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  1. But the hand churned butter at Polebarn stadium would be UNMATCHED!
  2. We can have the Amish build it for a fraction of that cost 😁
  3. I get it, Marcel is fat and lazy and not a real option,, but we need to fix what's wrong with the defense, and quick.
  4. Agenda? LOL, I think at this point it's that I'm just fascinated that you either can't or refuse to understand. Per the NFL, the defender is deemed a defenseless player (penalty) when the path of the offensive blocker is toward or parallel to his own end line. It doesn't matter what direction the blocker is facing, nor how much bigger the defender is than the blocker. To the letter of the rule, the only way this isn't a penalty is if McKenzie is moving at an angle that is forward when he hits the defender. If you think he is moving toward his own end zone or at an angle greater that the yard marker, then lets just agree to disagree. I am not arguing that the rule is fair or just. Like many rules, it has flaws. In this case there wasn't much McKenzie could have done beyond maybe ole'ing the guy past him or letting him run into him. But the rule is the rule, and I'm saying that the refs applied it accurately in this case.
  5. I didn't drink at all yesterday, I just watched the play without prejudice. Take a look at it again this morning. The defender is coming in at a 45 degree angle.. Mckenzie planted his feet right on the 25 yard line and drove his shoulder directly back across the 25 yard line, making contact right on the 25. Do you disagree with this course of events?
  6. Doesn't the rule actually say he needs to be MOVING TOWARDS OR PARALLEL to the end zone, not facing it, right? Looking at that replay, the defender seems to be coming toward McKenzie, who stops and drives back parallel to the end zone to block the guy. If that's the case, how isn't it a penalty?
  7. Now my family can watch me on national television!!!
  8. Stuck in Philly for baseball but some good eats at least. Dalessandro's Cheeseteaks
  9. I'll be stuck in lovely Pottstown PA My kids baseball coach decided this was a good week for a baseball tournament. Every year, I think it's to piss me off. Anyone knows of any local suggestions to eat, I'm all ears.
  10. This guy's right, I reddit somewhere.
  11. What is immature about telling someone to admit they lied? Seems like a big part of most parents jobs. Or is it my poor typing you take issue with?
  12. Of course you were arguing. If you are going to be an asshat, at least have the balls to own up to it, kid. As for including me in the idiots club, I'll own up to some idiotic activities in my lifetime. But fortunately we have the likes of you on the board, speaking calm reason by calling people who disagree with you a-holes and "you people ", as a guiding light of peace and tolerance. Now me, I am all on board with Donny Most. Ralph Malph is a goddammit American hero.
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