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  1. I like motor...the oline did him no favors in the run game. There is a lot of room for him and the oline to grow in the run game. There is a reason we drafted big bodied olinemen this year and pass protection wasn't why.
  2. The NFL has 1,696 players and of those 1,696 almost 31 percent of them did not hear their names called in the NFL Draft. That's still a very high number. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2019/09/undrafted-2/
  3. He reminds me of a young Jason Taylor, will he become that? Hopefully.
  4. As much as I liked Brown, this was inevitable. They played really well without him, Davis emerged and his cap hit was too high. Unfortunately, it made him expendable.
  5. If last years playoff loss bothered them...look out next year. Great season and much to look forward to. Out of 32 we made the final 4. We are relevant again and the future looks bright. I'll rock my bills hoodie tomorrow with pride.
  6. The stars are aligning Bills fans we may have come full circle
  7. The perfect ending to a perfect season....the ultimate revenge as a Bills Fan.
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