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  1. Reader

    The Underappreciated Genius of Chan Gailey

    I thought with the Bills he worked only with Fitz...unless you're counting that one game that Trent was so bad that they cut him afterwards. I wonder between Peterman and Edwards who is the bigger training camp hero.
  2. Reader

    Cowboys fire OC Scott Linehan

    He is? Cowboy fans seem ecstatic that he's gone.
  3. I only really started paying attention to football and lurking this board in 2004, the good old days of Ieatcrayonz trolling people, so my knowledge is limited. I would say Anthony Hargrove, he had suspension issues but aside from that he seemed better as a DE than Kelsay or Denney both of whom played a lot more than him. Certain players who were undrafted or seen as ore developmental would often need opportunities to showcase their abilities instead of the coaching staff initially recognizing their talent (although perhaps they needed time to develop) perhaps Jabari Greer is another possibility.
  4. We'll see if he makes it past training camp. At least Beane has been busy, I can't remember the last time the Bills have had four players (even if most are depth) re-signed this early.
  5. Reader

    Greg Roman promoted to OC in Baltimore

    For me, that was by far what was most frustrating about Rex as a coach. On some level I could at least justify Jauron and Chan in that they didn't seem to have much talent to work with. Rex took a great defense and made them the team's weakness.
  6. Reader

    Ranking of 2nd round picks

    Schobel managed to at least get pressure on QB's. He usually showed up for NE games so I probably remember him as better than he was. Denney caught a fake kick, Kelsay blocked a Dallas throw and caught it in the endzone for a touchdown.
  7. Reader

    Ranking of 2nd round picks

    Jairus Byrd was a Probowl player Dion Dawkins almost immediate started Chris Kelsay seemed always good enough to start Roald Darby same as Kelsey Kiko Alonso I mean, he is starting.... Reggie Ragland -???? Aaron Williams All four of these guys needed some time or change of positioning to be successful and even then were decent to good Zay Jones Josh Reed Roscoe Parrish Williams is interesting to me. For a while he seemed like a bust as CB and needed time to become good. I'm hoping Zay is similar to him.
  8. Reader

    Ranking of 2nd round picks

    I think Byrd is most interesting to me, as for his rookie contract he was by far the best, but then got injured and never seemed to recover. I'm curious if a 4 year great player is better than a 10 year okay player like Kelsay.
  9. Reader

    Is Rex Ryan done in the NFL ?

    Well said, I think what was most frustrating was that Rex managed to cause our defense to significantly regress despite being know for being good at defense. PFF had an article on most improved players. The year after Bradham and Mario left Rex's scheme they both were selected by PFF as having significantly improved.
  10. Hey all, I was thinking about the team and how much the draft is depended on. I thought about players in the 2nd round as many have been polarizing players and would be curious as to others' opinions of these players especially as some were great for a short amount of time, while others were consistently okay (some would argue better and some worse). You'll note that I am omitting players who I consider to be either busts (Hardy, Troup, etc) or home runs (Schobel, Woods, Glenn, etc). How would you rank the following players in terms of how good of players they are/were? Josh Reed Chris Kelsay Roscoe Parrish Jairus Byrd Aaron Williams Kiko Alonso (I'm not sure how he compares from a talent perspective. If I rank him guided by emotion he would be last) Roald Darby Reggie Ragland Zay Jones Dion Dawkins
  11. This is a good answer, I think for me it was during this week specifically when the camera panned to Gase later in the game with him looking like he know he was going to get fired.
  12. Even of the consistently good coaches most seem to have seasons that are underwhelming. Being that the average coach would go 8-8 I wonder if even good coaches are being let go for not being great as opposed to being mediocre.
  13. Reader

    2019 HC openings - updates

    I guess it comes down to expectations though. 32 NFL teams, 12 go to the playoffs every year, what should be expected? Playoff appearance every other year?
  14. Reader

    Stephon Gilmore - first team AP All-Pro

    Would you have kept Watkins, Darby, Dareus, Gilmore, etc...? I agree that someone like Gilmore could have been kept, though someone liked Dareus seemed like he was not worth keeping. Maybe process guys won't be enough to keep Beane and McD around for a while, however process guys are probably the best bet to try to build around psychologically.
  15. Reader

    Stephon Gilmore - first team AP All-Pro

    I wonder if he would have been worth his contract if he stayed here. Didn't he improve in NE, when Patricia/Belichick basically gave up on trying to make Gilmore play zone and man and exclusively focus on man to man coverage? I'm not sure the same result would have happened here.