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  1. Our FO passed on two great players once! No one else ever does that! RHeeeeE
  2. C- for the game A as a receiver A+ in my heart
  3. Are you basing this on his play today in his first playoff spot ever or on the trajectory and improvement he has shown since entering the league. You've given us a binary question for something that does not deserve a binary answer. If he plateaus, no. If he continues to improve, yes.
  4. Today was most likely the last time that Lorenzo Alexander will take the field for the Bills. Personally I have loved having him on the team and he exemplified the Bills really well. Great guy, great player, hard worker.
  5. I don't know anything about the guy, but simply on taste alone he sounds competent, especially in comparison to his competition.
  6. To add to the earlier post and others mentioning these two. Where would you draw that line in terms of resigning them? How much do you think the Bills should offer?
  7. Plus this means we will have won at least one playoff game if we're playing Baltimore again.
  8. To be fair, while Poyer might have missed as many, he also seems much more likely to make a one on one tackle, especially in run support.
  9. I forget which analytics site wrote it, but the year after Mario and Bradhman left, both ended up on the sites most improved players list. Rex's scheme made everyone look bad.
  10. I think the Texans in terms of how we match up. But I don't think it matters too much.
  11. If we lose, what is the over/under for Duke Williams threads? 2? 3?
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