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  1. Can he take over for Frazier? More press coverage please.
  2. No first year o coordinator has ever won a Super Bowl in their first year. So why did we want to waste a year of Allen's window with that decision? It's pure stupidity.
  3. Stinks that Frazier will probably be back next year, then when he gets fired in 2024 it will be another waste of a year. McDermott probably gets s-canned in 2025 then. It's inevitable, but just wasting years now.
  4. I guess the Eagles aren't tired, like our Bills were. Also they have a great pass rush and awesome offensive line, something the Bills lack.
  5. Tbh, Allen is far from soft. Now the coaching is quite abundantly soft and turtles up when it's time to play big boy playoff football where you have to take what's yours!!
  6. Wildcard loss is the ceiling with this team.
  7. If he is, Allen will be on the Andrew Luck trajectory and out of the league soon.
  8. Ugh, I'm seeing a similar result next year with Frazier calling this defense in the playoffs.
  9. I was a member, miss that board, this place is a nice outlet though.
  10. Incoming 1st round defensive end draft pick coming, watch out everyone.
  11. Keep Sean McDermott away from the draft and I bet we see a lot better results moving forward, send a draft guide to Beane and I'd wager the results would be better!!
  12. It would have been nice to use a screen game or something outside the box... I remember we were using more toss sweeps earlier in the year, and that play seemed to be decent with Morse pulling, but it seems Dorsey got away from that which is quite mind boggling. I saw a screen to Singletary late in the game and it had success, but Dorsey hardly at all called that play during the season. How about a Tightend screen to Knox who is ok after the catch and has worked in the past Dorsey!
  13. One step closer to a first round exit in the playoffs or no playoffs all together. No accountability whatsoever is what makes fans pissed, slap the same crap oline on the field next year to destroy Allen. No wr's drafted year after year, especially in cheap contracts.
  14. Beane just draft offense this year and don't let McDermott tell you which lousy defensive lineman to draft.
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