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  1. Until Allen thrusts himself into a solid upper middle/late top 10 Qb ranking, this will be the take. This team has all the tools, the real question remains at Qb. This is a real prove it year for Allen.
  2. They are the best in franchise history at their positions, and hall of famers to boot. Im fine with it. As much as I love Thurman, OJ was better. Reed is the 17th most productive Wr in NFL history. No way he gets removed.
  3. Split with the jets, sweep the patriots, split with dolphins. We arent beating the chiefs, we arent losing to the raiders, we arent losing to the broncos.
  4. 8:40 mark - Issues that plagued him from the beginning of time, continue to plague him now. Take it as you may. Footwork... https://gfycat.com/liquidwealthybutterfly Footwork... https://gfycat.com/ajarwarmaustraliankelpie Footwork...
  5. Wow, amazing. My buddy has the ps VR, but everything Im seeing is leaning more towards Oculus, currently. Although, the new PS5 is going to drop at the end of the year, and I believe they are working on a whole new vr headset, this could mean a drastic jump in the technology. Madden in 1st person Vr? Probably be pretty amazing.
  6. I dont know...i think the adrenaline got going in some of these old folk.
  7. Id buy it...its legit, and he's done exactly what he's said he's done. It will sell for that easily. I'd be lobbying for a signature on the wall or something. Tom Brady's Escalade Limo will sell no problem. The dude just auctioned a game day experience with dinner afterwards for over 1 million. Like it or not, he's the GOAT.🐐 Anything he sells will be purchased, and probably at a premium.
  8. 4,902 yards, 30Tds, 11ints, 99.7 Qb rating, and is entering his prime. And for people who want to bring up the Dallas game, get real. He put up 355 yards against us, a top 3 defense in the league. All while completing 65%, for 7.2, and 2tds. 3 straight years now he has jumped up his game with BIG measurable improvements. Now that Garrett is gone, he will thrive under McCarthy. This is a no brainer to me. If he plays tagged, and Allen shows little growth this year, you go get him next year and pay him.
  9. Apparently a company called Strivr is leading the way in this right now.
  10. Virtual Reality....its out there, but one place im not seeing it used in a place it should be the most, pre draft process. Take Qbs for example. They been measured, tested, broke down film with and questioned. But when are they going to be put in the Vr gear and tested with real NFL game speed before they even step foot on an NFL field? I think the VR is going to revolutionize the draft process in the near future and we will see far less busts in the league. When the time arrives, the most important grade a NFL prospect could receive could be a "VR grade." Im actually pretty shocked some form of this doesn't already exist.
  11. Ive been to eight home games since 1998, not bad for living out of state. (not including preseason, ive been to two) In all my time there, get this..... I've never watched Buffalo lose. I've seen some crazy wins up there. In 08 i watched Trent Edwards lead buffalo from a 9 point deficit in under 6 mins to win against the Raiders. Another favorite game was 05 against the Chiefs, we were picked to lose because of the red hot chiefs offense coming to town, but instead i watched our defense stifle trent green and crew, while Holcomb got wrecked and I got to watch Losman do what he did best....multiple bombs to Evans. I got to watch the last run of Fred Jacksons career in a Bills uniform against the steelers in preseason. A lot of great memories in that Stadium!!! Poor Dick, he looked like he aged 20 years by the time he was done here.
  12. Im with you on this. I don't think its even a comparison really. Every qb in this division is unproven. Fitz is the best of the group by far and that's not saying a whole lot. Darnold and Allen are striking no fear in anyone. Stidham is completely untested....and the rookie, Tua, is waiting in the wings. As of right now, this absolutely looks like the worse group of starting Qbs in the same division that I can remember.
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