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  1. I wonder if SDS is ever going to install that BOOO emoji.
  2. His mere existence rid us of Zerovolt AND Jeffysmagic. All hail Mahomes!!!
  3. You HAVE to be able to do better than BWW. Can someone plugged into the Backers scene help out the Admiral here?
  4. LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!! Have fun Kirby! Me, I'm headed with the family up to the Adirondacks. Lake Abanakee/Indian Lake, fishing, hiking, a few beers and watching the Yanks take the 1st 2 of the series....
  5. Its not even a question, Eli, if the price was right. Nor I. He's a mid tier backup at best, and he played ONE good game for us. Otherwise he's been pretty craptacular his whole career. Totally agree, this was a "what do we do if Allen is out long term" exercise. Makes sense, plan for what you can plan.
  6. Dude what are you talking about? Wins and losses have absolutely nothing to do with comp picks. Learn a little football bro. Everyone knows you get comp picks by recycling old tires and Hammer's used nudie magazines.
  7. I think Beane has great college scouts and low to middling proplayer scouts. We have had some big whiffs on free agents, and that can't continue if we want to sustain long term success.
  8. I think his point is that he wants Allen to hold his hero ball off until its absolutely needed.
  9. Who cares about that stuff. We really want to know what you think about Allen's play so far this year...
  10. It's all a matter of taste. To me, Utica Club always tasted like someone filtered a can of Koch's Golden Anniversary through a pair of heavily soiled panty hose. That whole group of beer was terrible, UC, Matt's, Hamm's, Peel's, Black Label. All awful. But that's like, My Opinion, Man!
  11. Betting the over on this game is implying that at least one of the 2 VERY GOOD defenses doesn't show up. If we are going to win this thing I feel like we want the Bills and the under.
  12. So they are or are not mostly douches? My experience has been that former players are generally like everyone else, mostly pleasant and sometimes a little less than pleasant. If you show them respect they will respond in kind. As an aside, I remember partying with Gabe Northern after a game, good dude, at least at that time.
  13. Its tradition, plus its always fun to see whar former players show up. If you dont like it maybe just don't watch? Its easily avoidable.
  14. I'd be interested to know what BB thinks about that crazy near pick where Allen completely missed the safety. Is he going to try and bait him with some of those "too good to be true" reads?
  15. You are right. Weird game.
  16. Was it me or was something off with the Pinto Ron/Kenny ketchup and mustard show yesterday? It was great seeing Stevie but overall it seemed like an extended advertisement for a podcast instead of the usual pre-game pump up session. Feels like it was WAY longer than usual, but maybe I was just a little more sober this time around. Anyone else notice this?
  17. I thought you were making fat noises.
  18. Next time he should give Mosely the old "Longest Yard" on the first series next game. As hard as Allen throws the ball, CJ may retire.
  19. If you have a Samsung phone and a samsung tv you could cast reddit. Pretty good results in my experience
  20. You are totally entitled to your opinion, no matter how terribly wrong it is! 😝
  21. Looking forward to it, thanks for the tip! May have to wait till next week though, I am doing wings and brisket on Sunday...
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