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  1. So nice to see a quarterback hit the Deep ball with accuracy
  2. So a top 10 pick flames out after starting 14 games??? On two different teams? Man, the hypocrisy on this board is insane!
  3. lol, how can I have a personal vendetta against someone I don't even know? It's not that hard to defend Rosen, anyone with a single shred of common sense can see his situation is far less than optimal. And....the whole point of this thread is to discuss Rosen.... "Fitz gives us the best chance to win. It's easy for people to sit and say, 'You should do this or that, or this or that.' I don't think those same people will stand in front of that group and say, 'This is in the best interest of the team, for us to win this week,'" Flores said. "That's no knock on Josh. Maybe you think that's in the best interest, but you're not in front of this team every day. You're not in the trenches and a lot of people aren't." Flores believes he could lose the respect of his locker room by telling his players Rosen gives them the best chance to win instead of Fitzpatrick. Rosen has been dealt a bad hand since being drafted No. 10 overall by Arizona in 2018: He has been on two rebuilding teams with constant change, subpar offensive lines and complex schemes -- and each has had an escape plan if it didn't go well with him. Rosen said he doesn't spend much time wishing he could have landed in a more stable situation, such as those of fellow 2018 quarterbacks Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens) and Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills). Its clear to see by anyone without bias. https://www.espn.com/blog/miami-dolphins/post/_/id/30317/planning-ahead-josh-rosens-future-dolphins-2020-qb-picture
  4. My disdain for Allen comes at his lack of passing performance given the fact that he has had tools put all around him yet continues to not make any meaningful leap in production. It has absolutely nothing to do with Rosen. Rosen doesn't play for the Bills, Allen does. And for your information, Mahomes is the Qb I wanted this organization to draft.
  5. I don't care that he's not a Bill, it is what it is. What's done is done. I think it's just silly to make statements like Rosen isnt qualified to play in the NFL. Or...to act like him being traded to another team after a rookie campaign had anything to do with his performance and nothing to do with fact the staff that drafted him was fired and the new staff went a completely different direction at the position. His entire caeer thus far has been terribly mis-managed and he hasn't been put in any kind of situation to succeed. That's what's happened to him. The only Qbs from that class that haven't been mismanaged are Allen and Jackson.
  6. The asking price for Rosen was too high. There was plenty of interest. No one wants to dump high draft picks near the draft when their boards are figured out. Rosen is a much more talented passer then you let on. There is plenty of film to show it. Not qualified to have a job?? LMFAO. I can't even with you....
  7. Ummmm, how many were traded after their first year??? The experts analysis has nothing to do with it. Everyone claims Rosen was surrounded by better talent....where? Last time I checked, the Cardinals had 5 wins this year. Where's all that great supporting cast at? Rosen had nearly identical stats as Allen their rookie season. Allen was fortunate enough to be on a team that was building around him and on the incline. Rosen was put in two terrible situations in a row, with no commitment to him or his growth. It has nothing to do with his ability and everything to do with his situation. It's completely foolish to think otherwise. Did they build around him? Did they commit to him? Did they coach him up or bench him to save face? He was afforded none of the luxuries Allen had the privilege of. That's a fact.
  8. Apparently you haven't watched much film on Rosen in Miami. Comparing a second-year quarterback on his second team with a whole team full of new players around him versus a 10-year plus veteran in the league is ludicrous in my opinion. The switch was made to Fitzpatrick to save face by Flores. I'm not sure how much you would expect out of a second-year quarterback on his second team in two years with an entirely new coaching staff but he was not given the chance to grow. In fact aren't you one of the people who claimed the Josh Allen needed time with all these new players on offense? Josh Allen is afforded the luxury of mistakes due to new offensive players but Rosen is not even though he's in a completely different system for the second year in a row? That seems completely bias to me. Go watch some film and highlights there's plenty of them on YouTube about Rosen. Watch the contested throws he makes and The Tight Windows he throws in and the accuracy he displays. The kid did not have a fair Shake.
  9. What does my analysis of Allen have to do with my assessment of Rosen? Ill tell you....nothing. Rosens situation in Zona isn't even comparable. Buffalo head of cohesion among the coaches and front-office and we're on the incline. Arizona was on the decline terrible coaching staff that was on the brink of being fired no Unity within the team. Their situations are like night and day.
  10. Lol, Arizona was a train wreck when they drafted him. The coaching staff was so bad they were fired, the new coaching staff didn't want him because they wanted their own Qb who fit the offense the wanted to run. It made zero sense to keep him and pay the salary of two first round picks at the position. Miami benched him because they were losing the locker room after trading away loads of talent. Its hard to get players to buy in to your methods when it was apparent they were putting in all this hard work for nothing. Rosen became the sacrificial lamb to keep the team bought into their coaches vision. Rosens stats were almost identical to Allens in their rookie year. Did we trade away Allen because he sucked? Rosen got the shaft, plain and simple.
  11. Rosen has gotten the shaft thus far in his career. He has zero continuity around him, has been thrust into multiple different offenses on multiple teams, and hasn't been coached right anywhere. He will probably end up in New England where he will shine. He still possessses a skill set that most qbs don't....unbelievable anticipatory throws. New England has shown interest in him already but the price was too high. He os a perfect fit in their system. With Tom Brady more than likely gone, the Pats will look to add top tier talent at a bargain price at that position. I can absolutely see in in NE this off-season. I believe Rosen was the best Qb in the draft and still believe that. He simply has not been as fortunate with his situation as Allen or Jackson.
  12. https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/news/2019/jun/3/people-traumatic-brain-injuries-more-likely-commit-crimes/
  13. It wasn't the same time he lost his father. His father was dead dead two years before he had any incidents. Well its not too presumptuous when we know for fact CTE causes rage, the inability to make correct judgments, violence, depression, and makes one very impulsive. Those are documented facts of the disease. Sure he had other problems and im sure they didn't help. But....his medical case is like "nothing ever seen before." I'd wager CTE was the biggest part of his issue. The guy had severe brain damage. All the other stuff aside, we are talking about a severe medical condition. The saddest part is there was no way to actually diagnos it until his brain was actually dissected. Had this been discovered earlier its more than likely these events never take place. They are working on early warning brain scans right now. Every NFL player should be mandated for testing once a year the instant a reliable test becomes available.
  14. He had no history of violence in his childhood. His violence began in college, incidentally around the same time experts believe the brain damage was evident. The timeline of his violent events coincide perfectly with the timeline of the onset of progressive brain disease.
  15. Im thoroughly convinced his downward spiral was due to many factors, but the main one being CTE. He had the worst brain ever documented in a person his age. Stage 3, and his behavior showed ever single sign of major brain damage. In that documentary he's heard on the phone saying he has the fairytale life he always wanted and it really did nothing for him. He probably knew there was something not right with him but never thought it was due to major brain damage. The whole thing is sad as hell for everyone. The brain specialist said the type of damage to his brain was at least 10 years in the making, maybe more. So it began at minimum, around 17 years old.
  16. Absolutely. His play has been sub par, especially the last few weeks. Maybe this is the reason.
  17. Except from the article.... ".....overall steps are being taken forward. But they are just that, steps, rather than the leaps seen by other young QBs across the league. For some of you, that may keep you more on the fence through two seasons and that is okay. I myself still think the jury remains out on Allen and all his fellow 2018 QBs." This is where my feelings are. He needs a big jump. Waiting 4-5 years for a Qb to develop is not acceptable today. Year 3 he should jump to middle of the pack in Qb stats at minimum. If that doesn't happen, pull the trigger and draft another Qb.
  18. W-L % is not a Qb stat. It did take totals into account. He's behind in passing yards, and up there in rushing yards.
  19. Johnson is actually a really good kicker. I watched a football life on him. It was a great watch.
  20. Whats with Cleveland trying to poach everything from front office to coordinator and now positional coaches from us. Im really starting to hate them.
  21. Im not saying he hasn't. Im saying it's not enough, especially with the fortunate situation he's been in with this franchise. His progression should have had a pretty good spike this year with the additional pieces they added around him and a favorable schedule. It didn't. He remains at or near the bottom of the league in nearly every statistical category. Accuracy and consistency still plauge him and it irritates the hell out of me, especially with him going top 10 overall and a history of those issues, pre-draft. If Allen was a second rounder or third rounder I wouldn't be nearly as critical of him. First round Qbs are meant to be franchise guys, especially top 10 picks. I have no doubt Beane and Mcd are going to add top tier Wide Out talent and perhaps a RB and Olineman. But year 3 is it. A rebuilt team around him, talent at all skill positions, 3rd year in the system, and a veteran of this team, I don't want excuses. I want the performance you'd expect out of a top 10 franchise Qb in year 3. Imo that is AT LEAST middle of the pack in nearly every statistical category compared to his NFL counterparts.
  22. He plays next year like he did this year and the tide will turn on him, guaranteed. Either way im not trying to hijack this thread. I just think its silly to put qb as a need of importance when there are much more glaring needs on this roster at the moment.
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