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  1. Incredible. Honestly I was hoping that they work it out so the cap would be higher next year, but this has changed my mind. I felt really bad for players before, but looking at this, players willing to restructure are going to have a lot of power over some organizations. Absolutely nuts!
  2. When a team is certain they have their QB then they can do a 10 year deal that's really great for both sides. This sort of thing is an obvious slam dunk that most teams can't even consider since they lack certainty. Todays dollars in no way resemble 2030 dollars, honestly I just feel bad for other teams.
  3. I might as well call my shot here and say Daboll stays 3 more years because everyone wants a job in Buffalo.
  4. McDermott has so much clout right now, that by default we have the best owners in the league too. Honestly, I just feel sorry for other teams.
  5. People keep comparing this to the 90's but to me this feels bigger. I think we are about to go on a world beating run. I think we have the best coach in the league and a QB who's ready to prove it. People want to talk about how old Josh Allen is. What about McDermott? And we have the best coach gm relationship in the league.
  6. Also, top five in net yards. Like a lot of players he just keeps getting better. https://www.nfl.com/stats/player-stats/category/punts/2020/REG/all/puntingaverageyards/desc
  7. Should probably just be put in concussion protocol. Can't imagine why else a received would punch a helmet.
  8. "I'm thinking we'll be looking at 5-11, 6-10. I hope we don't succeed that much. 4-12 would be okay. I don't really want to lose to the Jets. Thats embarrassing af."
  9. Translation: Did you just try to get me to bad mouth my player?! Here's some word salad, have fun writing your article.
  10. A first round pick succeeding isn't going to change anything.
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