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  1. The lack of any kind of run game cost the Bills today. Zero clock control.
  2. Aside from a couple big breakdowns, outstanding game from Allen and Co, as well as Edmunds, Klein and the gang. Solid victory today along with the killer instinct start to finish. That's how you win and that's how you close. Pedal to the metal.
  3. I think we found the defensive identity...bring it. Release the hounds!
  4. Jesus, this offense looks ridiculous right now...firing on 12 cylinders.
  5. It's not "the latest thing." It's scientific fact and exactly how fraud is discovered anywhere numbers are used. I guess Dems are too smart for their own good. #busted Incorrect. Its used to detect fraud and anomaly anywhere numbers are used.
  6. No, the attachment is a graph of the data set from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. It does not follow Benford's Law, which shows clear evidence of fraud. The same can be seen in Detroit, when out of nowhere 130k votes materialized out of thin air. Here is an explanation from a fraud investigator.
  7. Apparently no one can explain how Biden broke the mathematical law known as Benfords Law, twice in the same hour in both Milwaukee and Detroit, yet every other candidate did not. Liberals..."we believe in science!" Not really. Rigged...FRAUD. https://towardsdatascience.com/what-is-benfords-law-and-why-is-it-important-for-data-science-312cb8b61048 Benfords law
  8. I would say it had to do predominantly with line calls. The center makes the line calls on pre-snap protections. Allen may have been more confident in his ability than Bates.
  9. My complaint is we are no where close to knowing if we have a franchise Qb, as you stated in your opening statement. Allen has not shown anything on a consistent basis that he is a long term solution. He started magnificent this season only to fade away in the second quarter. Winning the division is a goal for sure, something we haven't done in 25 years. But when I look at this division I'm far from impressed. 0-8 Jets, 2-5 Patriots, 4-3 Dolphins. We have as many wins as the whole division. This division is bad, very bad. Not our fault, but we should be dominating lesser opponents,and we aren't.
  10. I never said "torch the front office." In fact I've said the opposite of that many times. If your expectations aren't Super Bowl every year, what's the point? If they aren't that team now, when? We won't win playoff games playing like this and playoff wins are what it's all about.
  11. I want to be much more than one and done. We've been in that position twice in 3 years.
  12. Not convinced. Was almost a believer after the first quarter of the season, but his fall off since then has been drastic in every passing metric. We aren't going anywhere with the defense not playing as well as they used to and an offense that sporadic and inconsistent. I hope they get it together or we are going to see a few more blow outs this year.
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