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  1. And that is something I love about our coaching staff. They get it. They might not always execute, but it seems like they have such a great mindset as leaders for our team.
  2. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2021/anti-dynasty-rankings-51-57-featuring-barry-sanders-lions Seems like a good discussion point for the off-season. Any thoughts as to where you think some of the Bills' droughts will place?
  3. He strikes me as a well-meaning, but sensitive individual which will make him really embrace/try, but also causes him to be vulnerable emotionally at times. It's the type of thing that I feel like he will eventually callous to, it's a question of when. Having someone like Josh and a supportive environment from McD and Daboll hopefully will do wonders for him, he seems like a great dude.
  4. I think it was the first year during the Raiders game where one of the receivers, a one year guy for us, got a first down and the entire team celebrated with him on the sideline.
  5. The play that stands out to me was the dropped punt in the 2007 Cleveland game, I feel like that really communicates the futility we felt as fans.
  6. That's not relevant, obviously anyone here would be happy with that...it doesn't change the fact that this board throws hissy fits at times as to how we should have drafted Metcalf, Wilson, etc... Yeah and? That's like saying "Well if you make more money you have to pay more taxes" I'll gladly take the problem of not paying my star running back after getting to enjoy having that RB for 5 years. In a vacuum that's true, but look at people with Mahomes, Metcalf and others...plenty of people here have buyer's remorse.
  7. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2021/historical-aggressiveness-index-1983-2020 Not sure how much to trust this...they ranked Jauron 30th out of 130 coaches.
  8. Yeah, I think Corey Coleman is a good example of people thinking our GM was making a poor choice.
  9. They were playing the long game when they got all the smurfs. Now all our new guys seem really intimidating.
  10. To be fair, we post about the Jets trading Darnold to the Panthers, possible dissention from Rogers in Green Bay, and other significant related news. Perhaps, there are those here who want to know about draft rumors, including those from New England.
  11. Better with clothes...worse with umm...well.... Hart's reaction to Djax's posts last year
  12. Doesn't their field hurt people? Probably not the best choice for him.
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