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  1. Wilkins is the kind of guy who might be unhappy losing a preseason game, even if he really played well. Not everyone is like that. I guess its a bad example but Rex was that way too, more interested in the wins than the details or being made to look foolish.
  2. Everyone likes to win, its not just professional sports players . I think for many competitors fear of losing is a bigger driver than wanting the win. But some players are more invested in getting that win, just like some fans are. When you look at how lots of players carry themselves and even watch their post game press conferences you can see it. I would say most players are really concerned performance and how their team performed, might be a little upset if they had an off day even if their team prevailed. Then there are other players who are just happy to get the win, the fact that the other team may have helped them with that win doesn't diminish the joy of getting it. I don't think Wilkins is the kind that gets driven by a need for perfection, or a fear of losing, he just wants to play and to win.
  3. Looked like our lineman was not willing to give up on the play until the whistle(good for him), and Wilkins just lost it after he had obviously given up on the play. Seemed like they were the two furthest players from the ball at that point.
  4. At Clemson he was the leader of the locker room. Guy LOVES winning, and is a great teammate. I'm not surprised he's frustrated. Little surprised he punched someone though. Think he might have last lost two games in college. Guy was such a fan/coaching staff favorite they would put him on the offense for some one yard tds in garbage time. He definitely wasn't prepared to go 0-forever.
  5. I guess I'm just not getting mad with all the winning. Haven't really noticed anything obvious in the bills games.
  6. I guess I'm an idiot then. I may have been a little hyperbolic, I don't know if the officiating is any better this year, but I strongly feel that improvements in replay, video recording, and rule changes have made officiating a lot more consistent (and fair) than what it was in the past. To me it seems like the officiating in every sport has improved markedly and continues to do so.
  7. Fine. I'll say it. I love the officiating. Best. Year. EVER. Thanks to replay we get the right call almost all the time. And almost all egregious mistakes have been removed from the game. Remember when you couldn't even trust the officials to get field goals and xtra points right?
  8. I can remember at least one very well. Every counterintelligence operation in the world respects what the pats* do. why do you think they named it the patriot act in 2001. Most probably BB son was just the decoy anyways.
  9. All depends on the situation, if we win the division that's a bigger win for me than some wildcard game.
  10. Yeah, at this point he has to prove that he's not the one. I mean he's the presumptive one, and how dare any fan question that!
  11. This is a terrible time for this thread, just when you want to go all in on Josh Allen, but just before you're ready to.
  12. Of course. I meant that even if the bills are objectively successful on the field there are a lot of scenarios where Barkley has more total yards, but almost none the other way around. If you believe that Singletary gets more yards you almost have to believe the bills are going to dominate the giants.
  13. I can imagine lots of scenarios where Singletary has more yards, but almost all of them involve the bills trouncing the giants. I can imagine Barkley getting 200+ and the bills still beating the spread.
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