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  1. Imo Beasley should always be the first read in critical situations. He consistently gets separation. Looking for him to beat man cover quickly should be a no brainier, it's what he was brought here to do. With that said, Allens best pass was the last play of the game. Wrong decision imo, but the best pass he threw all day.
  2. What kind of question is this? If you can't sell out your first home playoff game in 20 years, your city doesn't even deserve a team.
  3. Can't roll out when they collapse the pocket on blitzes. Also, they brought pressure to force Allen opposite side of Brown to ensure he couldn't find Brown cross field and hit him with a scramble pass. The only answer to cover 0 is to step up, make them pay deep or over the middle. The Ravens had zero respect for the pass game as will be the case with Pittsburgh and New England the next two weeks. They will blitz and dare us to beat them with Allens arm.
  4. I dislike Brady as much as the next guy, but the tape says otherwise. He can still make every throw, including the deep out. He can still drop them in the bucket 40 yards down field. He's still....very much dangerous. The real problem is Edelman is the only real threat. No Gordon, no Gronk, no AB, and a rookie who was hurt most of the year. His mobility has always sucked, but his pocket presence is still there as well as pocket movements...albeit slower than it once was. Here's his tape...there is nothing wrong with his arm. Throwing it away is the smart thing to do when recievers aren't open, especially when the defense is playing as well as they are.
  5. Again, are you this asinine? Allen didn't throw for 300, he wasn't close to 300 yards, and barely completed 50% of his passes. There is NO growth, period. You're dealing in the hypothetical to prop up your straw man fallacy.
  6. He's not Jackson, hell isn't even Tyrod. I have no idea what Allen is anymore. He can barely hit a guy in stride unless he has 4 seconds and completely clean pocket. I had hope for him in the beginning of the season, there's no hope now. He simply doesn't have the it factor, nor does he have a single strong go to ability.
  7. Give it up. Play calling was absolutely not the problem. Those plays were there to be had. Wake the ***** up. 52% completion percentage was the problem. Overthrows, under throws, bad throws, thays the problem. Dont blame the OC for calling the perfect play your Qb cant execute. So sick of your excuses. Allen just isnt good enough. Face it. Own it. Devise a plan to FIX IT.
  8. I watched the game, play calling is not the issue. The plays were absolutely there. Our Qb failed miserably at execution.
  9. Allen missed multiple deep passes, very inaccurate throughout the game, fumbled again, and still can't hit a Wr consistently in stride. There is no excuse for him. Wrs were wide open all day, he had tons of time in the pocket the majority of the day and he failed to produce. If we are really looking to make the playoffs and actually win a game, its time to put Barkley in there. I doubt this will happen because they want to "develop" Allen, but its clear he's not improving. There is no reason he shouldn't be light-years ahead of last year. We've brought in RBs, Wrs, TEs, and offensive linemen to build around him. He has not shown anything to show improvement. Wins me NOTHING at this point as our wins have come against the worst teams in the league by way of last ditch efforts. Im completely disgusted over his performance today against a 2-6 team with the 21st ranked pass defense. Enough of the excuses. Qb position is a SERIOUS concern.
  10. Big play here... Big stop. Please don't lose to the 2-6 Browns.
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