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  1. I agree, but I cant take away that exceptional performance from him. He made all the throws exactly how we should expect him to. Let's see what we can do against the Rams.
  2. It's not click bait, its a sentence that wouldnt totally fit in the headline.
  3. Meh, give me the Vicodin, then put me in coach I'm ready to play. It works great, just ask Brett Favre.
  4. It's two games in...why don't you wait until week 8 is over and see where he is? These two weeks have been incredible, but I'm not ready to crown him yet.
  5. Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning? If this current trajectory continues, and it may not, but....could these two new school Qbs be the next rivalry in the NFL saga?
  6. It was clearly noticeable last week, his range is amazing and it showed without him in the lineup.
  7. Without them in the lineup I think we will get chewed up over the middle of the field by Cooper Kupp all day.
  8. There is nothing negative to be said. That's why its an ####### move. You just beat a division opponent on the road, an opponent who is better than people give credit for. There was no need to say, oh it was the jets and miami. He basically ambushed him. Who says something so stupid after a Qb throws for 400+ yards and 4tds? Look at all the other big name Qbs, they have lesser numbers this week against winless teams too. I dont hear Steven A telling Rodgers, well it was only the winless Lions...or Prescott pfft, who cares about your day, it was against the winless Falcons. 400 yards and 4tds don't grow on trees...I don't care who you are playing.
  9. I can't believe he would say something like that to a young kid who just had the two best games in his career, back to back division games, and was damn near perfect. It took me by surprise and I know it took Allen by surprise. What an ####### move.
  10. Done. Very impressive performance and deserving of my vote.
  11. Watching Belichick play with his mask is hilarious to me.
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