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  1. “As long as I throw it and they catch it, all is dandy” love this man-child qb of ours Joshua Patrick Allen!
  2. Today is my 35th birthday and all week I have been much more excited with anticipation for the Bills game rather than for my birthday. I remember sitting on my Bills beanbag chair as a little kid, right in front of the tv, watching the Bills in the early 90s. Who would have predicted that the Bills would have only lost 3 games this year with the 5th hardest strength of schedule. That Allen is in the MVP conversation with Rodgers and Mahomes. That since the buy week our offense has been ranked #1 in total yards and our defense #3 in total yards. That we would be absolutely
  3. “I wanna see fourth quarter Diggy!” I love Dawkins and the juice he brings. He has really progressed in his play since his shaky second year. You can tell he loves football and he loves playing for this team!
  4. I just played this on my phone and my wife, only hearing the audio, asked, “What is that? Is that a video of people invading the capital?” I said no, the last play of the Bills game! She said, “Oh, it sounded like Braveheart!” Hahaha
  5. The Titans first couple of drives, they were carving up the Ravens defense through the air. After that, for some reason, they went away from what was working and the Ravens were able to control the ball and establish their ground game. After watching the game today, I’m much more confident with the matchup. If the Bills play the way they are capable of playing, they will control their own destiny.
  6. Here is a Colts fan admitting the obvious.
  7. This should increase the anticipation! Sorry if already posted.
  8. I was wondering about Super Cade the other day and whether Josh was able to still keep in touch. Truly inspiring story! Thanks for posting. Someone needs to send this to Domonique Foxworth and remind him that this is the type of person and city he actively roots against.
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