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  1. This stuff is completely nuts. You know it's not rigged BECAUSE of the money involved. The incentives just aren't there. Even taking what Flores has said at face value, just look at what happened. Did he purposely lose for 100k? Hell no. Why would he? He's making millions of dollars because people think he can win football games. What possible motivation could he have to lose them? Certainly not for 100k, it would be irrational to do so even for millions since that's what you are already making legitimately. If the NFL is involved in sports gambling they have an incentive to make sure it's fair. There business depends upon it. Creating "professional" refs gives the refs power. It makes it harder to discipline and fire them. It would make it easier for a "pro" to entrench themselves and be corrupt. Everything about this post is backwards.
  2. I think we have several younger skill players who are on the cusp of contributing down the road and they haven't really had the chance to show what they can do yet. At WR McKenzie and Davis are two very talented young players, who are cap friendly, and are clearly favored by the coaching staff over Hodgin. Given the competition at WR, and the fact that we're not paying a ridiculous amount for any particular receiver, it seems extremely unlikely that Hodgins has a chance to meaningfully contribute.
  3. Looking at last season from a value over avg replacement perspective it would be hard not to go with RB.
  4. Same. Literally the only mock I've even looked at has been Gunner's.
  5. oops it's very confusing. i think of them as the dynamic duo, but since neither is robin their both just batman.
  6. Really hoping we get 10 year deal done this off-season.
  7. Signing him doesn't really effect the cap, why would you want to have to replace a top tier returner with amazing ball security. I mean sure, if he loses his job then cut him.
  8. I've never seen anybody do what I've seen Roberts do. It's not like it's a big contract, surprised so many are willing to part ways. It would be like letting a great kicker walk.
  9. Not going to let facts get in the way of a good witch hunt!
  10. But not just any third, the very first third! Imagine someone who is not a witch turning down the very first fourth!
  11. He's just attuned to the dark side of the force. Hey! No need to make it personal!
  12. Just cOnnECt tHE doTS and bet against KC all season. You'll be rich I tell ya! You're welcome.
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