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  1. I really thought we gave someone else that number either last year or the year before and they didn't make the final roster.
  2. Changing the onside kick rules doesn't have to be an improvement on anything, it can just be a restoration or mitigation of some more recent rule changes. It's not like its a common play, why not just allow the selection of an onside kick like they do with extra points/two point conversions. I believe the only reason they changed the onside kicks rules was because of injury risk, but if its a play that hardly ever happens . . .
  3. I don't think anyone got a pass, including the coach. Seemed like they brought in almost every free agent lineman they could. Dawkins keeping his starting job is no sure thing.
  4. Never been, so I have no idea what the stadium is like, but 300 mil from the government on a renovation feels a little shortsighted. 15 extra years of usability does not feel very long.
  5. I'm really hoping Duke Williams will be special.
  6. I'll wait till I see them play first.
  7. I guess it all depends on where you think EJ would have realistically gotten taken if not for us. If that's the second then maybe, but if it's the third you're just screwing yourself twice, and if its the 4th . . . then the description might offend my delicate sensibilities. IIRC the compensation made it seem like we initiated the trade.
  8. There's a lot of quarterbacks we didn't draft, and its hard to believe EJ didn't play a role in that.
  9. For me its gotta be EJ. You never know what's going to happen, but you know when you overreach.
  10. The only correlation wonderlic has to NFL success is for cbs and its negative.
  11. I guess Miami is so bad this year that they give you two wins when you beat them.
  12. I wonder how much a list like this might be influenced by a lack of consensus over the best players at positions that are the "most safe".
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