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  1. I'd give them a first for Diggs, if they send back a 2nd or 3rd round pick with Diggs
  2. I'm surprised the Patriots are that dumb to pay a washed up QB 30+ mil for one season. I'm sure Belichick isn't signing off on this one. Kraft really wants to hold on to the past and can't see the future
  3. What a joke, no surprise the NFL wanted the Mahomes vs Watson matchup and would do anything possible to make that happen... Which they carried out the league narrative flawlessly
  4. I feel the "Sub Refs" are really the real decision makers and basically control the game, in the shadows for the league narrative. I've never seen them actually come on the field and overrule the head ref in all my years watching ball
  5. No surprise in Houston with the telecast being an ESPN love fest of Watt and Co. Would have loved to see at least an attempt at a late field goal in OT, but the refs took it out of the players hands with a ticky tacky call that would never get called on NE
  6. Anyone know what uniforms Bills are wearing tomorrow?
  7. Going to start with a can and bottle return because they have been building up in the garage. Followed by a trip to wegmans, for some beer and snacks pick up, possibly a sub for lunch. Then tidy up the house for company. Then around 3pm the guys will be by. The genny lights will be flowing. Basement trips as well. Have pizza and wings delivered around 5pm. Toasting a Bills victory while hopefully watching the Titans beat the Pats
  8. Referee assignments are out for wildcard weekend. Tony Corrente and his crew will ref the Bills Texans game. His crew did the Bills Redskins game this year and the Bills Steelers game this year. (Both Wins) Decent fair ref
  9. Would like to find out out tonight so can start planning for it
  10. Then if that happens most likely early CBS call with Nantz and Romo
  11. My spectrum guide has Fox already with the late slot on Saturday night, so probably don't have the Saturday night game. NBC and CBS both have the 4:30 Saturday game, so obviously only one would have that slot
  12. Just wondering if Bills vs Texans (and or Chiefs) is guaranteed to be the first wildcard game of the weekend
  13. Yeah of course, good record for a 2nd year pro. Little more seasoning and could be great. And on the door step to leading his team to the playoffs
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