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  1. Just draft some WR's this year early and often, then fill the rest of the picks with safety and D line. Let's not over complicate this.
  2. When does it financially make sense to cut Knox? Trade partner maybe?
  3. Not with Bass being our Kicker. Need to bring in another FA kicker this summer and get rid of Bass.
  4. I'm sure deep down Ravens fans would glady take Allen as their QB over Lamar. They wouldn't admit it online but behind closed doors you bet your bippy they would.
  5. At least we won't have Dorsey next year, Allen will probably win MVP next year with Joe Brady calling the plays imo.
  6. Mac Jones looked like Montana against the Bills defense this year.
  7. Bills should be playing more TOOL on 3rd downs, seems they get a stop every time they play Sober! NE played a ton of TOOL inside Gillette on defense through the Brady era and they seemed to do pretty good.
  8. What I totally expected. Chiefs definitely going to the Super Bowl again, probably winning too.
  9. Prayers up ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™!!!
  10. Think we could trade Diggs for AJ Brown? Then draft a WR too in the first.
  11. What about when we had the #1 ranked defense a couple years ago and Mahomes raked this defense over the coals that game? Remember that game, playoff game that mattered, 13 seconds if you will?
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