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  1. Here it comes: Why do you freaks and racists have against dog fucl<ers? Why does pet porking bother you? And wtf do you have against cat felatio? You realize how fkd up you are right? I love these “small government” types who want government in their doghouse. Love that you freaks and bigots are fringe.
  2. Why be a delta bravo when there are so many other things in life that you can be?
  3. No i most certainly don't, and watch yourself here, kid.
  4. That's not ok to casually throw accusations like that around regardless of what you think about them personally.
  5. Make no mistake, TDS is real. It causes otherwise normal people to not be able to communicate and sometimes behave rationally when anything even tangentially Trump related comes up. Family not speaking over politics, impeachment talk before he even got into office, you name it. Much of it is brought on by Trump himself, but it's a real mental illness. It's really weird from my perspective.
  6. Lol, this is the opposite of John's post, except for the TDS. Where do you want to begin? Do you mind if I start a separate thread using your post as a basis?
  7. As I figured. I like you, John, but I am not sure how to communicate with you on this side of the board. Biden is arguably the most racist president since LBJ, and has spent a career enriching himself and his family under the guise of public service. Trump is also certainly a garbage person, but I think his "remain in Mexico" policy is the right way to handle illegal immigration at the southern border. If you disagree, what is your alternative solution? Or are you proposing we leave the border fully open full time?
  8. Which of Trump‘s actual policy decisions did you have an issue with, John?
  9. Isn't that almost better for Trump? If she gets removed she will be replaced with someone squeaky clean. If she stays Trump can claim that it's all rigged against him.
  10. John, did you read the article? Do you understand Zito's point? It's like she is speaking directly to you. As for Trump, I think he is a horrible person. I like some of the changes that came from a policy perspective. And it's ok to feel that way, which many people struggle to understand. That being said, I'd prefer neither he nor the crypt keeper are on the ticket. Trump can't keep his mouth shut or phone turned off long enough to move the country forward, and there are people like you and many in the press who can't separate your hate for the man from the politics. It's like when ever Trump farts, there are people calling the smell worse than the actual holocaust. It's unfortunate on both sides. As for Russia, it seems like you aren't quite ballsy enough to come out and claim 2016 was stolen for Trump, but you are happy to tiptoe around it. It feels like mot if you guys want to say it but cant quite do it. Why do you think that is? @Tiberius, how about you? @Joe Ferguson forever? @ChiGoose Bueller? @BillStime is probably the only guy with the stones to own it.
  11. Did you actually read the article before you posted this? You should, it has some salient points. Personally, I think Salena Zito's observation from 7 years ago is key to bridging a lot of divides. As a person I think Trump is gross, but the axe he is grinding about our Nato partners not holding up their end of the bargain is valid. Hell, the NATO Secretary General even agrees.
  12. Lets try this another way. How do you think Russia interfered in 2016 and do you think Trump would have won without that interference?
  13. This only works when you post on the same page as the post you are pointing at, you silly goose.
  14. Do you believe that Russia caused Trump to win in 2016?
  15. Thats not my experience on the east coast. Most Republican and Independent women that I know are actually concerned that Republican politicians are trying to take away their abortion rights. I'm not surprised, it's literally played non-stop in every dem political ad.
  16. It's Roe, plain and simple. Rs are going to lose every election until they change their stance.
  17. Maybe we should trade all of our 1-3rd rounders to get the entire 5th round, Beane is a wizard!
  18. I mean the Diggs trade is essenrially a round 1 WR pick, but I generally agree that with the sentiment.
  19. That is a Bills loss if there ever was one
  20. The Mount Vernon bit was one of the funniest things ever.
  21. Oh and I don't have anyone in my family like that, but I love to get drunk and talk to my cous...wait one damn minute mister!
  22. Oh I am well aware that reading that cesspool is probably lowering my IQ, but if I don't tell them that they are all inbreds and their breath smells like dog poop, who is gonna?
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