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  1. Wouldn't logically then the same people shouldn't respond in this thread/to those players as they should leave the people responding to Brees alone?
  2. I mean had you not included the term, "liberal line" I'd agree. If you had used something like, "PC line" or "the line others seem to want" I think it wouldn't be political at all.
  3. Made it to page two before someone made it about politics, not bad.
  4. If he can improve his catch rate I think Know could have a big year.
  5. Calling that Peter Pan is putting it nicely.
  6. It might just be worth buying either way before the season and selling afterwards.
  7. Hey man, you watching any good sports games lately? Might as well let us enjoy these things in the meantime.
  8. It is certainly a tinfoilish statement on my part. I'd just be curious to know if someone in New York could potentially be a tougher grader for the Bills specifically. We would be tied for the 8th worst draft by NYP's measure.
  9. Yeah one has to wonder if there is an implicit, or maybe explicit, bias from someone in New York on grading the Bills.
  10. Bills solid by consensus, essentially tied with the Jets as best of our division.
  11. Don't worry guys, it's a 5th round QB. What could go wrong?
  12. Does he seem more in the mold of Lawson or Chris Kelsay. No knock against Kelsay, the guy gets a bad rap, but one doesn't survive 4? 5? regimes if you suck.
  13. I don't think anyone who consistently reads your or Gunner's posts would think of either of you as parrots. This is the first football thing we have had in weeks combined with Corona. I am sure there is a higher need to feel validated in that the Bills are doing well than in past years.
  14. It's just so bizarre. I feel like I have only ever seen that in Madden, but maybe my memory isn't the best.
  15. To be fair, so does Deandre Hopkins, Minkah Fitzpatrick, etc... I think some of those teams should be considered as winners as well then.
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