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  1. He carried the team the entire game. Maybe if we had some semblance of a running game the statement of "one point you have to carry the team" would apply here.
  2. Over/under for a "I'm done with this team" comment in the game day thread? I'm thinking page 3 makes a good over (later than that) or under (sooner that that) what do you guys think?
  3. Man, LAC seems like another team that can beat anyone and lose to anyone.
  4. I think almost everyone who is looking at this, is already measuring how much to trust this. The thing though is, even if it is a grain of salt, he is putting in effort. I trust our TBD Edmund's report more than a generic poster here because the poster of the Edmund's report is putting in time and effort which is more than what most here do.
  5. We're 6-4 in contention for the playoffs. If we were 2-8 this would have merit.
  6. Ford 😭 But in seriousness, going with Breida assuming Daboll actually calls run plays.
  7. Could replace the GM, coach and players with names from other teams and probably have the same response. On this subject there is a continuum where I would assume that the two fall somewhere in the middle of that.
  8. Disagree, at this point Singletary is looking considerably better. Also, I think what hurts us from the drafts (mentioned before) is that we lack star power. We get a lot of solid players but aside from Allen we don't have anyone who can take over a game, that we've gotten from a draft.
  9. We might need to lock the ability to make new threads for a while, if we lose either game to NE
  10. This is what I'm seeing too, I wonder if Chad Pennington is what Jones could/would be, though maybe Jones has too good of an arm for that comparison.
  11. I wonder, if betting increases, to what extent it will put pressure on the league for more consistent standards for refs.
  12. Since McK is a free agent too, also possibly we find someone new.
  13. Yeah they're a weird team. I could see them being one and done in the playoffs or winning it all.
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