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  1. I did, its pretty disturbing if true. And thanks for not just posting a Trump meme.
  2. GQP?!?!?!?! OMG, did you just come up with that? Great add, Jack!
  3. I feel bad for you, let the guy go for Pete's sake. Are you coming to the opener? let's have a beer together.
  4. It's pretty clearly not a republican/democrat thing, Billsy. Epstein had powerful friends on BOTH sides of the aisle. For you to be so @$#%ing fixated on Trump that you can't see that tells me that you need to step away.
  5. Actually not at all what I was referring to. I was referring to Tibs spreading tales of Russian State news.
  6. Sort of. But concepts like SALT and AMT need to be eliminated too. If taxes are easy to calculate we wouldn't need a 150k strong army of IRS agents to see if people are paying their share or not. Plus, there would be a need for less lawyers in the country, which would be beneficial to pretty much everyone except lawyers.
  7. If you really want to get everyone to pay their fair share, it absolutely must begin with a drastically simplification of the federal tax code. Otherwise this is just scum bag lawyers extorting loopholes and scumbag IRS agents using audits as a political tool for the current administration.
  8. I generally agree with this, but I think only half will see him as an imbecile, the rest will see him as wrongly persecuted. But I literally lol'd at the last part.
  9. Do you know how to keep pork butt from drying out in the smoker? I don't like to foil wrap it because it ruins the bark. Have you ever tried butcher paper?
  10. Sorry @Nineforty but that's the way I see it. When someone acts like an a-hole, and your response is to act like an a-hole in kind, then you are a pair of a-holes. At least own it or you are no better than the people you're railing against.
  11. Lol, yeah, keep telling yourself it's all the republicans bro. Not craziness from anyone on the other side of the aisle too. Its the zealots on both sides that are tearing our country apart.
  12. Yeah, those handful of people that went into the capitol are/were pretty stupid. But you are the perfect case for my point, Billsy. If worry what will happen to you without Trump to fixate on, he's pretty much your whole life from what I can see here. But I'm hoping you can act like a human being again at some point.
  13. I think you overstate the case quite a bit here. I just want to see my friends in blue start acting like decent human beings again. It's like they all turned into jilted teenagers the minute Trump was elected.
  14. Probably true for some folks, but I think much of what Trump posts is to troll people on the left, because he knows how easy it is to incite idiots to idiocy. And they line up like lemmings at the cliff every time.
  15. At this point I hope it's enough to get Trump banned from running again. His mere existence in the political world is bad for the country. Partially because he is a POS. But also because he makes our friends across the aisle act like full blown animals.
  16. If he was wearing a sweated-through suit I'd say it looks like me doing my white guy overbite dance at a wedding.
  17. Did you not watch his last few years in SF? What in the blue @#$% does that POS have to do with it?
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