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  1. Steve Billieve

    The GAME when you knew the Bills HC wasn't the guy!

    This probably shouldn't count, but Anthony Lynn's game was so bad that I have an exact moment that I knew he wasn't going to remain at head coach. When we didn't even bother to pick up a kick off.
  2. I'm going to go with nothing. If you're not excited at this point nothing is going to satisfy but proof. I mean sure, some might remain unconvinced as they should be of a rookie, but he's definitely shown enough for any "fan" to be optimistic.
  3. Steve Billieve

    NFL preparing for another work disruption in 2021??

    I actually think the refs are pretty good. I couldn't do it. Missed/bad calls are painful but they nail it 99% of the time.
  4. I think he's one of the rare superstars that does fit in with what McD wants to do.
  5. I'm not sure that McCoy doesn't meet the model. I think he does, and that's why were willing to pay him more than he might be worth next season.
  6. Steve Billieve

    Bills: Playoffs or Bust 2019. What must happen?

    I don't think it will take all that much to be very competitive. If we don't ***** the bed in free agency, and have an OK draft were on the bubble. Anything else will get us there: Luck, better in game coaching, some of our younger players taking a big step forward, you name it! If really unlucky circumstances, like loosing our two best o-line men unexpectedly right after trading away a coveted left tackle, don't happen we should be good.
  7. Steve Billieve

    Bills sign 3 to Future contracts

    To be fair, it feels like we brought up half our ps during the season.
  8. Steve Billieve

    Where would we be if we still had Cogs and Wood?

    That’s the one player I never understood moving on from. I knew it would have been tough with the cap but still.
  9. Steve Billieve

    Where does everyone stand on this lost season?

    I don't get too worked up about the preseason.
  10. In 2014 he had us as the second best special teams unit in the league. Sort of makes you wonder what's different now?
  11. It seems like the coaching staff has been switching up key positions on special teams all season, and using a lot of rookies and guys off the practice squad to do it. From what I've seen most of our problems have been the result of the players. When a returner fumbles I don't blame the coach.
  12. Not so sure Crossman is the problem. He's put out good units most of the time, and sometimes great units.
  13. Steve Billieve

    Does Charles Clay really only make 4 million dollars next year?

    Definitely not a good GM but I think he's a very good to great talent evaluator.
  14. Steve Billieve

    Does Charles Clay really only make 4 million dollars next year?

    Don't disagree that he's likely to be cut, but 4.5 isn't that much for a TE that can "catch" and block. Lets face facts . . . he's still our best TE . . . and our third best target.
  15. Steve Billieve

    Does Charles Clay really only make 4 million dollars next year?

    I was really excited about it at the time. I believe my thoughts were something like "Doug Whaley is a genius!" 🤢