Lake, fishing, hiking, a few beers and watching the Yanks take the 1st 2 of the series....
  12. Its not even a question, Eli, if the price was right. Nor I. He's a mid tier backup at best, and he played ONE good game for us. Otherwise he's been pretty craptacular his whole career. Totally agree, this was a "what do we do if Allen is out long term" exercise. Makes sense, plan for what you can plan.
  13. We will have to agree to disagree here.
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