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  1. The problem in Cleveland is simple. 1. Kitchens is way over his head. 2. Throwing a ton of divas on one team rarely ever works out for the best. Culture has to change and the organization must change from the ground up...exactly what we are in year 3 of.
  2. Because NE is the second highest revenue stream in the NFL? Tom Brady's legacy sells and they push home his age as a marketing tactic? Goodell is friends with Kraft? Tom Brady's jersey is STILL the number one selling jersey in the NFL? There's a multitude of reasons the league wants them to win. Those pats defenders were literally DRAPED all over the Gs WRs tonight. Not one call for pi, when it was clearly visible contact was being made before the ball even arrived. Mike Pereira made the comment that even though a giants reciever was being hanged all over and clear visible contact was happening, it "wasn't enough of a hindrance" to call PI. Funny, I always thought PI is PI. You engaged in contact after 5 yards before the ball got there, its PI. But with the Pats we can now subjectively call PI? BS.
  3. New England is over rated. I've stated this a few times already. They were exposed again tonight. The defense is over rated, and the offense is not what its cracked up to be. The second new England has to face a team that has an offense that is CONSISTENT, doesn't make multiple mistakes with costly turn overs, they will lose. Their defense has had to face Allen a second year player, Jones a rookie, Falk a practice squad Qb, Roth who was clearly facing a nagging injury in his throwing arm, Haskins a rookie Qb, and Rosen a second year player. They have had the success against inexperienced Qbs, and offenses that cant get out of their own way. Put them against the Chiefs, Texans, even the Ravens at this point, and they will fold. No way New England wins the AFC crown this year. The way to beat them is consistency. They are not a powerhouse and have weakness everywhere. They should not have escaped us and im sure counted their blessings to escape Buffalo with a win.
  4. Apparently, even when being 4-1 and the 3rd best team in the AFC we still gets no airplay. It was a complete joke that our game wasn't even mentioned.
  5. Who has Allen beat in his 3-0 start? What did Allen do against a team with a winning record?? CHOKE
  6. Spare me all of your "he played the best game of his career coming off his concussion." He had weeks to prepare coming off a bye, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder takes up to a month, sometimes years to manifest. Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms may start within one month of a traumatic event, but sometimes symptoms may not appear until years after the event. Edwards was NEVER the same after getting stretched out.
  7. Yet some how he simply was inexplicably "figured out" and unable to ever perform again moving on. PTS didn't hit him immediately.
  8. Because its true. Give me a break..."He got figured out." Brady is figured out, he still performs. Same with with any other Qb. Edwards was never the same after getting stretched out, and anyone with two eyes can see it. He was completely gun shy and was never comfortable in the pocket again.
  9. It hit him in the hands....its a drop. Its not ridiculous to call a drop a drop. He's an NFL professional reciever. It's drop after drop after drop with him. Stop making excuses for his poor ass performance.
  10. Are you kidding me? What are you missing? He was targeted eight times yesterday and caught two passes on top of that he dropped another game-winning pass on a fourth down in the end zone. He needs to be benched traded or released he's worthless and cannot catch anything and hasn't caught anything meaningful in 2 years
  11. Buffalo left so many points on that field I don't even know where to start. Pats D is not that good, they just arent. They've played lackluster offensive talent all season. Buffalo has dominated some of the best Qbs in the League in Brady, Dalton, and Manning. Buffalo lost this game...they literally handed it to NE on a platter.
  12. Allen forced it into coverage ALL DAY. Even McDermott made mention of this in his short presser, he didn't take what the D was giving him. On chances where the deep pass WAS there, Allen failed miserably. He either overthrew it or underthrew it. Allen was erratic and off target ALL DAY from the opening bang. We had TONS of opportunities to put the Pats away. TONS. We left a minimum of 21pts on the field against them. Our second half adjustments were OUTSTANDING. Execution was terrible at the QB position....period. That being said, ZAY JONES IS TRASH, and needs to be benched, traded, or released. He has a lengthy history of droppwd passes and theres no end in sight. He dropped ANOTHER game winning catch yesterday.
  13. One of the worst takes you've ever seen, huh? The Pats were EXPOSED like I said they would be. Our Defense is much better, and our offense is ON PAR. Actually may even be better considering the guys running around wide open that Allen failed to connect with over and over. Pats are overrated and played scrubs.
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