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  1. TwistofFate

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    Yes, Foster has impressed much more in his short time in there, than anything KB has ever done here. So glad he is finally gone.
  2. TwistofFate

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    Hello Robert Foster, good bye Kevin Benjamin.
  3. Not even close to Ray Rice, and you're kidding yourself if you think so. A push to a drunk broad for reasons unknown, is not the same thing as KO'ing your fiance in an elevator then trying to pick her up. He pushed some drunk skank, who clearly kept coming at him. The kick??? Please. Not even close to brutal. This isn't abuse. This isn't brutal.
  4. He went after a ref and needed to be restrained. That's bad. He will be made an example. Probably a 1-3 game suspension. I'd say 1 game. There is clear video proof he went after someone, and even threatened to "getch you."
  5. Until this team makes plays consistently we are going nowhere. Fumbles, interceptions, and missed opportunities cost us the game. Clay makes a catch at the end and none of the bad calls matter.
  6. I'm pretty confident that Allen is not the answer at Qb and we drafted the wrong guy, with that said, there is no way you start Barkley. We are building for the future. This season is lost. Barkley playing makes zero sense aside from filling in for an injured Qb they are hoping to develop.
  7. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    The legal role of consent There is no single legal definition of consent. Each state sets its own definition, either in law or through court cases. /end There was no rape, nor evidence of rape according to the prosecuting DA. The DA went on further to say he believed if it had gone to trial it would have ended in a loss as well, because they had no evidence. It was all HERSAY. rape kit was negative. Victim answered NO when asked by initial officer if she had been raped. Zero evidence to substantiate victims claims according to the evidence collected by the prosecution. You can claim he's a rapist til you're blue in the face. I don't give a ***** what you believe, the investigation led to no charges because there was little to no evidence of a crime. Forget the "edjumacation" you are trying to give us on rape and sexual harassment, go learn something about law, justice, and being innocent until proven guilty. People like you are the downfall of society. Your feelings, intuition and beliefs mean squat in a criminal investigation. Facts and evidence mean everything. The facts are, there was no where near enough evidence to charge the man with rape, so he wasn't charged.
  8. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    Lol, all hearsay. Bottom line is there is no ***** evidence. If there was he would have been charged.
  9. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    It never went to trial because there was zero evidence of rape... End of story. Get your facts straight. The prosecutor who declined to file charges has spoke about it several times over the years. There was no case, there was no evidence. Rape kit was done....negative. She was asked by the initial officer if she was raped...No What we had was some drunk girls, some angry friends, and an egotistical young millionaire.
  10. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    During the 2010 presser, Bright famously told Roethlisberger to "grow up" and to be a better role model, and today, the retired prosecutor says he hasn't heard any negative news about Roethlisberger in the years since. "I heard that he got married, has three kids. If all that is true, that's a good thing. He seems to have grown up," says Bright. "There's not a doubt in my mind that had the case gone to trial, a jury would have found (Roethlisberger) not guilty. To be blunt, my decision was the only decision that could be reached by any responsible prosecutor." Sounds like a real rapist....not.
  11. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    Bright says today that he has no lingering doubts about his decision in 2010. "It wasn't a difficult decision," says Bright. "I'm a prosecutor seeking justice, and we did not have a case. It was not even a close call."
  12. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    -- The woman who accused football star Ben Roethlisberger of raping her in March in a bar in Milledgeville, Georgia, described the alleged incident to police as the culmination of a night of bar-hopping. A prosecutor decided this week that he would not pursue criminal charges against Roethlisberger, saying he could not prove that a crime had been committed. I'm pretty sure prosecutors don't just let accused rapists walk free. If there was even a shred of evidence, he would have been charged.
  13. TwistofFate

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    Raper? I didn't know Roth was convicted of rape. I didn't know he was arrested, sent to trial, and convicted of Rape by a jury of his peers. Usually people forget about things that aren't true.
  14. TwistofFate

    Tom Brady is a YAC monster!

    I like the commentary on this video much better.... LMAO. https://youtu.be/yfPFCf_0NzQ
  15. TwistofFate

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    Solid? LMAO Bro, Google KB dropped passes. He was second in the league for dropped padres this year. He dropped 37% of his passes thus far, and has a lengthy history of drops. Aside from the drops, there is ZERO EFFORT from this guy. Zay Jones drops a ton of passes, but I will never question the kids passion and effort.