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  1. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    Lol, all hearsay. Bottom line is there is no ***** evidence. If there was he would have been charged.
  2. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    It never went to trial because there was zero evidence of rape... End of story. Get your facts straight. The prosecutor who declined to file charges has spoke about it several times over the years. There was no case, there was no evidence. Rape kit was done....negative. She was asked by the initial officer if she was raped...No What we had was some drunk girls, some angry friends, and an egotistical young millionaire.
  3. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    During the 2010 presser, Bright famously told Roethlisberger to "grow up" and to be a better role model, and today, the retired prosecutor says he hasn't heard any negative news about Roethlisberger in the years since. "I heard that he got married, has three kids. If all that is true, that's a good thing. He seems to have grown up," says Bright. "There's not a doubt in my mind that had the case gone to trial, a jury would have found (Roethlisberger) not guilty. To be blunt, my decision was the only decision that could be reached by any responsible prosecutor." Sounds like a real rapist....not.
  4. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    Bright says today that he has no lingering doubts about his decision in 2010. "It wasn't a difficult decision," says Bright. "I'm a prosecutor seeking justice, and we did not have a case. It was not even a close call."
  5. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    -- The woman who accused football star Ben Roethlisberger of raping her in March in a bar in Milledgeville, Georgia, described the alleged incident to police as the culmination of a night of bar-hopping. A prosecutor decided this week that he would not pursue criminal charges against Roethlisberger, saying he could not prove that a crime had been committed. I'm pretty sure prosecutors don't just let accused rapists walk free. If there was even a shred of evidence, he would have been charged.
  6. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    Raper? I didn't know Roth was convicted of rape. I didn't know he was arrested, sent to trial, and convicted of Rape by a jury of his peers. Usually people forget about things that aren't true.
  7. TwistofFate

    Tom Brady is a YAC monster!

    I like the commentary on this video much better.... LMAO. https://youtu.be/yfPFCf_0NzQ
  8. TwistofFate

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    Solid? LMAO Bro, Google KB dropped passes. He was second in the league for dropped padres this year. He dropped 37% of his passes thus far, and has a lengthy history of drops. Aside from the drops, there is ZERO EFFORT from this guy. Zay Jones drops a ton of passes, but I will never question the kids passion and effort.
  9. TwistofFate

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    He legit stood there while everyone around him made an attempt. He needs to be benched, another receiver from the practice squad needs to be brought up. These young guys have heart, pride, and determination. KB is a waste, and I'm beginning to actually hate the guy.
  10. TwistofFate

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    Great game today Kelvin!
  11. TwistofFate

    McDermott isn't going anywhere....

    I predicted a 2-5 start. May be able to locate it around the board somewhere. 5 road games in the first 7 games with a team this young was trouble from the word GO. What I didn't foresee was KB becoming the absolute waste he's become.
  12. TwistofFate

    McDermott isn't going anywhere....

    It was defensive. That's exactly why I said it was very telling. It was uncharacteristic of him and speaks volumes. You can take it as a negative, I do not. I do not because McD doesn't brag and has no ego. Even when the team made the playoffs after 20 years. If it was Marrone, he would have reminded us just like he did about his Green Bay win. When people who don't brag and have no ego open up, you should probably listen. It's valuable insight into what makes them tick. McD has taken a lot of heat this year, and it must be frustrating to be attacked week after week because of the results. I compare it to having a secret. You have a secret but you can't tell anyone. So instead of telling them outright, you drop hints. The secret is they blew up the roster and they all expected this. They just can't say it. So he hints to his past experiences to explain without coming out directly, this was necessary to move forward.
  13. TwistofFate

    The biggest myth on the Process/Rebuild

    High character guys never become comfortable with losing, because they are of high character. Honor, loyalty, passion, and accountability to yourself and one another breed success. You take beatings together, and grow together. It breeds success, the exact opposite of what you believe. It's the negative veteran presence and "players" you speak of which were quickly shuffled off the team. Their talent will be replaced through the draft this year, and free agency.
  14. TwistofFate

    McDermott isn't going anywhere....

    Of course I know it's year two. Last years draft was NOT this regimes draft. Doug Whaley and HIS scouting department put the board together. McDermott surely had some input, but that board was mainly assembled by Whaley and his staff. This draft belongs to this regime. They own the personnel moves on the draft board. They played out the season with last years roster because they had to. They evaluated, then cut and traded anyone they didn't like, was over paid, or under performed. This is different than Rex for a multitude of reasons. For starters the GM and HC are on the same page and aren't sabotaging one another. Secondly, after today's press conference I am 100% convinced this "process," the "vision," winning now "and in the future," aren't just slogans. McD is heavily leaning on his past experiences through TWO rebuilds, to build a solid ground up foundation that debt free and packed with young, fresh, cheap, coachable talent. One must believe this process was sold to ownership and these results were absolutely expected. McDermott doesn't usually give much in his press conferences, but when he does open up, it's very telling. Everyone at one Bills drive expected this except the players and vast majority of the fan base.
  15. Anytime soon. Just finished watching today's press conference, and I can honestly say, this epic failure was not only predicted by this regime, it was expected. McDermott gave some telling information today, and I believe the tidbit he dropped is what prompted the Pegulas to hire him. McDermott made mentions of his usual jibber jabber, then reminded the media that he has been part of not one, but TWO franchise turn around. His first coming in 99' with Andy Reid and the Eagles, fresh off a 3 win Ray Rhodes season. His second coming with Ron Rivera, fresh off a John Fox 2 win season. I remember quite well last year, multiple times McDermott warned the media about the product on the field and not to get carried away as there was plenty of work "ahead " of us. Let's look at some parallels. 1999, the first thing Philly did was draft a Qb in the first round. "In 1999, Pederson was caretaker of the quarterback position until rookie first-round pick Donovan McNabb was ready. The fans wanted McNabb. Andy Reid didn't. And Pederson struggled. And it was ugly." "Pederson started the first nine games of the 1999 season, and the Eagles went 2-7 in those games, averaging 11.1 points per game on offense before Pederson was benched in favor of McNabb." Amazing right? Peterman and Pederson, averaging 11.1 points per game. 2011 The first thing Carolina did was draft a Qb 1st round, Cam Newton. "The Panthers opened the 2011 season 2–6, but finished with a 6–10record,[37] and Newton was awarded the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year award" What is currently happening in Buffalo is eerily similar to both of McDermotts past turn arounds with previous franchises. I want to be extremely clear, I in no way believe past experiences are indicative of future results, but find some of these past parallels oddly coincidental. We all know how it turned out for those franchises, maybe, just maybe, we will finally come out on top. In any case, I absolutely believe what is happening here was planned for and expected. It isn't a "tank" per se, but it was an expected result.