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  1. I remain completely unpersuaded by the article. It just sounds like someone who came up with a narrative wrote a few half researched anecdotes and published. Every team already has a win and a loss, and there have been plenty of big upsets. If any other year is an indication there are several teams that are going to suddenly pull it together just like there will be several who will unexpectedly collapse.
  2. Yeah because we shut down their offense. It's hard to have 13 points of offense and over 300 yards passing.
  3. If our offense keeps up this level of production, or gets worse with the change of qb the streak will likely continue since teams will have no reason to pass late.
  4. Steve Billieve

    Is there a reason why Crossman is still around?

    Not sure that you can put many of the bad outcomes on special teams on Crossman.
  5. Steve Billieve

    Is there a reason why Crossman is still around?

    Because he's actually a good coach! or maybe there's some nefarious reason he's managed to stick around through multiple regime changes? He didn't take the "clown" with him because we didn't let him.
  6. Steve Billieve

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

  7. I agree the turnovers dropped off a little, but it was still unusually high and is looking like it might be unusually high this season too. Attacking the ball is how the bills tackle, it doesn't seem to be with every team.
  8. Their turn over production is absolutely insane, I hope they can keep it up!
  9. Steve Billieve

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    I'm sure he out to.
  10. Steve Billieve

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    How the $%$#^ are you not seeing our o-line? I understand they don't always point the cameras at the receivers, but they're not good either.
  11. Steve Billieve

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    On that we can agree. On the game hinging on play calling I will, however, have to disagree.
  12. Steve Billieve

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    Are you suggesting running more when we're down by 3 scores in the fourth? INteresting!
  13. Elway, Kelly, Marino . . . Will take more than 7 years to say this draft is better.
  14. Steve Billieve

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    I think he's made more money for less production than any other player in NFL history. He makes Darius' collective pay days look like a bargain. He's up to $129,000,000 And counting . . .
  15. Steve Billieve

    2019 draft class qbs look ok

    You forgot the pats, it's a long season.