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  1. Looking at last season from a value over avg replacement perspective it would be hard not to go with RB.
  2. Same. Literally the only mock I've even looked at has been Gunner's.
  3. oops it's very confusing. i think of them as the dynamic duo, but since neither is robin their both just batman.
  4. Poyer seems really good at that already.
  5. Really hoping we get 10 year deal done this off-season.
  6. Signing him doesn't really effect the cap, why would you want to have to replace a top tier returner with amazing ball security. I mean sure, if he loses his job then cut him.
  7. I've never seen anybody do what I've seen Roberts do. It's not like it's a big contract, surprised so many are willing to part ways. It would be like letting a great kicker walk.
  8. Not going to let facts get in the way of a good witch hunt!
  9. But not just any third, the very first third! Imagine someone who is not a witch turning down the very first fourth!
  10. He's just attuned to the dark side of the force. Hey! No need to make it personal!
  11. Just cOnnECt tHE doTS and bet against KC all season. You'll be rich I tell ya! You're welcome.
  12. Couple of high level meetings discussing the tea leaves.
  13. I know I know sounds crazy but hear me out. Everyone likes to focus on us basically getting a second for TT or any of the other impossible deals he's made, but the real story is what happens to teams that beat us in playoff games. By all accounts his powers only seem to be growing. Lets look at the fAcTS: Starting with our loss to the Jags in 2018. They then proceed to keep Marrone, sign Minshew and unleash 5-11, 6-10, 1-15 seasons before deciding to tear it all down. Not to be outdone the Texans decided to ruin their franchise in a single season and prove once and for
  14. I don't think he'll make a decision based on dollars, I think he's looking for a place with the kind of determination and mindset the Bills have. Where else can you find that?
  15. I honestly don't understand why we even need a running game when Allen automatically challenges defenses with his legs. I say we keep only pass pro linemen.
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