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  1. Right, as of now Josh is playing like a below average franchise QB, good enough to win the majority of games, but will stink it up from time to time. If he learns from this I am extremely excited about his play going forward.
  2. Because we demand perfection every single game!
  3. Unless we something beat NE to the one seed, I think 2020 will be a score of 0 to 0 for 0 games 😆
  4. I guess Baltimore should have given up when they lost to the Browns. Or maybe, today sucked and was a wakeup call that we still aren't great at beating blitzes against teams with strong defenses, that we can learn from this and make some noise in the playoffs.
  5. This is an excellent point Baltimore has a great defense and they made our o-line, wr's, qb, etc.... look adequate at best. If Daboll, Allen and the rest can clean this up then they should be set to take anyone on.
  6. Yeah, this is the best team we have played all year.
  7. One caveat I might add to this is that we don't know how they are graded for running versus passing. I believe that Ford has been touted as a better run blocker than pass blocker, while I would expect that it's the opposite for all or most of the rest of our lineman. Also, our highest paid lineman Morse
  8. Yeah unfortunately with the NFL there are so many great players who barely get to sniff the postseason. Eric Moulds and Kyle for us. Joe Thomas for the Browns, Gerald McCoy for the Bucs. We could probably make our own thread of players who got shafted based on the teams they were on.
  9. I see you have captured the usual tact of TBD.
  10. Exactly, it is also worth noting that Baker was doing this with about 20 seconds left in the half with no timeouts on their own 35ish. I put that injury on Freddie and it might have just cost them their season.
  11. One more thing to add to this. Everytime Pittsburgh wins it hurts the Dolphins.
  12. Personally, I think the less an athlete trash talks the better, but they can do what they want. In turn they need to be ready to be ridiculed or mocked if they can't live up to their trash talk; they need to be able to take in what they dish out. To add to this, I think as long as they keep winning they will be fine, but that the trash talking is indicative of who is most likely to lose their temper and do something regrettable if the team isn't doing well. Jarvis Landry is a good example of this, though Lawson, Phillips, and the others obviously pale in comparison to that jerk. As much as we say the refs hate Hughes, there were times he deserved the penalties he got.
  13. Absolutely. As much as I am glad to see us beat them handedly, I don't want players to get hurt and possibly have their careers affected.
  14. As we all know, Dick "It's hard to win in the NFL" Jauron was the king of run run pass, bend don't break and exhilarating games that ended 17-14. Here we have McD, one of the most aggressive coaches on 4th down. A coach who seems to trust Daboll and wants a clock controlling strategy when up while not being afraid to take risks as well. What is most baffling to me is this narrative of Jauron = McD even when the direct facts contradict it. Yesterday someone in the game thread complained, as we were losing, about how we doing conservative football. That drive was a 3 and out of a run, a pass and a pass. Both passes aimed for past the sticks. Do I simply not understand what conservative football is?
  15. I will say, two years ago when we were playing NE he definitely seemed to want them to lose.
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