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  1. Allen vs Rosen is the real debate here. /s
  2. Interesting to hear Booger comment on the lack of slants for Darnold. Makes you wonder to what extent Gase is doing him no favors.
  3. If it was someone like Tannehill or Dalton, hard to believe the fanbase would accept trading their 3rd year QB for a journeyman.
  4. At what point is Elway on his way out? Aside from Peyton, his QB track record has been atrocious.
  5. I like PFF and see it as a useful tool, and yet when it comes to Allen PFF sure seems to have a bone to pick here. Someone posted Allen's passing grade as around 60 (average) by PFF's standards. Funny how PFF doesn't mention that Allen's passing grade has improved (I think by over 10 points) from a poor player to an average one and that his running grade is what is dragging him down, by their standards. To me, a player who has just completed his first 16 games. Has improved his passing (what has been most criticized) despite his grade being weighed down by playing against a defense that might be historically good to me warrants optimism. Hard to see PFF as anything other than biased here.
  6. I remember in 2017 in a game against the Raiders. Tyrod threw a ball to Tate who maneuvered for a first down before running out of bounds to the Bills soundline. What looked like the entire team huddled around him and celebrated. I cannot remember the last time I saw a Bills team, that looked so much like a team. I hope McD continues to be successful because I love having him as a coach and love having players that fit his mold.
  7. To be fair, at your 2nd point, we don't know how much Allen audibled into pass plays. Many of those 17 started with the Bills in a formation that looked like it was going to run only to split our fullback out wide.
  8. Unless you think the Jets are somehow going to win at least 8 of their remaining 11 games (assuming they win this game), every win takes them further away from the best draft position.
  9. Can someone help me understand something about Rosen? Didn't both he and Mayfield have off behavior concerns prior to being drafted? It seems like since being drafted I haven't heard a peep from Rosen aside from draft night while Mayfield gets into it with media personalities sometimes. Yet despite that it seems if anything Rosen is judged more harshly. Am I totally off base about that? Was Rosen's behavior and attitude just considerably more abrasive?
  10. Did you guys know we could have drafted Patrick Mahomes?
  11. I think this is possibly what is most frustrating with Zay and other players like him. The potential is there and it has been seen previously. Yet, despite this it has yet to translate. I hope it works out for Zay, he seems like he has been nothing short of a great teammate and likeable kid.
  12. I would add the players who stick around despite this sentiment. Chris Kelsay might be the best example of a player as a TBD whipping boy.
  13. Don't you know? In this last week we found out that Allen is Tebow, Losman, Edwards and EJ all in one QB.
  14. I thought Edmunds played well, seems like the oline did relatively well too.
  15. Yeah, makes me think of that "Goddamit Donald" Video with P. Manning.
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