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  1. Fair point. Perhaps it is best to equate that both believe they were wronged and didn't have their opinion's valued, but Watson certainly seems to have things been more clear in terms of what had happened to him and what he wants in return.
  2. There have been a lot of coaching styles in the NFL and I personally think we are going to start to see a trend of players and coaches having a more collaborative partnership. I think at the end of the day the coach/owner/GM will call the shots, but I think the day of players not having a voice is going to disappear. I think this is the reason we are seeing Watson and Wilson acting in the way that they are. It is debatable as to how much power they should have, if they're being selfish wanting to be traded, etc... McD - For many of us, we are very satisfied with McD as
  3. Seems that the common thread is that in the year 2021, players are starting to expect their coaches/owners listen to their input. What a novel concept.
  4. To echo a few others, if there has been less opportunity to really know prospects due to COVID it seems like the more chances we have, AKA trading down, the better since everyone will be at a disadvantage (compared to other years) of nailing their first couple of picks.
  5. Seriously. If you could find a guy like Milano in the 3rd round every year we could easily bring him back for significantly less money than what he is going to get.
  6. To add to that I don't know if any QB has done a better job with the outside of football work such as nutrition, considering how their contract will affect their team, etc...
  7. It's all about output for contract, right? Mongo is an amazing teammate and I am so happy to have had him as a Bill. I just don't see how we can consider the market value with other players who seem considerably better investments.
  8. Were we bad at running in the 19-20 season as well or did for some reason our ability to run the ball decline? Aside from the losses of Spain and Ford (which I wouldn't expect to be that impactful) I am not sure as to what changed, especially with additions like Williams, Diggs and Davis.
  9. Experience, better game planning and meditation. Thought he probably does some of three already. Sports psychology has found that athletes are typically at their best when they don't have to think about what they are doing and the Chiefs put on a clinic in terms of making Allen second and triple guess things. For how Allen was pressured and affected he played great, but with better game planning Allen doesn't have to spend as much time thinking about things as he does. Meditation is the practice of helping a person not become swept up in emotional thoughts/overthinking.
  10. Yeah, Romo said how based on Beas's age when leaving Dallas he wasn't expecting this type of production and is super happy for him.
  11. In the past few weeks I have seen the gamut of "these guys are busts" to "they have been out of position" to "they (mainly Oliver) are on the verge of breaking out". What are your assessment of these two, maybe, core players to build around?
  12. I miss the glory days of Keith Ellison and Kiwaukee "Admiral Ackbar" Thomas
  13. Losing sucks, but there is a ton to be encouraged about with this team and if Beane is able to hit on our draft/FA we have every reason to believe we'll be in this game again this time next year.
  14. Let this sear in their brains and come back fighting next year. Our defense especially needs to step it up.
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